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Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer


Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Captivate Labs, Inc., Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 18th September 2012 with the latest update 29th March 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casino, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


92 people have rated 1.9

You can download the game Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer from APP STORE.


Learn Pro Blackjack trainer for iPhone and iPad helps you quickly and easily learn basic strategy to boost your confidence, have more fun, and win more often. The app has all of the features you would expect from a premium training application including retina display graphics, game rules, basic strategy flashcards, a blackjack training game, and quick tips. Take a look:

  • Flip through simple basic strategy flashcards and learn the correct move to make on any hand. Avoid spending hours fumbling with clumsy blackjack charts.

  • Play the entertaining "Test Game" to perfect your skills in a simulated blackjack environment. The game feeds you random hands, lets you determine your move, and records your performance. Play until you score 100% and have proven that you have mastered basic strategy.

  • Access powerful "Quick Tips" and get valuable information hand-selected by the Learn Pro Blackjack staff. Once you know the tips, you will be able pick out the tables with the best odds, extend your play, and maximize your enjoyment.

  • Take advantage of comprehensive app settings including support for Las Vegas, Atlantic City, single and double deck blackjack game rules, and an option to turn on and off late surrender.

  • Enjoy vivid, professionally designed graphics that will render beautifully for the retina display on both iPhone and iPad to give you an enjoyable experience for long-lasting use.

  • Appreciate the detailed blackjack rules and app instructions that have been prepared to teach you the basics of the game and ensure you can make the best use of the app.

Learn Pro Blackjack is the perfect blackjack trainer for:

  • Beginners looking to learn how to play blackjack and utilize basic strategy
  • Old-timers looking to brush up on skills.
  • Busy professionals that do not want to spend time reading an entire book or who simply want an easy and intuitive way to train for their casino trip
  • Travelers looking for an app to learn blackjack on the plane or car ride en route to vacation

Don’t get caught at the casino losing a lot of money just to find you needed help with basic strategy. See the screenshots and install this blackjack trainer to begin taking control of your game. Download the Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer app, and be a better player right now!

Updated on 29th March 2020

Added support for all iPhone/iPad display resolutions + minor bug fixes.

Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer Reviews

If you want to learn all the rules so you will beat the odds, then this is the app fir you.

Our only request is that thered be a feature where you can choose to only have hands that apply to certain rules. Like we want to be able to just test myself on the Soft Numbers rules or the Pairs of Cards rules. Like if there was a check box that you could select which rules/hands you want to be seeing come up during the tests. Only because lots of people can memorize different things at once and then grow from there. Like if we were able to only work on the soft numbers rules and we fully learned that, itd make it 102937291 times easier to learn all of the rules cause then youre just growing and applying the rules youve learned prior once you start growing your rules/hands selection. Awesome app tho thank you!

Great app for sure as far as what it teaches you. Maybe just add a Hi Score function to see if you are getting better.

Only issue is we disagree with at least two of the rules. One is hitting a 3 vs a 2. Most disagree with that and at least one other.

Overall a great app, however we noticed that there appears to be some errors in the test on pairs of 7s and pairs of 9s on some hands. The app goes in quickly, so thought we were wrong, but it has told us we should have stood, when clearly not what the Strategy says.

Good app to keep in practice for initial strategy. The test your skills will at times give strategy errors that are incorrect; e.g if you stand on A8 against 2-5 it will give a strategy warning. We would like the capabilty to play hands to completion as well as having the ability to choose multiple players at the table.

The flash cards are intuitive and make the strategy stick with you at the tables.

This app is crazy helpful, thought we knew how to play Blackjack, we thought wrong after testing our skills. Highly recommend if you want to lean Blackjack or just better yourself at the table. Gets your confidence up!

340 heads down starting hands in rapid succession. Once youve mastered at 100% accuracy youre able to play 3rd base in any casino with confidence knowing youre playing perfect basic strategy. Best BJ practice app we’ve found.

Have been using 15 mins, and we’re realizing how little we knew about basic blackjack strategy. Next stop, Vegas!

Awesome and very easy to use app. We always sucked at blackjack before and always considered it a game of luck, but now we actually know how play the odds!

Very good app for learning basic strategy, flash cards are a nice feature.

Good way to learn basic strategy.

Have a mode where you re-encounter a wrong decision every five hands. That will optimize learning.

Great app! Clean, easy to understand layout, full of good tips and strategies! Helped us learn the basics but also taught us what to do with each hand to maximize our odds of beating the dealer. New to the game but definitely becoming more confident with the help of this app!

Really enjoyed learning strategy with this app. The practice feature is pretty good as well. It would be nice if the practice hand simulated an actually game, but that would require a lot more programming on the part of the developers. Also, some of the strategy differs from other Blackjack strategies we’ve learned. For example, according to this app, one should split a pair of 4s if the dealer is showing a 5 or a 6. However, a Blackjack strategy site indicates that one should split a pair of 4s if the dealer is showing a 5 or a 6, ONLY is a Double after a Split is allowed. Also, we believe that the optimal strategy should change slightly if the dealer has to stand on a Soft 17, or has to hit on a Soft 17. It would be nice if a user could set these table rules, and the program would adjust its recommendations based on these table rules. But, overall, we think this is an excellent app. Im new at this, but feel that we are getting much more comfortable with the idea of sitting down at a Blackjack table than we ever have before.

