Kuma Sushi Bar

Last updated on August 15th, 2022 at 01:00 pm

Kuma Sushi Bar

Kuma Sushi Bar

Kuma Sushi Bar is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by HyperBeard Inc., Kuma Sushi Bar is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th March 2022 with the latest update 1st August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Family, Trivia, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


12,121 people have rated 1.3

You can download the game Kuma Sushi Bar from APP STORE.


These paws are made for slicing… sushi!

Welcome to your new Kuma Sushi Bar! Join the tiny and adorable Kumaki on his endearing adventure to learn all about the ancient mysteries of sushi-craft, as he takes upon his family legacy!

New at management? Surely things will run smoothly with extra helping paws! Hire from a pool of well-intentioned animal weirdos to help you to run the restaurant as you decorate it to fulfill your (or your clients’) specific tastes. Maki this café into your home!

Practice makes perfect! Be sure to check on your restaurant every day to progress on your sushi skills, level up the status of your restaurant, and learn more about your staff’s outlandish life stories!

Are you ready to become a top Sushi chef?!

Updated on 1st August 2022

So much has changed! It’s time to get back into this culinary world and enjoy all the delicious new features!

Kuma Sushi Bar Review

If you have a stressful day this game will probably cheer you up with its gameplay and art and so much more!

Hey yall, how are yall? Good? Good. Im good also anyways this game is amazing but we really just dont like that we have to pay to repair the tables and stuff but we still love this game! We recommend playing it! Its a really fun game – we also love sushi.

We are in love with this is the best game we’ve ever played that we ever have on our phone and we think it deserves good ratings it reminds us of our cat and our other cats and our dog and we just cant stop playing it its just the best game that we have on our phone and we think that it just deserves a good rating.

We like this game good game very good game.

Okay, this game is great. Five stars definitely! We love the art style, and we were worried that this game wouldnt allow you to cook much, but it actually does let you cook a lot! We love the decorating, characters, and all of it! And we were so happy that we were able to get another restaurant! But one problem that we dont know anyone else has whenever the lucky cat comes in, (you know, the one that gives you money if you watch a ad? That one) it does its thing and we say yes and watch the ad, but after we finish watching the ad, our screen just goes black, we can still hear the game sounds, but no game visuals and we dont get our money, we have to exit out and go back in. So we have no clue if anyone else has this problem, but maybe try to fix this? Its pretty annoying- anyways, amazing game, just one thing wrong with it :]

This game is offline it is amazing and there is ways to make money to make you restaurant better! Im in love with this game!!

This is the cutest and coolest game we have ever played we think you will like it to!

Amazing game.. The characters are so cute!

This game is absolutely amazing we recommend that everyone get this game im in love with it.

So like we were looking for a game and then THEN we found it da greatest game lol like so good Im idk what to say but it gud you should get it lol2nd bye.

The gameplay is amazing, The artwork is adorable and so cute, The characters are the cutest little things ever, overall this is an amazing game, we spend hours playing this game! Its so addictive!!!!! PLEASE PLAY THIS!!!!

We love this game idk why but the little characters are so cute.

We went on a no-internet vacation and this was the only thing we played. We love your app, but we wish it was easier to make dollars.

We were having a hard time deciding what could improve with the game because it is amazing! Though after skimming some other reviews, we remembered that sometimes after watching an ad to redeem something, you screen goes black and blank. The only way to get out of it is leaving and restarting the game which isnt that fun. You also dont get the prize HOWEVER IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL! It is just being nit-picky. This is an amazing game like the many other games that Hyperbeard have done. This was our third out of 4 downloaded games off of them and we love them all. (This one is our favorite though haha.) we comepletly recommend this game to everyone- but especially people who like cute little characters, some decorating, tycoon-ish games, and etc. So um RECOMMENDED!

Hello we are Eyiwem822 you might know us irl but if you do keep this a secret. But we love this game because we love to read help cook build and way more. So we give it 5 stares if we were you download it now!!!!


We saw this game on a ad and we knew we had to just try it, the characters are so cute and and the outfits they get are the soooo cuter.

This game is very cute and addicting when you first play it. But if you are down for a cute chill game we think this is for you.

The game is really adorable, but the wait time for the flyers and building is pretty long, but we would recommend this game!

We love it!!! So addictive!!! All their games are really fun and cute and addictive. We love the cute design and gameplay! Basically you repair a broken down sushi shop and make sushi for the costumers. We found this game from a friend and we thought it was a match three game but its not. We always worry about getting those games that have the mini games and the house decorating and all that because they are usually a match three game but this is not so download it now!!!! This game is the bomb!

We love the concept of little animals making sushi! Although we just got it Im already in love with it! We adore this game!

Adorable and addictive, just like all the games HyperBeard puts out.

Ok so first off the art and everything is amazing but there is sometimes a glitch where it wont let us tap on the rice and seaweed wraps to make sushi other than that its really great! We love everything about this game! All the game developers did an AMAZING job at creating this! We hope everyone reading this has an amazing day/evening/night! And ty for reading <3.

Its ok good game to get your mind off bad things we love it soooo much thank you team members for making this game btw Im in love with this.

When we first downloaded this we thought is was Just going to be one of those dumb tycoons but ITS HUST SO ADORABLE we would recommend this app or game guys!

Doing this because we enjoy doing reviews sometimes but also we wanna come back after a few weeks & update it. So far, we rate it four. Because its a super cute game !! We love it , its pretty & we love cats lol. Not 5 YET since we havent made our way in as much. Ill give an update soon.

