Honkai: Star Rail

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Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD., Honkai: Star Rail is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 22nd April 2023 with the latest update 23rd April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Honkai: Star Rail ?

8,089 people have rated 1.0.5

What is the price of the Honkai: Star Rail ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Honkai: Star Rail released ?

Honkai: Star Rail was released on 22nd April 2023.

When was the Honkai: Star Rail updated ?

The latest updated date of Honkai: Star Rail on 23rd April 2023.

Where can Honkai: Star Rail be downloaded ?

You can download the game Honkai: Star Rail from Apple Official App Store.



They call them, "Aeons" in this galaxy. They construct reality, erase stars, and leave their marks on countless worlds. Together with your companions you’ll travel across the galaxy on the Astral Express, following the path once traveled by the Aeons. From here, you will explore new civilizations, meet new comrades, and begin new adventures among countless fantastical worlds. All the answers you seek will be uncovered among the stars.
Well what’re you waiting for? Are you ready to begin this trailblazing journey?

Honkai: Star Rail is a new HoYoverse space fantasy RPG.
Hop aboard the Astral Express and experience the galaxy’s infinite wonders filled with adventure and thrills.
Players will meet new companions across various worlds and maybe even run into some familiar faces. Overcome the struggles together caused by Stellaron and unravel the hidden truths behind it! May this journey lead us starward!

□ Explore Distinct Worlds — Discover the boundless universe filled with wonder
3, 2, 1, initiating warp! A space station with Curios sealed away, a foreign planet with an eternal winter, a starship hunting down abominations… Every stop of the Astral Express is a never-before-seen view of the galaxy! Explore fantastical worlds and civilizations, uncover mysteries beyond imagination, and set out on a journey of wonder!

□ Riveting RPG Experience — A best-in-class immersive adventure beyond the stars
Embark on a galactic adventure where you shape the story. Our cutting-edge engine renders high-quality cinematics in real-time, our innovative facial expression system concocts genuine sentiments, and HOYO-MiX’s original score sets the stage. Join us now and journey through a universe of conflict and collaboration, where your choices define the outcome!

□ Compelling Allies — Go on a trailblazing venture with new friends
In the ocean of stars, there are endless encounters that come along with endless adventures. Prepare tickets for your companions and embark on this wondrous journey together! A spunky and eccentric amnesiac girl, a noble and upright Silvermane Guard, an indolent Cloud Knight general, and even a mysterious and secretive professional beauty… Confront the Stellaron crisis together and weave your past, present, and future with laughter and tears.

□ Reimagining Tactical Combat — Exploit weaknesses, battle to your heart’s desire
Get ready for exciting battles with a satisfying rhythm! Use a brand-new command combat system that enables simple yet strategic controls, employ Techniques and suppress enemies with different Types’ Weakness Breaks, then finish the fight with style via a stunning Ultimate. In the randomly-generated mazes of the Simulated Universe, surprising random events and nearly 100 different Blessings and Curios will grant you an incredible boost in abilities, allowing you to challenge a more unpredictable combat environment.

□ Top-Tier Voice Actors for an Immersive Experience — A dream team of multiple language dubs assembled for the entire story
When words come alive, when stories give you a choice, when characters possess a soul… We present to you dozens of emotions, hundreds of facial expressions, thousands of lore pieces, and a million words that make up this universe’s beating heart. With full voice-over in four languages, the characters will transcend their virtual existences and become your tangible companions, creating a new chapter in this tale together with you.

Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Official Website: https://hsr.hoyoverse.com/en-us/home
Official Forum: https://www.hoyolab.com/accountCenter/postList?id=172534910
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HonkaiStarRail
Instagram: https://instagram.com/honkaistarrail
Twitter: https://twitter.com/honkaistarrail
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@honkaistarrail
Discord: https://discord.gg/honkaistarrail
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@honkaistarrail_official
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/honkaistarrail

Updated on 23rd April 2023

Honkai: Star Rail is launching on April 26, 10:00 (UTC+8)!

Honkai: Star Rail Review

Great game but please make it possible to play with a backbone phone controller.

We love this game a lot but Id love controller supportI play the game for hours so holding our phone doesnt feel good. Please add this feature.

We’ve been waiting for him for 2 years.

Let us start with: we absolutely never write reviews (this is our first one.) we are in love with HSR. We’ve ditched genshin impact completely, and believe us im addicted to this one. The music, the graphics, the Sampo (yk what we mean) are all so amazing. Don’t hesitate!! Download it NOW!

Honkai: star rail is a good game to play if your a turn based and gacha fan which we think this is the best for people if they loved turn base and gacha combine together.

If you like light humor and a well written story, this is the game you shouldnt miss! You can go through the story and the silly choices of your main character without spending a dime since even 4* characters are playable and youll get at least 3 5* from the free pulls in the first two weeks. All characters have their background, some better developed than others. If you like HI3 chars, then you should play this without any doubts. Highly recommended!

