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Lumbercraft is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Lumbercraft is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 9th November 2020 with the latest update 11th February 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


36,413 people have rated 2.3.1

You can download the game Lumbercraft from APP STORE.


Cut the wood.
Build your town.
Build towers.
Kill the enemies.

Updated on 11th February 2022

  • Bug Fixes

Lumbercraft Review

This game is an awesome game but when we play it, it sometimes lags. Can you fix that?

We used to enjoy this game so much more. We got back on after a while and now, there are simply way too many ads for us to enjoy the game as much as we used to. There is an ad after every level, after every couple upgrades, random ads popping up, etc. We havent gone more than about a minute without there being at least one ad disrupting our playing. It used to be much more enjoyable to kill time.

Love the game. We wish they would have a new castle level as we are at the max. But one bug that does not go away. There is a seed in the home town that you go up to and it turns to a giant stalk and then it locks up and crashes. This has happened since they added this seed. It crashes every time we try to go to it.

This is one of those pretty good games but in our opinion overloaded with ads. What we mean is every major action is met with an ad and at this point you can get every action free because it offers an ad to do something but there is no point to actually pay for it because there is an ad either way. Love the game but we think the developers need to restrict the ads to something like only getting an ad when you choose to get one.

Whenever we got the game we were a really high level which was good but then after we deleted it and then we got it back we did not get our stuff back would that be possible or just part of the game?

Theres way to many ads. You beat a level, ad. You go through a portal into another one, ad. You upgrade your gear, ad. We can barely go 30 seconds without an ad.

It was a good game before they had put all those ads It was our favorite game on our phone too but we had to delete it because of the space and the ads.

Im pretty sure we’ve spent more time seeing ads than actually playing the game the game is literally just a cycle upgrade heal go fight a couple waves come back and do the same this there needs to be more.

This game has to many adds each time we take a step theres a add but the game is fun but its not worth it whit the adds.

We wasnt able to play for longer than maybe 30 seconds of game time before being forced to watch an ad. If there is a good way to have ads, this isnt it.

Every minute or so, the game plays an ad. There are plenty of reasons to watch adswhile playing this app. But being forced to watch an ad is boring and deserves our 1 star rating.

It doesnt let us play the game it just a black screen thats all.

This game used to be fun to play offline but now it requires Wi-Fi and you get an ad with everything you interact with. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

This is not a game. Just an ad delivery device.

We loved this game more than any other as a kid.

We like this game but when we paid $2.99 for No Adds, Im still getting adds. When we level up 30 second adds when we need more lumber 30 second adds. Game play is nice but no instructions to tell you what you need to do. So we will only give it 2 stars until the add situation is taken care of.

Really fun game that we genuinely enjoyed playing until the ad frequency was increased. There are ads every minute that make it unplayable.

We like the concept of the game but we cant play 30 seconds without a ad playing!!! Given the option to pay coins for upgrade or watch a ad. And you choose to pay coins an add plays! You attacked and defeat the an ad plays. They dont stop with the freaking ads!!! We enjoyed what little of the game we got to play between all the ads but enough is enough!

Just an ad spammer that forces you to be online to play. These games should be removed. A pure cancer.

Play for a few seconds you get a AD. It cycles over and over like this. We have to close out of the app every time theres an AD just to continue. Its become annoying as heck. So this game is getting deleted. We dont understand why they couldnt just of had the normal bottom of game google AD. That doesnt get in the way. The AD shows the player is able to continue with no problems. But no they stick a full page video AD. So because of the video AD appearing every few seconds this app is the weakest link. Goodbye.

A game that can easily be played offline requires you to be always connected to the internet for what? To run your ads? No thanks.

Ill start with the good, the game doesnt seem to be money hungry. We’ve had it so long we’ve actually almost maxed everything out (everything level 999) after the last update or so it brought in the option to earn these gem things to buy pets and cool looking stuff and personalise the little set ups. We maxed all that out as well we have everything the game offers yet we keep it around because its nice to pass the time when youre depressed/bored/waiting. Now for the not so bad but not good, as mentioned before about earning the gems to personalise the little vendors, after the first day of having everything perfect how we wanted it (having fully upgraded everything) its back to the bland look from before the update. No matter what we do it wont fix Only reason we didnt give a full 5 star rating is because of how repetitive the game gets its great to log into maybe twice a day and collect the wood, sell it, upgrade your character so that when you do finally go into the fighting portion youre super strong with an impossible to defeat lifespan but its the same thing every day. Login, collect, sell, spin wheel once a day, repeat. Even the levels are the same every 5-10 it resets to the same exact level layout and amount of enemies/type of enemies.

Way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way too many ads.

This game was fun for a day or two. Now random ads pop up every 5 seconds. Ruins the game.

We got this game and enjoyed it. It started getting annoying when the ads became way to prevalent. We kept it downloaded as when Im in areas where we dont have service we like to play games. They made it so that you can no longer play without a internet connection, which is only used for ads, and because of this we will delete it.

They make it where you never get the jackpot on the wheel.

This is the most ridiculous ad game there is. Every time you do anything an ad will play right after. Chop down a tree ad, sell wood ad, complete a challenge ad. Just a nothing game with ads.

Its the best u can fight with armor and stuff u have to make it by trading wood for gold its the best game we recommend this game is for any age.

Good game need new updates castle only upgrades to level 8 after that game get boring.

It would be cool to have a helmet, breastplate and leggings. And add a new sword the corrupted fury What we mean is add new armor.

This game is so addictive but you have to wait a lot for wood to load.

We love video games like this the zone 5 is so hard and we love the end of the game we first played the game on June 20th 2021 from Quentin Apgar to iPhone.

Tho there is one thing that we must say add sound thats it.

This has to be one of our favorite mobile games! You can basically do whatever you want! We really do wish there was sounds for upgrading, cutting down the trees, and basically everything! Normally in another mobile games, you have to watch a full 30 second ad, but this game you dont have to. Which is why this game is so good. Love the game, developers did a great job and please add some sounds to make this our favorite mobile game!

So it is ok! The game is bad and we like how it is so nothing wrong but one question why do you need wood for? JUST ASKING.

Best game we have ever played in our life!!!!!!!

Only rated 5 so our comment doesnt get hidden.

We love the game but theyre too many ads we cant even upgrade anything without getting a ad.

Why do you have so many ads? And we know you want us to use WiFi so you can flood us with ads HAHA! We FOILED YOU! SUS.

This app is our best friend it is the most amazing game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!