James White Fish Game

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James White Fish Game


James White Fish Game is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by 曦 程, James White Fish Game is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd May 2020 with the latest update 23rd May 2020

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


167 people have rated 1.0

You can download the game James White Fish Game from APP STORE.


Hello everybody, check out my first game, it’s a simple game, but it’s also very funny and interesting , hope you like it , very cool very swag, i like it !

Updated on 23rd May 2020

James White Fish Game Reviews

We will never ever forget the alphabet now. Amazing game. We like it.

A clothing designer, game developer, what next? The first game released by James incorporates beautiful hand drawn art, and artfully taken photos. The premise is simple catch fish, and listen to classic tunes. Looking forward to future releases. Very cool very swag we like it!

We’ve been enjoying James content on Instagram for free for years now and we bought this app to give back to the man whos entertained us for so long. Didnt expect much, but the game blew us away! We’ve been playing it for hours and have got 3 of our friends to buy it for themselves after playing. James, you have a knack for this! Very cool, very swag, we LOVE it!!

We bought this game to help out james… But little did we know how amazing this game is! Its beautifully constructed and fun. Very cool very swag we LIKE IT!

From the gameplay we’ve seen and done we have nothing but good things to say about this title. The art style is totally unique to anything we have seen before in other games and the use of James voice lines really are the cherry on top. We would have to say our favorite thing about this title is the music. James remix of the Alphabet Song is truly groundbreaking. He is very bold to be doing such a thing as that and he has, and his execution of doing it is astounding. Gameplay wise we have nothing negative to say. The sharks coming at random really catch you by surprise and the whole aspect of collecting fish is very original and amazingly well done. We give this title a 5/5, great game and we are excited to see more of James work in the future.

It is very fun and very swag. It is also challenging, Would recommend! Also no ads!

Very cool and swaggy game hope it becomes number #1 !!!!!

We think this game is very cool, and very swag.

Very cool very swag we like it!!! Just finished at the gym and Im playing this game as a reward.

Its finally here and better than ever before!!! We cant stop playing this game! Our new schedule is eat, sleep, and play very cool, very swag game. We keep having this dream where we are James and we have to dodge the sharks. We run away from the shark and save all the clown fish. We have so many fishes. Thank you James for making our life so much more very cool very swag! This game is THE BEST!! James make more games!!

One of the best games we’ve downloaded to date! Its easy to understand yet very complex. We bought it because Im a huge fan of James and want to support him on his endeavors, we expected creativity and thats exactly what we got! We loved how he used his own music for the game (another example of his endless creativity) and the drawings used for the background made it feel very special and unique in comparison to other games we’ve downloaded in the past. He deserves all of the stars and more! We cant wait to see what he comes up with next, great game!

Its finally here. Weve all been eating our bananas for months as reward. We are all savings people, and are finally able to spend 0.99 cents on this amazing game. James recites the alphabet like no other. Truly the best. We cant wait for updates. Bananas. Xbox. IPhones. Macs. Swag. White woman. Dinner. Rice. Vegetables. Meat. Mother. Father. YES!!

Very cool very swag we like it!

This game has by far the best soundtrack! The way he sings those ABCs smack you in the face with pleasure. The game may scare you from its awesome designs of those sharks, but trust us its AWSOME. We’ve found myself playing it for hours and hours at a time and chanting the song like Im in some sort of trance. James you have made a awesome game and Im glad its finally on the App Store. 100% worth the $0.99 price. VERY COOL VERY SWAG, we LIKE IT!

Incredible artwork and gameplay, along with a killer soundtrack. 10/10 Good work James.

It is funny and interesting!! Very swag.

From the amazing soundtrack to the intense gameplay this game offers everything you could desire.

This game is very good very swag,i like it. Very good game music as reward after a long day.

Amazing game by James you should make an endless mode but otherwise very fun.

James we love the game its very cool and very swag Id greatly appreciate it if you followed us on Instagram @buckley. Gavin.

It is a legendary game, made by a legend.

Cool game James very swag we like it.

Keep up the good work James, your game is swag! We like the sound effects and art style. It feels like a work of art!

You made a great one here dude!

The most beautiful game soundtrack we’ve heard released in 2020. Thank you James, we like it! Also if you see this James follow us on instagram @maddox. Atagi.

Ok. Ok. Hes done it this time Folks. Wow! What a realization.

Long ago when our uncles dads sisters roommates best friends boyfriend was killed for leading a military revolt in Syria, we had severe anxiety and depression. We felt hopeless until we came across this godly game. This has calmed us down many times and made our depression completely fade whenever we play it.

Very swag, thank you!! Eat banana as reward.

VERY GOOD GAME, very cool very swag we like it from chris.

Thanks you james for the great game! Very cool!

This game was a cultural reset. Thank you Mr. White <3.

This game is very swag. We live listening to Jamess voice singing the alphabet in our ear. Overrall fantastic game and definitely recommend to everyone! Very good very swag we like it!

Very hard, very good, Im a big a fan, we like it.

IM NOT KIDDING WHEN we SAY ITS THE BEST GAME EVER. It is Very Cool, and Very Swag, if we say so myself!

Hi James its us Tony your friend we love your game cant wait to play more love you.

A difficult yet rewarding game that emulates the struggles we must face in life. From the soundtrack reminiscent of childhood to the fish and sharks we must do our best to collect and avoid just like the experiences we gather. Im happy to support James in all of his endeavors and cant wait for what this beautiful human creates next.

This game has simple yet very addictive gameplay. We downloaded this game yesterday and couldnt stop playing for hours. This game has a very catchy soundtrack that we couldnt get out of our head. The game itself is very challenging but when you win it is very rewarding. Before this game we had severe depression and anxiety caused from our uncle dying in the war between turkmenistan and uzbekistan. Our brother was also executed for his many war crimes in Liberia. Our doctor tried to help but nothing worked. This game relived that. The fun and happy scenery made us feel happy and James fun and happy personality did as well. The game can be hard to win, but its calm and relaxing at the same time so, our anxiety melted away. The one dollar price tag scared us at first but now it seems like a steal. We cant imagine our life without this game now. Thank you James White and everyone else who downloads this game has the same experience as us.

We LOVE THIS GAME!! This game is the definition of very cool, very swag, James! Any game that you make we want to have! Please make more so we can play! But no rush of course take your time! Best wishes, your friend Nathan! Ps. We also bought your tshirt and it comes in the mail this week! Im so excited!

James is a master of art forms and this game is his magnum opus. Not only does the soundtrack BANG like no other, but the gameplay is stunning as well. Play this game as reward and you will have a swag day. Maybe even a banana.

Well worth .99 cents… Would have even spent 99 dollars!

If u know james you know he hustles to provide us with this fire content.

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