Just needs controller support to be complete.

Such a great game! Playing nonstop and great story so far, a step up from genshin even tho gameplay styles are different. Cant wait for more updates!!

We’ve played Genshin since release and we’ve loved the charm of Hoyoverse games. However Im not a big fan of action/open world games. We grew up with JRPGs and various turn based games and Honkai: Star Rail has many aspects that we love in a game! Strategic combat, flashy attacks, and lovable characters. We just wish there was more content, now that we’ve done just about everything available. Cant wait for future updates!

Look, we know that in not some massive reviewer is something. But PLEASE add Pom Pom as a playable character. We hate hearing them be sad well saying that they cant leave, ima cry for them man.

Hoyoverse has done it again and made an AMAZING game. Although this game stands on its own from Genshin Impact they both have AMAZING graphics, the characters are incredible and really get your attention, the story plot DRAWS you in and the music-? OH GOSH THE MUSIC IS DIVINE!!! THIS IS THE PERFECT GAME!!! If you like Genshin Impact then youll LOVE Honkai Star Rail!!!

We think that this game sounds amazing! We love it! We love it a little bit more than genshin impact but its honestly crazy for us to say that. We love all of the hoy verse games its amazing. Genshin impact was one of them theres many games and its just amazing. Lets just appreciate the creators of hoy verse and all these other games that are amazing. And so make sure you rate a five star just download it. If you think the sound quality isnt good or anything it is its really great. Its honestly something you wont expect from a new game thats just came out but its amazing you might expect bugs and everything but like its perfect. We dont know how they do it but we think its just super Duper Duper Duper Duper cool. Its not a normal game. It has amazing battles and everything. So if you dont think so, try it out yourself. And its so easy to get a five star. Our older sister got a five star not even an hour when she started playing less than an hour, actually its really hard to get a five star in Genshin but we think its super easy so hello are you gonna download it yet? We hope you enjoy it. -Random User.

Why does sliver wolf sound like glitter clover from glitter force dojo dojo AHHhHhHhHhH.

Been playing this game for close to two weeks now. Loving it so far! Amazing graphics and the story is quite nice! We’ve witnessed some rather touching side quests that make the experience so worthwhile. If we could make a suggestion. Please consider adding controller support for iOS users. We have a Backbone device that we have been wanting to try with this game. We think it would be a great addition.

We have been looking forward to this game since hoyoverse started teasing it on their social media accounts and it did not disappoint! The story line is very interesting and the OST is famtastic!!!

All we really can say for this game is amazing. Amazing storyline, graphics, characters, and combat mechanic/system. Its amazing how not a lot of people are talking about this game. Another great thing about this game is its cross platform! Cant believe it but it is. Its so cool how so much can fit just into this small mobile game. Someone tell us how but Im only a day in and Im way over addicted. How cant you get addicted with an over the top game that Honkai truly is. In conclusion, this is a great game and we hope you like it too. It is 100% worth the download and it deserves our 5 star recommendation. Thanks for reading.

This game is already insanely good, please add mobile controller support!

Please update we have no more trailblazer missions thanks xoxo.

As we were an avid Genshin player, this game was just the right kink of fun we needed to step back from mind-numbing grinding.

We absolutely love this game so much but its missing controller compatibly.

Amazing game but needs controller support.

If anyones wondering why there are a lot of 1 star scores its because of trolls that are just mad about not pulling the characters they want. If you dont like turn based games you wont like this. Im a sucker for sci fi.

A very fun, addicting, and fascinating game. From the intricate designs of each characters to the fun gameplay and engrossing lore. Very f2p friendly. As well as very mobile friendly. One of Hoyoverse’ best titles so far. Can’t wait for more exciting content!

This is honestly one of the best mobile and turn based games we’ve ever played, this might be a stretch to some people but I’d say it’s up there with Pokmon. The story is easy to follow through with and the cinematics are beautiful along with amazing main story boss battles. We love the fact they give you 80 free pulls and this messaging system that makes characters feel more alive. The dialogue is hilarious too. If they ever add multiplayer where battles will be like Pokmon 2v2s we’re set for life, hoyoverse definitely has a new favorite child and im not complaining.

We cant fathom on how much we enjoyed this game when it released. Dialogue? Funny. Gameplay? Alright IMO. Music? PHENOMENAL. We didnt think we would enjoy this game so much, but wow did this get us addicted. We do have slight issues with the game though, like the limited stamina and grinding you can only do each day/week. However, just like Genshin, were probably going to be stacked after a few months after. It being not open world may come with restrictions, but hey, that didnt stop Dark Souls from becoming successful. We have high expectations for the upcoming story and content. Dont disappoint! <3.

