Healthy Hospital

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 09:35 pm

Healthy Hospital

Healthy Hospital

Healthy Hospital is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Casual Joy Limited, Healthy Hospital is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th November 2022 with the latest update 29th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Healthy Hospital ?

4,839 people have rated 1.1.2

What is the price of the Healthy Hospital ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Healthy Hospital released ?

Healthy Hospital was released on 14th November 2022.

When was the Healthy Hospital updated ?

The latest updated date of Healthy Hospital on 29th March 2023.

Where can Healthy Hospital be downloaded ?

You can download the game Healthy Hospital from Apple Official App Store.



This is the healthiest hospital simulation game in the world!

Cure intractable diseases in Healthy Hospital and be a hospital manager who heals and saves people. In this game, you can design, build and maintain hospital facilities, manage the medical staff of the hospital, and build your medical center.

Arrange beds, arrange doctors in corresponding departments to diagnose, and then treat patients. Here, you will cure more and more patients and contribute to the medical cause of the world.

Game Features:

  • Build the hospital: From the doctor’s office, the consultation room, to the treatment center, and the laboratory, you need to design and build it yourself! Expand your hospital, upgrade its equipment, and heal more people!
  • Upgrade equipment: what if there are more and more patients? Upgrade hospital equipment to treat diseases efficiently. How to cure intractable diseases? Develop more devices to help various patients regain their health.
  • Challenging levels: There are hundreds of different levels in the game, each with different levels of difficulty and features. You need to come up with a strategy to pass the level according to the level. Complete challenges to unlock more surprises.
  • Well-crafted content: The background music of the game is relaxing and enjoyable, the graphics are designed by multiple designers, Every detail is carefully designed by the designer!

Plan your strategy and become the best in this hospital simulation game by designing, building, and managing your hospital, create the most efficient health center in the world!

Updated on 29th March 2023

What’s New:

  • Get ready for new levels!
  • New events: Easter Event and Rescue Racing are coming soon! Complete different tasks each day to win rewards, as well as the festive avatar frame.
  • New bundles and improved info about using in-game props.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Have a great time~

Healthy Hospital Review

De vez en cuando hace falta despejar la mente y entretenerte jugando, gracias.

The game is amazing and addicting honestly but we do think we should be able to replay levels so we have the chance to do better. Also we feel like its too pay to win if you dont buy coins its too hard to buy upgrades and you find yourself just wait for the hourly rewards and ad rewards.

This game is the best one we played so far! Love that its not forcing us to pay to beat a level.

Es super divertido! No es molesto con publicidad,es mi nuevo juego favorito.

This isnt particularly about the game & more so about the ads! Theres a particular ad called dragon something where theyre fixing an ear & the holes in the ear activates our trypophobia & we would really appreciate it if you guys could cut that out.

We love this game its just not enough free lives lol an no rewards for updates.

Please update the app. We’ve completed all of the levels months ago. There has not been a new level to complete in forever. We really like this game but they don’t add new levels fast.

This game actually isnt bad at all. Its easy enough, but also fast paced and entertaining. Plus, unlike pretty much every other game we’ve tried in the past couple years its not filled to the brim with ads you cant escape from. Most force you to watch an ad after every checkpoint, every level, every time you advance ever so slightly in the game, BOOM! Another ad Hah. But with this game, the only time youre ever made to watch an advertisement is when you choose to do so to gain extra coins and jewels or whatever. So you dont have to watch ads at all, but if youre willing, theyll reward you for doing so. Our one quarrel with this game is that when we saw the ad during a FB video, it seemed to largely be advertising different game entirely. We were expecting to like, pop pimples and black heads and ingrown hairs, cut out ingrown toenails. Thats kinda junk. Lol. Im one of those people that get entranced by videos of people having super gnarly black heads and stuff like that popped and watching that oooze out. So we were watching a series of those videos when an ad popped up for a game where you do exactly that. Figured Id give it a try and see if that satisfied that same little itch within us. Lol. So we downloaded the game and instead we got a game where we manage and upgrade a hospital and help treat patients. But treating a patient just consists of drag patient to hospital bed, then tap the patient to call a doctor, and the doctor calls for this little medicine icon so you tap the particular medicine icon to have the nurse go grab it and then tap the patient again to have the nurse bring that particular medication to the patient that needs it. Then BOOM! The patient is cured and you have to tap the bed to have the nurse clean it up and you rinse and repeat by dragging a new patient into the bed. So yeah. Theres no pimple popping or anything of that sort at all this far, and we’ve played it for a couple days just to kill time on car rides so far thinking, maybe Im just not there yet and the pimple popping will come soon. Hah. So yeah. Not a bad game, but not the game they advertised at all either.

First off this game is not as advertised. It was fun to play though. Second, you can barely make it to the second location without spending money. By the time you are playing in the second location there is no way to level up without spending money. If you dont mind spending a lot just to play then you will like this game. If youre like us and wants to play without spending too much then we would recommend not playing this.

