Little Riddles Level 290

Little Riddles Level 290

Little Riddles Level 290


Causes Dancing In Children When It Fills Up.



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  • Praneethaluru Cosmoman

    marys father has 5 daughters-Nana,Nene,Nini,Nono.what is the name if 5th daughter

  • awesomemolly

    “brings may flowers”
    ive been trying that one for ages! plz plz help me!

  • adaijah

    has four lucky leaves

  • Fitzshrelle

    I’m a tiny animal that eats and eats lots of leaves of trees.My color looks blue or black.What animal am I?

    • adaijah


  • Fitzshrelle

    It tells this is crawl, poisoning and in cartoons said “circle of life”.

  • Unknown

    Responsible for the toupee industry

  • jessi

    what smells bad when living but smells good when dead

    • India Parker


  • maxine

    dorothy had a severe disagreement with a woman of this magical persuation

    • Azka Firas


  • Sam

    so delicious they required an international house to contain them

    • Christena Sweetman


  • Jack Connor Jeory

    describes a toilet cleaner as well as one of santas reindeer

    • Cris Mião


  • kaitlyn

    through me you can see the heveans

    • Nami Goswami


  • Denise

    through me you can see the heavens?????????

    • Dapples To Apples Simpson


  • KitKat

    what cannot talk, but will always respond?

    • Brandi


  • KitKat

    through me u can see the heavens?

    • India Parker


  • peter

    Right now everyone in the world no matter where they are doing the exact same thing. what is it?

    • Cris Mião


  • Jennifer N

    I am a box that holds keys without locks, yet my keys can unlock your deepest senses What am I? Please any help would be greatly appreciated Thanx

    • channy


      • Jennifer N

        Thank you so much for your help. I don’t know why I couldn’t think of a piano. :)

  • JessBeer

    These institutions commonly hold blood or cash?

    • Num Susarasa


    • Denise

      a bank

  • ceecee

    a cinema in which actors play live?
    I tried theator theater can’t solve this one!!! help

    • Denise


    • bob


  • Lala

    one of the few activities that involve bowling pins flying through the air…
    help? xx

    • Dameon layne


  • kala

    Commits friendly home invasions one night a year

    • Denise


  • bob


  • Century

  • Amelia

    Longer then a decade shorter then a millienium.. HELP!

    • channy


  • jenn4049

    Rain showers

  • Answer me plz

    What brings you may flowers

    • Blahh


    • LucyDawn

      spring showers

  • person of life

    Liar liar, hop on fire
    Males call their hearts desire
    Any one got the answer?

  • Hadison carver

    Where everyone wants to run home and stealing is encouraged?

    Help please!

    • Aperson


    • feebe


  • Hearher

    What’s level 25?

  • Hearher


  • Bella

    Sleep-including melody

    • Laura


    • Emmery


    • Kaelyn


  • alinas12

    Gets wetter when it dries?

    • Chris

      A towel gets wetter when it dries you off

    • palash


  • Brandon

    Wats the answer for level 23

    • Audri


    • Unknown


  • msmichaela

    wendy darling crushed on who?

    • Trish

      Wendy darling crushed on Peter Pan …. Have you never seen Peter Pan? Lol

    • MADI coutts

      Peter Pan

    • Caitlin

      Peter pan

      • yourmom

        yay i dont know whats going on herebut beap u all

    • Lexi K.

      Peter pan

    • callie jo

      peterpan @msmichaela

  • Billy Joe

    That’s level 24…

    • Jigglewiggle

      No its 110

      • Lamia

        This is the first way they made th game or the way they got the game, it is different for everyone for me it is 216 and some it could be even 1

        • me

          the same comments are posted on all of the levels

  • Somthing

    Thank u I was on this for 8 weeks hahahaha it’s good when u have cheats

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  • brings you may flowers
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  • makes apples fall from trees
  • Edible items purchased in large quantities
  • he crushed on wendy darling
  • a caribbean shape that makes ships disappear
  • Air that is expelled orally
  • a morbidly named body of water
  • It takes two people to do this
  • these animals hang out in the mist
  • Old people and owls are said to be this
  • has 4 lucky leaves
  • a beverage named after a stick
  • this creature travels in a gaggle
  • Godzilla calls this place home