MeChat – Love secrets

Last updated on August 16th, 2022 at 03:00 am

MeChat – Love secrets

MeChat - Love secrets

MeChat – Love secrets is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by IMPONILOX LIMITED, MeChat – Love secrets is a Simulation game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 15th December 2020 with the latest update 2nd August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Role Playing, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


38,761 people have rated 3.0.2

You can download the game MeChat – Love secrets from APP STORE.


Find your perfect match with MeChat!
Swipe, Match, and Date!

Welcome to the game with a fully new virtual date experience! Live through the stories where you make choices and your choices impact the story.

SWIPE and MATCH with dozens of characters who are waiting there for you. Different characters, backgrounds and stories. Romance, adventure or drama, what lies ahead? Play to find out!

MATCH with those you like! Get to know your virtual crushes through exciting chats and fabulous pictures, react with emojis and make choices to impact the story.

DATE with characters you have a strong bond with. Unveil their hidden secrets and greatest joys in great variety of settings! You are the main hero and love interest in MeChat.

Let’s Swipe, Match and Date!

Please note: MeChat is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu.

Privacy policy can be found at

Terms and Conditions of use can be found at

By installing this application, you agree to the terms of the licensed agreements.

Voice messages note: Your love interests may now send you voice messages to take your romance to another level. Don’t miss out this exclusive content! We recommend using your earphones for better experience.

Updated on 2nd August 2022

Bug fixes and stability improvements to make your MeChat experience even better!

MeChat – Love secrets Review

Started Playing this game a week ago and we are super obsessed. We did read that there was issues getting gems but we didnt mind the 15 Gems an hour but now the promo changed to 3 an hour and it is impossible to get anywhere with just 3 Gems an hour.. We wonder if anyone else has had this happen to them. We love the game and its masterfully developed and we are excited to see whats next in the Future. But there need to be more gem Availability. Or maybe the characters can ask for less gems..?

The game overall is fun! But we believe there should be other way to get free gems instead of paying/waiting. Maybe we can do little quests like working an jobs or helping the characters. We would also like if it save the choices that we choose in the stories for an example, You bought (with gems) an choice in the story and it automatically saves which you dont have to pay the choice (that you choose) with the gems anymore (the choice you chosen and paid with gems is free)

The app was working perfectly fine all day today, but as soon as we opened it about 20 minutes ago it wouldn’t get past the loading screen. We’ve tried deleting and re-downloading and turning our phone off then back on but nothing seems to be working. We know it isn’t our data or wifi because we’ve tried both and every other app on our phone works perfectly fine. We really love this game but we have no clue what is going on right now.

We love this app and could spend hours on it, having to buy gems is somewhat annoying as Im kind of tight on money. Sadly the app is stuck at the loading screen and this is the first issue we’ve had with it. Hopefully it turns back on soon and we dont know if its a problem with our phone or the app itself. Either way it has intriguing story lines and its amazing!

But in some parts actually made us cry. It is the best experience thow.

We have one issue, when you repeat stories the fact that you have to re buy and option you already spent gems on its pretty stupid. We already bought it once so why should we have to buy it again. We love repeating stories but its just annoying having to spend gems you already spent the first time playing so we Just dont even bother repeating stories anymore. Thats our only issue with this app oh and we think this app could be even better if you guys added more ways to get gems. Thats all we have to say and have a great day or night.

Its a fun game to play but not when you have to wait for there storyline we have a lot of people that we want to know what happened next in the story we were talking to a girl that was going in the wood with our doppelgnger and with a gun she told us to take care of her apparent.

Im really loving this game when we first saw it we were like Im about to fall in love with the game so we downloaded it and the first person we got was Quinn Flanc but Im waiting for to get back his story is still being developed and we know he is really in love with our character and we want to see what happens when he comes back we come on the game everyday waiting thinking hes back but hes not but we love it so much.

The game is stuck on the loading screen for to long, please get it fixed. We love this game very addicting but its taking too long for the loading screen to get done.

This game is really good and addicting, we love it so much its spicy at times but it can be wholesome but we have one problem. UPDATE THE STORIES PLEASE!! Yall leave us on sad cliffhangers or just cliffhanger that make you wanna know more. Especially with jaspers story we were so hurt with the cliffhanger and along with other characters. Id be so happy if update the story more often. Thanks!

