iConnect Game

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 06:35 am

iConnect Game

iConnect Game

iConnect Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Netgame LLC, iConnect Game is a Casino game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 18th May 2017 with the latest update 7th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casino, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of iConnect Game ?

1,286 people have rated 4.83

What is the price of the iConnect Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the iConnect Game released ?

iConnect Game was released on 18th May 2017.

When was the iConnect Game updated ?

The latest updated date of iConnect Game on 7th April 2023.

Where can iConnect Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game iConnect Game from Apple Official App Store.



Meet the most popular slots in iConnect!

Feel the thrill of Las Vegas gambling on your mobile phone. Touch the screen, spin the reel!
More than 100 slots and bonus games that will give you lots of emotions!
Download real Las Vegas on your device and enjoy your favourite games and slots.

The app is absolutely free, including updates.

Updated on 7th April 2023

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iConnect Game Review

If you need a coach or want to learn how to win get at us!!!

Where do you get the pin from we just downloaded this app its asking us for a PIN code???

Have had some game glich issues and never is there a way to actually talk to someone to resolve it. All we get is the middle man (host) saying he doesnt have access to this parts of the game but yet cant point us to anyone who can. We still play sometimes but it stinks that u can be cheated out of a bonus and no one ever comps you a thing for it. Nor can you relate to the developer that the game is having trouble.

Your the best ever since quantelika Roberts invited us to you.

We gave 5 stars since they won’t show our 1 star review. There is way too many slot systems that pay way better than icon, you will win a few times when u first start playing then it goes ice coldddddd no matter how much u load to it. The slots are way too tight and after the first few wins of a new account u will be lucky to win 3 times a year. We’ve played this game for two years so trust us we know what we’re talking about, if u so luck out and hit u better cash out, don’t think the system is hot because it’s not it will actually go ice cold til u spend it all back. Everyone gets lucky once in a blue moon but if u enjoy slots play on a different system like ultra , vblink, golden treasure , Vegas , fortune , fire k etc because icon will literally put u in the poor house trying to chase a win that rarely comes.

We love This platform because they are always on fire . We love how they give you a daily wheel . Its legit we highly recommend.

When we updated the app it erased our pin code how can we retrieve it?

We have been playing this game since 2020 and yes we have hit the jackpot several times first time we hit the jackpot we turned around a used to pay for a pickup truck we highly recommend this game.

What is the pin or how do we sign up?

App wouldnt allow us to add our code because it contains letters and it doesnt let us add letters.

We would win up to $300 when we first started playing and after a few months nothing. If you insist on playing deposits through Bitbetwin or bitplay as they are reputable businesses and you will get what you request to withdraw as long as it is in your winning bank not credits.

We have been playing this game for years. It has changed. Fishing Kingdom specifically. Anyone else notice when youre in a winning streak you have connection problems. Dont waste your money they have an algorithm that wont let you win and it will take all your money. All of a sudden it wont let any fish die no matter how many shots hit it. Dont waste your money. Rigged big time.

This game is a ripof never lets you win its a greedy game you can put in a thousand dollars and its gone in 20 min with no win bigger than 100 $ and again eats your money like craze, we would not recommend this game to anyone and today is the last time we played this game , whoever made this game at least you should let players win some we dont start playing this game to make money just a little fun but this is some greedy cold game and plsss dont waste your money here rather give to the poor, no fun cold greedy set up just to take JOKE !!

We’ve been trying to get hold of someone at river customer service department inquiring about the referral program. We’ve done about five referrals. We have one pending right now that should be finished but yet its not and we have not been paid for it. Not to mention theres been a glitch in the game we have dates and times and Im very very disappointed both times its been a fish game and we won over $200 and immediately it drained it down to $40 within one second it is glitches out and then our moneys gone and it kicks us out of the game thats after killing a big fish or main boss we’ve tried contacting our agent. Our agent says that we have to contact you guys myself. No one wants to assume responsibility or help us out and we spend a lot of money through rivers. Thank you.

Hello our game is locked up. It got a bingo during bonus and the characters landed in the square that gave us a big win. All at the same time Bari 510-377-4627.

As soon as we open the app its asking for a pin, what do we do ?

Yeah we put money on yesterday and today $70 today but we did not get any playback or any bonuses whatsoever or matches.

DONT get started on these games! We won big in the beginning and never since. We think they follow your history and know how much you put in to play and tighten the machine so u jus end up feeding it. Could just be this particular kiosk but now we have regular machine no need to feed it anymore! Its a racket but most are. This is a BAD one !

