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LifeAfter is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hong Kong Netease Interactive Entertainment Limited, LifeAfter is a Adventure game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 17th December 2018 with the latest update 8th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of LifeAfter ?

17,255 people have rated 1.0.142

What is the price of the LifeAfter ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the LifeAfter released ?

LifeAfter was released on 17th December 2018.

When was the LifeAfter updated ?

The latest updated date of LifeAfter on 8th December 2022.

Where can LifeAfter be downloaded ?

You can download the game LifeAfter from Apple Official App Store.



LifeAfter Season 5: Powers of Mutation has been unleashed!
An all-new infected species threatens the world of LifeAfter.
Harness the power of the Source to supercharge your gear, then bring the fight to the infected.
In this forbidden city adrift at sea, the balance of power is about to shift — get ready!

-The Vast Open World Expanded-
The frontiers of the Doomsday World expand again. Survivors set sail to explore five mutated seas, each of which is characterized by its main feature—crystal, fog, filth, fire, and vortex… These mysterious and dangerous seas are waiting to be conquered.
From snow mountain to beach, from forest to desert, from swamp to city… The vast Doomsday World is full of crises, yet offers endless possibilities. Here, you need to scavenge resources, build infrastructure, fend off zombie invasions, and build your own shelter.

-Keep Hope Alive-
When the doomsday came, zombies took over the world, collapsing social order and turning the familiar world unrecognizable. With the zombies craving human settlements, the harsh climate and scant resources, it’s hard to get by. In the doomsday seas, there resides even more dangerous new Infected and colossal mutant creatures that can sink boats effortlessly……
Danger is all around. You must keep calm and live on by any means necessary!

-Make Survival Friends-
You’ll encounter other Survivors during your doomsday exploration.
Maybe you’re tired of all the zombie crying and night wind howling when you’re traveling alone. Try to open up, break bread with friends, talk all night long, and piece by piece create a peaceful shelter together.

-Experience Half-Zombie Survival-
The organization Dawn Break claims that human still has a chance after being bitten by zombie—to live as a "Revenant", abandon the human identity, appearance and abilities, and change forever.
It sounds risky, but what would you choose if it’s matter of life and death?

Updated on 8th December 2022

LifeAfter Season 5: Powers of Mutation has been unleashed!
An all-new infected species threatens the world of LifeAfter.
Harness the power of the Source to supercharge your gear, then bring the fight to the infected.
In this forbidden city adrift at sea, the balance of power is about to shift — get ready!

LifeAfter Review

This is our all time favorite RL survival game. Almost everything is realistic, there are. NO ads, you can socialize and chat, and you can pay to make your experience even more fun.

Needs more ways to earn federation credits but otherwise great game.

Fix the first quest please god please.

A while ago we played this we loved it but one time we went in the helicopter and our dog did not come and we dont have enough storage.

This game is the best zombie we ha e ever played.

Its good but every time we get in a game it crashes can someone please fix this.

We love this game heres why. We love the graphics the weapons the building th are you can explore kill zombies help others. And thats why.

We’ve read a lot of bad reviews but Im not having any of those issues. Runs smooth, great graphics and awesome game play.

Everything is great. Id love to see a new Development 101; with extractable (leveling)Secondary Resources + Cohabitation & Double Manor enabled + Rebuildable Armor/Weapon/Furniture shops & Call-board(for solo growth & activity) + Larger Garden Plot(like camp) + Fishing Pond.

It needs to add nothing its perfect.

Its a very good game but there is a a lot of lag.

Best mobile phone game they have for cell phones.

This game is AMAZING, from the graphics when you first open the game, the mechanics such as building, crafting and combat in general. Theres a few issues and bugs every now and then but we think the game is pretty good. However, we think this game is underrated and needs to get itself out there. What we mean is this game is MASSIVE and beautiful. So we think it needs to advertise and gain more players. It has a decent player base but for a game like this, you would expect there to be just… More players in general, also if there was a pc version of the game Id totally buy it if it where ranging from 15-30 USD. However this game is made by NetEase, so it would be difficult, and we know there is a pc version with bluestacks but other players and we dont really like to have to download bluestacks when just loading in takes forever. We have a lot of respect for this game. We feel like this game doesnt realize its potential. And that really sets it back, other than that, there are no problems with it in our eyes.

This is a really good game, and we’ve enjoyed playing it so far. It basically takes an MMORPG & smashes it up with a TPS. The only constructive criticisms we have are: 1) There are too many in-game currencies (at least 5, currently). Obviously, its a money grab, but it can make things quite confusing at times. 2) Reduce the amount of resources gathered & the amount required for crafting for wood, stone, ore, and other materials with high stacks & requirements. Its unrealistic for wood to be in stacks of 400 & for an iron axe to require 120 wood to craft. When you gather hemp, you only start out collecting like 3-4 at a time & the stack size is only 60. Thats much more realistic. 3) It would be nice if it were possible to repair weapons & armor on high-end gear without it reducing overall durability. 4) Add a function to aim-down-sights of all guns, even if it doesnt have a scope. 5) Reduce the prices on premium currency items just a bit so that they are actually reasonable. Like we said, overall, this is a well thought-out, immersive, entertaining game. We would give it 4.75 stars, but since we have to keep it at whole numbers Ill go ahead & give it 5 stars.

Please make it so people can login from an android account to an iOS phone. The game would be so much better if you do this and even listen to the players ideals more. Really wish we could play on our iPhone instead of our android so please make this possible. Much love to the game and you guys hope you do this.

This game was amazing u can have a pet u can make ur own civilization or u can join one.