The game itself is great! The storylines are fun and dramatic. We pay for the subscription version of the app. The only complaint we have is that they introduce so many new characters but never update the old story lines. Its very frustrating. But overall we very much enjoy the game.

Its a good app but some of choices for the stories are really annoying. For example, yuji takahata. All the replies that are positive have to be paid with gems and all the rude and bad ones are free. Not a lot of people can afford to keep buying gems and have a huge amount of gems. We really do love some of the plot lines though, especially eichi hirano.

If you delete the app will you lose your chats and diamonds ? Also its not letting us into the app. And PLEASSSEEEE update Niles again.

Let us just say that we enjoy this game very much and we’ve fell in love with some of the characters especially Martin and Glenn they are our favorite but its disappointing to wait days or even weeks to wait for a completed ending. Another thing that stops us from a five star rating is the fact that if you wanted to reset their story you LOSE all of your purchased progress. Its taken us days to purchase the gem contents to progress the story correctly and we dont think its fair that we waste our time and money just for nothing because all we wanted to do was reset the story because thats how much we loved their dialogue. That shouldnt even be a thing. Why make people pay for gems and/or wait HOURS FOR THE GEMS. Just for it to be wasted or gone for nothing when they wanna reset the story. Thats a rip off and its bogus. Like we said we love this app a lot but that part with losing purchases progress is not it. This needs to be changed or done better. As a customer or reader we shouldnt have to spend back almost $50-$100 again to get the same ending we wanted from before NOT FAIR.

Bestie we liked the update where you could watch a video like 5 times and you get 3 gems every video, every hour and then every 12 hours either 5 or 10, yall bring that back fr idk what happened that was good man.

Its good but we just wish you could give us more gems when we pay because when we pay for like spicy moments and stuff, it takes so much gems so please give us more and fix it.

So its amusing but really gives you no freedom. 90% of the chats dont give you a option of responses, and the ones that do there is very clear right and wrong answer, so no freedom for n the chats and no dynamic story if you want it to go well. Also the P2P wall is extreme and causes the stories to be very very slow to progress. Membership helps but All the Exclusive characters are male, so ya thats pointless to many players. The rewarded exclusives are the same ones showing up anyways so that never gives us anything. And really only thing its good for is the free gems, though that removes the video gems so its actually slower. Edit: Ill give a extra star cause the developers gave a response and seem to care enough to look into suggestions.

This game always does nothing when you get to the 17+ part it does not load and our internet is fine.

The app wont open and we finally saved up diamonds.

We really love this app but we deleted it because we got a new phone now we redownloaded this app and it’s not opening it’s stuck in the loading part we even tried to redownload it in our old phone which was an android but the problem was the same please help us we really like this app but we can’t open it.

Its okay for a bit, until you realize they rarely update the stories, have a constant bug issue (one that has been pretty common for over a year;still not fixed), and if you try to fix the app by uninstalling and reinstalling you lose any and all progress. We had hopes that it would be better, but rn its a waste of our money and attention.

So we recently go this app back cuz we missed it but the heart keeps going to a arrow. Thought it was storage but we have a lot free :( we wanted to see if our stories updated.

Its like tinder if people actually talked to you. Gems are nothing more then the real life girls hitting you up for money.

Our wife got us into the game, now she pays for the better experience but we have noticed that we on the free side have more opportunities to earn gems example: we get more free pictures but she has to use 33gems to open each one, also we can do 5ads to get 3gems every time it resets but she can only get one ad and thus 3gems every hour. That seems pretty unfair considering she is paying the monthly fee for a better experience but ends up with less gems and has to wait twice as long to do things so should she just save her money and switch back because we honestly think you guys are ripping her off since we’ve goons on twice as many dates in half the play time she has. Sometimes she has to spend a whole week collecting gems just to go on ONE date. We wanna say its fun but the discrepancies kinda kill it for me.

After we finished two stories they started all over. Again so many just gone.

Too gross and dirty we hate it please make yes dirty storys.

We absolutely love it and to be honest we actually fell in love with a character omg dang so hot and then we were going back to bed then we started dreaming about it omg.

