Kaiju Attack

Last updated on January 14th, 2023 at 03:20 am

Kaiju Attack


Kaiju Attack is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GUAN LING WU, Kaiju Attack is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th February 2022 with the latest update 29th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


323 people have rated 1.0.5

You can download the game Kaiju Attack from APP STORE.


Kaiju appeared and the world is in danger. You are the commander and need to lead a united force to defeat the Kaiju!


  • Strategy game with puzzle elements
  • Save eight countries and unlock their abilities
  • Unlock eight secret weapon such as Frozen Tank, Rail Gun…
  • Ten Kaiju waiting for your challenge
  • Unlock Kaiju Gallery to know their story and weakness

Updated on 29th December 2022

  • iOS 16.2 crash bug fixed

Kaiju Attack Reviews

Had an issue with crashing, contacted Game Stew and it was corrected almost immediately! Wonderful experience, very happy to recommend this game to others! Who doesnt love giant monsters rampaging and reeking havoc on Earths major cities? Are you up to the challenge? Can you save the world?

We got this game and so far we love it only problem is that our phone crashes every 5 min.

Not freemium, not a grind. Just fun puzzles.

Great quality addicting game. Game Stew always kills it.

Fun and simple but we love it! Perfect level of mindless for us.

This is a clever and satisfying use of the morph three into the next level kinda game. Unlike some others where you just try to grow and match until you run out of real estate, this game has a purpose and it FEELS GOOD! Lol Usual oddball Game Stew music and GFX are the icing on the cake. Very well done. Sad that it is the pay to win power up games that get all the attention as this title is miles ahead. Dont ever quit Game Stew! One of our favorite devs ever!

We live this game sm it’s so casual and simple but still quite challenging. 10/10.

Thankfully this game doesnt have any Mirco Transactions! Its really fun and challenging even as you progress things can be easier but they will still challenge you. Being able to merge units together is great because it adds unknown benefits which may or may not help you. Its a little random, but thats the challenge. We think it would be really cool if they added a mode where you were the Kaiju!

This game has an interesting concept and it really keeps you hooked. We like the aesthetic of it and the gameplay itself is enjoyable. We’ve never had any problems with bugs, and we don’t get any ads. It’s definitely worth the money. Great job.

Simple to understand and a fun twist.

Game Stew is our favorite game development studio. Im a casual gamer and only like to play games that we can hold with one hand in portrait mode. We love how their games fill the screen without all the boilerplate that so many other games have. They really immerse you in the story. We love how their games never feel on rails and how they let you have full control over your inventory. Our only complaint is how some of the games have demonic overtones as so many games have these days. Pentagrams or actual demon depictions. Im glad that Kaiju Attack doesnt seem to have this. All you have to see is the opening title screens of TOF or TOF2 to realize that these guys put a lot of love into what they do. We will keep buying their games and keep writing reviews. Thanks, Game Stew! Have you ever thought of making a medieval type game with poker mechanics? No one would do it better!

We love the concept, definitely got our moneys worth. Wish there were some more but its good as it is. Might like other Game Stew games the animations get repetitive. We wish there was a way to speed up animations across all games. Nonetheless fun game so its just a small inconvenience. The concept is definitely different and fun, wouldnt mind a sequel with a little less RNG but still skill is necessary for this game. Keep it up guys.

Games are just long enough to escape work, school, or the kids but short enough to not draw attention to your observe when you poop. What more could you want out an app?

There are very few games like this. Its like chess merged with match 3 and piece development. We loved the Kaijus and each one was pretty distinct. We think the music needs some improvements, but outside of that the biggest thing is it needs more. Some sea based monsters along with the option of having navy battles would be great. Id love to see some great dlc on this game. This game oozes style, and we really home they develop it more or make a sequel.

