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inbento is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Afterburn Lukasz Spierewka, inbento is a Food & Drink game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd September 2019 with the latest update 5th February 2020

Whether you are a fan of Food & Drink, Puzzle, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


369 people have rated 2.0

You can download the game inbento from APP STORE.


inbento is a food-themed puzzle game where you have to arrange food in bento boxes! Play with food, solve hand-crafted recipes and enjoy a cute story in this culinary brain-teaser from the creators of Golf Peaks!

** 1st place in The Big Indie Pitch @ PGA 2019 **


  • 120+ puzzles and unique pattern-matching gameplay
  • textless, heartwarming story about cats and parenthood
  • inspired by Japanese aesthetics and bento cuisine
  • 10+ Achievements
  • absolutely no ads

More info:

Updated on 5th February 2020

Update 2.0 is here! Enjoy two new worlds, a brand-new mechanic, additional story & more!

inbento Reviews

Something jumped out and covered our screen.

This beautiful puzzle game is the antithesis of the loud, ad-laden ones that you see so often. The colors are soothing, but the textures and symbols are clear enough that you can distinguish items even in the bright sunlight. The puzzles continue to be challenging but not impossible (truly ad free means theres no watching a video for a boost). The intermittent storyline with the cats is heartwarming. This app is absolutely worth the $3.

We love the art style and sound design. Its all so nice and inspiring.

We just got this game, and love it! Im stuck on 1-9, though.

Will last you a goodwhile too since it features 120 increasingly difficult levels.

Such a cute and fun game it keeps us positive and our brain active! Congrats to the designers for making such an amazing and adorable game, we hope more levels and updates come soon!!!!! Strongly suggest getting this brain teaser / story telling game love it!

We really love this game. Its fun, clean and simple. Its perfect for getting a challenge in a short amount of time. The mechanics clearly explain themselves. Its easy to try things and start over when you dont do it right… We have no complaints. We love the art as well. The small windows into the cat familys daily life are great rewards. But our favorite part? The monetization is simple. 3 bucks. Done. No ads, accounts, or other bs in the way. Thats what got us to try and we hope other companies do the same.

We were on the fence about buying this at first because we wasnt sure how the puzzles worked but we figured it was $3 and we were supporting an independent developer with our money, so we bought it. We immediately fell in love. This is well worth the $3 purchase. The game and mechanics are beautiful and it guides you into the harder puzzles so you arent ever stuck trying to figure out how things work. Our only problem is that we cant play it anymore- our six year-old stole it! He will sit and work on these puzzles until we finally have to make him take a break and thats saying something! Great job on this game. We would absolutely recommend it!

Love the mama and baby cat story meta.

We dont usually write reviews, but we wanted to leave our comments on this app. The visuals are very pretty and the story is really nice and heartwarming. Not to mention the puzzles and overall gameplay was very fun and a bit challenging at times, but its all worth it when you get to piece together the story in the end. We would recommend this to anyone who enjoys puzzle games – and food of course! In the end it really is a nice combination of food + cats + puzzle.

The little cutscenes are really cool, and the puzzles are fun. We completed about a third of the game in about thirty mins, but Im sure the puzzles get really difficult pretty soon, so if you decide to buy the game and get to our point as fast or faster, dont worry. Im still being introduced to new mechanics, and itll probably start combining them, and then itll be tough. Still, at the end of the day, its a really cute game.

Really fun and cute little puzzle game. The later levels do get difficult but its a puzzle game, if you like a challenge then youll enjoy this game. We did see some comments talking about nice music to go along with it but we have no sound at all on ours. Might try to reinstall to see if that helps. Overall, great game EDIT: thanks to the dev response we found out the sound switch was off. First iPhone lol sorry.

We downloaded this not only because it looks fun and cute, but because of your responsiveness to reviews, just seems like you care a lot :) good work all around.

This is such a calming game. We love how simple it is, and no ads! Really hope this company makes more of these! Overall, totally worth the $2.99.

We bought this app a few months ago and we love it. The graphics are pretty, and the music is calming. Im also a big fan of the no-adds thing!! But, we are on chapter 8, we think, and its soooo frustrating!! We just cant solve a lot of the puzzles, and would definitely suggest a hint button. And you could buy a hint with gems you earn from completing the levels. Just a few suggestions:) And please help!!!!!!

