Logo Quiz By Bubble Answers Level 14

Logo Quiz By Bubble Answers Level 14

Logo Quiz By Bubble Answers Level 14

Logo Quiz By Bubble Answers Level 14

This are the answers for Logo Quiz by Bubble Level 14.


  • samurai sportswear


  1. It is a privately owned English sports company specialising in the manufacturing of bespoke team wear sports apparel as well as the supply of equipment
  2. Although the heritage of the company is very much rugby brand stuff are now suppliers of bespoke teamwear clothing within the multisport arena.


  • k swiss


  1. It was founded in 1966 in Los Angeles, California, by the two Swiss brothers Art and Ernie Brunner who became interested in tennis after immigrating to the United States, where they introduced the first leather tennis shoes.
  2. he company has grown internationally and passed $100 million in revenue in Europe in 2006.



  1. It is a professional soccer league representing the sport’s highest level in the United States and Canada.
  2. Sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation (U.S. Soccer), the league is composed of 19 teams ó 16 in the U.S. and 3 in Canada.

4.el pollo loco


  1. It is a fast-food restaurant chain specializing in Mexican grilled chicken. It is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California
  2. It means is Spanish for The Crazy Chicken



  1. It is a Doral, Florida-based (suburb of Miami, Florida) American company that owns or franchises 116 Japanese cuisine restaurants around the world
  2. The company was founded in 1964 on West 56th Street in New York City by 25-year-old Hiroaki Aoki.



  1. It is a Japanese electronics company that was involved in the early stages of development of digital audio technology, while specializing in the manufacture of high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment.
  2. The brand name brand came from a merger of Denki Onkyo and others in 1939.



  1. It is a Danish discount supermarket operating in several European countries
  2. 2009 Brand celebrate its 28th birthday with special offers in store in the weeks number 16, 17 and 18 every year.



  1. It has music in its veins ñ with roots traced back to the Davitt & Hanser Music Company established in 1924
  2. In 2002, amid a successful launch of its early products, Kustom Home Sound was separated from the Hanserís instrumentation divisions to form a new corporation under the brand name



  1. It is a diversified retail and tourism group based in Germany. Its current turnover is around 50.91 billion euros. It operates in 14 European countries and employs over 325,000 people in its trading and travel divisions.
  2. Founded in 1927

10.late show

  • Late Show with David Letterman


  1. It is a U.S. late-night talk show hosted by David Letterman on CBS. The show debuted on August 30, 1993
  2. The show’s music director and band-leader of the house band, the CBS Orchestra, is Paul Shaffer. The head writers are brothers Justin Stangel and Eric Stangel.



  1. It is an internationally available brand of paint.
  2. It is produced by AkzoNobel (formerly Imperial Chemical Industries). The brand name has been used by both ICI and DuPont since 1931 and was one of the first alkyd-based paints.

12.logo quiz

  • logoquiz


  1. Guessing the names of hundreds of logos from different companies.
  2. Game you just play



  1. It is a GPS sport tracker
  2. Working on a mobile devices

14.west coast customs


  1. It is a car remodeling company started in 1993 by Ryan Friedlinghaus on a loan from his grandfather, Edward Cifranic.
  2. It was originally located in Orange County, then moved to Los Angeles, and now its current location is in Corona, California.



  1. It s an American television series that originally aired on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) from September 22, 2004 to May 23, 2010, consisting of six seasons.
  2. During its sixth and final season, the show averaged over 11 million US viewers per episode.


  • Drug Enforcement Administration


  1. It is a federal law enforcement agency under the United States Department of Justice, tasked with combating drug smuggling and use within the United States.
  2. It was established on 1 July 1973, by Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1973, signed by President Richard Nixon on 28 July 1973

17.petro canada


  1. It is a retail and wholesale marketing brand of Suncor Energy. Until 2009, it was a crown corporation of Canada, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. In August 2009
  2. As of June 2007, the company’s largest shareholders were Capital Research and Management Company (a Capital Group company), with 7.3%, and Barclays, with 4%


  • Dynamotive Energy Systems


  1. It is a Canadian based Renewable Energy Company which specializes in fast pyrolysis, a process which creates a product named BioOil
  2. It was incorporated on April 11, 1991 under the laws of the Province of British Columbia.

19.canadian tire

  • canadain tire


  1. On September 15, 1922, John William Billes and Alfred Jackson Billes invested their combined savings of $1,800 in The Hamilton Tire and Garage Ltd (established in 1909 as the Hamilton Garage and Rubber Company) in Toronto
  2. he most recognized of these are Mastercraft, SuperCycle (bicycles), BluePlanet (eco-friendly household cleaners, CFL bulbs and other innovative green items) and Motomaster (tires, batteries and other automotive goods).



