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Hexologic is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MYTHICOWL SP Z O O, Hexologic is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 29th May 2018 with the latest update 24th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Education, Puzzle, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


964 people have rated 2.5

You can download the game Hexologic from APP STORE.


Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Hexologic. Solve challenging yet rewarding puzzles, listen to relaxing music, dive deep into the game’s atmosphere and fall in love with Sudoku again!

Hexologic is an easy to learn and highly addictive logic puzzle game. Based on hexagonal grids, Hexologic reinvents the rules of Sudoku. Combining the dots and the hexagons will be a rewarding experience for both puzzle game veterans and newcomers alike. Simple gameplay mechanics adorned with beautiful graphic design, relaxing music and challenging yet conquerable puzzles will guarantee many hours of fun for gamers of all ages.


  • Relaxation, putting your mind at ease in the immersive atmosphere
  • 6 completely different game worlds, each with unique gameplay mechanics
  • Over 90 levels designed down to the smallest details
  • Well-balanced puzzles
  • Atmospheric soundtrack accentuating the game’s ambience

Jump into the world of Hexologic and prove you are the true master of the hexes!

Updated on 24th May 2023

Added infinite mode!

Hexologic Reviews

We love the core idea here. Seeing how each puzzle gently prods you toward its solution is a delight once you start putting everything together. For an added challenge, try to find the secret bonus puzzles, and once you have everything down pat, turn off the in-game hints for the ultimate challenge. The only complaint we have is that there were fewer puzzles than id hoped for. However, the ones that made the cut are very high quality, so im not too sad.

Finished everything on hard. Perfect time killer on lunch or break at work. Great puzzles. Not super hard and it does a great job teaching you new mechanics when they are introduced. Definitely worth it if you like sudoku.

Love this game, but its been a year since new levels were added! Im disappointed to not get to play any new content. We’ve beaten all 90 levels, and the extra ones too. Please make more levels this is such a beautiful game!

This is a positively beautiful game with smooth UI, enchanting visuals and a serene soundtrackfar beyond what one expects of a puzzle game. Its level of challenge is somewhat above moderate, requiring thorough logic but also some trial and error. Only caveat is the game length, which at roughly 100 levels (200 with hard mode) wont last a decent airplane flight.

Awesome game but needs more levels.

Intuitive gameplay and very accessible.

Im sad that its over, but immediately bought a gift version for our wife. Elegant, satisfying and delightful. The fact that all of the hidden/bonus content is absolutely fiendish, even the riffs on the earlier letters, is a distinct plus. We do wish that there was more content, but for the cost of the app it was excellent. The total content is well worth the price. If more content shows in an update Id buy gift copies for more people, but at twice the current price we feel like it was impeccable and utterly worth it. Buy this game.

This game hit a perfect balance between soothing and challenging. We would love to be able to get a new batch of puzzles every month….

We LOVE this game! Im obsessed, you can play it forever. The rules are easy to follow, yet challenging. If youre looking for a great logic game and dont mind a little simple math, this is the game!

Well-designed, addictive, challenging but not maddeningone of our favorite puzzlers. We just want the levels to keep going on forever. Hopefully more are on the way soon.

We loved this game! Its like a calm easy to play sudoku. Please more levels!!! Please please.

We have gone thru all levels on red flaming cat mode and we still love it! Great work!

Love everything about the game. The features, sounds, colors, and art. Its beautiful. We look forward to new stages to further challenge myself.

We like the game but we got it because we had to take a bus for a company meeting, which worked for the trip but we finished the entire game by the next day. We were hoping it would get us through some commutes next week.

We absolutely loved this game and paid the couple bucks to remove the ads right away. The ONLY reason Im not giving this game 5 stars is because its WAY too short!! There were 90 levels and we think 15 bonus levels… They get more difficult as you move along which we liked because this was challenging. Unfortunately it ended right after level 90!!! We would love to see a lot more levels added… This game could easily have more than 300 levels. We were finished the game In only a few days and was hoping it would keep us busy for a bit longer than that! Otherwise, we loved it!

We love this game. We bought it originally for our Nintendo Switch and then found out it was an app and downloaded both. We downloaded this app on 3/31, and just 24 hours later we beat all the levels. We love the challenge of this game, but it needs more levels!!!

We had completed this game in the green and red difficulties, after updating, all of the bonus yellow levels are showing as not completed as well as a random level somewhere in the middle. Game is amazing but lost progress is a bummer.

The puzzles are great, and we got the game after expansion so no complaints on length. The reason this gets 3 stars rather than 4 or 5 is the usability of the game on Apple TV is a big problem for us. We’re using the remote to play, and cannot find a way of jumping to the last puzzle completed. We have to swipe up ad nauseum to get to the latest puzzle set and SWIPING UP ON THE CURRENT PUZZLE TAKES ME ALL THE WAY BACK TO PUZZLE 1. If we can similarly swipe down on puzzle 1 to get to the latest unsolved, then we’re not going to be able to play until this is fixed. The cells at the bottom to jump through different color sets appears inaccessible via any button press combination.

Adding mute would take this from a 3 to a 4.