This game is amazingly designed and we will praise it for that, however the reason Im rating 4 stars instead of 5 is because of how short the game is for $3. Its definitely worth the 3 dollar price point but we feel that there should be more levels in the game. Also the beginning stages (even up to world 8) feel like they are only introducing new mechanics but ditch mechanics in previous worlds. That isnt a problem but maybe add more worlds with every mechanic and more steps to solving. We want an extreme puzzler version (even if it isnt a free DLC) overall the games cute and fun but maybe could introduce more difficulty to the player.

Game is interesting until level 10 where it becomes too hard while not being interesting enough to want to work through the puzzles.

A simple, well-polished puzzle game. Relaxing music and gameplay. No bugs! Our only complaint is that a dozen or so of the 109 levels are just simplistic instructionals to teach you a new move, so there are actually fewer than 100 levels to play. Finished 109/109 so now we need Inbento 2!

Finished the game after playing it during breaks in last two days. This is such a well made game! Good concept, good art and music, overall great execution and none of the freemium ads crap. Really hope you folks sell more, but unfortunately with this environment it probably wont, unless you change to free play first level and then IAP to full game – again, messy freemium world. The levels are not too hard and we feel itd be great for kids to train shapes, colors, abstraction thinking etc. But theres also an evil voice telling us – what if theres an in app level editor that unleashes creativity from all the players? We might see some extremely hard levels….

Just what we were looking for. A nice relaxing game with an original twist and no annoying antics. Thanks!

Great polished puzzler. Hats off to the developer… Thank you.

We love Inbento!! Its so sweet. The artwork and storyline is precious and The puzzles get insidiously more challenging at each level. We’ve solved all of the puzzles except for 12-5 and its been driving us a tad nutty. We keep coming back to it, but Im always short one lemon tile or one rice tile. Argh!! Can we please get a hint about where to start on level 12-5?? UPDATE: in a previous review we mentioned having trouble with 12-2. That should have said 12-5. PS Would love to see more levels in the future too.

Hello. We bought this game recently and we enjoy we very much. The puzzles, story and cats are very good. However, we are stuck on level 8-4. We have tried everything, and we still cannot beat it. Please make it easier or implement a hint system. Thank you for this awesome game! EDIT: Thanks a ton to the devs for giving us a hand, you guys are seriously awesome. Thanks!

We just love the concept and ingenuity. The story is simple but loving, and the cute bento just tempts you to grab a bite. The difficulty is fine and is getting harder and harder. Various props in the game give the game more flexibility and creativity. Love it. Just hope more levels are available in the future. As well as more stories~

When we saw this game for pre order we quickly bought the game the games is fun and the story is absolutely adorable the puzzles are fun and overall this is a great game.

What more does a game need? An adorable, relaxing puzzle game. Gets more difficult on later levels, so its nice to play in short bursts.

We loved playing this game, it was an excellent challenge in the later levels and so rewarding when you find the right solution. Thanks so much for creating it! (And thank you to the developer for clarifying how to complete the game! ;))

We love this game it is amazing!

A very cute simplistic puzzle game. We love puzzles that we can pick up and play with no penalties or time limits. This one is adorable and gets difficult at just the right pace. We would however appreciate an in game hint system. Other than that this game is great!!

Um, excuse us but who gave you permission to make such a cute game with lovely calming music? Whoever it was, thank you! This goes to all the individuals who worked on this as well, thank you for such a lovely game! The puzzles are so invigorating and Im in love with the small storyline! Thank you artists!

So good that its not only a game, it tells a story of your mother.

Very cute aesthetically and very calm music. It starts out very easy, but the difficulty slowly builds up. We preordered this game because it reminded us of this bento mini game we used to play from a Nancy drew computer game. Highly recommend!

This puzzle game has a nice gentle introduction to steadily more complex puzzles based on a simple mechanic.

This is a really cute puzzle and story telling game. We really love it! But… Sometimes we feel rather dumb because we just cant figure out one of the levels and since we want to finish the game completely we think a helpful thing that could be added would be a hints tool.

Not really worth the three dollars you can find other apps just like these with a more fun concept.

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