Mafia City: War of Underworld

Mafia City: War of Underworld

Mafia City: War of Underworld

Mafia City: War of Underworld is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by VoyagerOne Pte. Ltd., Mafia City: War of Underworld is a Strategy game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 16th May 2017 with the latest update 27th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Mafia City: War of Underworld ?

124,076 people have rated 1.6.712

What is the price of the Mafia City: War of Underworld ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Mafia City: War of Underworld released ?

Mafia City: War of Underworld was released on 16th May 2017.

When was the Mafia City: War of Underworld updated ?

The latest updated date of Mafia City: War of Underworld on 27th April 2023.

Where can Mafia City: War of Underworld be downloaded ?

You can download the game Mafia City: War of Underworld from Apple Official App Store.



◎ Return of the dragon! The 3rd installment of the Mafia City x YAKUZA Cross-Over is here! ◎
(Cross-Over Time: April 28th – May 8th, 2023)

◎ Legends Return to Mafia City ◎
▲ April 28th-30th, the YAKUZA series protagonist [Kazuma Kiryu] and [Goro Majima] are back as Vigilantes for a limited time!
▲ May 1st-3rd, Vigilantes [Akira Nishikiyama] and [Ryuji Goda] return to battle for a limited time! Also, popular Babe [Koyuki] awaits your call!
▲ May 1st-8th, [Legendary Yakuza Kazuma] and [Night Lord Goro] Vigilante Skins return for a limited time!

◎ A Flurry of Events Await ◎
▲ May 2nd-8th, the new Leader Appearance [Kazuma Leader] is available for a limited time. Rule the city like never before!
▲ May 1st-8th, the new Vigilante [Taiga Saejima] makes his debut and is available for a limited time. One of the YAKUZA’s strongest warriors can help you dominate the city!

▲ Compete to become the godfather in an excellent strategy game.
▲ Date sexy babes who support you with undying loyalty.
▲ It’s a real-time interactive turf war with daily conflicts.

●● Game Features ●●
● A 3D/HD screen that allows you to zoom in to manage your turf in incredible detail.
● You’ll need to manage technology trees to acquire the most potent crew members.
● Weekly updates of extensive maps loaded with various adversaries and unique buildings.
● Weekly events celebrating cultures worldwide.

Ready for war, boss. The future of the underworld depends on you! Write one fine legacy while you’re at it!

●● 4 Types of Recruitable Crew Members! ●●

▲ Bulkers: Brawlers that’ll defend your crew and devour contenders.
▲ Shooters: Gallant gunners with the ability to wield all sorts of long-range weapons.
▲ Bikers: Get on your bike and ride to lightning-fast speeds, pull off heists, and leave the streets ablaze.
▲ Modified Vehicles: Retrofitted vehicles that’ll terrorize alleyways and transport stolen goods.

▲ Subscription Benefits:
① Validity: 7 days (from the day of purchase until the 7th day at 11:59:59 PM)

② Claimable Rewards: 100 Energy1, 100 Gold3, 20K Leader EXP1, 1 Elite Seed Box, and a Lv.4 Custom Resource Chest15.

③ Available Buffs: A Gathering Speed Bonus for Cash, Cargo, and Arms.

④ Your iTunes account will only be charged when you subscribe, and it gets renewed. A notice of the next charge will be sent 24 hours before the validity period ends.

⑤ The renewal is automatic and can only be canceled by manually turning off the "Auto-Subscribe" option 24 hours before the validity period ends.

⑥ Canceling the subscription will only stop its renewal; it won’t end the benefits of the last subscription.

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

▲ Subscription Benefits:
① Validity: 30 Days (from the day of purchase until the 30th day at 23:59:59)

② Claimable Daily Rewards: 100 Gold3, a Family Token V4, Family Gold1500, a 5-Min Speedup12, a 1-hr Speedup2, and an 8-hr Family Gold Production Boost1.

③ Available Buffs: A family point and family reputation bonus.

④ Your iTunes account will only be charged when you subscribe, and it gets renewed. A notice of the next charge will be sent 24 hours before the validity period ends.

⑤ The renewal is automatic and can only be canceled by manually turning off the "Auto-Subscribe" option 24 hours before the validity period ends.

⑥ Canceling a subscription will only stop its renewal; it won’t end the benefits of the last subscription.

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

Mafia City Studio
Official Customer Service Email: [email protected]

Official Facebook Fan Page:

Customer Service – Secretary (The Secretary is at Your Side!)

