Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria!

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Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria!

Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria!

Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by DevGame OU, Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria! is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th November 2020 with the latest update 7th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Family, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria! ?

26,159 people have rated 1.3.6

What is the price of the Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria! released ?

Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria! was released on 16th November 2020.

When was the Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria! updated ?

The latest updated date of Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria! on 7th February 2023.

Where can Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria! from Apple Official App Store.



Anybody ordered a pizza? We deliver fresh, juicy pizza all around the world in 30 minutes, because it is Masha and the Bear, and they are opening their own pizzeria!
All the characters of the series can’t wait to try it!
Join Masha and start cooking!

What’s inside:

  • 9 hungry guests!
  • 16 pizza recipes!
  • 35 ingredients!

Take orders!
There are Margaritas, Pepperonis, Mexican pizzas, as well as 10 other varieties in our menu! We even have one with strawberries! What pizza has the guest chosen this time?

Make pizza!
We’ll flatten the dough, add some pepperonis, tomatoes, basil, mushrooms, olives, onions and other ingredients! Some pepper, a bit of salt – and there we go – the pizza is ready to meet the oven! Don’t forget to grate some cheese on top to have a delicious brown crust! So many ingredients, recipes and combinations – where else will you see this?

Deliver orders!
We’ll have to make it snappy to leave our every customer full and happy!
Pop into the pizza-car and off we go – delivering our culinary masterpiece while it’s hot!
A bee swarm ahead? Got a flat tyre? See a gap on the way? Nothing to worry about! Masha and the Bear will handle anything without dropping an olive!

At the end of the journey, what’s left is to cut the pizza and say Bon appetit!

Masha’s hands are full with orders so she won’t make it without you! Put an apron on, get a rolling pin, and let us make the best pizza on Earth!

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Updated on 7th February 2023

Improved the stability of the app!

Masha and The Bear: Pizzeria! Review

Can you make this game not be paid.

We love this this. Game can cause it is appropriate for everyone and every age.

We will give this game five stars.

The way we make the pizzas are so good and we love it so happy for the pizzas adios.

Im so glad you found a new game.

It is sooo much fun we will play this every day our new go to game(:

Marcia this game is really fun we like to watch your videos our kids are having fun making pizza thank you for making a wonderful game. Thank you youre very helpful again.

We like the game but we dont like the way it makes you buy a VIB club for 34 dollars. But overall its pretty fun and good.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah.

Will not let us unsubscribe Im calling our lawyer and reporting the company.

Our grandkids live ve this pizza making game. But we bought the membership but it wont let us share our membership on all 3 iPads we bought our grandkids age 2,3,4.. No way am we going to buy a membership on our cell and 3 more for the iPads.

Having a hard time canceling the subscription.

You could Add Thai (or in Thai), to the Game.

If you Turn on Vietnamese, The Logo Has no Change, The Real Vietnamese Logo is "Masha v Gu" Could you fix This.

If you are a parent, do not let your kids play this game. It is kid friendly, and super fun, but itll just add up to more money you have to spend. Also, there are many other kid friendly games that are fun to play and In-app purchases are not necessary to have fun playing. We used to love this game, but now but now its changed, and parents have many complaints.

If you want to choose you need to watch an ad.

Dont get this app. Lots of ads tried to delete the app it showed it was deleted on our iPad but then the ad to reinstate it come back over and over and over and over again and nothing we do will get rid of it so fair warning to anybody whos considering getting this app. The pressure to Dubai is ridiculous and we are iswarning any parent who thinks that they are getting something great for their kid learn from our experience.

Please please call please and thank us please call please thank you for being able thank us please thank you for all that help please please let us know please let us know when youre done thank us please let us know if we know what to do with this call so thank us so please please thank us thank know please please let us know so I.

We love this game it is very fun to play. Our favorite part is where you make pizza, thank you for this very fun pizza game!

The panda looks like our sister.

We love unlocking pizza and its super lucky that you unlock friends.

First thing is too many adds. They pop up a lot. And when we say a lot we mean A LOT. Second thing is you have to buy a lot of stuff. You have to buy the friends, the pizzas and have to join the group to not have to wait a timer before you can do that same pizza! Sorta would recommend.

Our little sister loves playing this game.

Toddlers dont know how to skip through them. Wont buy just for principal.

Subscription base kid game is a complete scam. The ads are too difficult for kids to close. 33$ a year is a joke.

Not a lot of depth of play for the $$$. We paid for the year to find out we wish we had simply never downloaded the app. Cancelling our subscription. Would prefer to get our $33 back. Not worth that money, our kid was bored in under an hour.

Accidental purchase has no option to refund.

So we originally downloaded this app for our niece to play, which she did not like so we ended up deleting it about a month ago. Then randomly the app subscribed itself for a $3.99 a week in the middle of night when no one was using the phone. So we tried to cancel the subscription yet it only gives us options to buy more and the app still is not on our phone even though it just subscribed itself for a week. This is a scam! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! You will be hacked!!

Our 4 year old accidentally made a purchase in the app and now we cant figure out how to cancel the purchase. Theres nothing in the actual app that helps resolve this issue. We have no problem writing a better review after the s issue gets resolved.

Too many ads, ridiculous subscription price You can play the game for free for a couple of minutes at a time, and even then have to navigate a minefield of ads. There is no reason a single game should cost a subscription let alone one thats 40/month. This is just greed, you would make plenty of money to fund future games if you had a one time fee and didnt try to prey on little ones.

We are forced to give this app one star we should be allowed to give it a zero. It is heavy and adds and they want five dollars a week for you to be able to let your kids play it. It stinks we could live with the ads if they would unlock all of it!

We have to love this app It is very fun.

This game is making us feel like Im actually making pizza.

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