iBomber 3

iBomber 3


iBomber 3 is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Cobra Mobile Limited, iBomber 3 is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 8th October 2014 with the latest update 30th November 2016

Whether you are a fan of Action, Entertainment, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


77 people have rated 1.6

You can download the game iBomber 3 from APP STORE.


Get ready for action and bomb-dropping adventures, let’s go blow stuff up!

It’s time to take the battle to the enemy and win the war. Pilot B-17 and Lancaster bombers while searching out key enemy forces on land and sea to destroy!

iBomber 3 will immediately transport you into the very thick of the action with multiple missions across the Pacific Ocean, Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa.

iBomber 3 offers a huge variety of game-play and excitement with jaw-dropping explosions and effects.

Game Features:
● Explosive, bomb-dropping action
● Pilot B-17 and Lancaster bombers
● Action-packed Day and Night missions
● Jaw dropping explosions and effects
● Play in multiple theaters of combat
● Destroy the enemy, protect the allies
● The unrivaled satisfaction of blowing everything up

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"iBomber®" is a registered trade mark and brand name of Cobra Mobile Limited.

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Updated on 30th November 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.


This new update adds cool stickers for iMessage. Drag-n-drop some awesome sticker action onto all your Messages today.

iBomber 3 Reviews

Fun but no strategy. We love these guys tower games. This is more of an arcade game. Not what old guys are looking for.

This game is very fun, easy to install and has intuitive controls!


Loved the Original iBomber and iBomber2? You’ll like this one.

Great arcade like action very high quality game.

More levels or a new game please!!! We’ve waited patiently. Lol.

Never a dull moment! ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!

This may have some blood but besides that IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

We played the previous game in this line and remember it fondly. This is frustrating and stupid. 2 major gripes. Im tired of rolling the dice over and over trying to get a health pack. Your health will get low and you cant attack because youll die so you just fly around trying to get health. It takes too long and is too random. Also the escort mission with the train is brainless garbage. What do you think would happen if you sent a train to punch through an enemy controlled port with no other defense than a BOMBER. So tanks, infantry, artillery, etc are blasting this train at close range, and your dropping bombs left and right trying to take them out. Youll blow the train up sooner than the enemy. Why they wouldnt just disable the tracks we dont know. Basically the train gets killed over and over. Like you would expect. Very frustrating and not fun. Dialogue is weak as well.

Gets really hard after a short while. This game desperately needs checkpoints.

Need to adjust difficulty. Gets too hard too quick with no where to go, waste of $$

Increasing difficulty in every level. Different weaponry.

This game is a wonderful addition to the other iBomber games. We hope that they will either add additional missions to this game, or develop another one.

Another great edition to a solid series. We’re going to need another new one in no time.

Thanks you for the ios9 upgrade! The game plays great once again!!

Everything about this game is great. Just need more missions!

Awesome awesome game please add more bomb and power up options.

Huge fan of iBomber games. This is game is great! Please keep making more games!

This is a fun game. We have played it many times.. Just finish the game and reset data.. Go again. It is pretty glitchy under iOS 10, though. We would wait until the details indicate it has been upgraded.

Good fun game and it now works. Thanks for fixing.

It’s surprisingly addictive. We hope there are more like this!

Lvl 3 on US and lvl 4 on RAF are really hard but you’l get it eventually get past them. Otherwise AWESOME.

To easy compared to older version. Slow action.

Here’s a good example of how a design studio spends time creating great graphics and not enough in gameplay. No tutorials, or enough help to get you through even the early levels. Super hard, health goes down very quickly. Takes the fun out of gaming. Will delete!

Note to developers: A Lancaster bomber is not a drone. A 280+- mph bomber can’t fly cover for a 50 mph train.

This game brought us out of a boredom spell with our other games and we have clash of clans! This is a new kind of game we have experienced with the gyroscopic control, better yet the tilting doesn’t affect how you hold the device. Great game. There’s no topping it…

We thoroughly enjoy it. Great at passing the time when we’re on a conference call or webinar. It would be nice, though, if the player was able to see his current location relative to the entire battlespace. Update: it would also be nice if the publisher got the Army ranks correct. The oak leaf for a major is gold and for a LtCol, silver. You guys have it reversed.

This is a really entertaining and good game… Sadly though when we installed iOS 9 the game no longer functions well and often kicks us out… Hopefully a fix will be made but right now the support site for this game is no longer there…..

Great game that no longer works with ios9.

The game is fun but gets repetitive.

Very good detail , missions are challenging. Wish it had more boards to play.

We bought this about an hour ago. Download and installation without a hitch. Graphics and sound are outstanding, and enjoyed our first mission. Looking forward to getting to know this game better, and looking towards many hours of play. Great game at good price! We would recommend purchasing this game! I’d like to update our review. We finally worked up enough will power to stop playing! This game really gets a hold on you, and is hard to put down. Love the controls and it is a blast to play!

Works perfectly and fun to play.

This game is great. You can play as 2 different characters with 3 campaigns each.

Great sequel. Free extra missions. What’s not to love?

We absolutely loved the first iBomber. It was one of our favorite games, and so incredibly creative, but we were a bit disappointed with iBomber 2. It wasn’t bad, but it was hardly a step up. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with iBomber 3. It is fantastic. They’ve added so many new things, and the art is much improved. Our only complaint is hitting targets is rather easy, the bomb doesn’t move nearly as much as it did first iBomber. However, we highly recommend this to anyone.

It’s a great game! Just on and go! Flying over blowing sh#t up! What’s not to love. Good purchase.

The best good for kicking but in ww2.

We have to say, while not a big gamer, we have thoroughly enjoyed this game. We recommend for anyone and at any level. We have had no issues nor bugs.

Works fine. Entertaining enough.

Great game lots of fun. Plenty of targets to bomb while dodging antiaircraft. Would give 5 stars except it Is difficult to see all the details on small iPhone screen.

Take your frustrations out on the Axis powers in this simple and fun bomber sim.

Now, we’re a HUGE fan of the iBomber series and have played all the games, but we downloaded this one and, first of all, at the title screen, there was no sound. We don’t know if that’s a problem with our phone or with the game. Second of all, after selecting our pilot, we get about 10 seconds of loading screen, then the game crashes. The title of this review is "Idk" because we don’t even know what the gameplay is like, because of all the crashes.

Feels nothing like the original games. Totally different game mechanics make it a different game, that we personally hate. Removed after playing it for less than 5 minutes :(

We bought this knowing that it had no reviews (at least that we can tell). It looks like it’s downloaded to the cloud but gets lost from there. Does Apple give refunds or is it buyer beware? The other Bomber games downloaded with no problems. That was first update. It took 2 weeks of just sitting in never land to down load. Have you noticed the really good reviews look like the were written by the software company?

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