Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games

Last updated on November 26th, 2022 at 11:50 pm

Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games

Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games

Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dream S Studio Co., LTD, Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 11th November 2021 with the latest update 16th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games ?

5,438 people have rated 1.4.8

What is the price of the Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games released ?

Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games was released on 11th November 2021.

When was the Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games updated ?

The latest updated date of Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games on 16th November 2022.

Where can Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games be downloaded ?

You can download the game Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games from Apple Official App Store.



Enjoy logic puzzles and train your brain in Logic Riddle!

Decode written clues and fill in the grid to solve each puzzle. Some words may contain two or more clues. Find hidden logics and use hints when necessary!

There are thousands of unique puzzles with increasing difficulty. From easy to expert, work your way up and become a logic master!

Not easy at first but super fun and satisfying when you solve them.


Subscription Options
In our game, we have the following subscription option:

  • Diamond Membership offers subscription service at $4.99 per week. With this subscription, you can get 2500 coins, 2 hints and 2 magnifiers instantly, 1200 coins every day starting from the second day, unlock all puzzles and remove pop-up Ads.

  • End of trial and subscription renewal
    This price is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Payment will be charged to Apple Store Account at confirmation of purchase without free trial.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.

Subscription may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Apple Store Account Settings after purchase.

  • Subscription is not a must in our game
    Users can choose whether to subscribe to our game or not. Except for elements offered in the Subscription option, users who do not make a subscription will still have access to the basic elements in our game.

  • Subscription Cancellation
    If you would like to cancel your subscription, go to ‘Settings’ on your iOS device –> ‘iTunes & App Store’ –> tap ‘Apple ID’ and then ‘View Apple ID’. Enter ‘Account Settings’, tap ‘Subscriptions’ –> ‘Manage’ and select the subscription for ‘Archero’ to cancel it.

  • User Agreement and Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement https://dreamsst.com/privacy

User Agreement https://dreamsst.com/termsOfSubscription

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Updated on 16th November 2022

Performance improvement.

Logic Riddle-Puzzle Games Review

It is super fun but there are to many adds.

The puzzles are good, but the ads are buggy, causing the App Store to open repeatedly in the middle of the game or just freezing it up requiring quitting and restarting.

We dont mind ads. But we do mind ads after every puzzle. We mind ads that almost force you to download them or are hard to click out of. We most certainly do not want ads that contain sensitive material.

We love this game. There are times is most definitely make you work to figure it out, but its great!!

We’ve been looking for a game made with only these kinds of puzzles and this did not disappoint! We dont get overwhelmed by the ads and the game is more puzzle than ad! This game challenges us to think harder in our free time and we play this all the time when Im bored! Overall great game, totally recommend! :D.

The game itself is pretty decent. But theres no reason why we should have to either pay $8 up front or $5 A WEEK just to not have an ad play after we kid you not, every. Single. Level. Either decrease the amount of ads or the price you have to pay to get rid of them.

There are some grammatical errors, but those are easily overlooked. The major problem we have is that we purchased the no ads, but when we installed the game on a new iPad, nothing. Restore Purchases does nothing, and all queries we’ve sent to support have gone unanswered. Very frustrated, because we really do enjoy the game, but we want either what we paid for or our money back!

We are enjoying this game. However, there is one detail we dont like at all. Our phone is not a game machine. Our iPad is. Landscape mode is great. Please modify the game to make use of our iPad and androids for those of us who will NOT play on a phone.

Ad-riddled garbage. Multiple back to back ads after each level and before being able to start the next level from the menu.

The squares need to be bigger or we need to be able to zoom in. Im always accidentally hitting the wrong square and its hard to fix when we hit the wrong square again.

Theres an ad after every level.

We paid $9.99 to remove all ads permanently from the game. They took our money, but we still see ads after every game. If we cant get rid of all the ads we WANT MY MONEY BACK.

OK, we love a good brain teaser, but when the clues are Peaches give Jane diarrhea or Audrey is allergic to shrimp, but she doesnt vomit after, the puzzle writer needs to get a grip. That be nasty! Is this designed to be a distracting hurdle? If so, great work! But man, what a thing to spring on someone who might be playing on a lunch break. Our butt was having sympathy pain. To be clear, we were not diarrheainggross!

Wish there was less ads but the game actually makes you think.

Your game overheats our phone. Deleting.

Why dont new episodes ever get released when they say they will? Sick of playing the same stories OVER AND OVER. Its boring. Our phone has said 0 days till new episode now for 2 weeks.

Where to start? First of all, the premises and the clues are written in Engrish. Second, it doesnt automatically rotate the display to portrait mode. Third, there are way too many ads, and to play ad-free they want the princely sum of eight dollars (marked down from ten dollars)! Its a no from us.

Selected Skip This Level & FREE, it shows you an ad but does NOT skip the level tried multiple times, all it does is show you ad after ad without skipping a level. . . . THEN tried Skip This Level at a cost of 900 POINTS. It deducts the points but does NOT Skip the level kept trying until the game TOOK AS MANY POINTS FROM ME AS IT COULD, until we went below 900 points but it NEVER skipped a level, even tried closing app and reopening it to see if it skipped the level and it did not.. NOW ALMOST ALL MY POINTS HAVE BEEN TAKEN FROM ME with NOTHING to show for it. Time to UNINSTALL this App.