Updated on 27th April 2023

【New Content】

  1. [Mafia City x YAKUZA] Cross-over: [Kamurocho Share Gifts] – Share to get a Cross-over Vigilante for Free! (Starts on April 28th, 2023 at 00:00 (City Time))
  2. [Mafia City x YAKUZA] Cross-over: [YAKUZA Returns Reunion Order] – Recall friends and get great Rewards! (Starts on April 28th, 2023 at 00:00 (City Time))
  3. [Mafia City x YAKUZA] Cross-over: [Kamurocho Vacation] –A legend reappears in Mafia City (Starts on May 1st, 2023 at 00:00 (City Time))
  4. [Mafia City x YAKUZA] Cross-over: [The Slayer of Eighteen- Taiga Saejima] – The bravest of them all! (Available from May 1st, 2023 at 00:00 (City Time))

【New Features】

  1. Decoration Interface:
    (1) Celestial Window Turf Effect
    (2) Flower Bunny Combined Turf Effect
    (3) Champion’s Tenacity Social Decoration Set
    (4) Overlord S13 Social Decoration Set
    (5) Pioneer Mafian Title
    (6) Master Mafian Title
    (7) Supreme Executive Title
    (8) Overlord S13 Title
    (9) Easter Bunny 2023 Column
    (10) Snowman Island Courtyard Decoration
    (11) Igloo Island Courtyard Decoration
    (12) Mini Winter Cabin Island Courtyard Decoration
    (13) Winter Luxury Resort Island Courtyard Decoration
  2. Raid Settings: A [Raid Block List] has been added. Leaders that cause the cancellation of [City Raids] within 3 days can be added to the blacklist. As a result, they will not be able to participate in any City Raids. Only Mayors and Officials are able to use this feature.
  3. Garden: A "Flower Lock" feature has been added. Flowers that are locked in the warehouse cannot be sold.
  4. Achievements: The Achievement Star level of [Superior Boss] has been increased. Leaders may obtain different Permanent Titles as a Reward for reaching higher star levels.
  5. Daily Supplies: Cumulative Login Reward has been added. Login for the corresponding number of days to get great Rewards and Permanent Decorations.
  6. Emoticons: A few Emoticons have been added.
  7. Some special sound and visual effects have been added.

【Optimization & Adjustments】

  1. Parts of the interface have been optimized and updated. A few descriptions were modified and refined.
  2. Medallions Optimization: Medallions that have not been equipped can now be shared to chats.
  3. Clan Kickback Optimization: Leaders can now obtain better Rewards from [Major Kickback].
  4. Everbright Lighthouses Optimization: Once Lighthouse Durability reaches max, using Maintenance Stones will add to a leader’s personal contribution.
  5. Clan Bounty Order Optimization: Materials gathered from the Seven Seas Map will count towards the Clan Bounty Order’s Gathering Material Task as a 500% increase.
  6. Clan Confirmation Mail Optimization: A "Copy" feature has been added. Tap and hold a text to copy.

【Fixed Content】

  1. Fixed an issue concerning the Wear Rate not taking effect after a Lighthouse’s Durability reaches max.
  2. Fixed an issue concerning the ability to place the [Rogue Dealer] on War Island.
  3. Fixed the incorrect display of the Island Upgrade Preview. The incorrectly displayed content has been deleted.

Mafia City: War of Underworld Review

We think whoever talks bad about this game theyre Trippin!!! Mafia City is really fun and we find myself enjoying it a lot even at night when we dont enjoy that much. It would take a piggy funny moments with memes to make us laugh at night. This game isnt supposed to make you laugh but more supposed to make you happy. And thats exactly what it does with us. If we could, we would write a 10 out of five stars. Keep up the good work devs.

We found our new favorite coping skill.

The game says we issued a refund and if we didnt use whichever pack that we can move forward with a refund, but how do we get to see if we didnt use it? We accident click a purchase but we never authorized it and it still went thru so thats why we asked for a refund, we have only authorized a 99 cent pack..

Everything costs too much for what you get.

This game is a rip off waste of money there scanning us again trying to block our account for a refund that is not true and we have screen shots of too but it wont let us show screenshots. Im a great active player played 7 yrs and spend little of money into this game spent over $35k in this and this is how these ppl are treating everyone and everybody its not right. Ppl now we know we told and showed them screenshots their about to quit game cause of all this hassle.

Make sure to record everything or take screenshot because you wont get rewards for events you participate in if you dont provide picture or video. Developer cares only to charge your credit card, not for you to enjoy in game and grow and have fun!!!