AMAZING!! TOTALLY ASTONISHED ME, world wide, interactive, built in mic communication, and high quality!!! Must get app of the App Store!!!

Love the game but was absent for a few months and when we opened the game back up it made us make a new player. Would love to get our first play back, our friend says we still show up in his friends list so we assume that means our original account isnt deleted. Please help!!!

When we download this the thing isnt doing a thing so we wanted and nothing we didnt know what to do and finally we got it but idk how that happened then. We checked again only a Lilly bit is loaded we are so tired of wait we think it should be faster almost like the flash it would be great if we met the owner so we think we would not because Im still a kid and we dont know what to say if we met the owner and how do people get new weapons we can not see when we think we download it we think we could not find the weapon store and we rate this game a 5 star because we think we will like this game and u would meet the owner and say WOW THANKS FKR THAT GAME! But we will not do anything with him / her so we dont know how our older brother downloaded it to fast? He said we downloaded it a long time ago so we had an idea but we forgot it So we had to be carefully good not to let him know about our dog because we finally got it he saw our dog it is so cool and forgot the colors (now we got it )

Way better than all the other apoctalyptic survival games but could the game designers make it so you can actually buy guns from the gunshop.

Please , can you use or add the Arabic language?

So this game is great after all we liked raising our dog, making our house, and grinding the thing is the space on your device. Im on tablet in-fact im writing this on tablet but the game just takes up to much space it does not fit on our device so can you please try to not add so much space to this game we would love it if we could still play it without any storage problems! Keep up the good work.

We love this action but only one thing for it can you make more throwables.

Keeps saying Update resources and wont do anything.

Our only suggestions is, can you please fix the gaming social connection party/friends setup?, we’ve had our friend try to add us and then we have to make a camp just for him to meet us or some confusing thing like that, could you make it that once he adds us on the friends list and he can immediately party us and once he sends us an invite we can talk with the microphone on right away please??

As soon as possible android to iOS data transfer features add.

Its entertaining, we found this when we were in china so last year. We needed a game to play with our brother, so we kept finding games and we found this. It was interesting, so keep the good work! You should definitely download it.

We love this game it just doesnt have black characters.

We never wrote a review on an app we dont think buuutt… Its a good game and all but it keeps freezing so we have to restart it, then another complaint is that when we do restart it we have to redo what we already did before it froze.

Please fix your game keeps crashing.

Its a good game but we need to erase a lot of apps to play but we dont have a lot of apps.

The games decent but theres a lot of lag sometimes.

We’ve been playing this game for sometime now and we think this game is really good and has some really good and cool features the one problem we have is the skintones we wish that you guys would make the game more diverse with the skintones but other than that it is a really good game.

We love this game but Bring back some stuff like when you can change your Clothes and Bring the old girl back to Ples.

We love this game! It is awesome you get to create your own character and build your own shelter! Its like our favorite survival game! The reason why we rated it 3 stars is because.. 1st it takes up a lot of storage second it is very laggy.. But the graphics are amazing! We are sorry for not giving you 5 stars but 3 stars is not that bad right? These are some things we want to report.. But so far it is awesome! We really recommend this if you like survival, zombies, and creating characters! We love this game. But it has a few problems we wish will be fixed now these are our opinions.. Not yours so its your choice. So This is our simple review we know its not that long like the others but we couldnt think of anything else to say Also we want to say bye and we think this game is very creative.

So we have played this but the big monster we just cant get past it its just too hard so please try to make it easier for us thanks.

Dont know what to do. Giving items to weirdhelicopter dude. Nothing happens.

The game is really good, but it really frustrates us cuz it keeps crashing when we reach a specific point and we can never move past that point. Please developers, the game is really fun and has a future just fix the lags and CRASHES! Also, it takes up a lot of storage!

Dude we’ve had the same account for over 2.5 years and you guys just take it down we cant even go back on it and we do not want to restart we’ve spent around 50 bucks on that account this is lame overall tho this game is good but its not thr brightest tool we’ve lost so many accounts.

Even though we enjoy this game it sometimes crash.

Please fix Levin Outskirts and allow people to use the double manor without needing to cohabitate. Its so annoying to spend all your gold to win the auction just to be forced to look at an empty lot until you can find a homeless person to come live with you.

Its a great game however it crashes a lot we’ve lowered the graphics we’ve restarted our phone we’ve reinstalled we’ve cleared space nothing works if you could fix it Id appreciate it.

So the games good but some of the gun interactions are weird like how they reload a revolver instead of reloading one by one in the chamber they make the person reload it with a magazine but in the end its still a fun game.

Too much space from our iPad 2 stars for that.

This game should have at least 4 stars but because they sell broken items and promise prizes on Twitter that they never send they are getting 2 stars. And 2 stars because the game is fun but theres nothing worse than dishonesty. We’ve now purchased two curtains that do not work and theyve admitted they dont work but told us they will fix it in the future. Meanwhile we’ve paid for them and we’ve asked for them to give us our purchase cash back and theyve ignored our questions. On top of all of that they do prizes on Twitter. They ask for your server, game name and ign and they say they sill send prizes. We submitted for the Revel Stage and never received it and game support said they cant help and we need to wait for Twitter to respond. Twitter has not responded in 5 days. Not sure how much longer we will be playing. Being a good customer and spending money in the game we feel as if Im being duped.

We bought the $7.99 pack and it charged us $9.98 so Im giving it a 2 star good game quality but when it says $7.99 for a pack and it charges us almost 2 additional dollars its bull.

Game require multiple resource packs that was about 6gb extra. After completing the tutorial the character to start the quest after was not in the world, restarted the game three times, tried to find him on the map, he did not exist. Game ran fine at Ultra HD on Xr.

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