Liars Poker SLIPS

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Liars Poker SLIPS


Liars Poker SLIPS is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FabForeDev Inc, Liars Poker SLIPS is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th December 2016 with the latest update 8th July 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casino, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


24 people have rated 1.3.1

You can download the game Liars Poker SLIPS from APP STORE.



Invite Friends to a sublime multiplayer game of wits and skill.
Free of cartoon animation, ads, and in-app purchases.
A one-time fee buys SLIPS for life, truly an incredible value.
Find refuge in pure competition, just numbers with friends.

Liar’s Poker is easier to learn than card poker or craps.
But winning consistently requires insight, patience, and discipline.
2nd Bid option and the stakes multiple supercharge the contest.
SLIPS tracks the action and profit/loss in units, players decide their worth.


  • Players need access to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 11 or higher
  • Game Center, iMessage, and iCloud are also necessary
  • When starting a Session use Invite Friends. Play Now is unlikely to get a game going until we get bigger!

Onward and Upward….
How many numbers are out there across all player’s hands?
It’s that simple and that hard!

How good a liar are you?
Is your opponent telling the truth or bluffing?
Is the risk worth the reward?

Test your mettle with the ultimate version of Liar’s Poker. This is the one, as played on Wall Street and dramatized in a best-selling book, supporting Sessions between 2 and 12 players.

At the close of trading or on a slow day, the call for “SLIPS” or “PLAYERS” rang out and select participants would gather round, grab printed sheets of paper containing hands and attempt to outfox each other for fun and profit.

Now it’s all here on your iPhone or iPad, way easier than paper and available from anywhere you’re connected:

* Randomly generated Hands
* 2nd chance Bid
* Level/Value driven multiple
* Progressive stakes
* None Bid/Hero
* Sheet and Settlement

SLIPS features a history window that tracks all the action, Slip PL (Profit/Loss), an annotated Slip popup, plus a Sheet that keeps score in Detail and Summary views.

It manages multiple Sessions and iMessage text invites make playing with Contacts a snap.

In SLIPS your decisions are simply BID (Raise) or CHALLENGE (call), then COUNT or BID if your 1st Bid is challenged around. Sounds easy but winning might be a bit harder!

Comprehensive How To sections cover game mechanics and rules.

Settings toggles, including a Bid Probability Gauge, further enhance play.

Your Bonus? – SLIPS is a sanctuary, THERE ARE NO ADS OR IN-APP PURCHASES.

!!!! Have Fun and Good Luck !!!!

Note: iOS 11 or above only.

Updated on 8th July 2020

App Preview Sidelined
Screenshots Refreshed
Super Liars Poker

Liars Poker SLIPS Reviews

We played a lot of slips game during the pandemic and our buddies and we looked forward every day to play slips. Great game.

Have to have friends to play with but happy to pay once and put in-app coin purchases in the rear view mirror. Great action in a simple format.

A very fun and easy game to play, especially during this time of isolation!

Ideal game for close knit groups that like a little competition. Trash talk on group text invite. Pots can vary widely based how many get bid, multiple carries from one hand to another. Ten hands makes a Slip and the app keeps score too.

Awesome game, pay once play forever. Slips kept our friends together while playing remotely, chatting on the invite text. Great battle of wits. Hard to decide whether to raise or challenge, especially in the big hands. Go for it or lay down that is the question. Always fun seeing the count revealed at the end of the hand.

Our friends and we love playing this game any chance we get. If you like Poker, you’ll enjoy playing Liars Poker Slips!

Great game that you can play remotely with friends. This app also has a great interface and is easy to learn.

Cant wait until more people find out about it and start having tournaments. Would love to play in a casino against others instead of clocking our friends all the time.

Difficult to connect and start games. Seems like community not active.

Enjoy this enjoy with friends . Total replace printed slips and save time on account . Truly one of best game ever.

We look for games that combine strategy and fun and that’s why we like to play this game. We are not a poker player but you don’t have to be to have a great time with game! Our friends and we have been playing against each other and we love trying to outwit one another.

Liars Poker Slips is the Real Liars Poker of Wall Street. One of a Kind. Download and get addicted.

Good game to play with friends from distance.

We started playing Liars Poker SLIPS when it first came out and have not stopped since. There’s no other app quite like this. Highly addictive and fun, easy to learn. Thank you to the developers!

We are old Salomon guy, like play liar poker with paper slip with friends. This app make it 100%. Smooth and Flawless . Best smart phone game ever!.

Awesome game, think Numbers With Friends.

It doesnt work. No games. Waste of Money!!!

Best games on the planet – Golf, Craps, Slips!

This game gives the various poker in-app purchase hogs a run for their money!

Love playing Slips with the Fam during get togethers! Well put together app that tracks winnings and losses in group play.

The game is similar to Texas Hold’em, a game based on skill instead of luck.

We have been playing the original game with friends for 10+ years. This app is even better than the one on bill or paper. Now people can join and play from anywhere. We have so much fun and reconnect with some old friends.

A friend turned us onto this game and we can honestly say we’re thoroughly addicted. So much more fun than playing it with bills and paper. Getting a group together is a blast and we can’t say enough about how much fun we have! If you love poker, you will love this. A+++

This game is addicting… Amazing that they used to play this on paper and keep track of everything in their heads.

Like stated in a previous review if you like to play POKER you will love this app, your always in the game. Also, you can play anywhere with any group of friends. Game action is fast paced with an excellent graphic representation of the game events like current bid, level, bid history, P/L and win/loss per session. Game interface is very intuitive, KUDOS to the game developers for bring the action of the LIVE game to your phone.

This is a cool game, edgy interface but user-friendly. And you can play from your phone anywhere anytime. And feel like a Wallstreet guy without the hassles!

This game is a blast. We used to play the original back in the day. This app captures all the elements of the original except all the players don’t need to be in the same room. We joined a session with our friends while we were traveling in another state! It works seamlessly. Our actual rating is six sixes.

This game is exciting, engaging and smart, all at the same time. Reminds us of our days on Wall Street! Retains the excitement of the original game, while taking away the logistical pain points. It is very simple too! Our friends that had never played it, picked it up in no time! Enjoying it thoroughly!!!

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