Dear Dev: this masterpiece needs a tutorial. One you learn how to play the game its difficult not to put it down. Just make a dumb level that dropships the player into the action. Because it takes too long to guess how it works. Whenever you add the tutorial, you get 5 Stars. Then GOTY or Apple Design Award is at your grasp. To the player: you need to tap and swap tiles to make combos of 3 tiles to get the action. Tap any tile and match it to its equal. Then the tile upgrades it self and so on and so forth. After you get the hang of it, game is good and while the action is repetitive, its fun to uncover all the hidden tidbits.

We’ve been playing this game for only about 4 hours but we must say it is very fun! Its pixel art graphics and game mechanics are enjoyable. With that being said, there is quite a learn curve because there is no real tutorial. We think that some people might find learning the mechanics without any sort of guide frustrating, but for an ad free game with hours of enjoyment we think its worth a try if you think it looks interesting.

This isnt really our kind of game but it looked alright in the store and we bought it. Turns out we dont like it that much, but its definitely not the games fault. It is exactly as it seems it will be. We just wish it were free with a paid in-app purchase to unlock the full game.

No ads at all! The game is exactly what it is advertised as.

We love how the different systems integrate. People generate your city’s health, the buildings create your city’s power, and your tanks use the power to fire their weapons at the kaiju. Each turn the city heals a bit, powers up, and then attacks the beast. The kaiju, in turn, stomps around taking several tiles of people, buildings, and armed forces out according to its attack pattern. Can you keep it together long enough to take it out? Survive the battle and your country will unleash new tech to fight an even tougher iteration of that same creature.

Love all the cute monsters, especially when they gathered to punch the big boss!

Can’t get enough of this. Surprisingly deep for a match game and the art is perfect. More please!!

We absolutely LOVE this game. The pixel art style is beautiful and the building upgrades are the best looking. Would rate 7/5 if possible :D.

We have played many of those devs games and this is one of our favorites. Tutorial is a little weak but other than that 5 stars.

But very addicting and strategic once you get the hang of it. We wish there was a practice mode tho to play with different strategies. Also would be nice if some of the animations were sped up. But the core gameplay and graphics are like a 10/10.

Super addicting and well balanced game! Hoping for more updates in the future!

Dont let the retro graphics fool ya! This game is FUN and it involves strategy. Easy to loose track of time playing. Hope they add updates and/ or make part 2!!!

This is one of the finest offerings of Game Stew to date with enjoyable gameplay and tremendous replay value. A must for Kaiju fans!

We have greatly enjoyed this game so far. Fun gameboy style graphics, long term unlock system and just enough randomness from the KAIJU.

We just downloaded this game today and thought it looked unique because of its one of a kind turn based styles, we also love how you get your moneys worth since there appears to be no adds. We’ve actually never seen a game like this before and thats what makes it great, however, we wish there were more types of armies, like maybe you could add military troops. We also thought long term, if we completed the game, there would really be nothing else to do besides replying levels, we recommend adding an alternative mode if thats fine. Overall, its a great game and has good potential, keep up the good work!

Totally worth it. We do wish you were rewarded for getting more than 3 in a match, but overall a terrific game.

The mechanics are quick to pick up, and complex enough to stay interesting after a few days. We love the art and overall feel!

Absolute blast to watch the Kaiju go down, love that each monster has different movement and attacks.

Fun spin on a match three game.

Really cant say enough good things about this one. Our only request is to PLEASE PLEASE add a fast animations or 2x speed option.

Im having a blast, simple mechanics, upgrades, and giant monsters. Incredibly entertaining combination!

Great job on the game! The only thing we think would be nice, is a 2x animation option. Other than that, its really good and Id definitely recommend it.

All clear. The following are some tips: 0. During battle, any two "blocks" can switch positions. Regardless of distance and location. 1. The best secret weapons are "Hand of God" and "Frozen Tank". 2. Among ordinary weapons, please give priority to upgrading "Scorpion" and "Bat". 3. The special ability of Taiwan is very useful. 4. In the first few rounds of the battle, please try to accumulate EP as much as possible. 5. In the later stages of the battle, keep the number of "citizen" blocks to a minimum. (Use 4-match or 5-match)

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