We have a lot fun playing! But we’ve noticed that with the many ads that play, sometimes theyll open to the app store without us doing anything. This didnt start until after the new update. So we have to click the back button to go back to the game & we still have to wait for the ad to finish. We think this was done so that if youre not paying attention, not only when you finally look are you prompted to download in the app store, but also so that youll still have more of the ad to finish watching after you click out of the app store. Thats annoying. Also we agree w the others, we enjoyed the fact that we could upgrade the doctors as a whole instead of individually like Crazy Hospital. But now yall are literally the same game.

It is not how it is advertised. Maybe advertised part of the game is at a higher level. But we feel that is kind of misleading. It is still fun to play though.

This game is fun and entertaining but ever since the change to upgrade each doctor individually is infuriating. You stay stuck at. One hospital forever because your doctors dont all upgrade together like they once did. Getting to the point we just may delete the game entirely.

We realized u copied the game crazy hospital and they can sue you so you should take it down before its too late.

When will new levels come? We have been waiting over 1 month for a new level to come out. Getting boring to have to play old levels everyday. Also, really not a fan of having to upgrade each doctor individually. Extremely frustrating and makes the game play less fun. Really wish they would change it back to the way it was previously when you upgrade all doctors at once.

This was the best game we’ve played in ages until the last update. We purchased the event package but we cant win because over and over you have to beat levels ( like 6) per day. We’ve already finished them all and am on endless play (where you get almost no coins) and we cant go farther because its been a while and we’ve advanced all we seem capable. This event expires in 9 days and with no update Im outta luck. Also dont be fooled by the new game images or even the appface which isnt any part of the game. This is one game that needs to go backwards with an update.

We did really liked this game but with the last few updates it has become much harder to upgrade without spending money. Even the special events are a lot harder to obtain rewards now. Im disappointed because we did like it a lot.

This is fun for a short while. However in order to progress you absolutely have to buy and buy over and over. Yuck!

Used to love this game. Playing non stop at times. Even purchased some of the packages for coins and diamonds because we loved it that much. However, now its buggy which makes it much less fun. Not sure if it was the last update, but now we’ve noticed that when we click the power ups in the bottom right corner (speed, timer, order complete) it takes our diamonds but the perk doesnt go off. We click the sneakers, we dont move any faster. The stopwatch, animation goes off but the time does not stop. We’ve lost 200 diamonds so far and its frustrating.

Used to love this game. Playing non stop at times. Even purchased some of the packages for coins and diamonds because we loved it that much. However, now its buggy which makes it much less fun. Not sure if it was the last update, but now we’ve noticed that when we click the power ups in the bottom right corner (speed, timer, order complete) it takes our diamonds but the perk doesnt go off. We click the sneakers, we dont move any faster. The stopwatch, animation goes off but the time does not stop. We’ve lost 200 diamonds so far and its frustrating.

So disappointed with the recent updates. First the page resembles all those other game ads that are not accurate. They also made it nearly impossible to advance without spending money. We have spent money because we loved this game, but now we dont even enjoy playing. Each type of doctor needs to be improved, its just ridiculous. This went from our absolute favorite game, we even started over, to one that is just frustrating. You had something great and you have ruined it _- As a lover of time management games, this is our top choice. Its just hard enough to make you work for it. We cant wait until they add more levels. This game can easily be played without spending money, but there are options you can buy. If we had one recommendation, it would be to allow us to replay previous levels to do better (versus the current replay). GREAT GAME!

It was a super fun game at first but then they updated it where you had to upgrade each individual doctor. When youre constantly losing and only making 40 coins a game whereas a doctor upgrade is like 1600 then youll fall for watching ads for more coins/lives. We guess its smart for them so thats how they get you LOL.

The game is genuinely fun in our opinion and we would recommend it if youre bored, but number one we would never pay money to a game that lies you and this game has a lot of fake advertisements The game play is you clicking different order destinations for the nurse to go to thats it Its fine for an hour or two at least we made it to level 40 before getting bored.

Engaan con su comercial y el juego es pesimo.

Set up to look like happy hospital but it isnt.

Upgraded the hospital with an elevator. No more patients come to the hospital. Game just stuck.

Creators know this game is so bad, that they advertise a completely different game. They dont dare so people the real game because they know no one would bother downloading the game.

Dont get us wrong, its fun. Like hay day fun. Just a lot of quest like stuff. But we got it because it was advertised that youd be doing levels where you get to work with patients and do gross stuff you know, popping zits, cleaning teeth. Etc. You dont. It was disappointing to see it was completely different from the ad we saw.

