Hospital Escaper

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:36 am

Hospital Escaper


Hospital Escaper is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GOODROID,Inc., Hospital Escaper is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 19th October 2021 with the latest update 11th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


7,189 people have rated 2.0.2

You can download the game Hospital Escaper from APP STORE.


I’m afraid of the hospital.
I do anything to get away from the hospital.

This is the most entertaining game.
Can you escape from the hospital?

Updated on 11th March 2022

bug fix

Hospital Escaper Review

This game is so good cuz You can change your skin thats the new update.

We love this game but please fix the ads being in the middle of a level.

When you start playing you run from doctors and in the middle of Running There a AD like Why in the middle of the game Dude.

Havnt even played 1 minute and have had 3 ads nice.

We dont have time to write a review on a crazy app so here the ads are bad are at middle end and beginning at least make it were you can have it no ads pls.

We really like this game so much is the best game in the whole wide world we always play this every single day in the morning and night is the best game ever we really love this game we can stop playing it so much its so fun and we always escape from the doctors Im really good at the game when does the only last person left they always taste to us and then they try to get us but we always never get caught we dont want to be the doctor because it seems hard we love that game so much is the best and the ads are really annoying when we get out too its really true but is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now like most reviews, ADS are a big problem but you find them in every free game. But,this is not about the ADs its about the lagging you see.. For us the game is very very laggy and is rapidly freezing please fix this!!! Because if you do not fix it we will uninstall the game. Also we used a apple we pad to play Hospital Escaper (this game) but please do fix this up! If you do we will delete this review and make a 5 Star review.

Bro like this game is so bad. Like every time you are running the ad just pops up out of no where like , can they wait later. Thats all we have to say.

This game is so fun its just like cat and mice and we really like what happens when you get caught and the flips in this.

The ads would be a lot even if it was between games, because the time of a game is very short. But you put ads in the middle of when Im trying to play the game? That is some of the worst ad placement we have ever seen. Unenjoyable. We thought the concept of running away from people trying to force you to take a shot was very relevant for the times and funny for the game, but not worth the ads.

So this is a bed game like it makes moms upset because it teaches list to run on the hospitol so dont by this game.

You cannot get through a full run of a game with out ads popping up. This is a fun game but the ads make it very hard to like. Put the ads at the end, not in the middle of the game.

Best game we have ever played its our favorite game.

Too many ads it kept going when we were playing and it was really different from the add that we had saw.

This game is so much fun and if you dont have it you are a B*%# Ill.

The game is good but it has too many ad and we always out because of the ad and that why we dont like this game because of the ad without the ad it would be a good game.

The reason we dont like this game is because number one you say this game is 4+ but all this game teaches kids to do is run around a hospital and have a big fear of the hospital and fear doctors that try to help us number two when we downloaded this game we thought that you escape from the hospital and go onto the streets but no so this game should be called run from doc and also theres adds every 10 seconds and its frustrating so ya the person who came up with this game is a horrible game creator and yes we know you make money of these adds but you can at least make every 5 levels you get and add and yes listen to the people who write reviews and listen to them and do them or you will just have a horrible game that nobody likes and sorry for the long review but you need to listen to us and the people who are writing you reviews.

We think this game is kinda fun but the ads while your running no Im not having it please change this little ad problem because everybody is talking about it its really get annoying now and also whats the point of it its like its two or three each level you keep running around please stop now!!!!

We like the game but there are about 100 ads every 20 seconds in the middle of playing. Its so annoying fix it now it will be better with less ads. We cant play 5 seconds without a 30 second to a minute ad. At least wait until the level is over.

Its like every second a new ad pops up and we hate it.

This game is cool, the only down fall we have with this game, is the ads. We know the ads are what makes and helps the games be free.. But why when youre in the middle of running???!! Couldnt they wait until youre done with a level?! Its aggravating when Im down to the last seconds of getting away, and BAM ads.

Well we just downloaded this game and a total waste of time we spent our money on this.

Bruh there are too many adds! When Im in a level an add always just pops up. This is why we gave you a one star you dont deserve five stars.

Awful. Just awful. Ads pop up mid-chase in the game twice per level. Just absolutely ridiculous. That alone was enough for us to just delete the app and move on to something else.

Waaaaaaayyyyyyyy tooo many ads we downloaded this game bored and soon as we push play not even 10 seconds into the game AD while in the middle of the run.

Had two ads during the initial escape after first launching the game. Deleted it on the spot.