Konoha: The Return

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Konoha: The Return

Konoha: The Return

Konoha: The Return is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by BRING IT ON LIMITED, Konoha: The Return is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 22nd August 2022 with the latest update 22nd August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Konoha: The Return ?

148 people have rated 1.0

What is the price of the Konoha: The Return ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Konoha: The Return released ?

Konoha: The Return was released on 22nd August 2022.

When was the Konoha: The Return updated ?

The latest updated date of Konoha: The Return on 22nd August 2022.

Where can Konoha: The Return be downloaded ?

You can download the game Konoha: The Return from Apple Official App Store.



You can incarnate as brave ninjas at any time in the game to cultivate ninjutsu and defeat opponents in unlimited PvP challenges. Choose your favorite character to enjoy the unprecedented matchups!

[Dominate all ninjas in server]
Develop the strongest ninja lineup, challenge all the masters, and clear stages to earn rich awards!

[Blood pumping ninjutsu duel]
Ninja heroes come on stage to confront countless enemies. It is time to show your powerful ultimate!

[Create new bonds in ninja sect]
Replicate character skills, participate in guild war, compete for resources, and win supreme honor!

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Updated on 22nd August 2022

Konoha: The Return Review

Eh its okay and pretty good u should play.

We love the game so much but if you add the rest of the Jinchurichy that would be awesome!

Dont get us wrong we love the game, but there are some weird things that happened. Like when we summoned a x10 it said ultimate jurys guaranteed but we got none for the Obito Uchiha one. We were very confused. If the creators see this not to pore hate on the game because it is our favorite game but it is weird is all.

When ever we try to collect our guild medals we go into the present box and go to the guild shop thinking we should get more character fragments and bam we says that we had the same amount as earlier.

It would be better if we didnt get the same cards.

We enjoy playing it. This game does take time and dedication but its worth it.

They have constant events and are always rewarding with many missions no complaints if you grind a lot youll become strong.

This game is very fun Im nine but this game only needs a little more detail on what each chapter is more about but anyway thank you very much for the game Sincerely:Elijah smith.

We had the original naruto god of Shinobi and this game is just like butter.

We absolutely love this game. The way the games controls and gameplay is outstanding. So all we have to say is ummmmm… AWESOME.

Hello is a fellow game player and we noticed that u can not trade and we think u should be able to trade with only guild members because wat if u want to get a jutsu that only a guild member has.

"Van you please hurry up with the No. 17 surprise attack mission and.

Its good but we did the update and it wont let us play anymore it says error 34.

We really want trading to be in the game because people will get the cards they want and the other person too please add trading cards because it will mean a lot.

The game awesome and filled with so many playable characters it was amazing and it is an over all google. Game.

The starting screen is SO LOUD that at 1 volume,it sounds like 5. Also,for the second anniversary ,you should make a special mission for Shimonita. The game is so addictive though,The reviews the game has is perfect. This is one of the best action games ever,PERIOD.

When we download it It say Police violet something like that help.

Amazing game where our anime fans at.

Plz add Obito Uchiha,Madara Uchiha,and the other tails beast owners (the people that have the tailed beasts in them)

This game is perfect! No adds or lags or glitches!

We want pvp we want ranks pvp just that.

Please add English dub voices like they have in dragon ball Z Dokkan battle.

This game is awesome. Our friends got us hooked.

We’ve been play for every day since the Boruto birthday bash login event started and Im scared we wont be able to finish it due to this recent sudden update. Please please PLEASE dont remove the birthday bash login bonuses! We beg you @Bandinamco.

This game is great unless you have a iPhone 5s it stinks on ours. It turns closes the application after 1 minute but if you do a summining it closes the application so you cant even do a mission so bandi we hope yall fix the game.

This is a great game. But when there is something wrong you have to restart the game. Can you add something in the game to remeber your previous data. That is all that is wrong in the game. Thank you.

The game is really good but can you make a our hero academia one please.

We heard that this game is really a pay to win game so our recommendation is just lowering the prices on gems and if you want then summons to also we love this game it really is fun.

We just gotta reinstall the app. We love this game very much. Idk what to say.

We’ve been playing this game a lot it is addictive and we even got shattered heaven yay. But we would really like it if you added English it would probably be much better in our opinion but overall we love your game.

The game is super fun to play the graphics are really great, and all the modes are awesome too. We dont have anything bad to say about this game we just want to say 2 things that we personally think would make the game even more fun like adding this thing where within the guild your in you can challenge the people that are in the guild with you to try and beat your fortress. The other thing we thought would be nice if you can talk to the members in the guild your in separately or in a group chat. Thats all we have to say, and we would really recommend getting this game.


Its a fun game and we hope it stays that way.

A little lacking during the launch but game has potential to be pretty fun. We would love love love to see some sort of dodge system. It is pretty annoying to be invading someone fortress and you get stun locked on the battlefield by 3 of them and you die and then all of your teammates die. It feels a little frustrating knowing you cant do anything except hold the move button and hope you get a chance to run between their auto attack animations.

Jigen Momoshiki , Kawaki and new Boruto abilities is much needed for a fire update in this game Also fix movements on player auto and supports following through maze.

This game is good awesome we cant describe it. If we were a able to pick one game to play for the rest of our life it would be this without a doubt.

Its just perfect, we started playing this about a week ago and we have our Sasuke (Rinne- Sharingan) at 192731 definitely a win win.

Im unable to login after after the updates. Im a iOS. System and it never happened before. Whatswrong.

Best game ever its awesome every single thing about the game just amazing.

This is the best game we ever played and we just play it when we are bored and it can be pretty addicting but when we are bored we play it.

As for the game, its very fun! However, in this current update, people with Semi-decent devices like us crash often. Please fix this.

The game is awesome but plz add naurto Uzumaki (7th Hokage Nine Tails Link mode)

Every time when Im trying to do a surprise attack mission its always canceled. Why is that?

We really love this game. We get home from school eat and the play this game but we think this whole game would be so much better if we were able to trade card with each other.

Love the game but wish it was less luck based because our friends pull 500 for someone and get full kit and we summon 1500 and get 1 of the Shinobis cards.

This game is fun and we will continue to play so will our brother we both love this game so who ever wrote nope youre trash.

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