Heroes Inc!

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:43 am

Heroes Inc!


Heroes Inc! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lion Studios LLC, Heroes Inc! is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 27th January 2021 with the latest update 14th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


44,005 people have rated 1.1.6

You can download the game Heroes Inc! from APP STORE.


Craft the greatest Heroes in history and save the world! Create new super powers and build your alliance of heroes to face the attacking army of evil robots. The battles will be epic, the enemies are endless, and your heroes are greatest in the world!

An army of alien robots has attacked earth, the people need your help! The invaders are numerous, they demolish buildings with their mighty fighting mechs and wield an vast arsenal of laser weapons. Unleashed on the world, humanity stands no chance against this evil… can you save them from this doom?

Build your laboratory, experiment and create new powers! unlock advanced technology and develop new abilities to use in the war against evil. There are hundreds of powers to discover, will you collect them all?

Even the most powerful super hero can be overwhelmed, out maneuvered, and defeated… You must train your heroes, teach them to use their new powers! Unlock their unique skills and watch them decimate their foes!

Game Features
Craft super heroes – there are hundreds to discover!
Fight as your new heroes – unleash their powers upon the battlefield.
The enemy comes in many different forms – can you defeat their army?
Destroy the enemies leadership – Duke it out in epic Boss fights!
Collect new elements to unlock new super powers.
Build the best hero lab in the world – forge the greatest alliance of heroes ever seen!

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Updated on 14th October 2021

  • Bug Fixes

Heroes Inc! Review

This game is soooo cool. The fact that you can take two individual materials and make a hero out of them! Really cool. But the thing is, we’ve waited many months for them to release the new heros and HQs. So if any devolved sees this, please make the process quicker.

Can you please update it Im happy but we want a update for it we want aqua team sky crew and space force.

The game is great and we love the characters but It wont let us get the Aqua base so if someone could fix it we would be grateful.

We found a bug and its that noxious cant do damage so if you can look into this that would be great.

The game we totally love it yeah but we cant unlock aquatic HQ we were grinding it wont let us unlock it so please tell us how to unlock it because we have been grinding we got all the skins but it wont let us unlock it even has really got it to max but it still wont unlock please tell us how to unlock it.

The reason we are having the glitch for not being able to get past the volcano HQ is because you have to unlock every hero in flame corps.

The game is really good just one problem HOW IS THE GAME NOT FINISHED Thats the problem June 19 2021 – February 21 2022 is just infuriating but besides that the game is just amazing.

This game is great but their are some things we want to say first, we want more heros when we try certain combinations it cancels it out so it would be cool if their were more heros also, we want it so that you choose the moves you use and not have it be random and if you do the second one can thief also be a super charged power for every hero, now last one can their be less ads we mean it is 2 per level so maybe make it at least 1 per ad Im ok with one per ad other than that this game is really cool and the ads are true also that is it good night everyone.

So, we have been wanting to say but we need less ads each time we surpass to the next stage boom an ad. Next,we need to update the HQ we’ve been stuck on the fire HQ for quite a bit now so please update that. Can we please have a hero v hero game mode it would be cool and interesting. So,yes this is a summary of what needs an update or needs to be fixed, and please let Spike do damage we have him at level 3 and still he doesnt do anything. This game is still amazing so please update this. Thank you.

We love this game but we finished volcano hq and it wont let us go to the hq.

Another idea is duo heroes. Like 2 heroes fight together.

Its a good game but please can you add more heros we have the max hq.

We were playing and we upgraded our volcano hq to max but it is not giving us next hq But overall it is amazing.

A lot of characters are bugged like they wont deal damage so plz fix this plzzz.

We like the idea of creating a lot of cool and interesting beasts like feasta.

Wow we love this. You can combine different powers to make heroes like optico and cooler and play as them, and you can unlock new hero leauges like the flame corps and the aqua team which gives you more stuff to use and make new heroes! But we think you should be able to customize your own heroes by naming them and giving them custom names but nevertheless a creative game for creative people made by creative people! Awesome Game Lion Studios! We loved it! Heroes Inc. Gets five stars and 2 thumbs up from us!


