MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 02:10 pm

MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines

MONOPOLY Slots - Slot Machines

MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Phantom EFX, Inc., MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines is a Card game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 22nd April 2018 with the latest update 22nd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Card, Social Networking, or Casino games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines ?

135,744 people have rated 5.3.1

What is the price of the MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines released ?

MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines was released on 22nd April 2018.

When was the MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines updated ?

The latest updated date of MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines on 22nd May 2023.

Where can MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines be downloaded ?

You can download the game MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines from Apple Official App Store.




We took the classic MONOPOLY board game and combined it with top Las Vegas casino slots to form the best slots game – MONOPOLY Slots! Start spinning your favorite slot machine and become the next MONOPOLY tycoon! This MONOPOLY game features free slots for iPad and iPhone in a city-building adventure. MONOPOLY Slots will win the heart of every gamer! This is one slot machine game that redefines entertainment and brings Vegas casinos into your home. You’ll find all the beloved MONOPOLY tokens from the Hasbro game, so get ready to roll the dice, win free coins, and help MR. MONOPOLY restore the aging metropolis of MONOPOLY City to its former grandeur!

MONOPOLY Slots allows players to design and build MONOPOLY City, including fancy houses and the MONOPOLY Super Grand Hotel, all by completing exciting Quests to earn tons of MONOPOLY Bucks. The MONOPOLY Party Train is here, so get on board because the fans of Monopoly go all the way! Build your handmade city in your best free social casino game. Get the full SciPlay Vegas experience with the actual Light & Wonder machines you love playing on the casino floor!

Take the most beloved board game, add the best slot games, and start spinning your favorite slot machines for free!

Let the city building games begin!

  • Earn MONOPOLY Bucks by completing exciting missions and quests every single day. Advance in the game by buying properties and becoming a tycoon city builder!
  • Discover your fortune with Chance cards, just like you did in the classic board game!
  • Play CLUE Confidential with a mystery-solving bonus game that packs even more fun and hidden secrets!
  • Boost your luck with YAHTZEE dice-rolling!
  • Win special bonuses (the spin wheel is here!) to become a MONOPOLY hotel tycoon with a dream mansion! Spin free slots, solve puzzles, hit the Jackpot, then hit the town boardwalk and buy it all to feel like a billionaire!

The slot mania is in the house! The game’s different winning slots are themed based on famous board games like CLUE and YAHTZEE. They include new free games such as: CLUE: Orchid’s Mystery, Colossal BATTLESHIP, and others. MONOPOLY Slots is a free social casino game combined with a relaxing puzzle game. The game offers the classic Vegas slot games experience combined with games like Kronos, Ultimate Fire Link, and Lock-It-Link slot machines.

These games brought to you by SciPlay bring the thrill of the casino floor to your phone to have 24/7 access to casino slots. Within this online building game, you’ll find top video slots like Pirate’s Quest, Frozen Inferno, Dragon of the North (yes, there’s a dragon slot!), Diamonds & Dames, and many others! If you love to spin & win, get into the MONOPOLY Money Zone and play for free!

INSTALL NOW to join the community, and like us on Facebook at:

The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment. © 1935, 2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
BATTLESHIP, CLUE, OUIJA and YAHTZEE are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission © 2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

MONOPOLY Slots is a Play-For-Fun casino that is intended for amusement only.

The games are intended for an adult audience (i.e. intended for use by those 21 or older). The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling."

Updated on 22nd May 2023

Get ready for another exciting MONOPOLY Slots update! We’ve got awesome new games, feature improvements and more:

  • Find the latest slot games on SLOTS BOARDWALK

  • Enjoy Property Rush, Team Challenge and Push That Button features every week

  • Travel with Mr. Monopoly through 9 unique worlds and embark on weekly Event Quests

  • Jackpot-featured machines are now available with an exciting new improvement that makes spinning a lot more fun

If you’re ready for more Vegas-style slots in MONOPOLY City, this is the update you need! Good luck and happy spinning.

MONOPOLY Slots – Slot Machines Review

Thank you. We love this game now.

