Jigsaw Puzzle Pro

Jigsaw Puzzle Pro


Jigsaw Puzzle Pro is one of the best $9.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Critical Hit Software, Jigsaw Puzzle Pro is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st March 2012 with the latest update 15th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Entertainment, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


3,830 people have rated 2022.12.0

You can download the game Jigsaw Puzzle Pro from APP STORE.


Welcome to the ORIGINAL Jigsaw Puzzle app! Enjoy the largest, most beautiful collection of puzzles on the App Store, and play FREE jigsaw puzzles every day!

Don’t let the imitation jigsaw apps fool you. Jigsaw Puzzle is the only app in the App Store made by the jigsaw puzzle experts! Sorting your pieces, moving your pieces around on the board, filling in the edges – it feels just like the real thing! Only now you can take the puzzle with you anywhere you go! We handpick every image to ensure the highest level of quality. Check out some of our favorite puzzle packs, like World of Color, Americana Summer and British Life. We’re constantly creating new puzzles that we know you will love!

Jigsaw Puzzle is great for puzzle enthusiasts everywhere! Just pick your number of puzzle pieces and go, it’s that simple!


  • 4 to 1024-piece puzzles (iPad)
  • 4 to 400-piece puzzles (iPhone/iPod Touch)


  • Over 20,000 beautiful, high-quality images!
  • A new FREE puzzle every day!!
  • FREE downloadable Puzzle Packs
  • New Puzzle Packs released each week
  • Earn rewards by completing puzzles!
  • Use the Jigsaw Credits you earn to get new Puzzle Packs!
  • Puzzles from your favorite jigsaw artists like Joseph Burgess and Nicky Boehme
  • Turn your personal photos into your own custom puzzles!
  • Play on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad!
  • Play large puzzles!
  • Music soundtracks
  • Scatter pieces on the puzzle area
  • Rotate pieces for a greater challenge
  • Randomized pieces — no two puzzles are the same
  • Work on more than one puzzle at a time
  • Saves every puzzle you’ve ever solved
  • Share completed puzzles with your friends
  • Game Center leaderboards — Compete with your friends!
  • 40+ distinct objectives to unlock

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Updated on 15th December 2022

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Jigsaw Puzzle Pro Reviews

We accumulated 15,000 coins and the next day it was reset to 100. So annoying!

Increased in app adds and extreme data collection. You need strong internet to play without hang ups and long delays. Now puzzles that you purchased and downloaded are not available for play until you have strong internet so that they can track you. Im able to stream Netflix and Amazon and pandora without delays but not able to play a puzzle from a puzzle pack that we’ve purchased and previously downloaded because it needs to download again. The extreme amount of data collection that they do is probably why it requires so much internet. BEWARE and read the privacy. We had purchased this before all this extreme data collection. Loved this until they added all that ta dah in the last update. Now when you complete a puzzle you have to wait on the ta dah, then click on the ta dah for finishing the puzzle, then wait for another ta dah for finishing the puzzle in that group, click out of the group, click on the puzzles in progress just to get back to where you expected to be in the first place. Not purchasing any more from this place. It took a long time to find a puzzle app that was well done. This was it until they added all the ta dah crap. This app hangs now and looses its icons when theres no internet connection. Customer support claim that it does not require internet to play but it does attempt to blast you with its sales adds and hangs the tablet when no connection. Eventually it clears itself but you have to wait for that huge sale add in your face. This pattern always follows after downloading free and or purchased puzzles. So you have to connect back to the internet to restore free and purchased icons and sometimes to start a puzzle. This is a problem only for those of us in poor internet access areas.

And paid for two packages that never downloaded.

Machine keeps going back and resetting itself had a bunch of coins almost 12,000 now theyre gone. Puzzles we’ve already work came up not work anymore its a joke.

First off, we really love this jigsaw puzzle game. Although at times it can be really pushy with purchasing extra puzzles, a lot of them are (for the most part) worth it, especially if you really love puzzling. We would love a better UI for phones (like a visible scroll par for the tray) but other than that it is actually pretty polished. The music is very relaxing, although we would love a way to cycle through all the music whilst playing. The one thing we really wish for is a way to customize the homepage (like being able to move and remove some of the sections). Other than that this game is very good and we recommend it if you are an avid puzzler!

