Lily Story

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:41 am

Lily Story


Lily Story is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SeyeonSoft Co., Ltd., Lily Story is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 5th November 2018 with the latest update 21st March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Family, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,240 people have rated 1.5.9

You can download the game Lily Story from APP STORE.


◆ Features

  1. Lily Story is a dress up game where you give your characters makeovers and decorate backgrounds.

  2. You can create a boy and/or girl character, and you can give one or two characters a makeover at the same time.

  3. You can drag and drop clothing and items to arrange them according to your taste.

You can also delete them using the same method.

( However, you cannot drag and drop all objects. Please refer to the tutorial. )

  1. Some clothing and items are animated.

  2. You can create your own story using items, speech bubbles, and text.

  3. You can share your spruced up characters with your friends.

※ The game data is saved on your device. Uninstalling the game will delete the saved data.

Updated on 21st March 2022

Fixed minor bugs.

Lily Story Review

We love dress up games so much second we have all the games they are great we have all of seyeon soft games great.

This Is 5/5 This Game Is So Fun Its Like You Can Do Anything!

We think it could be better. Lol this is weird.

We recently had to get a new phone and we couldnt get anything off the old one so we’ve had to redownload a lot of apps. We bought a couple sets in this game. We click on the restore purchase button and nothing happens. How am we supposed to restore it if theres no prompt to do so?

We love it but it could use little work . The style is amazing but the overalls dont top on the shirt. Its hard to choose the eyes . We love the animated ones . Otherwise of all the problems its super good.

We love this sm !! We do wish there was an option to have a hijab/head scarf but other than that its amazing !!! We use it to create OCs and remake irl friends <3 totally recommend this app, us and our group uses this.

Hi we love this game please update it more add more clothes and hair and everything please please we love you.

We love this game its so fun to play. We can make our imagination characters and style them the way we want. Just a lovely game and So much fun to play.

We are in love with this app we love the options that you have on the app we love everything about this game its really good and its perfect for kids and its a fun game for kids we love it so much and we hope it gets more people Im so happy that they put it there on here we love the game and hope that it gets better reviews we love it.

We love this game so much. Its free, has tons of great options, and lots of space to make tons of characters/outfits. 5/5!! Best character creation/dress up game we’ve come across.

This app is so cute! Theres so many hair styles and clothes to choose from. And they accept all skin tones and hair types which makes us so happy. We recommend.

Our only wish is that they had noses.

We love this game so much!!! It is so fun how you get to customize your own characters and then save them. We like the fact that you can name them, add speech bubbles, add letters, and change the background. But, the super small thing is that we wish there was some more options and maybe some combo outfits to make it easier to pick an outfit that goes together. We still really love getting to pick an outfit on our own, but it would be great if there were also a few suggestions.

This game is so entertaining and has so many interesting things! Our only suggest maybe is to add like a personal color wheel instead of just optional colors? So you can make whatever you have on the color you want! Otherwise its an amazing game :)

This game is super cool! It has everything Id want in a character maker game! We love it, its amazing! But theres one problem, it dosent have a studio where you can actually make your own story. There isnt a studio, or anything to put multiple characters in one place with, yknow, real life scenes. Can you add this? Other than that this is game is amazing.

Ok so we know some of the comments are gonna say "there are other dress up game" and u can say what u want but this is unique. Why? Because well actually its hard to explain but we would definitely recommend playing this game so yeah bye.

Ok we had this game for a really long time and Im 7 now so we like it but.. Sometimes when we play the game it freezes and lags so we try again and it doesnt work so plz fix it plz cuz we like the app and we have like 10 or 9-8-7 characters and we dont want to delete the app so plz fix it.

Its adorable with many varieties to outfits, hair styles, eyes and more. We do have a suggestion, it would be awesome if they put some weapons options in.

We love this game sooooo much but the one problem for us is we would love for the eyes to be able to have different colors for all of them.

We LOVE this game but really wish yall would add different body types. Not everybody is super petite Us curvy girls need some love toooo.

We love the variety in clothes and accessories, but the set eyes bother us a bit. As well as how you cant change the colors of the clothes. Other than that the game is really fun!! We’ve spent hours making outfits of us and our friends.

