Knots Puzzle

Knots Puzzle

Knots Puzzle

Knots Puzzle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Inspired Square FZE, Knots Puzzle is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 18th March 2016 with the latest update 20th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Entertainment, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Knots Puzzle ?

19,767 people have rated 2.9.5

What is the price of the Knots Puzzle ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Knots Puzzle released ?

Knots Puzzle was released on 18th March 2016.

When was the Knots Puzzle updated ?

The latest updated date of Knots Puzzle on 20th December 2022.

Where can Knots Puzzle be downloaded ?

You can download the game Knots Puzzle from Apple Official App Store.



"Creativity is just connecting things". Steve Jobs.

Connecting Dots Puzzle Game: Minimalistic & Elegantly designed Game which lets you think out of the box and sharpen your mind.
The Goal is to connect the same color dots until the entire board is filled with beautiful color lines. The challenge increases gradually with harder levels & new twists like bridges between the flow.

    Over a 1,000 elegantly designed Levels which people of all ages can enjoy for FREE.

    Exciting NEW challenges are offered DAILY. Try to solve these in the shortest possible time. See where you stand in rankings against your friends and globally.

    Time Limited Tournaments which you can play to compete against the World and your Friends. Huge Rewards are waiting for the winners at the end of Tournaments.

    Playing with Friends is always FUN: Login with Facebook & Compete with your friends.


  • Minimalistic & Elegantly designed Game.

  • Check-in every day to earn more DAILY REWARDS.

  • Send GIFTS to you friends to help them solve difficult levels.

  • Use "Hints" to solve a difficult level. Each Hint connects two matching colors.

  • Complete Achievements to gain Huge Rewards.

  • Multiple Themes to choose from and play in your favorite environment.

  • Music adds fun to the whole gaming experience.

  • Privacy Settings to keep your game Data Protected and Safe.

So let’s smile & celebrate the colors of life with KNOTS


Updated on 20th December 2022

  • UI Improvements
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Knots Puzzle Review

This game is fun, relaxing, and just the right amount of challenging. There arent a bunch of ads either, only a few. You know those mobile game ads that show a game thats nothing like the real game? Lots of them show this game, or something like it (Two Dots, for example, pretends to be a game similar to this one its ads, but isnt really anything like this game). Theres a reason other games pretend to be this one. Because this one is more fun than all of them.

We love it and we will recommend to anyone Mkoama.

Its easy at first but gets progressively harder. This is a fun game : )

We played through all the existing boards. We need more.

Lost all data. Wont connect via internet it says. Really screwed us over thanks.

We cannot get through a level which is challenging without having 2-4 unsolicited ads interrupt our concentration and play. We cannot afford to nor will we pay to stop the ads. We really was having fun until the constant ads. As a result, we are deleting the game.

The most aggressive ads we have ever seen.

This keeps us going when other games get boring.

This game is our favorite because it really make us think and think hard. Im over 70 and this keeps us sharp even though sometimes it makes us scream!!!!

Always sets us at ease! Play every day! Perfect way to drop the stress of the day!

We love this game it is really fun but hard but that why it is fun.

Too many ads. Very distracting. Very annoying. Ads are a waste of time.

We have been enjoying the game until we were asked to rate it. Immediately after we gave 5 stars we began to get ad breaks mid game. Nonstop. It breaks our concentration each time. The 3 we just rated it will quickly reduce to 0 if this annoyance reaches frustration. Now, a week later, annoyance with the continual interruptions has indeed reached frustration. Zero stars. Goodbye.

We had to delete this app and start it all over multiple times and we still cant get it to work. This thing has more bugs than a New York flophouse. The games are constantly locking up and wont progress to the next one. Done with it.

Its a fun game. It really makes you think. Plus we love the colors. And the two color balls is really cool.

Dont like the multi color dots.

The game is great. Definitely gets more and more difficult as the levels progress (like all good games should) and takes a decent amount of brainpower.. Also, we appreciate that there arent many forced commercial breaks. We understand that games need ads to generate revenue; but it seems that the developers have put some thought into when the ads play. And for that, they deserve to be praised.

