Kill It With Fire

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:57 pm

Kill It With Fire


Kill It With Fire is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by TINYBUILD LLC, Kill It With Fire is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 4th March 2021 with the latest update 6th March 2021

Whether you are a fan of Action, Simulation, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,463 people have rated 1.1.2

You can download the game Kill It With Fire from APP STORE.


Supported Devices: iPhone 8, iPad (7th Gen), iPad Air (2019), iPad Mini (5th Gen) and everything newer.

Kill It With Fire is a first-person action game about hunting spiders and causing collateral damage.

The spider – mankind’s most ancient and deadly nemesis. As a licensed Kill It With Fire exterminator, it’s time to fight back! Assemble your arsenal of increasingly excessive weapons, track spiders across suburbia, and burn everything in your path!


  • Tons of unique weapons and equipment.
  • Eight different spider species.
  • “Realistic” fire simulation system.
  • Gratuitous chaos and destruction.
  • Dozens of optional objectives.
  • Loads of hidden upgrades.
  • Battle in the Arachno-Gauntlet!
  • A secret ending?!?! (…shh!)

Updated on 6th March 2021

Bugfixes and improvements.

Kill It With Fire Review

Awesome game we love it sooooooooo much! Its our second favorite game! Any people that give this 1 star and leave a bad review dont listen to them this game deserves 1000 five stars (also, Im NOT a bot)

We finished the game we need another on to play.

Pee pee poo poo poooooo pee pee poo poo poo.

Very fun gameplay the only thing we dont really like about it is that you have to pay if you want the full game because we dont get an allowance and cant really play the game and the three main levels get kinda boring after playing through them all about 7 times. But its not enough for us to rate this four stars we think five is pretty good.

Hello on this game we keep playing domestic duties over again and it wont let us go to the gas station help would be good thanks!

In paper trail we cant smash the toilets or the vending machine glass User Device: we phone 8 Please fix.

Its great and very fun to play.

This game cracked us up so hard we love it.

Awesome game but needs to be a bit less money cost for some ads to go away but we love the game!

We actually only downloaded this game because our favorite youtuber Coryxkenshin played it. But we are actually really enjoying the game!

The glich is that wen we pick up the tracker it glitches us out the game. CAN YOU PLSSSSSSS FIX THAT we WULD LOVE THAT IF YOU DID!!!

We this is Nicholas we saw some one play it and it looks fun to play but our iPad is 4 years old and Im 10. Now our iPad does not wont load thats it bye we like your game keep up the good work and have a good day bye.

We love the game!, but why arent the spiders biting you? We know it makes the game fun we like it too without the spiders biting you you dont have to change the game its fun without the spiders biting you!

Theres this bug on mobile where when you get the spider tracker the game immediately crashes and please fix this bug because we were so excited and then that happens we were so sad and we just wanted to play the game so please fix that bug :(

The game is fun and stuff but when you more play it starts to get boring but we still like so we give it a 5/5.

So like it keeps kicking us and we rlly want to play it like after we grab the tracker it kicks us plz fix it we saw dantdm play it and it looked so fun.

So when we were doing level 2 close encounters the objective to collect 5 batteries didnt work the first time and now we cant do the objective and do the gauntlet and we really dont want to restart our game.

We CANNOt break toilets in the office level plz fix.

Ok so there is a glitch at the start where you cant even enter the game without it kicking you out of the app we tried more than 12 times and it still didnt work would still recommend though.

Love it its a pretty good game.

We have not played the mobile version but we do own this game on steam, for people who are playing on mobile and are having problems if you have a steam account and can spare $20 then we would get the game on steam.

Every time we play its fun but anytime we try picking up the tractor it just hit us out.

Really good but it keeps crashing lol lol.

We think you should add laptop and pc movement so you could use awsd and move camera as well just saying.

Hi Im Ryder, we bought the rest of the maps and on paper trail and it said: shattered thrones achievement, destroy toilets. But the problem is u cant destroy the toilets even with the RPG. Plz update.

We do (and did) recommend this game. We didnt play the full game but the first three levels and we really enjoyed playing em, though we wasnt expecting much because of what todays mobile games are mostly like. This is the kind of game we would actually play! It isnt super realistic (which Im glad its not lol) and its also a bit challenging we guess? We saw it as the game of the day and saw that we could burn spiders so of course we downloaded it. Though we were a bit sad that we didnt play the full thing but we were still pretty satisfied with what we got to play. We wish there were more games like this but glad we got to play it.

This game is amazing and kinda creepy in the same way but if you dont want ads then just turn off youre WiFi and put airplane mode on. Although this game is great jumping spiders,tiny spiders and a lot more sadly we only made it to it think the 3rd or 4th level but if you dont like spiders then you dont have to download this game. There are spiders that jump on you and its scary it gets us every time. Welp thats the end of our review have a nice day bye!

Yo you guys could easily make a VR version of this game and you can be a lot more successful its would be scary and fun too!

In paper trail the toilets wont break and the last ending you need to do the challenge to get the objective but you cant do it because we have to do it to do it so pls fix it.

As someone with arachnophobia this game is immensely fun. There are few things in this world that give us as much satisfaction equal to when we crush a spider with a clipboard. Its free and can be played without Wi-Fi or internet. 10/10.

We love it but it would be better if it had a controller option.

We love the game played it all the time but theres a lvl that is to break toilets and u cant do it.

We have an Iphone 7 but this app diesnt support that phone, yet it works like a charm for me.

When we were on the first stage we saw the spider we click off of the game we were screaming.

We love this game whoever made this is the best.

This game is literally amazing. Great time waster and it gets rid of our boredom. But we hate spiders. God we hate them. And this game did make us 20x more paranoid. But it’s fun. We like it, so we’re giving it five stars. Really good download.

We love this game it just when we open the game we cant do the first mission because of some kind of bug or something.

It quite weird to us that tiny build has many games at first tiny was just the creator of hello neighbor then a few years later we’ve just been seeing tiny build every where we turn its not that hate it just surprising to us.

This game is so fun when we see Youtubers play it it makes us laugh we love this game we kill everything like fire! Please put more stuff in the game like updates. And please fix crashes and here are update ideas maybe add some chips to the game and a boss that is a king spider! Kill it with fire is amazing!

But we can look around with our controller.

So, this is a good game. We got to the jumping spiders one and we just could not bare it. We have seen a jumping spider in person before and wow it is scary. The game has about 4/10 graphics but gameplay wise it is really good!

Every time we try to get the tracker the game crashes please fix the bug.

Its a great game we just cant destroy the toilets on paper trail and it lags a lot other than than amazing.

We’re paper trail we’ve completed every other one than the break toilets because you can’t break them. We’ve tried almost every weapon and they won’t break. Please fix this.

The only way we found this game is because it was played by a well known youtuber (DanTDM) and we saw other youtubers play it and we thought it would be like a simulator but there are a lot of different events- INCLUDING A NUKE!

Make it in vr, Please, that would be so fun! Imagine it. So please take this thought and think about it, until then thanks for making this!