So our favorite slot is Battleship, and the recent update changed the proportion of the reels. You can no longer see either the left or right reel because theyre covered by other windows. Please fix it and go back to the previous view where you can see everything.

The graphics are off right now. Example – prancing pigs. The graphics are so large you cant see all of the game. Please fix.

No other methods of reporting a problem seem to be available so we must give a heads up here. We play this game on a 12.9 inch iPad Pro and all the monopoly themed slots unlocked so far are stretched too far vertically. We cannot see what is going on at the top and bottom edges. Examples include being unable to see the top row of deeds in Grand Hotels tycoon bonus or the top and bottom rows of the big reel in Colossal Boardwalk. Hope somebody sees this. As for the rest of the game, overall so far so good. It does have a nice presentation and a number of events and features to entice players to keep spinning. It would be nice if the free credit bonus could be collected hourly like in many other slot apps we play though.

The game will not load past the entry Monopoly Slots screen. The app is up to date. Is it broken?

The recent revision of the layout blocks the view of the left and top of the screen. Please fix!

Our wife has a iPad 6th generation and we have a 9th generation iPad. On our wifes iPad, the whole game fits on the screen . On our iPad it cuts off the top and sides of he screen. We tried deleting it and downloading again,same thing. This is only gam that we play, that does this.

These slots are very stingyyou lose more money then you win. It takes forever to land on the bonus spin and when you do finally land on it you either win very little money or nothing at all! It could be a fun game if you can win something so you can keep playing! These games could be fun but you win very little if any money at all! Alot more people would play if you were not so tight with letting people win a little something to keep playing!

Poor design, No fun, account deletion overly complex. We never make any in game purchases which we find as an absurd money grab. This is a waste of time even for free.

Too many unpaid spins, too little payouts to keep you going, just a money grab. Dont waste your time or money.

Decided to start playing this game. Forget the fact you never win. The design is just terrible. We are playing on iPad and cant see half the screen. On one side there is jackpot icons that covers half the line and on the other offers and other useless icons. Got a bonus and couldnt even see what our options were. Not fun and waste of time. There are plenty of other games to play. Do not recommend.

So much force of transaction down your throat now days even an occasional $5 monthly for the go pass isnt enough for them now. We have worse luck in this game than we do at the casino, why would we give you money when we can lose it on our own accord and maybe win actual cash instead of feeding away fake cash.

It would be nice to add more ultimate fire link games, lock n link games, lightening games and dragon link games. Also more coins for your buck would make us buy more often. And loosening slots sometimes is really needed on monopoly. But we do have fun on your app. Lately though, we cant win! Loosen up!

Unless you like to spend money on a game just to lose, we wouldnt bother playing. Back to back bonus rounds betting 2.5 million and cash 17 mill and 18 mill. Free play lasts maybe 2 minutes and thats if youve grown your games out. Id suggest finding another game.

No free spins after zillion spins ? This is ridiculous ! It is not about luck !

We almost won 1000$. @ the casino on this machine a couple of years ago.

Five stars on spending to play, that is. Read a previous review from a player that said it best Spend hundreds of dollars for stress (only to be set up to lose). Any extras are lame, at best. Finishing out areas get you menial reward, the reward amount giving you, at best, maybe 20 spins on any given slot. All the good slots that seem to actually be fair, and are more prone to wins, (maybe at a 70, lose/30, win ratio, are quickly closed out. Those slots simply disappear and are no more. Come on, guys. You are gouging your customers. We believe we can fairly say that once you realize how difficult it is to hold on to your coin, (much less make any), you will be gone as fast as you arrived. It could be a fun game but the inability to even hang on to the big wins you have well. Change the price gouge, and trust us. Youll not only make more customers, but youll keep the ones you have. Im a spender, but this is ridiculous. Make changes, or trust me; well make them for you, by disappearing like our coin. Good luck, guys. **And whats with loss of coins due to game error, please go to mailbox? We have yet to see our (at the very least) 600,000,000 coins returned Have you checked to see how much it would cost us to get back our coin on our own? Yeah. Im done spending.

Love it been playing over a year now.