We really like this game. The only feature that we think shows inefficiency is: we’ve encountered a few levels whereby we are able to connect the dots accordingly with a few unused spaces left. So then we get the message that almost done. Have to connect the dots using all the square spaces. If Im able to connect all the dots using the minimum amount of squares (efficient way), why is the game forcing us to find a less efficient way? Other than that, this game is very engaging.

We enjoy the game. Its challenging and encourages spatial thinking. We wish it was easier to return to the game without starting all over again.

If you love short quick puzzles this is for you. We love it!

We love this game it is much fun everybody needs this game.

We’ve been playing this for about 2 weeks now. When we first started there would be an ad between every other game or so. That didnt bother us. You gotta pay the bills too. Then 2 days ago we started getting ad breaks 2 and 3 times during game play. Not ok. We play to relax and the screen switching to an advertisement as Im making a move is anything but relaxing. We hope you can do something about this so we can give the game the 5 stars it deserves.

THERE IS ADDS Pls! Take adds away Im getting SO ANOYED PLEASEEEE.

If it didnt time us i’d give 5 stars.

Hi we gave it three stars because we dont know if we can change our profile so we gave it three stars so thats what you need and so this game is fun but you need to let people do the profile more better because we dont know what to do so yeah but its fun and we think you should really download it people so yeah its goodbye.

There are a few deal breakers for us with advertising. Ads between every single level, multiple ads between levels or sections and the number one ad deal breaker is ads that interrupt a current level while in the middle of play. This game allowed an ad while we were in the middle of a level. Deleting the game.

This app tracks all of your info, including your geolocation. Theres no way to opt out of it. We downloaded the app because we love this game but removed it immediately. In order to play, you have to agree to their privacy policy which lists examples of what they track, they dont even provide the full list. Do you really want them in your photos, gaining access to all of your contacts, texts, credit card info and access to all the bills you pay online? Yeah, us either and thats why we immediately removed this garbage. We would give this zero or a negative number of stars if possible.

Way more Ad Breaks than most games. We know that they want you to purchase the non ad version but this is overkill. Good game but not worth the many ad interruptions.

Fun game, but way to many adds / add breaks even for a free version.

Incessant and ever-increasing ads make this game very unpleasant, not enjoyable at all. Stop with the ads!!!!!

We were willing to put up with ads on the bottom and ads between each game level, but we are not willing to put up with ad breaks while in the middle of a game except when we choose to get 100 coins. This ad break in the middle of the game is ridiculous.

There are ads after every level and ad breaks in the middle of levels. A fun game but Im deleting it because of the insane amount of ads.

This game is the right kind of challenge not too easy with levels of challenge that keep you interested. We believe this game is good for the brain by requiring you to be analytical and to use visual/spatial skills in pursuing victory.

We love this game so much its the best it changes your brain and you can get it for free.

A great way to take your mind off of everything else.

Im recovering from a horrific head wound which means playing games we use to play are no longer an option. We chose this game because it looked like fun, it turned out to be true!!! We enjoy how each level is more difficult than the previous levels. Im really happy to have found this game. Please understand that this game is in no way only for skier thinking people! Try playing it yourself and you will see what we mean!!!

All l wanted was a fun, simple, free , add free games. So we get in the App Store we search up fun add free games this we download it we play a few games we think wow this a great game next game we play theres an add. And think why is their an add if we pacifically said add free, so now Im who puts a game with in a add free category?

The game would be great if you guys could stop interrupting the game for ads every two minutes . Or less. It is bad enough between each puzzle, but during? One loses train of thought by the frequency of the ads!

This is a great game. For those with issues regarding too many ads, turn your WiFi off. The game is playable offline. Our reason for the 3 stars is the inability to go any further with the game. We completed all 60 stages, level 1800. At one point we could see there were more levels and a message would pop up saying we needed to complete all stages to continue to the next stage. We no longer see the next stage. We still do the daily challenges, and when looking at the leaderboard there are players with with much higher stages and levels. For example, there is 1 player at level 2100 stage 60, and another at level 2056 stage 68. What am we missing?

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