Little Riddles Level 91

Little Riddles Level 91

Little Riddles Level 91


Raise Your Right Appendage High Above Your Head. Turn Your Head To The Right And You Will Smell This.



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Some people search for:

  • riddle me that
  • brings you may flowers
  • A shower that lights up the Sky
  • Something you carry while singing
  • where jewelry pierces your head
  • responsible for the toupee industry
  • they put the heat in pop tarts
  • makes apples fall from trees
  • Edible items purchased in large quantities
  • he crushed on wendy darling
  • a caribbean shape that makes ships disappear
  • Air that is expelled orally
  • a morbidly named body of water
  • It takes two people to do this
  • these animals hang out in the mist
  • Old people and owls are said to be this
  • has 4 lucky leaves
  • a beverage named after a stick
  • this creature travels in a gaggle
  • Godzilla calls this place home