Make It Fly!

Last updated on November 28th, 2022 at 10:10 pm

Make It Fly!

Make It Fly!

Make It Fly! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by TapNice Sp. z o.o., Make It Fly! is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 6th March 2021 with the latest update 17th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Make It Fly! ?

6,088 people have rated 1.4.16

What is the price of the Make It Fly! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Make It Fly! released ?

Make It Fly! was released on 6th March 2021.

When was the Make It Fly! updated ?

The latest updated date of Make It Fly! on 17th October 2022.

Where can Make It Fly! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Make It Fly! from Apple Official App Store.



Become a master constructor and create flying machines that stand the test of quality – only sky’s the limit! Build your own airplanes and use them to complete exciting missions. Are you ingenious enough to make all of it work?


  • Intuitive building interface – use available elements in your own, creative way
  • Various tasks to complete – think about them when you build!
  • Unlock new types of elements & bases – never run out of ideas!
  • Become a pilot and a constructor – hold your fate in your hand!

Make it Fly is the ultimate dream of a flight enthusiast. Not only complete exciting flying tasks, but do it in the planes of your own design and creation!

Create the most effective flying contraptions you can think of or go crazy and see if the wildest machines you can imagine can still fly. Complete all of the challenges the game has in store for you or invite your own.

Live your own dream about flying. Sky’s the limit!

Updated on 17th October 2022

Bug fixes and improvements
thanks for playing and support!

Make It Fly! Review

Could you please add some way to control your plane while in flight?

The game is fun, but the millions of ads ruin the game, every other game its an ad, during the game , an ad, its just a lot, the game is fun overall though.

Way too many ads its crazy more than one per minute. Most are long and unskippable.

Yet another game where you spend more time watching adds than playing the game. Skip.

Game does not play like the ad. Speaking of those the game is full of them.

There is way to many advertisements in this game you cant even play. You get interrupted all the time. Its a fun game but the ads ruin it for us. Very disappointed!

Well made, but pushes you to watch ads.

We like this game so much we should rate five stars!

Its fun but we want to recommend new skins so its not just the astronaut dude thanks and stuff.

Will you be updating the game and adding new levels?

We are having so much fun with this game and if you do not want adds just turn off your wifi.

We like it so far still have a lot to do.

We cant sit around and play this game bc of all the ads. Cool game but the amount of ads they run is ridiculous.

This game has to many adds so if play be waned.

There are ads after everything you do, so annoying.

Decent game but entirely too many adsdelete until fixed..

The game is designed so that there is minimal progression and youll have to watch at least 20 ads in 10 min which is so dumb and a waste of time make the game more fun and people will want to pay.

Basically just a repeatable slingshot game. You cant reach the goal until you upgrade a certain amount with the same amount of money you earn each time. Building the planes different doesnt really do much so theres no skill or challenge, just build like they tell you to, launch 4 times till its upgraded enough to reach the end, rinse and repeat.

If developers made games they really care about we wouldnt be bombarded with ads. Make it fly is so full of ads that skipping through them is its own mini game.

This is a cool concept of a game, but when you have to watch an ad after almost every turn it gets annoying very quick. Its like 15 seconds of game time followed by 30 seconds of ad time. Especially since this is a game of trial and error where sometimes youll have to have many tries to pass a level.

Ads for everything you do. The worse part is once you get the parts to actually fly the game gives you a ad that cant be skid once closing and returning to the game those parts are now crossed out and unable to use. Deleted instantly. Please avoid this game.

Would like to play a bit more. Way too much time spent watching adds.

The game doesnt let you have any creative options when building. The pieces are forced into a specific place in the vehicle leaving no options.

Its like you have to watch 3 thirty second ads before you get to play game. Then to upgrade on each level, you have to watch ads on top of those other ads. Ads freezes yah phone too. Its all the same ads on thousands of games in the app store thats super annoying. It really ruins the gaming experience.

This game has more ads than super bowl Sunday.

As you play they increase the number of ads after about10 minutes thers an ad between every launch and a launch takes like 3-7 seconds. So this game has an add to game ratio of about 1-6 favoring the ads.

When upgrading the slingshot, engine or the bonus, the upgrade goes up but it does not make any changes to the power of your plane.

Youll be playing make it ad instead of make it fly.

Ads pop up during play which is super annoying. We deleted the game because of that. Other than that its a fun game.

Ill never download a game again till they stop and we mean just not an ad every 10 seconds gets old.

The adds are too much it ruins the game experience.

Not worth downloading with an add every time you make 5 clicks.

So many ads if you want upgrade to pass a single level you have to watch ads and even if you dont it will give you ads and the ads are repetitive.

Its a shame that no one can just enjoy playing games anymore due to all the ADS every minute we guess Im just going to stop downloading games off here and just go to console gaming. This is getting to be too much and no one has the time to just sit and watch ADS.

Fun game but theres so many adds we refuse to play any more.

We’ve put it to the test. You upgrade and the craft ends up smacking the same spot. Throw another upgrade on the slingshot still no change. After testing multiple stages and multiple builds and power percentages we feel we can with a high degree of certainty say that the code is written this way on purpose.

The amount of ads on this game is insane. We forgot we were even playing a game, we thought we were just watching endless commercials.

We saw a ton of ads that are targeted at LGBTQ. Parents dont let your kids download this app for that reason. Ads play a ton as well.

Way too many ads. No time to enjoy game.

If we download a mobile game, is to have fun not to see ads.

So, adds right? To many these guys are money hungry with adds.

The game essentially forces you to purchase the no ad version otherwise it makes the game unplayable with all random ads and ads you need to watch to play; shame it seemed like a good game.

Another app you spent most of the time watching ads instead of enjoying the app, yet the dev insists on giving it a review within like 1 min of using the app. So here is our review.

Add skins Add boxes where you can expand your plane and stuff Add idk maybe speed planes where you compete with online players and you gotta build a plane as fast as you can and then race it Thanks for reading :D bye.

Afo ahmad amedi na ahmad amed.

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