Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot

Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot

Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot

Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Teewee Limited, Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 27th September 2022 with the latest update 6th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot ?

3,930 people have rated 3.60.093

What is the price of the Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot released ?

Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot was released on 27th September 2022.

When was the Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot updated ?

The latest updated date of Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot on 6th January 2023.

Where can Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot be downloaded ?

You can download the game Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot from Apple Official App Store.



The brand-new match 3 bubble shooter game! Shoot balls, solve puzzles, decorate the ship and earn coins.

Marble Master is a match-3 bubble shoot game, which breaks the border of the traditional marble game, a creative fusion of marble game and dramatic adventure experience. Using the power of marble to defeat the monsters that guard the treasures, and achieve the title of the greatest adventurer and the Marble Master.


  • Classic gameplay. Beat interesting levels by matching marble balls, relive the classic Zumba gameplay.
  • Dramatic plot design. See the interaction between Esther and Mr.Mask — their chemistry makes you laugh.
  • Novel treasure puzzle. Numerous magic treasures with different solutions for unlocking them. You can exhibit them in your private museum.
  • Ship Decoration. Dress up your deck and cabin with beautiful furnitures. A handsome ship is always a good travel partner.
  • Uncover fantastic events. Save the birds or begin a desert tour, enrich your journey.


  • Tap the screen and shoot marbles! Easy peasy!
  • Match at least three marbles to blast them, to stop them from the suction of the vortex.
  • Complete various level targets! Don’t worry! Not a big deal for a marble game fan!
  • Complete the level and collect treasures from the jungle, desert, Iceland, and volcano; fill your museum collection!


Email: [email protected]

Updated on 6th January 2023

Welcome to Marble Master,
In this update

  1. New Chapter with 50 Newly Designed Levels.
  2. Interesting Obstacles to Challenge.
  3. Game Optimization.

Download the newest version of Marble Master now and embark on your marble blast journey with us!!
Have fun and please share your valuable opinion with us!

Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot Review

Hi Gamers, this game is very entertaining one. This one help your brain activity with excellent exercise. Come try it and enjoy your time Normita76.

We like the game, just not waiting for half a minute every couple of levels to watch ads. We purchased the no ads forever feature, but still have ads on our game. This is bad, and unfair. How do we let them know so they can fix the issue?

A fun & great stress reliever. #Perfect.

Phantom cloud balls stay on the screen. It makes it very hard to play. We have reinstalled the game and lost all of our progress. It started in level 711. Now we are unfortunately back in level 42 and having the same issues. Its unfortunate because we really like this game.

Im on Level 774 and there have been so many issues with the last 20-ish levels. Things dont leave the screen from one level to the next without restarting the game and the targets youre trying to hit sometimes dont even exist.

We used to have fun playing this game but the amount of ads and the length of the ads is ridiculous. 30 second ad at the beginning and the end of the level is insane. Waste of time. Life is too short for this.

Most of the time Game Doesnt Load when it does it gets stuck. Ads get stuck waste of playing time.

Love the game but stuck on level 762. We need 12 honeycombs but only 2 appear at the beginning and thats it. Can you fix this please?

First of all buying the no ads option for 2.00 does not eliminate nonstop every turn ads it just eliminates 3rd party apps. You still have to turn down ads for extras every time you end a level or start a level. Its the only game we have ever played where you click the level button and instead of giving you the level it pops up a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy some extra. You say GIVE UP instead of no and then it takes you back to the screen you were just on. Click the level button again and claim you bonuses. Three screen of hitting claim to continue and watching their little cutesy animations then back to the page you were on. Literally you have to turn down their ads every level. But the craziest part is that they use the number of lives you have available unless you want to buy some extra lives or unlimited lives for even more money. We mean this game will nickel and dime you to death to get the experience you expect from a game like this. The real cost of this game is around $10 if your time is free so you dont mind all the ads you thought you paid to get rid of. And because it put the next level button in the same space you get frustrated and click there only to find out they slipped a button to buy something in that exact spot. If you dont pay attention you could get charged over and overall. Its intentionally trying to trap you. Gameplay is pretty good but they dont explain the different balls very well if at all. And if a big combo is happening, you cant move or shoot. This is a problem with poor programming theres no reason the game controls should stop because you got a combo. And this game is unlike all the other games where you have to kill all the balls. Sometimes thats true but sometimes you have to get C a certain color of ball a certain number of times. The. The game abruptly stops and they get to upsell you on another trinket or something. This game uses the same assets and structure as all of these overburdened apps with too much going on to really pay attention. The turns are fast and the ads are ridiculous. We would much rather buy the app with all the garbage added and no 3rd party ads or internal ads for 5$ than to deal with nonstop interruptions in game flow and constant nagging attempts to extort more money from you. Please reconsider your charging model.

