iDaft Jamming

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iDaft Jamming

iDaft Jamming

iDaft Jamming is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Anders Svendsen, iDaft Jamming is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 24th April 2009 with the latest update 16th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Entertainment, or Music games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of iDaft Jamming ?

852 people have rated 2.32.3

What is the price of the iDaft Jamming ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the iDaft Jamming released ?

iDaft Jamming was released on 24th April 2009.

When was the iDaft Jamming updated ?

The latest updated date of iDaft Jamming on 16th May 2023.

Where can iDaft Jamming be downloaded ?

You can download the game iDaft Jamming from Apple Official App Store.



iDaft Jamming is a tribute to Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger”, "Aerodynamic", "Around The World", "Crescendolls", "One More Time", "Technologic" and "Robot Rock"

Make your own jam sessions in the "jamming modes"!

Choose whether you want to jam along to the beat or just go plain "acapella".

Try the game modes:

  • Guitar Hero style: Be a Daft Hero and nail those tiles!!!

  • "Beat Box" mode where you jump to the beat of Robot Rock to complete the game.

If you want the next-level experience try the newly added camera background feature… Dare we say perfect for social media sharing!?

Join the Facebook page "iDaft Jamming" and share your experiences!

Have fun!

(Daft Punk or their record label is not in any way affiliated with this app)

Updated on 16th May 2023

Improvements and more links to partner apps were added.

iDaft Jamming Review

It’s cool but it seems like 1 out of 3 times the box disappears in the box game and the only way to fix it is to close the app and reopen it. It’s a tedious bug. Can you please fix it?

The game versions no longer work. Robot rock Jumping would always lock at the start and we would have to close the app to leave the mode.

This is a very fun app to mess around with. Especially if you love daft punk!

Very fun but JESUS CHRIST they need to disable the rotation lock, can’t even play some of the games because our headphone jack is in the way of our hand.

La app es tan genial y sobre todo por el nuevo juego que tiene se vuelve adictivo . Es algo difcil pero despus de como unos 500-600 Intentos logre acabarlo Lo recomendara a aquellos que no tienen para comprar el juego de imposible game esta app sera la alternativa aparte de ser ms divertida por la msica que usan .

We mean… We don’t know how to work it… If you can add like… We don’t know… INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO WORK IT… That might help… But it is good any other way… We mean we can’t get the games to work..

You can play the sons but we don’t really get how to use it but it is still a awesome app.

Its hard to play HBFS in jam mode. IDaft 2 makes it easier but still waiting for Stronger by Kanye West to be on there cos it features Daft Punk.

When we updated it there was no sound but we love the app.

Too many ads. There was an ad almost every time we hit a button. Seriously, just but iDaft 2, so much better with none of advertising hassle.

Too many pop up ads, jamming is too difficult. Making jamming easier is the thing that will make us give the app those extra three stars.

We love this app! The mixing board provides many great samples of Daft Punk! The only thing we would ask is if the mixing board for each of the current songs to provide every sound capability. For example, Harder Better Faster Stronger does not have every sound that is supposed to be in the song. Also, you should work to add every song from Daft Punk, including their Alive 2007 Tour! Love what you have done, keep up the good work!

We like this app, makes us feel like in Daft Punk! Only problem is the ads but other than that, this is an amazing app!

The app is smooth and touch welcoming. Although the adds might obstruct some of the special layout, it doesn’t not interfere with the layout. Enjoy.

It’s really good but the apps pop up while playing which makes it harder to pass the song without missing a beat.

We would give it 5 stars but the audio is glitchy :/

We deleted this app in less than a minute because there are TOO MAY ADDS!! He thinks he has the power to torture us with adds & provoke us into paying $0.99. Well… The the power of DELETE trumps all!

It’s a good game but the ads are so annoying its hard to finish a song without missing a beat.

This app would be cool if there is like 5 ads for every action taken. Such a turn off for the game.

Terrible. It’s riddled with adds and the sound is awful.

We used this to sample robot rock! We recorded, edited, and reversed some sounds and made a daft punk inspired song! This is a really cool app, definitely worth downloading!

This app has too many ads . When we play an ad shows up and we miss the beat . But other than that it is a great app . But the ad thing , its getting on our nerve so fix it.

Luego de in tiempo instalada se vuelve lenta y es injugable!!

This app has way too many advertients, it’s really annoying.

It is really slow and never loads right and when we use it, it takes a long time for the sound to play. Also The game mode never works.

Whenever we start up, it lags SO MUCH. We can’t even see the words dropping in the game modes, making it an embarrassment when showing to friends. Also, it has way to many advertisement windows, we even got rid of ads twice in the more menu, and that did NOTHING. This was a complete disaster. Try making an update.

They really shove it down your throat with this one.

Every screen gas at least two ads and the layout is just plain awkward and uncomfortable.

We wish we could rate it with zero stars. Too many ads and no sound. Shame on you.

Wouldnt let our dog get this app, he hates adds.

We would buy this app if it meant no ADs and better design. A great base… For what could be a really awesome app.

Get rid of all of the adds it screws us over when we try to ply technologic.

We’ve had this game for a couple weeks, and this app is pretty good. Im a huge Daft Punk fan and like this game because it has some of our favorite hits like Aerodynamic, Harder Better Faster Stronger and Robot Rock.

Will not even let us click there watch ad thing for the whopper song.

Loved this game since we got it. Reminds us of our childhood, just wish they had more songs from the Discovery Album. Each game is great, the guitar hero style game is a little hard but overall love it. Great way to pass the time.

Do it faster makes us harder.

If your reading this creator can you update the game iDaft like can you put get lucky and some more songs and did you know that daft punk made a new song but you can read it because we forgot what the new song was called but you so yea can you update plz.

But it would be nice if it had the song (Doing it right) which it would be cool.

Well.. Somehow we made the whopper song(the one with the retro type theme) over all great game!

Very great game. We love it its just a whopper ads arent working.

The hours we’ve spent just screwing around on this app are priceless. Our family hates us now because whenever we see a necessary situation, we whip it out and drop some beats. Best part, its now on the Apple Watch. We are unstoppable. The power that we hold is immeasurable. This app has done more for our mental health then 4+ years of therapy and medications. Thank you creator.

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