Miracle Sudoku

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 11:55 pm

Miracle Sudoku


Miracle Sudoku is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nick Carney, Miracle Sudoku is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th August 2020 with the latest update 12th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


106 people have rated 1.5

You can download the game Miracle Sudoku from APP STORE.


***** MAY UPDATE *****
20 new puzzles, 100 puzzles total!

Presented by Cracking The Cryptic, YouTube’s most popular Sudoku channel, comes a new game based on one of their most popular videos: Miracle Sudoku.

Miracle Sudoku features beautiful puzzles that at first glance look impossible to solve!! Indeed, some of our Miracle puzzles have as few as two givens digits (!) but you will find them all to be solvable with a bit of clever logic! At launch you will be able to play through 4 variants all of which make use of a non-consecutive restraint (ie neighboring cells cannot have two consecutive numbers in them). They are Non-Consecutive Sudoku, classic Miracle Sudoku (non-consecutive + knight + king restrictions), Non-Consecutive Thermo Sudoku and Non-Consecutive Sandwich Sudoku. Each of these variants has a unique feel which refreshes the logic you may be used to, especially in thermo and sandwich sudoku!

As with our other games (‘Classic Sudoku’, ‘Sandwich Sudoku’, ‘Chess Sudoku’ and ‘Thermo Sudoku’), Simon Anthony and Mark Goodliffe (the hosts of Cracking The Cryptic) have written all the hints for the puzzles. So you know that every puzzle has been play-tested by a human being to ensure that each sudoku is interesting and fun to solve.

In Cracking The Cryptic’s games, players start with zero stars and earn stars by solving puzzles. The more puzzles you solve, the more stars you earn and the more puzzles you get to play. Only the most dedicated (and cleverest) sudoku players will finish all the puzzles. Of course the difficulty is carefully calibrated to ensure lots of puzzles at every level (from easy through to extreme). Anyone familiar with their YouTube channel will know that Simon and Mark take pride in teaching viewers to be better solvers and, in these games, they always craft the puzzles with the mindset of trying to help solvers improve their skills.

Mark and Simon have both represented the UK many times at the World Sudoku Championship and you can find more of their puzzles (and lots of others) on the internet’s biggest sudoku channel Cracking The Cryptic.

100 beautiful puzzles
4 different variants with more hybrid variants coming post launch
Hints crafted by Simon and Mark!

Updated on 12th May 2022

20 new puzzles!

All puzzles are now released, thank you for playing Miracle Sudoku!

Miracle Sudoku Reviews

The puzzles are always fantastic, but the addition of the killer calculator really puts this over the top. Very nice quality of life change.

It’s great, but there is just one annoying visual bug. When we rotate our phone to landscape, the ‘hint’ dialogue becomes very thin and vertical without us instigating it. It is also doing it with the first-time arrow sudoku tutorial message. We suspect the instances are related. Otherwise, it’s a lovely app and the hint system works well. It has a nice variety.

We like the variety & difficulty of these puzzles, but we sometimes find the clues really hard to understand. Need more explaining about "why" a number can’t goin a certain square or row. Need more context.

This is a great app and a lot of fun to play, but for one quirk: (almost?) all puzzles seem to have a pattern where the same 3 numbers are repeated in same row or column in every square. For example in the puzzle we just completed, every square has a row with 1,4, 7, a row with 3,6,9 and a row with 2,5,8. Once you recognize the pattern, finishing the puzzle is trivial. Fun and challenging to get to the point that the pattern can be seen. Note to developers: is there a mathematical reason for these patterns? And is there any way to avoid these patterns in future puzzles?

First of all, Ill say that we love the content of this app, in fact we love all of cracking the cryptics apps. However, we’ve found that the user interface can be hard for us to use. We have a disability that is related to our eyesight, and we would like more options to mess with things like the font size. Additionally, the default color schemes of a few of the apps dont have much contrast between the lightest and darkest colors, and might not be user friendly to those with color blindness. Still, we really dont feel comfortable giving this app anything less than 5 stars, because the content is so singularly wonderful!

Loved the variety and difficulty of these games. Thank you!

The app description says it will be enhanced to 100 puzzles within a year of introduction. It has now been over 18 months and we are still waiting.