  1. It is Canada’s second-largest chain of mass merchandise discount stores, with locations in communities across Canada
  2. A subsidiary of the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC), it has, as of August 1, 2012, 216 locations across the country.



  1. It is a brand of hand tools. It is a division of Stanley Black & Decker, following the 2010 merger of The Stanley Works with Black & Decker.
  2. It was founded in 1857 by Henry Stanley in New Britain, Connecticut.

22.bad boy records

  • bad boy


  1. It is a record label founded in 1993 by producer/rapper/entrepreneur Sean Diddy Combs
  2. Today, it operates as a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, and is distributed by Interscope Records



  1. It is a German manufacturer of PCs, notebooks and computer monitors
  2. They are known for their unique appearance with a big blue power button and three grey control buttons

24.dr. oetker

  • droetker
  • dr oetker
  • oetker


  1. It is a German company that produces baking powder, cake mixes, yogurts, frozen pizza and pudding.
  2. Also included in the portfolio are a maritime freight business, a bank, a publishing company, an insurance outfit, a brewery and a number of high-class hotels all over Europe.


  • Kärcher


  1. It s a German manufacturer of cleaning systems and equipment, known for its high-pressure cleaners
  2. It owns the American brands of Landa, Hotsy, and Shark pressure washers, Cuda parts washers, Watermaze water treatment systems, ProChem and Windsor floor cleaning systems.

26.ritter sport

  • ritter


  1. It is a German chocolate bar made by Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co.
  2. It is distributed throughout the world. Each 100 gram square-shaped bar is divided into 16 smaller squares, creating a four-by-four pattern



  1. It is the international governing body of association football, futsal and beach soccer.
  2. Its membership comprises 209 national associations (the United Nations has 193 member states).


  • orange county choppers


  1. It is a custom and production motorcycle manufacturer based in Orange County, New York, that was founded by Paul Teutul, Sr., and Paul Teutul, Jr., in 1999.
  2. The company was featured on American Chopper, a reality TV show that debuted in September 2002 on the Discovery Channel, which has contributed to the company’s quick rise to fame.



  1. It is an Australian sports equipment company, specialising in cricket and hockey equipment, named after the Australian kingfisher.
  2. The company notably manufactures the most widely used brand of ball used in One-day internationals and Test cricket.

30.Angry Birds


  1. It is a strategy puzzle video game developed by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Entertainment.
  2. Inspired primarily by a sketch of stylized wingless birds, the game was first released for Apple’s iOS in December 2009



  1. It is a brand of Ceylon tea.
  2. The company was founded in 1974 by Merrill J. Fernando.

32.Douwe Egberts


  1. It is a Dutch corporation that processes and trades coffee, tea, and other groceries.
  2. 2001 -The company collaborates with Philips to produce a coffee maker called Senseo.



  1. It is an American brand and trade name for the automotive additives, lubricants and performance division of Armored AutoGroup.
  2. Founded in 1953 in Saint Joseph, Missouri.



  1. It is often confused with the Krupp conglomerate.
  2. The copany competes with De’Longhi, Sunbeam, Braun, Russell Hobbs, Bosch and Black & Decker.


  • DeLonghi
  • De Longhi


  1. The company incorporated in 1950. Historically a major producer of portable heaters and air conditioners, the company has expanded to include nearly every category of small domestic appliances in the food preparation and cooking, as well as household cleaning and ironing, segments.
  2. The company is especially well known for the Artista Series espresso machines



  1. It is a United States computer hardware subsidiary of Dell, Inc
  2. It was founded in 1996 by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila



  1. It is the name of a home products line that includes preparation, storage, containment, and serving products for the kitchen and home, which were first introduced to the public in 1946.
  2. It was developed in 1946 by Earl Silas Tupper (1907ñ83) in Leominster, Massachusetts

38.Google plus

  • Google+


  1. is a multilingual social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc
  2. It was launched in June 28, 2011



  1. It ) is a electronic robotic toy resembling a hamster/owl-like creature which went through a period of being a must-have toy following its launch in the holiday season of 1998, with continual sales until 2000.
  2. They sold over 40 million units. Its speaking capabilities were translated into 24 languages.



