Klick! Klack!

Last updated on January 13th, 2023 at 12:55 am

Klick! Klack!

Klick! Klack!

Klick! Klack! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Maksym Kiryanov, Klick! Klack! is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 15th June 2022 with the latest update 6th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Klick! Klack! ?

139 people have rated 2.2.7

What is the price of the Klick! Klack! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Klick! Klack! released ?

Klick! Klack! was released on 15th June 2022.

When was the Klick! Klack! updated ?

The latest updated date of Klick! Klack! on 6th January 2023.

Where can Klick! Klack! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Klick! Klack! from Apple Official App Store.



  • Click at the right moment and collect points.
  • Open new levels to test yourself and your skills.
  • Try your own reaction!

Everyone knows that sometimes you need to relax. There is not much time, but resting and forgetting problems is important for each of us! That is why we offer you to become a part of the game “Kick Klack”. Download this game and get into the middle of an endless race where the main goal is to collect items as fast as possible and test your own reaction. The faster you are, the more points you get!

Updated on 6th January 2023

  • bug fixes

Klick! Klack! Review

We loved this game and played it a lot everyday and we got to where we were earning 5 billion a sec. Then after we hit the rise income button it set us back to only earning 1 dollar a second. Keep in mind that to get more casino machines it costs 3 trillion and to raise our income again it costs 137 trillion. So we cant even play the casino part of the game, but the other part of the game is still fun we just dont think that Ill play this game again though.

We got this game for pop the lock, and its just that. And we love it. Its quick and fun.

A pretty fun game to kill time. We like it.

So first off we LOVE THIS GAME we cant stop playing it, but there are three problems that we want to go over. First, you know how when you get three Xs you lose? So when Im playing we get one X and then when we do the ones right after we get the X it makes us get both Xs even though we did it right. Second, with the sliding and ones you have to tap repeatedly, you cant get more or less score. On the slide one you always get 50 on it. On the tap one you always get 20 or 30 or however many taps you have to do counting up by tens. But when your doing the normal ones you can get a change in score. Third, the casino coins have no use. We mean whats the point if you cant use them. We dont have that much to say about this but literally whats the point of them? In a nutshell, please fix these things we have mentioned.

By the way we still like the game.

We really like the game, it has three game modes, levels, unlimited, and hardcore. It also has a casino which is basically just a merge game inserted into this game. This casino will earn you coins, which is pretty cool, and you can earn coins by playing the standard game as well. Its cool, but we dont really understand why, the only thing that you can buy is either stuff for the merge part of the game or you can buy 1 of 3 power ups for the standard game. However, within the first day or too of us installing this game, we millions of coins, but cant seem to grow our casino any bigger. What we can do though is by hundreds and hundreds of power-ups, since they only cost a maximum of 250 coins. We think that this game is great fun, and that it will become popular, as of right now this should be the 42nd rating on this game. We very much recommended this game! Sorry for the extensively long message.

This is an amazing time killing game! We just got it yesterday and now we are maybe addicted to it? Our only suggestion is to make the money-making things idle. We dont know if they are idle or if we need to get to a certain level or anything like that, but if it isnt yet we would really appreciate that. But if you dont, its fine, Ill live happily. As a CatDragon. -Sips Cranberry juice- Yup! Just uh living the life with this game added to our life. So anyway Thank you creators for making this game, and making our life a little more enjoyable! -Letter to creators from a CatDragon on their couch- Ps: Sorry if this is too long. We just want everyone to know that this is a good game. Bai!

Its freezing up and getting stuck. Fun game.

Its really addicting and it really reminds of the pop the lock arcade game we have been playing this a lot and love it!!!

What else can we say. Ad are annoying but its understandable since this is a business.

We love how it has a hardcore Because it makes it more challenging! Even the casino is better! Thanks for that! :)

The only part we dont like that theres hella ads.

We just gotta it like 5 minutes ago and its so great we proudly recommend you getting this game. But here is some bad things about the game doesnt tell you how to slid and thats not helping us with this game.

Game is really good but the lives dont work in unlimited. Once u lose one the other 2 bug out and no matter where you click you lose them and die.

People be saying its hard but it tells u what to do its pretty easy and not hard to learn.

Everyone in the reviews are complaining about the sliders that are introduced on level 2. There not that difficult. We figured it out within 5mins on how to beat them. So if you want the game but all the negative reviews are scaring you away. Download it. Its not that bad. We throughly love this game! Still reading to see if we give you a hint? Ok Fine. -You take ur pointer and click and hold it on the pink slider (near edge) then hold it until it reaches the pink dot then let go. See not hard.

We absolutely love this game its perfect to play when your waiting for something else or just when your bored!! But we cant get past level 69 (funny we know) cause the new dots spawn directly on top of the curser/line every time and we’ve tried coming out of the slide one sooner to not hit it when they spawn but it counts as a miss on the slide so im not sure if thats passible but ill update this if we do!! For now its a lovely game :D also still not sure what the money is for xp.

Was having a blast tapping away at the little circles but once we got to level 66, even though we’ve been hitting the timing perfectly it says we lose despite not missing anything. Devs please fix this! :]

It was fun but it dont work anymore idk what to do like it nothing pops up in the circle anyMore so it just spins forever.

Theres still a few things wrong for one when it changes directions after hitting a point itll start in the middle of a slide and game over and two even if youre holding the screen on a slide it wont grab it on time other than that we like that game also on hardcore mode how are you supposed to game points if there isnt a goal it counts up and doesnt give you anything when you game over.

Its a good game! We enjoy it, but we cannot figure out how to do the little slide thing. We’ve tried holding, tapping, and we’ve tried sliding our finger. We think sliding did something but we still couldnt get it! Please add a help button. Or anything to show us how to do that one part.

We downloaded this game thinking that we could do it. The only thing we’ve been able to do was the basic Infinite, Levels, and hardcore. However, we thought that the level mode would provide a little help as it gives you a sliding button at only level 2. As of now, we havent been able to get past it due to the fact the game has no help feature or any simple directions other than tapping on the screen when the dial is at a bubble. Its not a terrible game, and Im glad that Im able to click the buttons to even play anything. The concept is somewhat original with the slider buttons. (Kind of stolen from the pop the lock game at your local arcade) Would we get this game again? No. Not until a help button is added. (Yes, we are not very smart but it certainly doesnt mean a help button shouldnt exist)

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