I am Bread

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I am Bread


I am Bread is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bossa Studios Ltd, I am Bread is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd September 2015 with the latest update 8th April 2016

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Entertainment, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,255 people have rated 1.5

You can download the game I am Bread from APP STORE.


Selected by Apple – Handpicked Apps & Games 2015

‘I am Bread’ is the latest quirky adventure from the creators of ‘Surgeon Simulator’, Bossa Studios. This isn’t the best thing since sliced bread . . . it is sliced bread!

Mashable – ‘After years of waiting, we can be Bread’
Touch Arcade – ‘Feels like the pinnacle of all humanity’s accomplishments’
Wired – ‘I am Bread is the strangest game you will play this year’
9/10 – Steam
Metro – ‘Slice of Heaven’
Destructoid – ‘I Am Bread is just delightful’
MTV – ‘Best Carbs’

You are bread! Your mission, become toast! Take on all hazards to deliciousness as you head on an adventure across 8 levels taking bread from its natural confine in the kitchen, throughout the house and then venture outside into the garden and beyond. Look out for the floor and any other unsavoury obstacles that could harm your tastiness as you seek out the means to achieve bread’s ultimate goal.

Using the unique control system, designed from the ground up for iOS, you can bring the slice to life and take it on an incredible adventure. With you in control, this bread will be boldly going where no bread has gone before!

Please note:
The following devices may have issues running I am Bread:

  • iPad 2, iPhone 4s, iPod 5th gen and iPad mini 1st gen.

If you encounter crashes perform a hard reset, which is achieved by holding down the home and power buttons until the apple logo appears.

Updated on 8th April 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

This update comes to you in the form of delicious, calorie-free carby bug fixes. Want to know more? Of course you do!

  • When you’re playing the epilogue, the window wipers now behave like normal window wipers, not window wipers that have had too many energy drinks and stayed up all night.
  • You can no longer see the pink particles at the end of the petrol station now. Bad news for anyone who likes confetti and cherry blossom, but sorry. That wasn’t intentional.
  • The washing machine in the kitchen now looks a little less…wonky.
  • If you crash at the end of a level, your progress should still be saved. That should save a few pennies in the swear jar!
  • If your game was stuck muted, you should now be able to unmute the game. Because everyone likes a little music in their life, right?

I am Bread Reviews

Most of these reviews say it’s "too hard" or "bad controls" but it’s supposed to have bad controls, like surgeon simulator. We actually like it despite what everyone else says.

Sure it may be hard to control but it is worth it one thing we don’t like is that it does not have the team fortress 2.

Great! But how do u play spaceship battle mode.

The only things that would make this game more fun is a free roam place and more levels but it is really fun.

Guys stop complaining about controls it’s hard to make amazing control for an iOS game so just deal with it we THINK THIS GAME IS GREAT!!

Hoping The Console Version Is Even Better.

We like the game even though it makes us rage alot but we have a few suggestions. First off, we really think they should add the other mode like the Zero g mode and the cheese hunt and all the others. We also think they should add the "Starch Wars"and TF2, but other than that we love the game. Keep adding more updates and making the game better.

We’ve had our eye on this game for a while now. Didn’t know what platform we wanted to buy it on, but we were bored at the airport so we thought why not. Reading some of the reviews… If you give it a bad rating because it’s "hard" or you didn’t do he tutorial then that’s on you. This game is great! Now buy it so you can live the wonderful life of bread!!

We’ve seen that some people beat the first level in 00:00 that is cheating right.

This game is insane and weird we like it to cause its a childhood game.

After playing this particularly interesting attention grabbing game, we felt like a sun was exploding out of our body and putting knives in our eyes while being boiled inside a volcano. The rage for this game is unexplainable, so try it for yourself. Best of luck, Ace.

Im pleased with this game and really enjoyed playing it! Well done.

This is our dream come true we always have wanted to be bread! We think it should be that on some levels the maniac guy trys to figure out whats going on and comes into the room for a little bit. Kinda like if you played night at the museum but in the game. We suggest that the controls should be simplified. Everybody is counting on this game! ALL HAIL THE BREAD!!!

This game is so funny and challenging <3.

We love this game but it is so hard and there is so much glitches that makes it harder there is even barriers so please fix this stuff and pls add tortilla mode where have to find taco or burrito ingredients such as sausage and the affect your grades how much you have and the floor is not lava and the main goal is to cook yourself but if youre a proper taco /burrito you get an a+. Also a free Rome mode would be good.