First off we feel like you should be able to combine any element. Also there is this weird glitch with spike and noxious where they literally dont do any damage. Then theres another glitch where we cant progress after the volcano base, so it will be at max leveling up then we cant progress to Atlantis.

We dont know if its us but is anyone getting the aqua hq? If because it hasnt been updated yet to where we can get Aqua hq we have a idea for a hero(s)maybe add king Neptune with his first attack being 3 sharks biting them and second attack being a whirlpool and another hero called shark tail his first power is a spin attack with the tail then the next attack is a bite attack pls add we do 5 star on next update.

There is a little bug where it wont let us upgrade our volcano hq and it laggy so thats that and now that we’ve unlocked all the heroes its getting boaring.

Great game, but needs to reduce the ads.

Please PLEASE fix this we upgraded the volcano hq and we can’t get to the Atlantis one!

Theres too many adds. Im trying to play but, it sends us into in add. Sorry.

Im stuck at the volcano hq so now Im stuck with the oringinal characters. Whoope.

We really love this game so far, but there is a consistent bug that really messes up gameplay. If youre fighting in a level, the monsters just wont take damage. The only way to fix it is to close the app completely then re open it, but if you do that it says failed experiment. Please fix this!

Their is another glitch that wont let us claim anything.

We love the game! We wish you guys would update it sooner, the heros are getting boring. We like the robots and stuff, but we think you should add different supervillains, with powers kind of like the heros. Otherwise the game is absolutely awesome!

We like this game it is fun but there is a problem and it is why we gave a four star rating anyways when ever we got up to volcano HQ and finish it we cant move on we get get more heros and stuff but not the new HQ but over all we really like this app.

THIS GAME IS SO FUN A few bugs though. The 3rd place didnt work so fix that.

Some levels just keep repeating and repeating but otherwise its a great game you can get it if you would like we would give it an eight out of 10 us and our brother have it and our brother loves it though.

We cant get aqua HQ because its unfinished but we cant wait for it to come out.

This is a great game that we like to play but there are many bugs like showing the experiment failed screen when we did not die and not letting us hurt the bomb robots. This makes it impossible to progress.

Really this is the best game lion studios has ever made so far its just AMAZING but some heros are just RIPOFFS we mean when ever we use spike he doesnt do ANY damage at all and when we use night knight he barley does any damage at all so plz fix that NOW same thing with noxious he does absolutely NO DAMAGE just plz fix that.

It happened to us to we have all the heroes All of its at max Please fix it or this is a bad game.

First of all we just want to say we love this game its a great idea but there are a lot of bugs like is some parts you go of a platform where it brings you to another building and you cant move while the thing is moving but with the metal punch hero he will dash through the barrier and you fall through the map endlessly. And we bought all of the upgrades for the volcano so we should move to Atlantis but nothing happened please let us know what we need to do.

We love this app it can encourage creativity and we have a few suggestions; 1. Dont make it black out objects after one is placed, so we can do more 2. Too many ads! You can have ads, but dont put them in he middle of a battle! Thats all. Thanks for making this app! -A thankful 9 yr old.

Cant seem to get past second headquarters. Wont let us go any further. Also, some heroes do no damage. Fix these issues and will gladly give 5 stars.

When we were playing it kept lagging, over and over again until eventually it just banned us from opening it.

Look we love the game so much and its funnier than any game we’ve ever played but it wont let us move on to the Atlantis HQ we have the full flame corps roster and finished our volcano hq also we feel like it copyrighting superheroes like stinger is just wasp and cosmos is just dr strange also make the volcano hq fights easier with some friendly fire and we wanna just use teams of heroes.

So we just want to say this game is awesome but theres a glitch that wont let us move on from the volcano HQ we wouldve rated five stars if that didnt happen, again though the game is incredible hope you can fix it.

There are way too many ads. When we are playing the game, a random ad pops up. Dont put that many ads in the game.

Ok Im not gonna lie but this is an amazing game! The idea of merging different elements to make superheros is brilliant! It is so fun to play this game! Once you continue your journey to the lava HQ your awesome experience is ruined because of a glitch that doesnt let you move to the next HQ. We get a bit bored of using the same superheros every time. Its a great game over all! Developers if reading this please fix the glitch!!!