We played the game months ago and we were able to put down different possible answers by holding our finger on a slot. Then when the new levels came out, we couldnt do it anymore. We find that very frustrating, as we do not have a good memory and cant remember what we previously considered. We wish you would bring that back.

We got really excited for the new update! But we just finished all 36 new ones and we want more!!!

The game is great. From the sound to the puzzle it is really satisfy to solve. Our one complaint with the game was how short it was but for 99 cents it was well worth it. Now with the update and many more hard levels its even better!

This is a fun game to play but we finished it in two short sessions. We found the new hard puzzles to be some of the easiest but also some of the funnest to play. We hope the developer will come out with more levels soon!!

We love everything about this game! It is beautiful, the concept is terrific, the change in difficulty is just right. BUT, like most of the other people on here we have to agree, it was over before we knew it and we were so disappointed to find myself at the end within only a couple of days. Please add more levels, we want to keep playing!

We got this game on a whim, and we absolutely loathe math. Hexologic, though, made our free time disappear and our brain work to solve satisfying puzzles about balance. Every move matters and the little tricks you pick up make the difference in later levels. The wait for more levels is only excruciating because Im anxious to keep playing. The new hard mode seemed like it was a gimmick, but theres a deeper level of satisfaction of solving the puzzles without the helpful assist- we even made sure to do the tutorial on hard so we could claim our whole screen as red. 5/5, please play this game and beg for more levels.

Beautiful, fun and relaxing. You can try to solve it by trial and error, or by logic. Either way, it is satisfying when you get all the dots lined up right. The minimal amount of math needed shouldnt dissuade anyone who hates math from trying this puzzle.

EDIT: New Levels It looks like the developer has added more levels! We still think the game could use at least one, probably two more content updates of this size, but the new levels introduce fun mechanics and Im really glad to see that the developer listened to feedback and added more content. We think Ill hold off on bumping our review up from four stars to five until the next content update (assuming there will be another). Im far more likely to recommend this game now that it has more content. Its pretty fun! We bought this game expecting it to last us a couple of weeks, but we beat it in a single night (including the hidden levels). The time we played it, we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately there wasnt much to play. The art is pretty and the concept is inventive, and we appreciated how polished the app was, but it desperately needs more levels added. The developer seems to respond to any review complaining about the lack of content by talking about the 15 hidden levels, which seems pretty tone deaf to us. This response concerns us because it makes us wonder if the developer ever plans to add more levels at all. We would tentatively recommend purchasing this app to people who are prepared for it to end quickly or if the developer does indeed plan to add more levels. What content the app does have is polished and awesome.

We really enjoy sudoku and kenken-type puzzles, and this game is a nice modification of those. Our only complaint is the lack of an undo button. As you move through the levels, the puzzles become larger and more complicated. Because its a logic puzzle, you often want to try a move to see what happens, but if you dont like the result, you are forced to restart the level. If there was an undo button, you could take back your last move and try another experiment.

We thoroughly enjoyed the game, but was disappointed to find that it is incredibly short. Even with the "hidden levels" this game is severely lacking. Please update with more!

We’ve been playing for about 30 minutes and we love it so far. The only thing its missing is the ability to mark which hexes youre confident are correct, just like notes in Sudoku or flags in ours sweeper. Add that feature and it would be a 5 Star game!!

Sound, music, concept, art, increasing difficulty and noveltyall are excellent. And yes, far too few levels, even after the hidden ones. (Which are cool! Maybe interacting w more of the background would lead to extra levels in future editions?) The game does a lot well, and still feels like it has exciting potential.

So good! Sooo good!! New levels please!!!

These puzzles were so much fun. We were a little hesitant because, you know, math. But its more logic-with-numbers than math. The puzzles are just challenging enough without being impossible. The music and art is beautiful! The only disappointing thing is that there arent more levels! We finished the whole game, including hidden levels, in a couple days. Cant wait for more levels!! Would also like to see a way to mark cells (e.g. This cell cant be 3, this row needs 1 more)

Super fun but way too short. We finished all 75 levels in about 3 hours. Only disappointment is that it ended so quickly.

Great game but too short. We finished in about an hour and a half.

We really enjoy this game. A bit of a sudoku fan and like the hexagon thing.

Amazing game, super fun to tinker with but we binged it way too quickly theres 60 levels plus some bonus ones but we need more its addicting and wonderful.

You can feel your brain getting better at it. The puzzles get really interesting around level 44. Cant wait to see what other clever twists come up later.

Perfect puzzle game. Paced perfectly with a ramp in difficulty progression that keeps you interested but not frustrated.

Very fun to play, but got to the end of the levels pretty quickly.

Im in level 42 and its still amazing. Kind of like sudoku, but a bit easier. Great way to pass time and work those simple math skills with some puzzle solving <3.

This is a great game if you love number games. But, we solved all the levels in an afternoon. This game left us craving more levels. Like, hurry up please!

This is a fun puzzle game! You actually need to do some thinking in order to continue on. The background music is super zen so its a great wind down type of game for us. Our only complaint is theres not enough levels! =D.

The puzzle is well designed and just challenging enough to pique ones interest. For $1, the app offers an hour or two of fun and mental stimulation. A bargain, we believe.

Very fun, good tutorial, wish there were more levels, but Im glad you can replay them.

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