It used to be fair and make money well you could lose as well but we have put thousands of dollars in and not won anything back we think this is going to be quitting soon for us if things dont change around its getting pathetic.

The agent ignored our request of $300 payment for 2 weeks. Messaged them nicely multiple times and no response. They eventually deleted our account and blocked us on messenger. And of course no response from this app or email to company. We wouldnt recommend this game to our worse enemy if thats how they run a business!!

How do we get a code for the beginning to login?

We love this app we win a lot of money and its fun to play at home.

Anyone want to know there tactics to take your money? Ill be giving them away from this account til they kick us off then Ill send it from another and another and so on until they give us the money they cheated us from. Here we go. They have software that keeps track of every player. It shows them how much you spend and if you spend a lot they will let you win fat eventually but the software has ways of getting there money back. If you decide to call it quites and get all your money, nope you can only take out around 200 a day from the kiosk and after the first or second day they put your winnings back in the gamble pile to make you bet it again before you can collect. There software can see your age range so if your older your probably having more money and they will let you win more at first but dont be fooled the software will do its job and get the money back or most of it anyways. Our next message will show the name of there software and some of there agents that have txted us telling us if we collect money from people for them on a smaller hand held kiosk we will get around 30 percent of the money and they will keep around 40 percent. Leaving a small percentage for the lucky few to win big. Like we said tho even those lucky few eventually get scammed by there software. Its all available on the internet as well if you know were to look. We just want our money you scammed us out of and we wont put out any more of you bullsh!7 scamming secrets.

We signed up last night and got a $5 welcome bonus and this morning we went to play for the first time and they sent us a new PIN number to use so we did and all that it showed on our account was the $1 we sent to verify our account. They argued with us and wouldnt give the $5 bonus back to us so we got our $1 refunded back to us and when we asked how to rate them they blocked us on messenger and locked our pin so we cant play the game! Very bad customer service! It seems like a complete different person then who we dealt with last night.

This app since we downloaded we have Russians calling us to play it. Website is bet777. Eu and playriverathome. Com once you win they dont want to pay you. We sent funds via bitcoin and usdt and when we won $4000 they stop replying to us. Apple store should ban it but seems they also involved.

We have referred friends and havent gotten our bonuses and we have put money on and havent gotten cash back bonuses we have written and emailed the help and no response or feedback.

The app says enter pin after install but there is no registration button. Seems like a underground casino app. When we Google it says have to pay to play this.

We use to cashier at a store that had these platforms and its the clerk that is uploading your entries to mark the cash back box according to their bosses command. All these guys do, is supply us w an easy anytime we want access to our fav games … Now yes they control wt kind of bonuses etc but no say so wt soever on who wins, thats solely on luck, or wt we like to call a repeated bet consistency.

Great game has its ups and downs we like it just need a way to add more money through the app more less the going to the store to add it.

Why cant we update this app without having credit card on file?

Love it just wish there was an option for credit cards.

We have been playing this game for years and we have one question thats been bothering us forever ..,,,, why is it we only get 1.00 every day we spin the wheel? It never lands on anything minor or major not even on 2.00 its always the same 1.00 ? Is that ratio even possible when you spin daily? How bad can our luck be ?

When we go to the kiosk its not showing our game balance.

This app is awful. You need to fire the developers and get a whole new crew. Why create updates if the new updates are worse than the previous updates?? Bunch of geniuses..

We play game and win and it lags out before we get rewarded and still took our money we play every day if your just gone take our money Ill take it somewhere else.

Id actually like to play on your app but it requires a code and we dont have one how do we get one.

Terrible terrible you must be. True lover of the world. Ever get a win and then soon as you win you better cash out because this crazy machines system will not let you win a second time. Every time we get up if we dont go straight and cash it out you will lose every penny they need to lose the game up so people get a fair shack at a !

Since the update when you open the app it doesn’t have you login, it gives you free money to play but can’t play to win anymore.

We absolutely love the games in this app. We cant wait to win some big money.

Smh updated our iPhone and got a blue screen !! Wont let us play our games!! Fix it please!! We got money on it !!

We updated our iOS and after the update the app stopped working.

App wont load with iOS 16 please fix.

With the new iPhone update app doesnt work. Prior to it not working seldom wins no matter how much you play. When you do land a bonus spin the win is minimal. Odds are almost 100 against a win.

App not working whit the iOS 16, screen goes black.

Needs updating. Current version isnt working with IOS 16.

Cant make our app bigger once we updated our phone now we cant even play.

We downloaded this app and could not get past the Lock Screen where it is asking us to type in our pin???!!!!

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