No going beats a hand crafted Sudoku. We have downloaded and played every app that Nick, Simon, and Mark have put together. To an individual puzzle, they have been great! There is something in each one (Regular, Thermo, Killer, Sandwich, Miracle and – soon – Arrow) for every skill level. Well done.

We love this app, and all the sudoku variants. Regular sudoku seems strange after these, because they add so much. One request- could you change it so that we can look at the completed puzzle for a minute after we finish? It steps on the satisfaction of winning when it just disappears the instant we’re done. Thanks for a great app!

Is there a way to go back to the square grid format for finding which puzzle you were on? It was a way better intuitive UI/UX experience than the list. Other than that excellent app for the sudoku part and very fun for passing the time. Recommended except for that new list view where Im now confused which one we were working on and cant find it as easily anymore.

These guys are the best. Absolutely awesome. Im grateful for the hours of enjoyment.

This is such a beautifully designed sudoku app that facilitates hours of fun and satisfying solving. The world is so crazy right now; its comforting to spend time with something challenging but concrete. We only wish there were more puzzles to solve!

After solving a good chunk of the problems we can say this is our favorite sudoku game yet. The combinations of different kinds of sudoku make for really interesting problems. Definitely recommend completing the other ones before playing this game as there are a lot of different mechanics at play. This is our favorite sudoku game theyve made by far, and thats a high bar.

We are so, so pleased to have found the Cracking the Cryptic YouTube channel, and Im pleased to have purchased every app theyve put out. Hand crafted Sudoku puzzles are something we never conceived of before Simon and Mark came into our life via daily videos, but theyre clearly as amazing and inspiring as both of those excellent solvers say they are. Im still not great at Sudoku! But we can follow each solve thanks to their excellent and clear explanations, and Im much much better at solving variant Sudokus than we ever thought we might be. Throughout a very rough quarantine, when we found myself unexpectedly alone for months, Simon and Mark have been there. Every day. Solving and exclaiming about the puzzles created by truly amazing, world-class puzzle setters. We’ve told friends about Phistomefel. We’ve been eager to watch each of the Aads puzzles be solved. We’ve seen Christopher Seeliger and Mitchell Lee explain how to create a puzzle and how to solve maybe the most difficult one ever created. As we’ve been going through an unexpected and terrifying divorce, and losing the only father we’ve ever had (my father in law), we’ve adopted them as parasocial family, and put Simon on our Council of Dads, with Mark as an amazing uncle. This might not seem like a relevant review of this app, which works as perfectly as all the others we’ve purchased from Cracking the Cryptic, but it is. Each puzzle is clearly created and presented with the same humility and readiness to find an amazing solve path and victory that Simon and Mark show as they solve puzzles on their channel. There is optimism in solving Sudoku, and it is personified by the people who inspired and guided the creation of this app. We are so pleased to have encountered it. We hope you will be, too.

As we progresses, the logic needed became clearer to us so that by the end, we were solving these puzzles in ~25 minutes. Until the last couple, when we just got bored starting at then for 90+ minutes with not a single idea how to proceed. (One of the puzzles actually gave an incorrect hint) Can’t wait for the update and more puzzles!

The guys at Cracking the Cryptic have done a great job in creating more puzzles with this unique variant in combination with many other rule sets. The puzzles are always fun and challenging.

Another fantastic App from the Cracking the Cryptic guys. Handmade puzzles that are just amazing. These are all based on the non consecutive rule, where sequential numbers cant touch. We recommend watching the Miracle Sudoku You Tube video first!

The blend of different puzzle types keeps everything fresh and interesting. The Chess sudoku app touched on this a bitswitching between Knight and King sudoku (and now Queen sudoku as well) kept things from getting old, but this app takes it to a whole new level. This app is honestly stunning.