  1. It is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems.
  2. In 1987, Thomas Knoll, a PhD student at the University of Michigan began writing a program on his Macintosh Plus to display grayscale images on a monochrome display. This program, called Display, caught the attention of his brother John Knoll, an Industrial Light & Magic employee, who recommended that Thomas turn it into a full-fledged image editing program.



  1. It is an American board game published by Parker Brothers.
  2. The game board consists of forty spaces containing twenty-eight properties (twenty-two colored streets, four railway stations and two utilities), three Chance spaces, three Community Chest spaces, a Luxury Tax space, an Income Tax space, and the four corner squares: GO, (In) Jail/Just Visiting, Free Parking, and Go to Jail.



  1. It is a social-network aggregation, magazine-format application software for Android and iOS.
  2. It collects the content of social media and other websites and presents it in magazine format and allows users to flip through their social-networking feeds and feeds from websites that have partnered with the company.



  1. IT is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan
  2. It is the fourth largest PC maker in the world.



  1. It is a Singapore-based global company headquartered in Jurong East, Singapore.
  2. The principal activities of the company and its subsidiaries consist of the design, manufacture and distribution of digitized sound and video boards, computers and related multimedia, and personal digital entertainment products.



  1. It is a worldwide leading brand in the manufacturing of camera and lighting supports.
  2. The owner , an Italian photojournalist, began designing light stands, booms, and telescopic rods in the late 1960s.



  1. Itis a Japanese photographic accessory maker based in Tokyo.
  2. 1944t Business was suspended due to war fire



  1. It was a Japanese manufacturer of, among other products, film, film cameras, camera accessories, photographic and photo-processing equipment, photocopiers, fax machines and laser printers.
  2. The company traces its history back to 1873 (pre-dating Kodak in the photography business) when pharmacist Rokusaburo Sugiura began selling photographic materials at his store in Konishiya Rokube, the biggest pharmacy trader in Tokyo at that time.[



  1. It is a Sony brand tradename originally used for portable audio cassette players, and now used to market Sony’s portable audio and video players as well as a line of former Sony Ericsson mobile phones.
  2. The prototype was built in 1978 by audio-division engineer Nobutoshi Kihara for Sony co-chairman Akio Morita, who wanted to be able to listen to operas during his frequent trans-Pacific plane trips.

49.Adobe Flash

  • flash


  1. It is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages.
  2. More recently, it has been positioned as a tool for Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)



  1. It is a German dairy giant based in Meitingen
  2. Founded in 1926, has since become an independent family company and is among the ten largest dairies in Germany.


  • Spiderman


  1. It is a fictional character, a comic book superhero who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics
  2. Created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, he first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962). Lee and Ditko conceived the character as an orphan being raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and as a teenager, having to deal with the normal struggles of adolescence in addition to those of a costumed crimefighter.



  1. It is a fictional character, a comic book superhero who appears in comic books published by DC Comics.
  2. He is widely considered to be an American cultural icon.



  1. It is an intergovernmental military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty which was signed on 4 April 1949.
  2. The headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium, one of the 28 member states across North America and Europe, the newest of which, Albania and Croatia, joined in April 2009.

54.Amazon Kindle

  • kindle
  • kindle fire


  1. It is a series of e-book readers now in its fourth generation.
  2. The eReaders enable users to shop for, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other digital media via wireless networking


  • Pokemons


  1. It is a media franchise published and owned by Japanese video game company Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996.
  2. Originally released as a pair of interlinkable Game Boy role-playing video games developed by Game Freak

56.Cut the rope


  1. It is a physics-based puzzle video game for handheld gaming platforms.
  2. It was developed in 2010 by Russian developers ZeptoLab and is published by Chillingo



  1. It is a leading Japanese company manufacturing optical products such as photomasks, photomask blanks and glass magnetic-memory disks, contact lenses and eyeglass lenses using the wavefront technology for the health-care market
  2. The headquarters are in 2-7-5 Naka-Ochiai, Shinjuku, Tokyo. Hoya Corporation is one of the Forbes Global 2000 Leading Companies and Industry Week 1000 Company



  1. It is a provider of social game services located in San Francisco, California.
  2. The company develops games that work both stand-alone on mobile phone platforms such as Apple iOS and Android and as application widgets on its website


  • pacman


  1. It is an arcade game developed by Namco and licensed for distribution in the United States by Midway, first released in Japan on May 22, 1980.
  2. The character has appeared in more than 30 officially licensed game spin-offs, as well as in numerous unauthorized clones and bootlegs



  1. It is a company operating mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, which is based in Monaco
  2. The company mainly produces tableware, cutlery, vacuum cleaners, water filters, cosmetics

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