Love this app. Excellent choices and settings for challenging puzzles. Unfortunately since the last upgrade it doesnt open on our iPad..

We just want to put together a jigsaw puzzle. We feel like all our lovely puzzle packs are being held hostage.

Have bought several puzzle groups on different devises we own! However when we try to buy on the main iPad we use, we are unable to purchase as it first request that we give our fingerprint. None of our fingers seem to work! It makes it a bit frustrating as we do want to support the site! Love playing puzzle!

We enjoy the variety and price of the puzzle selections! However, we hate the ever slowing and freezing delays in screen movement which seems to have gotten worse over time and seem to be programmed to trick us into viewing new packs and chests. We also dont like that only certain packs allow coins to be used for purchase, and you cant even filter to display them all at once. Instead, you have to click on individual sale packs to see if coins can be used. Not worth our time. Also hate how slowly it loads now and how sometimes after freezing it just turns off, requiring us to start over. We’ve loved this app for years and have bought a ridiculous amount of packs, but sadly Im looking for another app. This is supposed to be fun, not frustrating.

In early Nov or late October 2020, an update with new trays for puzzle pieces came through. It was WONDERFUL! You had a max of 4 trays to organize the pieces. Then about November 17 or 18, another update came through THAT IS AWFUL!! The multiple trays are gone and there is one USELESS TRAY. We do better organizing pieces around the puzzle edges. Also, the tools that are available while working on a puzzle has also changed. It is very cumbersome and NOT USER FRIENDLY. MY ADVICE IS TO FIND ANOTHER PUZZLE GAME BECAUSE THE DEVELOPERS HAVE RUINED THIS ONE. December 2020 update to above review- the developers have done nothing to fix the problems they created in November. In addition, we have just noticed that the trays actually sort the puzzle pieces and they end up roughly in the order of a vertical line on the puzzle board. We realized this because we were trying to make some use of the trays. We were organizing the pieces by color. So, after a couple of puzzles, we noticed that the pieces we had just put in a tray in a specific order (i.e. Reds, then greens then blues, etc) we would go back to the tray a few minutes later and the colors are all mixed up again. We reorganized a few times then just gave up. As we were assembling the puzzle, we started to notice that huge chunks of the pieces were in order for a vertical line of the puzzle ( piece A on top of piece B on top of piece C, etc) Its weather boring to solve a puzzle like this. If the developers would just spend some time, this would be the BEST puzzle app in the App Store. IMHO, go back to the version when you had up to 4 trays back in MId-November…… PLEASE!!

We used to love this app. However, since the update, it no longer works. Even if we can get to the main screen, it freezes up once there.

April, 3, 2019. Have been playing and enjoying this game for several years. Have purchased several packs over the years. This mornings game, way toooooooo much advertising, eating our battery. Way too much advertising. We guess this will be the last day we use your game. Less is more. Have a nice life. There are easy and more difficulty "Puzzles of the day". Have shared this app with two other puzzle lovers. There problem and we agree, the screen moves too much. Love options like how many pieces of the puzzle. The main reason we did not give five stars was, like we said before, we and two others do not like it when the screen moves when you move the pieces of the puzzle around. Some of us are in our senior years. Do not like the screen moving while moving puzzle prices around! Update: 9-12-16. Now the screen is not moving Unable to find pieces of puzzle. Have close the app and started, still unable to finish puzzle. This was one of the daily les last week. Still not able to finish puzzle . On this last update no longer able to see the picture while pieces are on screen. You had a great product until now. Having to go back and forth picture to puzzle is four steps backward. Have purchased many puzzles, but just about ready to junk this game. Real soon this will be dumped. Improve, go forward not backwards. Any puzzle you buy, able to hold in one’s hand, the picture is ALWAYS available. July 22, 2017. Have told many friends about your game, now the negatives will out weigh the fun and positives about this game!!!!!!!! August, 2017: For the past 7-10 days it has been taking 45-60 seconds to load. What gives? Nothing else takes this long to load. Opening this app, and the daily puzzle, plus opening the "store page" is eating our battery. Have purchased several packages, but will not be purchasing and more. If downloading daily puzzle continues to take soooooo long, will hesitate to get rid of this App!!!! What gives??????? Updated: 2021: July- now, September the reward gimimicks have not been rewarded on several of the last promotions. Dont waste time or money. Have been playing for several years but their coin reward for z games played never produce. They may show you have reached the ten minimum , but rewards never, never are rewarded! This is s scam, and rip off, dont buy extra packs to finish reward, because there is no prize, or coin reward. You have been warned. Move along to a more reputable game!! Update 6-18-22: Can not stand to new update. We prefer the pieces to be scattered all over NOT on the side. In addition unable to PURCHASE additional packs: YOUR LOSS NOT MINE. Been a big fan. NO LONGER! DONE! Dont waste your time!!!!