We need you to develop the stories faster like once we finish a story we need to be able to add more to the story like maybe you could even marry one of the characters and make a spin-off that allows you to live the rest of your life with that person.

We love the app but its been taking forever to load and we have fantastic wi-fi and service.

Good game , actually great game, we just wish they could bring back some of the people for example Nole.

This game is pretty fun! The thing we dislike about it the most is how long it takes to get gems, we even bought the VIP membership but it still barely gives you any gems. And you need gems to actually progress in the story. Also, PLEASE ADD MORE TO JOHNNYS STORY BECAUSE HES THE ONLY CHARACTER we REALLY CARE ABOUT AND we LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

We really like it the story lines are so gooooood.

We think the the app is great in all but it would make it better if there was more ways to earn gems.

When we use a bunch of gems in an date encounter, we should be able to use that option we paid for again in the replay. If using it again increases the relationship score then just dont let it do that when reusing options. Id also like when you pay for the subscription to get more gems than you do daily. Those three measly ad gems are also kind of pitiful. It should be 5 per ad at least, and for the free gems make it more gems like 20 or 15 for VIP.

We’ve been playing this game for a year now and its literally our favorite one on the App Store. Love the characters, their designs, their backstories. We just hate that a bunch of the characters we matched with in the past, how their stories are not being continued. Waiting months for certain characters to come back. None of the remaining ones or NEW ones peak our interest at all. Love the app but just wanna talk to our old matches that have grayed out.

We loved this game but we would also love if you were to add more stories to Glenn so yeah other that that 5 stars maybe even 6.

Ever since we’ve gotten this game it feels like our social anxiety has started to go away we have no idea how or how it makes sense but the only thing that really upsets us about this game is that those people arent real and it sounds really dumb but whenever they compliment you it gives you butterflies and makes you feel so good but then back to reality you feel like you really want that to be your reality but sometimes its not exactly possible but this game has really given us a different perspective of life and we just want to thank every creator or team that helped make this possible.

You know, we’ve played a LOT of games and we’ve never been so attached to a character that isnt in this game. Although we do get sad when the rest of the characters stories arent finished and we cant talk to them again, we always restart the whole thing just so we can talk to them again. It is a very good game for us single people and we highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for some fun. (Please update Johnnys story, you cant just leave us hanging with that. He is a better person then us :0 )

We love this but all of our favorite characters have very shot storys we recommend you to update Quill Birdies story and Niles Robinson please we really love them and we have been waiting for forever! Love you mechat,this is one of our favorite apps! -Kaileigh.

We are having fun but the thing is by some how that person you are with in the game gets taken away from you and we love the game.

They tried to give us a blow job and we loved it.

But listen.. Bring back our husband:Shion Komatatsu.

Plz keep improving your game, and also plz add more to the story of Lucie Parker its really interesting and also its kind of sad.

We love the app and the stories but as someone who cant buy gems we wish there were more ways to get gems rather than watching so many ads for so little gems. We manage to get by but it can be frustrating some times. Also, we feel like we shouldnt have to pay gems for decisions we’ve made before when we repeat dates. Like we already payed the first time around why do we have to pay again to make the same decision? Those are our complaints but aside from that we really enjoy reading the stories.

We are obsessed with this game. We think there should be other ways to get diamonds. BUT our main problem is this- if our character doesnt end up having the chance to actually date Glenn Hobbs instead of just being friends with benefits, Im gonna cry. We think the character should have a choice to date him or to keep it as benefits. Thank you.

Im waiting for his story to come back when is he coming back.

Okay Im absolutely and totally addicted to this game. We dont mind watching ads for gems. We mean yeah its annoying, but we can deal with it. BUT what does make us kinda angry, is that our favorite characters arent updated and we’ve been waiting for so long for them to be updated. Im going crazy. We NEED UPDATES. (Joel Troy, Antonio Benson, Eichi Hirano, Sam Korb, Xavi Armstrong, Goro Egawa, Martin Dixon, Dalton Shepherd. Edit: Also Jaime Lloyd)

There is so many stories and people you can date we love it we look for love games so much and this is one one this love games we love!!