Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD


Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ironhide S.A., Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 22nd November 2018 with the latest update 2nd March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Action, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


32,861 people have rated 1.12.5

You can download the game Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD from APP STORE.


Get ready to jump into action and show the Kingdom who’s the real boss in the best tower defense game 2021!

Face empires of mighty enemies. Clash against supreme bosses, unlocking and switching to new towers. Train legendary heroes and get all the achievements using your strategy in this amazing TD game.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance will give you hours and hours of gameplay in the best tower defense game available!

Heroes, your Army, Enemies and legendary td bossfights!

  • 14 Powerful HEROES who will, without hesitation, rush into action at your command
  • LEVEL UP YOUR HEROES and upgrade their abilities
  • 10+ TRINKETS AND ARTEFACTS for that extra action in battle.
  • NEW POWERS AND REINFORCEMENTS to vanquish your foes, td style!
  • 30 UPGRADES to train your army to their best form.
  • 60+ DEADLY ENEMIES that will put all of your wit and strategic skills to the test
  • RUSH TO SAVE THE KINGDOM as you bring down 6 mighty bosses in the most legendary boss fights!

Epic Selection of Towers and Upgrades

  • 19 NEW TOWERS to defend your kingdom
  • Choose your arsenal of towers and execute your strategy.

Create devastating combinations of towers, abilities and special powers to stop your enemies!

Near Endless Tower Defense Gameplay

  • 28 CHALLENGING STAGES that will test your skills
  • 6 DIFFERENT REALMS to conquer and explore
  • EXPLORE new lands in the Kingdom
  • 60+ ACHIEVEMENTS, hidden secrets, and fun stuff for you to play and discover while you explore the realm!
  • CASUAL, NORMAL, VETERAN OR IMPOSSIBLE difficulty for every level
  • Summon enemy waves faster to earn additional gold

Time for some Royal Vengeance in the Kingdom!
Vez’nan, the powerful almighty wizard has returned.

Lead your powerful dark army and make the Kingdom tremble with each step. Help Vez’nan conquer new lands in the kingdom!

Orcs, goblins, demons, dark knights, zombies and many more! Choose your favorites and mix them to find the most deadly tower defense combination – secure the crown of the kingdom for Vez’nan.

Awesome Offline Tower Defense Game

No Wi-Fi at your Dark Tower?

  • PLAY ANYWHERE – playing offline works, if your wifi doesn’t
  • PLAY OFFLINE – no internet connection required
  • You can play Kingdom Rush Vengeance as your offline TD game of choice.

"For veteran Kingdom Rush players and newcomers alike, the charm and strategy of the franchise remains with Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, making it one of the best mobile games of 2018!"

"Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the biggest and baddest the series has been."

"Players with any affinity for tower-defense games are going to enjoy every second they spend with Kingdom Rush Vengeance!"
-Pocket gamer

"The game is intensely engaging with a light-hearted tone that makes it a real pleasure to jump into."
-Pocket tactics

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Updated on 2nd March 2022

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Reviews

Super fun game and we love the concept of being a villain. Only problem is that we cant do any in app purchases like we want to buy Eiskalt but we cant.

After the newest update the bottom bar keeps getting stuck too high on the screen on our iPhone 12 Pro.

Honestly just a good game and fun to play casually.

You got the coliseum With no battles. A mountain. And etc. Are there any new levels coming out ?

We love this series and this is a great addition! Worth every penny!

We’ve played every single rush game and we just love the series. The easter eggs, the towers, the heroes, everything about this game is perfection. We really hope we get another rush game in the future, we feel the only part where vengeance fell short was not making the evil overlord a hero for players to use. All heroes in the game are awesome but we really wanted to play the overlord at least after finishing the campaign. Still this game is a must buy, animations are solid, everything is responsive and we’ve not had any bugs which is a really good thing even for a phone game. If you have not played any rush game, You are missing out on a series of the best phone games out there! 10/10 for me.