Until the latest update, we loved this app. We’ve probably baught more sets of puzzles than anyone on the planet. But with this latest update, when we try to open it, the app shows its 100% downloaded, but it wont open.

Says ad free but NOT. After paying $10:00 to try to get rid of the ads, it still has the usual ads popping up in your face. Bate and switch.

We just updated the first 2019 update. We used to be able to move more than 1 piece at a time if the puzzle was in the locked position. NOW we CANT. We really liked that feature, it helped when sorting the pieces. We just updated this game. Now we cant even get it to open. If youre working hard to improve it, you missed the mark. Now fix it again.

We have purchased many puzzle packs and we used to like this game because we could download the puzzles and play offline; now though you have to download every single puzzle one at the time as you play. We paid for the puzzles we dont want to log on every single time we want to play offline.

We had some problems downloading some puzzles, but the customer service was great and fixed the problem right away! We really love this app now!!!

We purchased your new pack called American Decor, you took our money but didnt deliver the puzzle. You have too many glitzes.

The game wasnt usable for a long time. It would load but it wouldnt open. Finally it is fixed. Its a fun way to pass a little bit of time and play a game daily or nearly daily.

Since we updated our app on May 23, 2022 the app will not down load a new puzzle each day and we can not purchase any puzzle packs. Had this problem a year or so ago and it took a month or more to be resolved. We LOVE playing our free puzzle every day but now it acts like we have no wifi internet connection. Please put out a new update to fix this problem!

We are not sure whats going on but we used to love this app. Now, its all glitchy! Red dot is always on even after we check everything, it doesnt keep us logged in at all, and when we try to log in, it kicks it out. You need to update or something.

The sale pop-up appears every time the app is opened. It is very annoying! We would like to be able to turn it off. There are more pop ups than ever. Very annoying.

We have enjoyed this app for many years. It is one of the few games that we use and we therefore paid for the no ad version. At some point, Disney puzzles became available and that was okay. However with the most recent update, Disney is shown all over the top section. We have to scroll down a lot to get to the puzzles in progress. We thought it was only a short run and was expecting it go away soon. In the past few years we have been more and more put off by Disneys anti-family productions. After their recent decision to drive a campaign against legislation in Florida, we have only contempt for Disney. Please let us know when your Disney ad campaign is over and we will consider using your app again.

We’ve tried other puzzles but this has been the best, our favorite game over many years. Whether you want an easy puzzle or a real challenge or something in between this is the best.

Usually no issues but in the few instances that help is needed the customer service is great!

We LOVE this game, but the technical difficulties drive us crazy!

We loved this app, until it constantly told us to update to get a free puzzle pack. We paid for pro, dont care about the Disney puzzles and just want to play our free version. Please fix this!!!

04/14/22 we’ve had this app for a very long time. Now its draining battery on our iPad like crazy after the more recent updates. Also, pop-ups are constant and some you have to exit and start over because theres no X to get rid of them. These issues should not be problems for a paid app. More and more disappointing. Please fix it!

The latest version will not load completely on our IPad Air 2.

Cant open the app since last update we deleted the app and reinstalled the app and we got everything back. Thank you for your response. This is one of our favorite apps.

3-31-22 our puzzle app is not opening HELP! We love this game and have made several in app purchases. Someone told us to delete the app and reinstall it but Im afraid if we do that Ill lose our in app purchases please help us! We want to do more puzzles! Im a long time player of this game, and play it just about every day, right now it has some kind of bug and wont let us open the app to do the puzzles, all our other apps are working fine, we hope this gets fixed soon thank.