Great sudoku app for beginners and experts alike. We really like the interface and functions from the Cracking the Cryptic puzzle series. That and the logic of these puzzles is what really sets them apart from other sudoku apps. Miracle Sudoku focuses on a culmination of different rule-sets to navigate through each puzzle. In addition to normal sudoku rules, there is one other rule-set that is common among all other sudoku puzzles in this app and that is the consecutive constraint. This brings us to our rating of 4 stars. Without going into too much detail, puzzle 11 of this app doesnt follow the consecutive constraint rule, even though it is given as a rule. Further, we were not able to find a unique solution to puzzle 9. There were two possible solutions in the end. We havent made it further than puzzle 11, however with the two issues we’ve found so far Im wondering what other issues might be lurking. We’ve not found any of these issues in any of the other apps. Id like to give this app 5 stars, but due to our experience so far, we can not. Hopefully, the developers are able to resolve the issues within this app soon. We’ve enjoyed the app up to this point, and hope to continue having a pleasant experience. Edit: Im an idiot! We now see that we were wrong in our initial review. We thought seriously about removing our comments above and just starting over, but we own our mistake. The errors we spotted were incorrect on our part as we were not paying closer attention to the rules and Ill be changing our review to 5 stars. This really is a beautiful series of puzzles.

Like a lot of people we got back into Sudoku these past 6 months and Cracking the Cryptic had a major part in this. All of their apps are fun but this one has us the most happy whenever we find the right way to get started. The hints are helpful and the overall experience is flawless. Hoping for more puzzles and maybe a dedicated Killer Sudoku App.

Finished all of the puzzles. Will you add more? When?

Yet another great sudoku app! We’ve only played the first 4 and Im loving the variety already. Theres really interesting mechanics with the different variants put together so the puzzles are quite nice so far. We were a bit worried about the difficulty, but it seems to be quite approachable so far. An there are hints if you need help. The different gameplay options also make it easier to manage the constraints. The only thing is that we wish the number and colour picker buttons were a bit bigger. We struggle pressing them some times.

This app is awesome if you enjoy Sudoku or even if you just like logical puzzles. Its not free, so there are no annoying ads (so refreshing and really gives the app extra class). It is also correctly priced – a rarity these days. So many game creators ruin their apps with ads or charge exorbitant ad-removal fees or even subscription fees. You will not regret your purchase. Having said that (you will not regret your purchase!)… We would give five very well-deserved stars, but we have one complaint: Im a newbie to Miracle Sudoku and all the variants (Thermo, etc.) we were excited about the hint feature because we thought perhaps it would help us learn and get better. Well, the hints are really lacking, sad to say. We found many of the hints to be extremely frustrating because we couldnt understand the logic (which is really the whole point, isnt it?) Id read the hint, which might say something like, and therefore the 3 must go in r3c6. And Id stare at the puzzle for a very, very long time trying to figure out WHY the 3 must go in r3c6. It may have been obvious to the authors, but to us it was definitely not. These frustrating hints are either not quite flushed-out – the logic just isnt actually there – or they need a bit more explanation. For as much as we stared, we feel that these frustrating hints were too early – something else needed to be figured-out before the stated logical conclusion. That to us means they are just plain wrong. We mean, you can state that a number does or does not go in a particular place in the grid and be technically correct (truly, in a Sudoku grid, every position either does or does not contain a particular digit.) However, if you cant explain why, with logical steps all the way back to the starting grid, then youre statement is wrong in the context of completing a Sudoku grid. Now, we would chalk all this up to Im not as good at Sudoku as we think we am, however, we know that at least one hint was just plain incorrect; it said something like and so a 4 cannot possibly go into r7c3. Turned out that that was precisely where a 4 did go. To the authors: If you want our extra star, please spend more time on the hints :-). And also, thanks for an awesome Sudoku app!

Follow the channel on youtube for a long time, so its easy to hands on all styles. Everything is good except one flaw. The judgement of confirmed number is based on the final number set, not the current number set. That means you could easily (or accidentally) know if your confirmed number is correct or not at any time. That could reduce the playing experience. Could be improved: The hints are fixed texts. When we were stuck, we could hardly find useful one. Also if all the tool buttons move to the right (or left) part when switching to landscape mode, and retain the main board size, that will be so handy!

We got bored early in the sudoku craze, but watching Cracking the cryptic brought us back into trying a few. These dont feel rote at all – they feel like you are being guided through the solution like a good puzzle game. The easy ones are easy, but if the difficult ones are anything like the channel, there is plenty of challenge in store.

We love these guyss YouTube channel, and got this app after getting their Classic sudoku app. Im surprised at how well paced these puzzles are in terms of difficulty. Miraculously good!

Simply stunning. 5/5 would bobbins again.

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