We loved this game to death, but the time came where we had to delete it, and so we did hoping that our apple ID would atleast keep the saved files, we were wrong horribly wrong. We spent some money on this game and its all gone, we bought the 2020 Halloween bundle expecting it to comeback via a restore purchase bundle, and yet there was none, we were confused and now we feel dumb, we lost it forever, we are greatly disappointed as unlike the others this one has no restore purchases. How? Why? Im honestly feeling regret for deleting this, if we knew this would happen we wouldve never deleted it :(

When we played the first three games we love them we gave them all a 5 because they are the best towers defense games in our opinion. The reason Im giving this a four because of the cost Im talking about how much the games cost to get it its the towers it ridiculous how you have to pay to get seven towers for 15$. We loved the game from the start the map the towers the map designs and then our happy smiling face when to a pretty sad face when saw all the towers when we went to the end we saw seven towers that cost money we checked all the prices and saw in total you have to pay 15$ even tho we used three dollars to get the game we wish it was like the other three where unlock each tower for free but no this one is different.

This is the best of the three kingdom rush games we have played. We also really appreciate that the game is not loaded with ads like most other games.

We loved your games since we got the 2 game you made it was so cool and you made it 10 years ago and it is one of the best games out there also Im so hyped for junkworld to come out!

If you like tower D games this is WELL worth the money.

Love the new introductions of different towers. The skill tree is cool too because it doesnt just focus on towers it actually disperses wealth among the player instead of the towers. Fun map!

Amazing towers, heroes and game play also hidden Easter eggs hehe recommend it.

Its more difficult to play as goblins than it is humans. Great sequel game though. Our son loves it and Im enjoying it now as well.

Great game.. You really have to use strategy for this one. What happened to the vibration feature? Maybe it can be added as an update, its not a free game and the other KingdomRush games has it.

We love this game! Amazing graphics, we like the idea of choosing towers and its overall great! The thing is, we miss the encyclopedia of enemies. Developers, plz add!

We like how they always switch it up and it gave this game a nice twist by adding in an extra tower slot and letting you choose which towers you want, but the fact that there is no endless mode kinda makes it feel like a cash grab since they want you to pay for extra towers, but there would be almost nowhere to use since campaign doesnt take too much to complete. Basically the new tower features are useless, since the only reason you would want more towers is to continuously experiment with different towers, but campaign and mini campaigns only lasts so long.

We would like it if we got a few mor heros than just 3 seeing as though in kingdom rush frontier we got 4 for free and that game has more boards and is free as well.

Im going to keep it short: the first and second were the best. Third was good, but doesnt have as much stuff. This game puts a new spin on towers which is neat, but in our opinion is not as good as the og tower upgrade styles. This is a small nitpick all in all its a kingdom rush game and fun to play. The franchise as a whole should get more love in our opinion.

We’ve played Kingdom Rush since the original game came out. We always love these games and this new one does not disappoint! However, we would enjoy an update to this game. Some additional heroes and some additional levels but nothing crazy! Definitely recommend this game for anyone who enjoys tower defense games.

We really had fun with this game! After completing all the levels There is a need for a level with unlimited waves and enemies. Replaying each level again seems mundane and does not generate interest.

A lot more of the content is locked behind a paywall than in previous KingdomRush games. The free towers and heroes are not very good, the premium ones are unbalanced. We wish you could use the red gem currency to unlock more heroes and towers instead of having to pay money. Buy on steam, not mobile.

After purchasing the game you then need to spend around 40$ to unlock some of the heros and towers. The game is fun and challenging, but its disappointing you cant get all content without spending more money.

So let us start off with this is a great game with a unique art style and a fun tower defense aspect There is just one thing and that is the prices so you pay for the game and then you would think that would be it but it makes you pay for more than half the towers and the heroes so if you were to buy all of them this game would add up to like 50 dollars for a mobile game and to us that is not worth it there are many other games that are tower defense that you could get for way cheaper rather than buying this and then spending more money for things like towers overall a good game but we dont like how we have to pay for the towers and heroes even though we bought the game for money.