Love the game! But please explain to us what the different boosters do and how to use them. Like the cannon looking oneI select it but we cant tell it does anything for us. Need a tutorial.

We enjoyed the game for a short period of time. But every round you finish you get a 30 second commercial. Want a reward? Watch another commercial? Okay a special round? Watch 2 commercials! If you like a game where you are overrun with the same commercial running over and over, this is a game for you as the game itself is good. But if you are inpatient with the same commercial running every couple of minutes, you will delete and not return.

We paid to remove ads but it doesn’t matter. The game will randomly open an ad that switches us to the App Store in the middle of a level. This happens repeatedly and nothing fixed it. We emailed the developer but they asked for screenshots then never answered. It makes the game basically unplayable. It’s a shame because we really enjoy the actual gameplay but no one can play a game that does this in the middle of every level over and over, especially after PAYING to remove ads.

We love the game but the game keeps freezing up each time we complete a level. We have to keep shut it down to refresh and at times it does not keep track of the level just completed.

Good revival but way too many ads. Finish a level theres ad, start level another, booster ads, every 2 levels theres another ad mid level. Theres even ads for you to pay for events or stop ads $2 for 8 min.

We paid for no ads and guess what? We have more ads than ever! What a rip off! We liked this game and never pay but we decided to get rid of annoying ads. Well that was a mistake. Dont waste your money! Also you cant contact them about it. Im very disappointed. It was a good game.

We love these marble games. This one has fun challenges throughout. It would, theoretically, be a 5-star game. The ads are insane though – and we’ve seen a lot of comments about this. We paid for the ad-free version, but there are still a lot of ads – to get free coins, to rewind. The worst part – and the reason for only 3 stars – is that Ill be literally in the middle of a game and go to throw a marble and our screen will switch to an ad in the middle of a level. We close the ad screen to go back to our game and it pops back up at least once, but usually 2-3 more times. Its very frustrating. The developer seriously needs to manage the ad situation. The game also crashes and, if we do watch an ad for free coins, the screen will turn white and Ill have to restart. The game is fun but super glitchy.

It was great for good long while-over 500 levels. We couldnt click on any extra videos and we uninstalled and reinstalled. It set us at level 1. We tried to restore our progressnothing. Beware. Now the sane thing is happening again at level 51.

Enjoying a new take on a favorite old game.

Update: we deleted the game, reinstalled, then had to go into the settings to Restore Purchases, and after that it started working correctly, without the ads. We lost all our progress, but wasnt very far along. Now that it works, we like the game a lot! Original: we paid the $1.99 to play with no ads, but they keep coming anyway. Also, after we paid, the game became jerky, where it was smooth and easy before. Our iPad said that the sale went through successfully. Something is definitely amiss.

This game is very frustrating. We paid for no ads but realized that if you wanted to earn coins to replay you had to watch ads. And then, Id watch the ads and at the end of the ad, the screen would go blank about 80% of the time and we would have to restart the game which took us back to the point BEFORE we watched the ad so they got credit for us watching the ad and we gotnothing! Sad, could be a good game but it has serious problems and is not worth struggling with it.

Great game but ads are super annoying & trying to pay to remove them doesnt work! Please fix this.

We forgot how much fun this game was.

Every level you pass ads come on. Its annoying.

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