Kosmo Spin

Kosmo Spin


Kosmo Spin is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Simogo AB, Kosmo Spin is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd December 2010 with the latest update 14th November 2018

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


7 people have rated 2.2

You can download the game Kosmo Spin from APP STORE.


Throughout the cosmos a distress call is heard…

Set out on a not so epic quest to save extra terrestrial muffins, space cups of coffee and alien toasts from the evil invader. Spin the universe at the tip of your fingers to defend your planet from eightballs and watermelons by deflecting them right back in to eternity!

  • A one of a kind circular arcade game! Controls so simple your dog could play it!*
  • Two different game modes: Beat your own highscore in the endless mode or accept epic quests by weird people you don’t know in the quest mode!
  • Online leaderboards & achievements on Game Center!

*Dog must have developed fingers to play Kosmo Spin.

Updated on 14th November 2018

  • Added support for new devices

Kosmo Spin Reviews

Love this game. Simple, easy and cute. Reminiscent of IloMilo, same creators as a matter of fact. Not likely but we hope they keep this game updated for future iOS. Easy to play, no pressure and fun. It’s not going to win awards but give it a try!

At first we thought we were going to hate this game due to us not having a liking to games like this. But then we gave it a try and it grew on us and now we love it for it’s great controls and beautiful story.

We were planning on getting this game before paying for it but we were too late but we play it on our sisters we pod and it’s really fun and cute!!!!

We love Kosmo Spin; it’s adorable and tons of fun!

Cute and fun little game. Great look and feel. Definantly one of our favorites!

This game is super easy to pick up and play anytime, anywhere. We would encourage all to download this!

Simple but challenging. Cool art style. You’ll come back to play for sure.

5/5 because of graphics, UI/presenation, and quests. We got it for free, but it’s definitely worth the buy!

Great App. It’s just too cute to pass up. It’s a very simple game but the good thing is that there’s a ton of quests to do so you will not finish the game in just a day or a few hours. It will keep you busy and just really great for a Free app. Worth checking out.

Fun and simple game. It’s so adorable!!

Only one gripe…. Spinning around the planet obstructs the view. Is there any way to add controls at the bottom? Even a smaller planet to spin would be nice for alt. Controls. Thanks again. Great game.

We love this. You guys did a great job creating this game! The graphics are unique and one of a kind, this game play is fun. All in all it’s a great game.

This a very fun, easy game with a lot of challenges for you to beat. Im glad we were able to get this for free!

Check out "Trick Your Ride" app. If you like this you will def like TYR.

We love this game, can’t stop playing it! Once you figure out the game play you’ll be an addict too. Play the quests they teach you everything. At first blush the game struck us as simple (I was worried it was going to be boring, too shallow) but after ramping up we learned that it’s layered with some pretty nifty complexity which makes the strategy of the game really engaging. The character design and level artwork is very charming, great sound design too. We’re smitten!

This game is challenging, cute && really fun <33 we got it for free yesterday && now we see it’s 99c… It’s seriously worth the price :3! Buy it, it’s funny and a great time killer. <333.

Very fun and a bit challenging, super cute.

It’s so awesome ! We love it , our dog loves it . It’s a win win :D.

Good colors, adorable music, trendy aesthetic.

This game is so fun we this game good thing we got it before u have to pay for it get this game!!!!!!!

This app is simple, yet challenging, fun, and addicting.

We LOVE THIS GAME. We still play it and it’s one of our all time favorites! We would love if you add more quests and optimize it for our iPhone 6.

Its freaking free!!! We would’ve bought it. Its so amazingly made. The character is cute n we love how there r diff types of aliens in the quest section. The control is simple and the level will be more challenging as u go up a lvl. Love love this app. We think it can be rankd same as fruit ninja, doodle jump n angry birds. No kidding. And oh yeah, the description of the game is really funny.. We really did chuckled in real life. Props to whoever typed that ;)

We love this game we can play it for hours it is AMAZING!!!!! =)

This game has beautiful characters and quick quests you can try to complete in seconds. We are loving every second of it! The game concept is certainly different from others you’ll find in the app store. Get it now!!!!

We luv this game it’s addicting to play and we got it for free!!

Get it while you can! From the creator of Bumpy Road, this game is both similar in its quirk and charm, yet entirely different in gameplay. We paid for this a couple months ago, but now it’s free – still a totally worth it game that’s sure to enchant you! Unique gameplay, simple but sweet graphics and an interface that’s easy to use. You can’t go wrong, Simogo! Happy Anniversary! Can’t wait for your next game!

Fun and cute. Not stupid have some difficulty. Good.

We love this little app!! It has adorable graphics, the controls are ULTRA easy to maneuver, and it’s relaxing and comfortably challenging at the same time. Thanks bunches for this wonderful little gem!!

Adorable cute, wonderfully different and deceptively simply combine to make this unique game a top contender for providing hours of fun minutes at a time!!

This game is very enjoyable. The music is unique and fun. Controls couldnt be more simple. PLUS its made by the same people who made ilomilo for xbl arcade.

Nice game……. Unbelievable graphics. Our daughters really enjoy this game……

Does not move smoothly,so pls fix it,ill give u another star~

Have loved this game for years but needs an update for iPhone 6.

Boring to play. The quests are fun though. Im guessing once we finish all the quests ill probably drop the game… If you want something adorable, then this is perfect. There are different pros and cons.

The graphics are cute but we felt the game itself is be a bit on the tough side since it requires quick fingers and nerves of steel. An option to ramp down the difficulty would have been nice. We also don’t like that some quest completions hinge a bit too heavily on luck.

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