We’ve dont usually like turn based games but this is beautiful. Thank you Hoyo <3.

This is one of the best turn-based combat JRPGs we’ve played. Story and exploration like the old school Final Fantasy 7-12 games, with fast paced flashy and very fluid turn-based combat. Its VERY free to play friendly. You do not need to spend to get through the main story. No multiplayer, so you can play at your own pace with no FOMO for taking your time.

Loving this game so far. Story and characters are great! Just wish you guys would add some kind of controller support to your games. They are so much easier and more fun to play when we run them off Bluestacks at home with controller.

For context our brain has been completely consumed by Otto Apocalypse and we cant think of anything besides him. Once upon a time we were playing A Post Honkai Odyssey. Otto? He’s dead. But oh our… His replacement.. Void Archives… We became so insane we NAMED myself Void Archives. This idiot and his stupid friend Welt Yang through us into the worst state of our mind for a while becausw we COULDNT STOP THINKING OF THEM!!! Void Archives wasn’t Otto, but it was close. As soon as we heard news of Honkai: Star Rail we immediately started saving up. It was a continuation of APHO, so obviously we had to. We wanted Welt and Void Archives. But no… Luocha we actually vomited out of excitement at the very sight of Luocha. Our friends and family can attest we changed that day. The day we knew we could KIND OF play as Otto Apocalypse changed our life. We shake typing this. Luocha better prepare because we are dropping every bit of money we possibly can on him. Welt Yang and Void Archives better prepare too. It is on sight as soon as we see Void Archives in this game. For real though, Honkai: Star Rail so far is an amazing game. We still hate Cocolia and feel unfathomable rage towards her. We twitch our eye at Sampo because he vaguely looks like Sovereign. This game is a great continuation of the Honkai story. And we can’t wait to see Kiana get sent to the moon in this game too. Luocha prepare. There’s a big storm coming because we’re about to make it rain on you.

Love the game so far, but it would be easier to play if it supported an external remote. We use the Backbone, but we know theres others out there that other players may use.

This game is addictive pls help us it is too fun help.

Great game with long term potential. If you like turn based combat this game has established well in all aspect (animation – music – world and exploration ) download it for 100% sure and enjoy one of best gacha games out there.

While there are some issues, this game is overall a very good game. Im absolutely a fan of Hoyoverse games and have actually played all of them. From Genshin Impact, to Honkai Impact 3rd, and finally Tears of Themis. Hoyoverse has yet to fail at making an exciting game. The story is rich and personally more enjoyable than Genshin Inpact. The main character actually talks (sometimes) and has some funny lines at that. Your two companions March 7th and Dan Heng are both very well made characters with the typical trope of the sunshine and grumpy one, but they are so much more dynamic. Their stories are both beautiful, as well as many of the other characters. Characters such as Himeko and Welt are super exciting to see in Star Rail, as they were both from HI3rd. As to the actual fighting gameplay, we have rarely used the auto play mechanic, the battles are very much the same but super enjoyable to play each time, and dont need much strategy. Now, here are some things we see as issues we think some terms in the game are confusing, but overall just searching something up on YouTube will fix that. Also some things need you to ascend in leveling but doesnt necessarily tell you that. Again, searching a question on google or YouTube should help you. Overall, this game has to be a 5 out of 5 because of how well-made and beautiful it is. We would definitely recommend.

We quit genshin after we downloaded this game cus its so fun fr, we thought we would hate it because of the turnbase combat but we kinda love it. We feel like genshin wont be able to be mobile much longer so its better for us to stop now. The only complaint we have so far about this game is not being able to send msgs to our friends on here womp womp.

Came from genshin. Love this so far ^^

Can we please get controller support. The game is beautiful and the combat is very entertaining. Even the story is very well written and engaging. We think it would be nice to have controller support as well. Many mobile games are more enjoyable when you can play them with a controller.

We like welt a normal amount and we just wish he would come home already our kids miss him:(

The most immersive game we’ve played since FF15, the Cocolia boss fight is amazing.

Many aspects of the game are great. Story, tactical applications, graphics, and content variety are A+ . As you progress in the game, you begin to see a stall with Trailblaze power though. Even purchasing packages doesnt provide near enough attempts for everything that requires Trailblaze power.. The slow regen time combined with unrealistic run costs is frustrating. Gacha rates are very low so youre not flooded with characters. Its important to have every class so a lot of character building is required. As you progress, it will eventually become rather boring drawing new units even. Nothing is worse than having a character you cant use lol. Food for thought on the best game in the App Store and we’ve played hundreds with top world rankings on very popular platforms.

The game is great but playing with the touch screen can come with its own issues. We bought a Backbone for games like this and its a bummer to not be able to use it for this one.

Please add controller support it would make it more enjoyable to play.

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