Isle of Arrows – Tower Defense

Last updated on January 13th, 2023 at 07:35 pm

Isle of Arrows – Tower Defense


Isle of Arrows – Tower Defense is one of the best $5.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Studio Gridpop Inc, Isle of Arrows – Tower Defense is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 3rd November 2022 with the latest update 2nd December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


98 people have rated 1.1.3

You can download the game Isle of Arrows – Tower Defense from APP STORE.


Isle of Arrows is a Puzzle Tower Defense game in which you build a fortress in the sky. Place towers, expand the isle, and build your own paths. Can you find the perfect spot for each tile to beat the RNG and defend against waves of invaders?

  • Tile-Placement meets Tower Defense: Isle of Arrows is a unique blend of genres that adds a new strategic puzzle element to the Tower Defense formula.
  • Roguelike structure: Each run is randomly generated with different tiles, enemies, rewards and events. Playing through campaigns unlocks more elements to appear in the game.
  • Modes & modifiers: A variety of game modes, guilds, game modifiers, and challenges make each playthrough unique.

Each round, you get to place a tile on the isle for free. Spending coins allows you to skip to the next tile immediately. When you’re ready, call the next enemy wave and watch your placed defenses in action.

There are 50+ tiles in Isle of Arrows:
Towers attack the invaders. Roads extend the path the enemies walk on. Flags grow the isle, giving you more space to build. Gardens reward you with coins. Taverns boost all adjacent archery towers. And so on.


  • 3 game Modes: Campaign, Gauntlet, Daily Defense
  • 3 themed campaigns that each have their own unique set of tiles
  • 70+ tiles
  • 75+ bonus cards
  • 10+ events that can help or hinder you

Please note that Isle of Arrows does not offer cloud save functionality for the time being.

Updated on 2nd December 2022

  • Hotfix for a save game related issue

Isle of Arrows – Tower Defense Reviews

This game is really addictive, deep, well balanced, and polished. We cant put it down. PLEASE put in an option to undo the last action / selection, as long as the next wave hasnt been started. We have made many mistakes and realized as soon as we made them, but the action is already locked in. Hope you keep supporting this for a long time through dailies and new islands / modes. We will okay for a long time!

We already put a lot of hours in this game playing it on steam but we went ahead and bought it on iOS so we could play it on the go and man this game is so awesome its frustrating at times but the randomness and the strategy makes every session interesting.

We appreciate the difficulty but we do feel like it needs some kind of overall progression. Like a skill tree that helps you get a bit stronger or a card deck builder so you can limit some cards or develop better synergy. We currently cant finish the first gauntlet level. We get to about 34 and it just starts failing. When you need more damage you just start getting more path cards. We dont mind but it is currently super based on luck or we are just horrible at it :). Its a beautiful and fun game just a bit frustrating that you dont get any stronger. We actually feel like we are getting worse half the time.

Thank you for making it. Contact us for us to promote it for free as a thank you for making it. We had same offer of shattered pixel dungeon :). Email us at ryan__at-hypedigitalmedia-com.

Absolutely love the game! Not too easy but not to hard. Would absolutely love a free play mode where we can mess around with towers and power up cards!

We highly recommend this game for fans of turn based, tower defense and strategy games. We applaud this developer with creating this awesome, highly additive gameplay. The right amount of challenge and phenomenal graphics to tie it all together. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for! Well done.

There are a lot of rewards in this game if you take things slow and think things through.

Excellent gameplay, just needs an UNDO for the PLACE button because an entire level can go down the drain with a slight misclick or misread of ice trap vs fire trap.

Really fun game gets extremely difficult to the point its nearly impossible to beat. We get to about round 38 everytime and by that point the enemies are so difficult to kill and you just dont have enough fire power when worrying about 3 different lanes. We wish there was an upgrade element to the towers, increased damage, range, fire rate, etc. It would definitely create some balance for the level of the enemies and lack of room to build.