WHY IS IT NOT LETTING ME MAKE A GIF Please Help we delete and download Pastel Girl to see we made an avatar and it kicked us out when we tried to make a movie UPDATE!

We love the game but just one thing we would add.. Its height. When we make our characters sometimes we feel like making a baby,but then they seem like they are grown. Same with the kids we try to make. So thats why we rated a 4 stars.

Really upset that the default character when you first download the app has blonde hair and blue eyes. Its 2022 guys, we thought we were past this.

When we got this game we thought it was ganna be a rip off and pay for everything but we made us and our friends in it and OMGEEE.

This game is so cute and awesome but there needs to be hijabs.

We like this game a lot, but after a while it just gets old. We played nonstop for like two weeks, but then it starts to give you adds every couple seconds and you start to feel like youve made every possible combination that will actually look good. We still play it every now and again but we still feel the same way. A little suggestion: less adds, more clothes.

This game fye fr love it sm k bye <33.

We were looking for a game to play, so we were searching through the suggestion bar and there it was, sitting right there lily story. We read some reviews and decided to download it! We opened the app and we went straight to dress up some characters! We made a girl and a boy, it was so fun and we definitely recommend it if you like dress ups! There was SO MANY thins to pick from, we couldnt decide the shirts!! It was so fun and we hope you could download it… This might be our favorite game! MIGHT BE.

We like the game very much fun designing characters but can you make like poses such as the character holding a rose.

Can the creators add more black/ebony hairstyles, especially dreads and nappy hair?

Hello! You might recognize us because we recently left a mean review about the music! But now we dont mind it at all! We love the app so much! Its a great way to have fun! Especially for the younger kids that have the app! Also, the new update is so amazing! We love all of the new clothing and hair colors and everything else that you have included in the update! We suggest that you keep making your great apps! The app is so unique! We also love the app because it is super appropriate to! The only thing that we would suggest is that at the beginning before we start to Dress the people we would recommend that you put them in something a little more appropriate were it doesnt show so much! Thank you for reading our review! Have an amazing day!

We love this app! Its perfect for when we wanna quickly plan out a character or make a friend in it. We were wondering if the music in this game would be published somewhere to listen to sometime? Or if it already is. We really love the music in this app and it would be nice to listen to it outside of the game!

Can you please add posing and movie night with the jackets though you know like so then you can press the button and then you can like move him and maybe more backgrounds and Id like more free stuff that would be nice and maybe more hairstyles maybe shoes pants we dont know but we just hope maybe upgrade it a little bit we are just thinking that you dont have to please look at this soon please and thank you!

The app is just really fun and it give you the chance to be creative.


This a fun game! Im not a dress up person but we recommend this game for girls/boys that love to dress up. This is a cute colorful game there are so many different clothes. But we would recommend this for the game maybe let use pick the colors of the clothes and necklaces. Thats all we have to say like we said Id highly recommend this game for people that like to dress up. (And dont come for us because we dont do dress up we just got this game a week ago and Im trying to have fun)

We thought this was just a little kiss game but then we saw how much it was featured in style it was just awesome and the styling is perfectly perfectly and we recommend downloading this game immediately because it is the best game in the world!!!!!

Im like a person who likes these types of games because they are really entertaining its cute :3.

Im so addicted to this game we cant stop playing it and we’ve only had it for 17 minutes.

If they could make us maybe have different color variations on the clothes it will make it better, and maybe some more variety of eyes and other stuff. Besides that they are doing everything PERFECTLY Great!

To be honest we love these kind of games , they are so cute and we love how its not just girly stuff but its almost every style and its So cute ! You should definitely add more of these games , they are super fun and entertaining! We give this app an 5 star :)

We LOVE this game! Its ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! We were never rlly into dress up games before we got this! And this is our first day playing it! So this shows that this game is AWESOME!!! We do have one suggestion for the game tho. Maybe u could add a story mode and the characters you make could be a part of it! This is just an idea so u dont have to do it but this game is rlly great what not to love! Keep up the good work! -Julia Haggington.

Hi we just love rabbits,make sure the rabbit has White ferr and black splotches thank you!