We like some of the changes, but hate not having an encyclopedia for monsters!! Also, you should only get points for the amount of stars you get, not 3 every time you complete a level…

The title kind of says it all. While we are used to many of the heroes being paywalled, and we dont particularly mind, we were very disappointed to see so many of the towers paywalled. Hence the 3 stars.

The gameplay is great. Except everything is hidden behind a pay wall, even after paying for the game itself. What a cash grab. Dont waste your time unless you got money to spend. We’ve never felt so duped as we do now.

Wish they would make an endless option like they did in the first one.

How is it that the game cost 5$ but still has a TON of in app purchases? Like you can only unlock like legit 3 heroes but the rest are either 2.99$ or 4.99$. The same with unlocking towers too. Few can be unlocked through leveling up, but the rest must be purchased (again 2.99$ for some and 4.99$ for others). We would understand these in app purchases a bit more if the game didnt cost money to get in the first place, but this seems particularly greedy to us, and we are honestly let down because we were really excited for this game but we are sad to see that we would have to shell out a good amount of $$$ to actually experience everything in the game.

Make you pay for a game, then make it so hard you have to pay for in-app purchases. Gems and the good heroes cost even more. Be prepared to put more than the purchase price into it to have fun.

We own all of their games we may have purchased some of them of them twice. We bought this and didnt like it and have returned to it to try to get in now that we replaying all of them. We kind of feel like this is where theyre jumping the shark and following the herd by making it ra pay to win game. We see in the comments that they keep saying that its made to be able to win without paying additional money which can be substantial if you look at the price of everything. But we dont believe this to be the case at least not to the point where its any fun. Stick with the other games and hopefully if they make another one theyll go back to the old ways. Or if they dont, its a great opportunity for someone to come and take their cheese.

Even after purchasing the game you have to pay to get the higher tier towers/heros. Its a scam.

Now it doesnt work with our Apple Pencil at all. It just draws on the screen, then when we try to play it brings up our keyboard and then we cant touch anything.

Game does not allow for saves to be saved across multiple ios devices despite cloud saving being enabled on both devices.

This game is really hard. A level can take about 10 minutes only for you to fail in the last wave and then you have to do it all over again. The only way to play this game after buying it is to spend a lot more money buying all the upgrades.

Every time you launch this app is takes pastes from your clipboard. So if you just copy and pasted a password a few minutes ago. Maybe message or some other private data and then launch this game. It copys that and does who knows what with it. Theres absolutely no reason for a game to grab your clipboard every time its opened. Apple should ban the app until they remove this.

Constantly freezes on an iPhone 10.

Lame. If You pay 5 bucks for a game, there shouldnt be cash and grab. Very disappointed.

We played the game for a while and its quite good. When we reinstalled the game after about a year all our previous purchases such as heroes and towers were gone. Never happened in their previous games.

There are over 20 heroes you have to pay for after buying the game. Literally this company is so anti consumer. Very frustrated we paid for this. Even after their terrible Apple Arcade game. Dont get burned by the art style. We want a refund.

Sad to spend money to buy the game only to then have to spend more on IAP. Paid games should have all content.

We purchased a hero for $6.99 and we never got it and when we check the receipt it says it went through but we dont have it.

We bought margosa and jack o lantern and it didnt give it to us what should we do. We’ve bought all of your games and never had this problem.

This is an amazing game from an amazing game series, but theres 1 problem. As much as we love this game it REALLY needs a endless mode. All the other games had endless modes, so why does this one not have one? Just PLEASE add an endless mode by the end of the year.

This is the best game of the year. We beat the campaign but the bosses were kind of hard but we really like this game very much thank you ironhide your the best.

One of the best tower games we’ve played ! Money well spent, please keep the fun going.

COULD YOU PLEASE UPDATE THE GAME AGAIN!!! We love the extra levels, could u add some more? Worth every penny!