Fun game, but terrible on battery life. One game (about 20 minutes) removes a third of the charge on our iPad Pro.

We’ve beat the same level twice now but it isnt saving the progress and allowing us to proceed.

This game is nearly impossible to win. We like a challenge but we also play games to have the occasional win. Plz fix the imbalance First, make half less water tiles attached to other tiles 2 give more towers. Toward the end you end up with 3 paths and no towers or no bombs to destroy all the water. 3, chill out on how hard it it lol It could be such a good game tbh but is lost by never being able to win Worth the buy if its fixed.

This game is an utter joke. Typically Ill lay down tiles to where they loop around our towers, so that enemies are shot at on both sidesits still not enough. By the time you reach level 30 on the map, the enemies will be 3x faster than they were originally, and then have shields (that regen ) that need to be broken every few seconds in order to damage the units. The units with bubbles are impossible to kill, especially at the speed they run. They need to be nerfed as its impossible to get to level 40.

Severe gameplay balance issue. Skill not required. All luck.

Just dumb not a strategy game. Just luck based and you never get the pieces you need. Stupid waste of $6.

Its simple to pick up and play, not demanding of you time. Very well balance and enjoyable, cant wait to see what else is in store for this great little game!

Kudos to the developer. Its beautiful, fun, challenging yet relaxing game.

Ever since we got an iPad, we’ve been looking for a solid tower defense game for iOS. This is the first one that checks off all the boxes (challenging, attractive, well designed, etc). Very excited about it! For the devs: The cannons should be 4×4, since their range would definitely extend farther than arrow towers. That way, they could be placed behind arrow towers around corners. Otherwise you guys nailed it, congrats and thank you!

There are so many tower defense games that it is rare to find a fresh approach that works. This game is a ton of fun.

A lot of fun here that progresses with more elements added and more strategic decisions to make. In a calm and relatively peaceful environment that we can wrap our head around.

This game is great – we are really enjoying it and well worth the price! One minor suggestion: the game really needs an undo button on tile placement. You should be able to undo and re-place a tile up until you place another one or start a wave. It wouldnt affect anything, and mistakes are very frustrating, especially when you accidentally wipe out another tile that you didnt mean to destroy. Keep up the good work!

Been years since we had this much fun with an app! We lost 2 hours of time last night to this app and it felt like 15 minutes. We cannot wait to try again. This plays and feels like a tile placement board game that morphs into an amazing tower defense experience. It is turn based, not real time. You draw a tile, place it, and initiate the next wave. You can also spend resources to draw new tiles, demolish existing tiles, or build bridges to place new tiles on open air-because you are on a floating island that you need to expand as you play. It is a beautiful blend of risk-reward resource management, strategic tile placement, and epic tower defense. We also love the artwork. This game screams sophistication and eloquence even as its difficulty slowly builds to crazy hard levels-just wait until you have to manage multiple paths simultaneously! Its almost unfair how hard (in a good way) it becomes to choose where to allocate your tiles and spend your resources-because the mark of a good tower defense and tile placement board game is all about choice and compromise. The tile draw factor means you probably wont get what you want so you need to work with what you have. But your success rewards you with more options to choose from in future games. We are enjoying this game so much! Our only wish is that it could also be landscape oriented. We play on an iPad 7th gen and it gets tiring holding it in portrait mode.

This might be our favorite game released this year. Its a very fun take on a typical tower defense game and is quite challenging, but not in an unfair way. At no point did we think the challenges were cheap or unnecessary. Theres lots of content to play and the daily challenges are always quite good. Overall a great game.

Theres a lot of repeatable fun in this game. Some levels are easy, others are bedeviling hard! Next features – maybe switch up the formula a bit on new islands – and maybe some more island types, love the fire and plant – maybe water towers, earth towers, air towers, etc. Thanks dev and keep up the good work!