We have to click ask too many times before we do each puzzle. Im not necessarily interested in a three pack of puzzles. We dont care about the points. We dont mind paying for puzzles. It is so annoying. And now you choose the next puzzle for us. Not cool.

This would be a great app for jigsaw puzzles if it were not for the constant ads. Even though we have the paid version, we have to go through 2-3 ads to get to the puzzle and 2-3 more when we finish. Every 3-4 days we get a box asking us if we want to pause ads for 30 days. Clicking on Pause Ads does nothing.

Years ago l bought the paid version to remove the ads, but that no longer is the case, pop-ups constantly ask if you want to watch an ad for coins. There is no way to turn off the ads for ads permanently. When you first open the app you need to close at least 3 offers before you can even make a puzzle and after completing every puzzle you get 2 more offers. A daily pop-up even asks if you want to pause pop-ups for 30 days and regardless of saying yes nothing stops them. Im getting tired of dodging ad offers just to make one puzzle, its taken all the relaxation and fun out of what was once the best puzzle app available. We feel they stole our money with a false promise of no ads just puzzles.

We’re getting tired of reinstalling this app EVERY day. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP! We’re about to demand a refund. We always have not many problems and will do 3-5 puzzles a day. Fixing the color background would be great because none of the colors work right now except a light orange. Its very difficult to see certain puzzles on extremely dark backgrounds. And we wish there was a way to make picture enlarged in order to see details when you push the peek button.

Over the years, and we have had this app for several years now, it has gotten really messy. Not sure why they feel we need all the cartons either or why those messy unpredictable games. We love this app but we wish they’d make it easier to follow what they are doing behind the scenes, they need more adults working back there so we can see what’s happening first before they just pop up on the screen.

We really enjoy doing puzzles and this one use to rate 5 Stars… However, a few months ago something changed and the puzzle will no longer sit still in its frame as we are searching and trying different pieces… Very frustrating, but we’ve not given up on them, yet! Im pleased the puzzle will stay out, however now we are unable to change our table background. Its stuck on black making the puzzle pieces VERY difficult to seeplease fix this.

This was a great relaxing app but Now with ALL the advertisements that pop up, its a distracting headache.

We bought the pro version because we were so sick of all the ads on the free version but guess what!? Theres still freaking ads! We shouldve saved the money and just stuck to the free version. What a waste of $10!

Would you STOP with all the freebie stuff and contests. It is so annoying to want to do a puzzle of our choosing (and have been willing to pay for) only to have to wade through screen after screen of pop-up contests and promotions// PLUS. Sent app to cloud because it wasn’t functioning correctly Have now lost ALL our purchased puzzle packs plus all our coins (which hardly buy anything anyway). Have thus far found no way to contact developer. TOTAL BUMMER Still no response from developer. VERY UNHAPPY.

This game has always been pretty reliable. We have not been able to even open the game in several days. Annoying!

We really enjoy this game but it is frozen right after the picture of girl picking apples. It has been this way for 2 days. Game is frozen.

We have used this for years- have purchased a LOT of puzzle packages and paid for the premium version. Now the premium version is so full of spam it makes playing a pain! Its a shame that putting over 100.00 into this premium version and added puzzles that now you treat you loyal PAYING customers to time consuming, annoying SPAM. Its a deal breaker.

With the daily free puzzle it very relaxing and fun. We start our morning with coffee and the free puzzle. Makes our day!

We expect some form of pop ups, however, these can be a little annoying. That said. It is still our favorite app.

Only wish there was a pileup button( opposite of scatter). We enjoy working from the edges to the center while sorting the pieces. Thanks for a great product.

What we dont get is why they still bug you to watch ads when you say yes to pause for 30 days. What happened to the ads free version.

This used to be our daughters favorite but now it doesnt work at all. IPhone 13 pro max, iOS 15.3.1.

We truly love this game appand have encouraged many friends to purchase. One small complainteach time we collect the final piece in Frozen gameit blows up and starts a new scorecard! It has done this to us 3X.

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