We really enjoy this app and feel it has helped with our Blackjack play! Great information and layout. We would have gave it 5/5 stars if they included two additional features: 1.) A simple Blackjack game to play and test your skills within the app. 2.) A reference table showing all possible outcomes and recommended action, this way all information is in one easy to read table. Overall we would recommend this app!!

In the Learn Strategy section for double deck blackjack it shows that on soft 19 you should double against a dealer 6 otherwise hit. It should say double against 6 otherwise stand. It does play out correctly in the Test Your Skills section. Otherwise great app.

App is great and has helped with developing our blackjack skills but it needs more of a game of blackjack to practice other than just one hand at a time what you should do with it. Also settings for different version of blackjack like Spanish 21 where you can surrender late game and double down on splits and such.

We would give 5 stars if you could choose to only work on double down, splits, soft combinations etc. We play black jack and know you have to hit all below 8. But need to work on the rest.

Its not bad, but it would be nice if the app saved the ones you miss so that you can review and practice only those. If your a blackjack novice it will dramatically improve your game.

The idea of learning through flash cards is great however, some soft-hand text doesnt match the graphic. The strategy for the text is correct, but the wrong graphics make it confusing. Things this game lacks that other blackjack apps offer: you cant create custom rules, no random practice hands (there are only 300+ practice hands in this game), you cant practice specific types of hands (only soft-hands, pairs, etc). Overall, this isnt a $3 app. It would be good for a $1.

Simple. Straightforward. And just in time before our trip to Vegas! This app plays through roughly (365) hands each time and gives you a percentile afterwards. We’re scoring in the 97% and trying to make it a perfect 100% Each time we’re incorrect, it tells us what we should have done: Double Down, Hit, Split, but NEVER-EVER-SURRENDER!!!

Am taking a trip to Vegas in a few days and needed a trainer to help us get ready for the blackjack tables. Initially chose this app because the clean interface but have been extremely happy to find that it is really effective in teaching the basics. Our baseline run through of the test was roughly 70%, now after using the app for a total of maybe 6 hours we’re at 98%. We are confident that we will enjoy our blackjack experience in Vegas. This app also comes with a great e-book which explains the etiquette of the game.

We like knowing all the stats and playing basic strategy, but putting it to the test would be great!

It really is a good app to help you learn the "Basic Strategy" of Blackjack. Get a better edge on the house by getting this app!

Excellent, very concise summary of the odds-on best bet to make when facing any dealer hand.

We really like this; its like a quick pop quiz to keep us sharp.

Great app. Listen to the suggestions from AGAUDIO. Great ideas that would be highly useful for someone getting started like myself.

We’ve been scouring the Internet for resources to learn basic strategy for Blackjack. This is by far the best we’ve found. It even comes with an iBook!

Easy to use and lets us practice anywhere anytime. Definitely improved our game.

Fantastic learning tool !! We recommend it to anyone who knows the basics but wants to learn the strategies.

This is a simple but effective way to learn to play blackjack. It is fun while you learn. Thanks for the app. Js.

AC surrender has been broken for a year with no updates to fix the bug Wish it had more playing variations.

We haven’t used the flash cards too much, but this is a great app for drilling on basic strategy. Unlike many Blackjack games/training apps, this isn’t focused on finishing hands, but making the correct decisions. You make a decision given the board and you’re either correct or it tells you what you should’ve done. There are some improvements that we can suggest (I’d even pay a little for some of these as add-ons): – Ability to drill on specific areas (pairs, soft hands, hard hands). – Track which hands we make mistakes on most and show those more when drilling. – Test hands with more than 2 cards. There’s some lines you can’t test otherwise (for example, A,7 when you’re supposed to double or stand, you’ll never stand as long as it’s your initial hand). It’s also good practice for mentally adding more than 2 cards, and when soft hands turn to hard hands. – Calculate the expected edge based on your actual performance.

It seemed too daunting to memorize that little card on what to do in each situation in Blackjack. This app worked for us and was amazingly easy.

The easiest way to learn the proper mathematical play for every scenario you can encounter. After a few cycles through you will be playing perfect blackjack. We wish they let you play through full hands, though.

A-2 vs 6 is a double down not just a hit!!! An expert move getting more money on the table vs a bust hand. Boo to this advice.

You do NOT double with 11 if the dealer is showing and Ace unless you are counting cards. And you double Ace-2 against a 6! If you play this strategy, which is NOT basic strategy, you are not getting the proper odds. How can someone, who is obviously a poor BJ player, sell you an app for $2.99 and it not be completely accurate? It is BS and we’re a little angry about it. Find another way to learn true basic strategy.

Love the quick repetition and feed back! A+++

Invaluable. We are 73 and have never played before. On our bucket list to learn and play. Going to Vegas next weekend with our son-in-law and his friends, who play regularly and win. Hope to do the same.

Would be a five star app if there were an option to play blackjack in the app.

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