We hacked so easily few mouths ago but now we don’t know how.

Overall, great game. It would be an even. Enter game if you added different game modes, such and cheese hunt, and anti-gravity. Other than that, it’s amazing!

Why cant you just add bagel race the ones that you in outer space and goat bread.

This game is amazing! But maybe ad a week 2, 3, and so on, and make it more difficult as you progress through the levels. We dont ask much more, just that you add more levels over time for people to rage at (if you know what we mean.) also, are you ever going to put we are fish on mobile!?

Very addicting game. Just buy it.

Its a fun game, but it will lag us out sometimes we beat the game PLZ ADD MORE LEVELS.

F is for F Not toast U is for U like toast N is for never find the floor down here in the house . Love this game YEET TO THE TOASTER!

Our sister got us this game for a birthday present, and it is so worth it! Except for the fact of not a lot of levels, but can you make the different game modes in PC like zero g and other stuff available in this platform? Thx!!!

We are bread is a phenomenal game were you play as a price of bread who is trying to accomplish becoming toast. There are many levels to play and each one becomes harder as you try to bypass obstacles that will lower the breads edibility. In the kitchen, there is a toaster. Your goal is to reach that toaster with a decent edibility level. But, in all the other levels there is no toaster. You have to figure out how to make something burn, become hot, or figure out something you can use to become toast. This game tests you reflexes and ability to get around. We would recommend this game to many people despite its price. Great game.

The game is awesome but you should add the non story mode levels like the zero g one. But we sure did enjoy your game! 5 stars!!!

This game is amazing it gets u angry sometimes but u just keep going again its awesome.

The controls are super easy to understand and use although they’re a bit buggy, the graphics are great, and we’re currently on the final level.

Its been so long since youve updated this game which makes us really sad because this is one of the best games out there.

Get this its the best but please add more than 8 levels please.

Our our program it into the bread.

Amazing game. Worth the money.

This game needs a update pronto.

We LOVE we AM BREAD!!!! FIVE STARS ! But, there has to be more levels, and (spoilers!) when the hand takes Mr. Murton, WHAT HAPPENS TO HIM!!!?? Can there please be a way to ring out in the game, so please add more levels, also not just that, can u add cracker mode and bagel and boughette mode? Please!? That’s all.

Its a super cool game but controls wont work sometimes.

9/10 is our rating. Would suggest to experienced and determined gamers. — we are Bread is a 3-Dimensional world with a comedic storyline and feel. When you first play the game, the controls are a bit difficult to utilize, but it’s all in the style of the game. It’s also difficult to get to where you need to go to get toasted without touching the floor for an extended time, but once you realize how to do it, it becomes obvious what you have to do. Many would find this game difficult, and thus why so many bad reviews saying "Too hard". But for those looking for a challenge and some humor to go along with it, this is the right game for you. We beat the game in approximately 2 hours or so, and found it very satisfying and humorous to beat. Completing the levels require common sense, logic, and a heightened state of awareness. Overall, a very fun game, (in our opinion) with difficult controls and a sentient piece of bread determined to be toasted. Great. — Suggest Stable-Minimal/No crashes (iOS 9) No ads.

Hey boss studios we love your game but we wish you would add some things like baguette mode, cracker mode, starch wars please hear our voice we love your game.

Is this game related to surgeon simulator!? We finished the episodes and epilogue, when we made the car crash with the dude in it. The dudes name was Bob just like in surgeon simulator and the hand that reached in the car was like the hand from surgeon simulator, we knew cuz the hand had a watch on it. But if this game is related to surgeon simulator that that’s pretty cool. P.s we also realized both games are made by the same app creator. P.P.S this spoiler is for people who have finished the game but have not realized these similarities between: we Am Bread,Surgeon Simulator.

Its awesome and difficult witch we like good job! P.s 1,000 review!

Much harder than you think, and imaginative and creative. Finally a different type of game!

It’s the most hardest game ever but it’s the funnest we would definitely recommend it your not a wuss cause this game ain’t for wusses.

The control is much easier than The PC version, but the game is still frustrating to play.

We have not played it yet but we watched someone else play it and we love it.

We think this game gives off great attitude.

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