Great game unlike anything else on the platform, as far as we can tell. It appears to have a lot of depth and appreciate that it is possible to play for just a few or many minutes and have fun.

We really want to love this game but the RNG is simply too hard and it takes away from what otherwise would be a great game. So many times we get to 35+ and then get wiped on a defense that had been working very well. Or, like just now, playing gauntlet and 6 hands in we have lost 2 hearts just trying to balance immediate versus future defenses, really frustrating. Fix the meanness of the rng and you got yourself a game worth playing for the long run. A couple of suggestions: you have two cards to pick from and pay for the third. Also an undo, we have accidentally placed a corner the wrong way or on the iPad hit something we dont meant to and youre stuck with it, can be a game ending honest mistake.

The levels are moderatly difficult. We need the ability to target different enemies: first or strongest.

Love the art style and concept, but it just becomes an exercise in frustration. You will play dozens of game where 20 minutes in you will no longer get any cards that can help you build or defend. Disappointing that while you are barley hanging on, then the game spawns more paths, with nothing to defend with. Sigh.

Frustrating to play. Dont waste your time.

Really been itching for a game like this, didn’t disappoint.

We are a long time mobile gamer but hardly at all in the last few years (spending our gaming time using a Meta Quest these days). This is one of the rare mobile games to grab our extended attention for a while and we love it. While the random luck of the draw plays a big role in your success, good strategy and tactics can overcome bad draws. There is a ton of challenge and content here and we expect to keep playing for a long time (but perhaps not so obsessively). Also, this game is beautiful and highly polished. Well worth your time and money!

Could we please have a mode where no additional paths open up. Can we just play through 1 path only. Call it beginner or novice mode. Also, on this mode, endless option would be really great fun! Thank you for a great game. We hope you add our suggestions. We think many people would enjoy the easy mode as well as the harder multi-path.

Simple, challenging, fun. Its one of the visually appealing tower defense titles that have graced apples doors in a while. Every tile, every tower, fits together perfectly and looks quite attractive. The gameplay is challenging yet fair, and their are plenty of randomly generated events to add some flair to any play through. If we were to make any gripes over it, we would say that the variety of enemies is somewhat lacking, and that their appearance is perhaps too simple against the backdrop of the towers. At a glance it can be difficult to really distinguish between one unit and another, and it would be nice to see something like dragons (perhaps flying in a straight line towards the defended block, and destroying towers as they go, with great reward for taking it down). The monochromatic color scheme of the enemy units is aesthetically pleasing, but they lack sufficient distinguishing markers in our view. A shield, or a beard, just seem a little too weak. Yet, this is a minor point, and besides it, we have found the game quite rewarding, both in play, and in visual appeal.

Cant put this down. Brilliantly executed tower defense game which ramps up the difficulty to a point that your eyes will bug out. Only quibbles are a lack of landscape mode on iPhone and a bit of latency while dragging the map around. Well worth the spend.

Well done we’ve been playing the past few days and we find myself excited to play a round in spare moments unlike any game we’ve played in recent years.

This is the most amazing, challenging, ADDICTING game we’ve ever played!!! Cheers to the developers! We cannot remember the last time we enjoyed a game as much as Im enjoying this!

Honestly a great mobile game, which we dont come across many that have such originality as this one. Been really enjoying it but we hope with future updates the game will be smart enough to know if we have bombs in our inventory then itll let us build a path facing a flag or water knowing we have the means to blow it up and put something in its place. We mean the game lets you build to the edge without bridges and its literally the same thing so Its a little annoying were you are trying to strategize placements and the game says youll cut off the path when you arent also we wish water tiles stacked. Feels kinda silly you have to blow up water to replace it with.. More water. Would make water a little less cumbersome but add an extra element into the puzzle/strategy of the game.

We’ve enjoyed this game! It is however a tough game, usually around wave 25ish it gets very difficult to manage and we’ve never reached 40 waves.

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