We really like this game, its fun and cute but we do get a little frustrated how everything takes so long for example building/fixing the restaurant. The timers are always very long.

It’s a good game. But yet there are some problems. 1. Customers we know there are some good, special, celebrity, and bad customers. But the bad customers are our problem. They destroy tables like the squirrel. And some drove away customers like the skunk. And they come so often that it’s getting annoying. Especially the ramen shop, there are 12 bad customers there. And that’d the reason we deleted it. 2. Coins and dollars Why are things expensive? We have to watch ads to get coins and dollars. When upgraded ingredients, they are soooooo expensive to upgrade. Also buying things are expensive too. Lower down your prices because half of the time we were playing this game, we were watching ads for coins. 3. Bugs The game is laggy. Our screen freezes, so we have to go out of the app and open it again. Other than that, we like the game, it’s adorable and also it passes time.

This game is adorable and we love to play it when we have free time! We’ve only had one issue with it so far. It freezes after we watch an ad. The only way we’ve found to fix it is to close and reopen the game.

This game is wonderful!!!! We’ve been addicted and super worth the download. We suggest making it easier to clean up the restaurant tho, it took us FOREVER to clean it all up. Other than that its FABULOUS!!!!

This game works very well, but one of our employees, the tiny cat, has never left the break room since we unlocked it. A speech bubble will appear above her but when we tap, nothing happens. When a speech bubble appears over other employees, the characters respond normally.

We really enjoyed this game when we downloaded it and the characters were so cute! But we noticed(this is just me) after we got all of the stuff we wanted it got kinda boring. But we totally recommend this game!

We havent had the game for long and Im gonna be honest, we downloaded a different one from the same developers and downloaded this to get bonuses. Plus the game looked cute and we love the simulation. We also appreciate the ads not being forced. However, its really misleading when you allow us to watch to earn furniture and cosmetics, but you still have to buy it. Even when it isnt watching ads you still earn stuff by interacting with your staff in the break room, right? Nah still need to buy it. We understand raising your rating and stuff is important but its really misleading and kind of annoying when we thought we would be getting gifted new stuff when its not the case. The other games werent like this, so we guess this caught us off guard a bit. Overall though its really cute and fun to kill time with.

We absolutely love the game, but we had to uninstall and reinstall when some of the characters would bug out and stay in the employee area forever. Was extremely bummed out when all the progress we made wasnt saved and Im not sure if theres a way to get it back or not. Either way we love the game so much and its extremely satisfying to play!

So it glitches after watching an ad. Thats annoying we dont even get our prize.

We love the game itself but hate how we have to watch ads to get what we want.

We love this game and we play it almost everyday! But, whenever we mess up on the order, we cant delete it so we have to restart the game and its really annoying. Please have a delete button/trash can.

We like cooking games but this one is just so boring. We barely get 10 coins a minute! Not to mention half the part of the game is ads. Im also thinking its based off animal restaurant. End of review.

We really love this game from the art style, sushi making, and decorating its a perfect little mobile game to pass the time. However, for us a few issues keep popping up. First of all, nyanko is stuck in the lounge and we cant talk to her or get her to do her job. Next, occasionally the screen to make sushi will pop up and youre stuck there until you close the app. One last thing that we think would make the game a lot more fun is having more decorations unlocked at the start of the game. Im at 3 almost 4 stars and we havent even unlocked half the options.

We really like this game! Its fun and adorable! Our only issue is that our little cat assistant keeps glitching. He goes to the staff room, sits at the table, and when we click on the three dots above his head to have a conversation with him, nothing happens and he never leaves that table again. We uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. But the same glitch just happened again. We never see him in the restaurant anymore. He just sits all by himself at that table in the staff room. :-(

Nyanko sat at the staff table and told us about ingredients/recipes, but has been sitting there for a few days now. Always has a speech bubble, but never says anything and is always sitting there.

Everything you do in this game leads to either being pressured to buy currency or watch ads. We hope no children play this.

We were really excited going into this we thought it would be really fun, like having to quickly serve a ton of customers like a time limit sort of thing. But honestly the gameplay is kinda boring, you serve your customers and then the bear just goes to sleep and you have to wait. We only just started playing the game and we only have two tables, but earning cash is sooo annoying its those dumb quizzes and surveys and buying products and stuff to earn cash, so we honestly dont wanna make an attempt. We did one and havent even gotten the money yet so yeah. This game would be so much better if you didnt have to either pay or do dumb surveys just to be able to fix up the place. Like even if you only got cash from certain and customers and it was a very small amount even that would be better. Im probably just gonna offload or delete this bc we dont wanna put time and effort into quizzes and surveys for some still boring gameplay.

We originally gave this game a 5 star review, but after reading the other reviews and coming across our own bugs and crashes, we’ve reconsidered. We do enjoy the game, we really do! But theres a big bug that we cant find any answers to online. Nyanko is stuck sitting at the table in the employees lounge with a speech bubble above his head and tapping it does nothing. We just feel like we’ve lost an employee because he wont do anything else but sit there. We really hope theres a fix to this bug because we really miss having Nyanko around. Another bug we’ve come across is that when the special npcs come into the shop to give you items through an ad, its a coin toss to see if theyll actually show us an ad to get an item when we tap on the option.

Pretty addicting! And the characters are adorable.

This game is amazing it doesnt force you to watch ads you only watch ads when your wants to its very cute and would definitely recommend.