It is such a drag now that you have to upgrade doctors individually. Im deleting the game now because we dont enjoy being stuck on a level impossible to beat until you grind days of play out trying to upgrade the doctors to the minimum speed needed for that level. So irritating. Do not respond with your reasoning for the upgrade giving users the ability to focus on upgrading the doctor that appears most often for that level. That doesnt make any sense because they all upgraded at once before for a couple thousand coins, now you have to use the same amount of coins for EACH doctors upgrade, so your reasoning doesnt make any sense. If you reduced the costs significantly per doctor upgrade then it would make a little more sense. But to have 30 upgrade levels each for 4-5 doctors at 2k+ per upgrade when youre only earning 50 or so coins for a fail and 700 or so for a win, the math doesnt add up.

We enjoyed playing this game before the latest update. Its now like Crazy Hospital which we deleted due to the frustration of barely beating a level every few days. Please go back to the older version that just had one upgrade for all the doctors. Youve ruined what was a fun game.

While there are many games like this, this one didnt explain things very well. No matter what we did, no matter what items we carried to it, we couldnt get a machine to recharge. With no clue how to proceed, we had no choice but to delete the game. If someone fails to interact with a machine, maybe highlight the items needed to make it work? Or put a caption in the screen telling them what to do.

Starts out ridiculously easy and moves to ridiculously difficult where you cannot win levels without out using boosters. One of the least fun versions we have played.

This is just another one of those games that advertises something COMPLETELY different from the real game. Dont know why they do that. We downloaded it, saw what it actually was and then erased it.

Once again, we were fooled by an ad. Even the ad said sick of the ad having different gameplay than the actual game? YES! Thats why we downloaded it. You dont get to do a single thing thats in the ad (i.e. Pimple popping, earwax and ingrown hair removal, etc) so tired of this. Advertise it for the game that it is! The game as it is is ok but not what is shown in the ad. DELETING.

We hate the update it was perfect how it was. Now we have to update each individual doctor.

This game is fun!! The only issue is you have to spend money for it to be fun. You have to spend money to beat the levels. Diamonds are pretty much the only way. You spend your coins on the recommended that the game advises, but cant beat the level with out using diamonds. Even when you go back to levels/world that you already beat. Its fun if you have the money to keep spending.

Yet another game that has absolutely nothing to do with the ads they are making.

This is a strategy time management game (similar to diner dash) in a hospital setting. Ads seen on social media do not match why the game actually is. If youre looking for the experience in the ads doing the medical procedures, dont bother downloading because you will be disappointed.

It does not read your touches as needed. We are literally touching the steps 4 or more times before it reads our touch. A play more than one game that requires this and this is the only one we have a problem with. It is extremely frustrating to continually lose levels because of this.

The ads for this game are so misleading.

The game was entertaining and challenging enough until you made the last update separating upgrades for all the doctor specialities. The doctors are too slow and its costly to upgrade each one to pass the level. Yet the money youre able to earn has stayed the same. The game is now impossible to pass without watching your millions of ads or spending money. But we guess its a free game and this is a businessjust dont like spending days playing and failing the same level to earn coins for upgrades needed to pass the level..

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We love this game. Just enough challenge to keep you going. However we’ve waiting over a week now for a new hospital. And its frustrating. Brazil is the Last hospital we got to.

This is by far our favorite time management gamethere is only one thing we would change. Before there was an option to purchase automatic beds/weather machines with gems. Now that isnt an option. Please bring them back and Ill change our rating to 5 stars!

When are you going to add more levels? We’ve been stuck on coming soon for like 3 months now. We enjoy playing this game just annoyed that you havent added any new levels.

This is yet another copy of the hospital time management game. Unfortunately this developer decided to add advertisements between levels once you reach a certain point. They already get A LOT of revenue from other adds, so this additional revenue is just greed. We recommend players opt for one of the other games exactly like this that do not force more adds on the player.

Im enjoying the game, but out of new hospitals. When will more be coming?

We’ve had this game for a while and we love it! Its really fun to play and is one of those very few apps that doesnt bombard you with ads. It has a nice and steady pace; we dont feel like we have to buy coins in order to speed things up so we can enjoy it. The only reason Im giving it four stars is because we really wish they had a mode where you could play for infinity. Every time we get in a groove and am really enjoying the game the challenge ends and it stops us. It would be really cool if there was an option like a mini game where you could just keep going. Either way, its an awesome game.

First off, we love this game and its so fun! Im caught up to the current levels and am just playing endless mode trying to continue upgrading the hospitals. Problem is, endless mode seems to not give you full rewards. The rewards summary will show that Im supposed to get over 1000 coins but the total will say less than 300, making it difficult to keep up with upgrading the hospital to keep up with the progressing difficulty of endless mode. If that would be fixed, Id easily give this game 5 stars :)

This is a very good game, however once you get to endless mode, its literally impossible to keep going. Once youve bought everything in the store, it still gets to hard to progress to the next level. It should be different difficulty on each level instead of it getting so hard that you cant even play it.

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