Its all ads, every single level and theres at least one, sometimes more than one, ad.

When game crashes, we have to start the puzzles we were playing at that time from the beginning gets frustrating!

We like the game OK, which is why we’re giving two stars instead of one. We liked it enough to pay for No Ads, assuming that would apply to all our devices, like every other app on the App Store. When we tried to restore purchases on our iPad, though, it showed a spinner then, nothing. We still had the full ads and it kept prompting us to purchase the No Ads I’d already paid for. Support promised to "release a fix as soon as possible and send you the No Ads." That’s been a couple weeks, there have been at least two updates, and still nothing to fix this problem. We can’t recommend this game at all as long as they’re not giving us what we paid for.

You literally spend at least 2x longer watching ads than playing because the puzzles are designed for the intelligence of a toddler.

We would love to enjoy the game but often there are 2 or 3 ads in between each game. Very annoying.

App forces you to complete 10 stupidly easy puzzles with an ad after each, just to get to next difficulty level. We would have paid the $4.99 cost for the no-ad version but we would want to try out more difficult levels first before committing to buying.

Ad right before game, right after game, then if you want to multiply your winnings there is another ad. Then one more ad before starting the next level. Its fun but geesh.

We absolutely love this game! We’ve been looking for a logic game for a while. This has been the first successful one we’ve tried. The arent that many adds and its free to play. Parents definitely let your kids get this… Its great to get their brains going with games like this. Theres only one thing that was bad about this game wich was the misspelling. It was putting questions on there but they were all miss-spelled. We hope you love this game as much as us and our kids do.

Better than the old paper magazines. Minimal ads also.

We’ve played a lot of logic games and usually ended up quitting after 20-30 levels because they were so full of missing logic and errors. We’ve found a couple in the hundred or so levels we’ve played but only twice did we have to use a cheat because the logic was completely missing an element. Our biggest gripe with the game was that on our phone our finger / stylus didnt always hit the mark due to a slight shaking condition we have at times. Tonight we learned you could disable that and just place Xs and checks. Once we turned that on so the many times we clicked the wrong box it didnt ding us before we corrected it, the game became seriously enjoyable. We highly recommend this especially with the insta-wrong turned off. Not only does it enhance the experience but takes us back to the 80s and 90s when we did these in an actual book were it was hard to cheat by being immediately told you were wrong. The one thing we would like to see which is why we gave it a 4 is the ability to cross out only certain parts of the logic like we could in books. Bob, Larry, George were either Owner, has two brothers with same name, or Handyman. If we know George is handyman Id like to cross out just those two so the logic remains for the two we havent solved.

Way to many ads for this game. It will most likely cause us to stop playing.

We’ve done a lot of the puzzles, even some of the collections. We love the storylines, and enjoy solving the puzzles. We have overlooked the terrible grammar, misspellings, and other clue errors, but our one pet peeve is having to guess to solve a problem. To be sure, most can be solved without guessing, but we just finished two problems and had to guess 3 on one and twice on the other. Its like, the developers are not checking the problems very well or the solutions. So we have to drop down to 4 stars. They are more concerned with tracking our data which should be none of their business than they are producing well-constructed puzzles that be solved with logic rather than guessing. Im not goingbto quit, because as we said, we love the stories.

The game has way to much ads and we dont want to pay money.

We love logic puzzles and these are very good. However, we get frustrated when the screen often freezes up and we have to close down the app to unfreeze it. When we return to the puzzle, it has wiped out our progress and we have to start over. Also, why isnt there a save button? If we cant finish a puzzle in one sitting, theres no way to save our progress. When we get back to the puzzle, again it has been wiped clean and we have to start over. This is especially frustrating when working on one of the harder puzzles and we’ve almost got it, but it gets wiped clean if we dont have time to finish it then. We put up with these glitches because we love these puzzles, but please see what you can do bout fixing them.

The game is so much fun! But we wish that there were no ads and that when you die you dont have to pay money. But we absolutely love the game!

The ads from this app are definitely not child friendly so wouldnt recommend you letting your kids play it unsupervised.

You will still get ads at the end of every game and you have to wait for them to play out.

We downloaded this game a few days ago. We played it today and got a lot of weird behavior- black blank screens appearing in while playing that cant be removed without force quit. Other apps opened on their own while playing. We like logic puzzles, but this worries us that there may be a security breach – going to delete. If you fix these weird bugs- also fix the terrible English translation of clues.

We love this game – logic puzzles are great for keeping our brain in shape. We wish you could zoom in because sometimes its hard for someone with mobility issues to it the right box. Our biggest issue is the trashy ads. Pick a better sponsor.

Not being able to continue the game without adds or being connected is ridiculous. Deleted.

The game said the doctor was in 1998. It literally said Gliss was not in 1998 when someone was good at the doctor Well guess what? The solution was 2015! And even if that wasnt wrong, two people couldve been the doctor and those same people couldve been Joker. Thats not even a puzzle!

Deleting app. Ads pop up every 30 seconds.

They show an ad after every game. Very fun but way too many ads.

We have always loved logic puzzles but the ones we often find in printed puzzle books are complex and frustrating! These are wonderful and seem to step up difficulty gradually. Im adicted!

Game is fun to play. Helps us increase our logical thinking.

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