What a God awful game. There are so many flashing, rotating, blinking screen elements all over the screen theres little room for game play. Of coarse most are wanting real money. Very difficult to understand what is going on. Theres little contrast between items. It all looks the same. Very little thought went into the development of this one. Its a easy delete after we submitted our review.

Hi, we have a few questions about your game. We were recently blocked for a harmless comment but if you check the rating for the game, you should be 17 years or older do you guys have sexual themes in the game realistic violence. So our mind is blown on how we get blocked for saying dont your people have sex with goats. Dont you think thats a bit of a double standard? Its an adult game and Im being blocked for saying something not vulgar racist or anything a joke misinterpreted. Blocking players for normal conversation is wrong. Attack a player and leveling theyre city and that player being mad and trash talking and you responding and reporting you for responding out of spite because theyre bitter is WRONG!! You guy have no problem talking our money but your RULES have so many holes in them. Its a war game there will be trash talking.

We like it, very enjoyable, especially considering we dont play these games often if ever.

We downloaded the game today and we were truly loving it ! Although we closed the application and now the game just is taking forever to load and its definitely not internet connection problems Id love if you could fix that thank you so much!

Customer support helped our issue.

They are being very ominous fair with our bf . They are greedy and dont work with their users. They refuse refunds they dont help when new player make mistakes . They just want money.

Love this game. Its always interesting.

This is another one of those games that are not what they say they are. It is mostly not about mafia it is about what it calls babes and all that bad stuff.

Tried several times to request for our account and user data be deleted. Each time they refused and tried to engage in conversation, tried to keep us from deleting our account, etc. Still have not honored our request. Its a total violation of privacy laws what they are doing by denying these requests. Yotta Games is owned/operated by the CCP. Their US based office is in Los Angeles, CA. Read other reviews on Yotta Games and youll see what a scam this company is. They need to be investigated by the Federal government. This game is purely a pay-to-play game owned/operated by the Chinese and a massive data mining operation. Stay far, far away from this one!

We cannot get into our game. Been trying for last 10 hours. Our truce will soon fall in Seven seasons.

We love this game very much except for one thing. We hat the fact that somebody who has more money then us can easily surpass our stats in a matter of 2 days of creating an account. We understand the whole pay to win thing but there should be some type of limit of power until you have played for some time.

Pretty sweet game so far! We like the idea of the gameplay! Very smooth!

Great game to spend some time on. Even without spending you can grow stronger.

How does one get a refund? We purchased some items that were done on accident.

We love this game and actually have two accounts on it but unfortunately there is no option to delete our second account as we dont use it. The only option we have is to unlink our email and we’ve messaged the game developers and they are no help as they send you on a scavenger hunt for the privacy related request form on there website which it doesnt exist.

Im a 32 year old who has participated in things we shouldnt have, but the appeal of this game attracts all users, of all ages, and since its mafia based, we do noticed more lewd behavior. You have mothers posting pictures of their bodies and it gets real weird quick. Then to think that a lot of the users who applaud her are 14 or so. It happens in this game specifically. Super weird. Past that its just a toxic game. Not fun. Pay to win. Just tap tap tap then go to chat and see racist or something else in the chat.

We have been playing this game for years now. Have met so many people enemies and team members. Very fun game so much to do and expanding your army and leveling up your mansion is a big accomplishment. We think the game is awesome and will continue to play and contribute.

Us encanta este juego. Llevo ms de un ao jugando y hay muchas historias que contar en el trayecto. 5 estrellas y si hubiera 10 se lo dara .

It not work it locks screen up.

One of the best games from a phone in a very long time.

First off, lets state that Mafia City is WAY, WAY; better then Mobile Strike! M.S. Is impossible to play unless you are willing to spend thousands monthly! Now as for improvements. Certain things like Mansion Appearance Puzzle Pieces that tend to cost good money, should be exchangeable if a newer or more desired look is released. You should be able to trade in unused puzzle pieces (frags) of Mansion (and other personalization upgrades) looks that you no longer want; for ones you do on a 1:1 exchange ratio. If you havent activated the look, you should be able to exchange. All countries should pay the same for Packs! If the exchange rates and Apples App system prevent that, then countries that pay more (like the United States) should get extra percs in those packs verse a pack sold in say China, Japan or South Korea. The in-game translator needs some work/tweaking! Otherwise, a great game! Id give it 5-Stars (id be willing to update with full five stars) if Mafia City adds the puzzle piece/frag exchange ability!

We have been playing for sometime now and what was advertised is not the same. We see from reviews a response is made through fb etc. We were very disappointed in the even the seven seas this event just had too much going on compared to the last event that was given. Also we understand someone would like to enjoy your game more if you did not have to always pay pay pay and more pay pay. Some just enjoy playing the game, and meeting new friends from all parts of the world. Just a suggestion we are choosing to no longer play because of friendship that we have developed no longer want to continue to put money into a game that is not equal for all. Thanks for the gaming.

This game does not work in any way like it is advertised. You dont start out as a level 1 crook and work your way up. It is completely different from the ads, we deleted it.

Its pretty suspicious that the game has a way to contact the GM in game but, if you use it, youre ignored until you repeatedly send messages and then when they do reply, youre directed to contact them through another app called line. Very unfair gameplay. The translator does not work most often. The GM will also not assist in any issues you may have. We’ve sent them screenshots of issues and they just ignore it. Most recently, the game is giving us prompts in Chinese but, we dont speak Chinese not have that as our default language. We’ve sent the issue along with screenshots to the GM and we’ve never heard back. If you dont plan on spending any money on games, dont bother downloading this game. Its a total pay to play game and if you dont spend literally thousands of dollars, you will never be able to compete with anyone in this game which is very unfair gameplay. We wish apple store would address some of these issues since the game makes no attempt at fixing any problems. The interfaces on the events can be rather confusing and you also need to be good at math to even come remotely close to understanding the battle formations. Even then, you will be mind boggled at how your statistics will be higher than another player but, you will lose a battle. It truly doesnt make any sense. The game just says that only happens if stats are close. Not true at all. Even if you stayed on this game 24 hours a day, you would still not be able to complete most events because those are pay to play also. Any player should be able to complete the events. Money should be able to speed that up or get you additional points to rank higher but, everyone should be able to complete events whether they pay money or not at bare minimum. The things you will need to get stronger are far out of reach without literally thousands. For example, theres many, many packs in this game that are $99.99 and even that doesnt complete a set or give you enough points to get what youre trying to acquire. The developers are also guilty of false advertisement. Most players have stated they downloaded the game due to the ads for the game but, you will see the game is absolutely NOTHING like the ad shows. Very disappointing that Apple allows this. Yotta games can be found online with many, many poor reviews. These people are scammers. Game is trash. The developers are the grimy dumpster.

If you dont have deep pockets, this game is not for you…

A cheap copy of clash of kings.

We gotta get to mansion lvl 25 idk how hard that is but we are gunna do that for 160 big ones.

Kudos for being the only game app with voice acting. But it is atrocious dude sounds like hes struggling to read That aside The introduction to the story is good.

We cant stop playing.. We will control the world. Our clan that is.

We enjoying playing the game. We like buying the gold packs. Hope the developers add more to the story line.

We love to play its so hard to receive good awards.

Its fun till you get attacked by people double your size and you lose all your crew that took a month to train. Waste your time. And money if you bought their crap. Also never got our $40 to play the game to lvl21.

The game will have you waiting for 2 days on a timer where you cant play unless youre spending money, otherwise youre not going to be able to play the game. The opponents that youre playing against are more than likely the owners of the game, they definitely will destroy your accomplishments, delete your gold, more pop up to buy buy buy than the law allows, and most of the conversations that they have you join because you really cant play with out a and all of the clans are not typing in English. They will definitely destroy your accomplishments and then they glitch the game for hours and youre not able to play it at all. They will respond to all of the comments with a standard template to every post. And if you are playing for the cash rewards they will not pay you!

Endless waiting for an answer to an in game purchase never received. Was billed instantly. Provided them with all the info from our end no response!!!!!

Game crashes approximately every 15 seconds. After each crash, takes approximately 2 minutes to load the game screen again, and approximately 3 minutes to be able to actually click on something. For example, to get to the main screen where your house is shown next to other houses, which is the very first thing you should do when opening the game in order to ensure that your Energy is replenishing after these tasks, it takes approximately 3 minutes after game loading, in order to click on and complete one of these missions. Game crashes completely approximately every 15 seconds, disappearing from your screen and requiring you to "load" for 2 minutes again. Game tasks literally cannot be accomplished because 15 seconds is not enough time for the buttons that you click on to actually do something.

Do not waste your time with this game. Do not waste your money on this game. It is a black hole bottomless pit game designed to enticing the player to spend spend spend until you’ve spent on your own destruction.

Unable to follow through on task. Cant click to complete action.

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