We really enjoyed this game but had to delete cause the coins we were buying werent lasting long enough. It would be nice if payouts were better. Like all slots, there is no winning in the long run. Just losing.

We are really enjoying this game! The challenges are reasonable to achieve an just fun overall for us. We dont even mind paying a little extra for the Go Pass bonuses. Its one of the games we play during us time. The only downfall is when using the contact us page in the app. After typing in specific info with screenshots, still only get an auto reply email with basic info on what the question is about. We had to retype everything again, add the screen shots then finally got a response from a live person in the auto reply email. Otherwise we love this game!

We really enjoyed the Monopoly Slots, great graphics and effects and fun bonuses with great variety. Only complaint is that when its done with you its done with you, like somebody flipping a switch, the payouts and bonuses just completely end.

We love this game but its getting old. Property Rush you bet lets say 125 m and you get duplicate cards come on. Push that button you get experience boost whats with that. We love the game we’ve been playing for a few years but really time for an update.

Since the most recent update, we have had so many technical issues with this app. This is one of our favorite app and we play it every single day without Phil. You can check our records but since its update, its just been giving us so many problems where we have to reset the whole game all over again and its very frustrating. Not only that this month we already had purchased the go thats $4.99. We did that on April 21 will it charge us again today on April 27 and thats supposed to be a 30 day purchase so we dont know what is wrong with this app since it was updated, but something needs to be done because its very frustrating and is making us want to find another favorite game we dont wanna have to do that because we have built up our cities and spent a lot of time please fix these issues, so we dont have to do this again game.

Team Challenge indicator goes away when game is selected. No way to track progress while playing.

Do NOT play this game. We spent a lot of money on this game. The more coins you have the less you win which makes ZERO sense the the player. Im uninstalling. The Features and Bonuss only appear when you bet the minimum to trick you into betting more. The WORST slots game out there. Dont even bother responding Maverick.

Did we mention that this game is expensive? And no ads for free extras or anything like that. Pay to Play is their Company Mantra, and its obvious they dont want it any other way. & The automatic responses from the company on these reviews; are outdated and computer generated responses. They havent had a twitter page, ever. Weird, definitely Seems suspicious.

Spent money on coins only to lose it really fast, game definitely needs higher payout. We wouldnt waste your time on this game. Download a different one.

Is crazy and ridiculous how this game works and steal your money in minutes. And when you spend more money, right away change the price for to sale coins. You didnt found the cheapest prices, only 9.99 the cheapest. CRAZYYYYYYYY DISAPPOINTED.

Our game is nit connecting. To our request . And no way of getting a hold of support for it.

The game could be amazing, has some nice features that keep you busy, one catch though, the second you raise your bet at all from the lowest bet on a slot, you just lose, and lose, and you keep losing until you go all the way back down to the lowest bet. We understand gambling, but dont make it obvious when its a scam, puts the name monopoly to absolute shame.

Lies not one thing true more dead spins than win for fake coins that they just print.

We are absolutely astounded that this company is allowed to take money and provide less than an hour of entertainment for $99. They set your play at the maximum so you bleed through tokens and get the least amount of play – no other gaming app that we’ve played is as ruthless. Stay away – far away. Do not give them a dime as all it will do is encourage their bad faith all the more.

We’ve been working on just getting a free spin for a challenge in Clue for several hours both yesterday and today, but to no avail. Not even one free spin from this game to allow a particular challenge being met.

We finally found an app that we REALLY REALLY LOVE until we ran into a problem! If we could we would give customer support a minus 5 stars! We have been trying over a month to get back in the game! We requested on April 1 to delete our Facebook account due to a hack. We also have a account using our Apple ID which we continued to use with no issues. However once this process of removing the Facebook account began, the other account does not have access! And we continue to get a SUSPENDED account notification popping up. We have not been able to access our OTHER ACCOUNT since April 9 (give a take a few days) nor have we been able to get anyone from SCIPLAY customer support to answer our questions on our specific issue! We’re TIRED OF GETTING GENERIC RESPONSE EMAILS that SIMPLY don’t apply to us!! Im a REAL MONEY PAYING CUSTOMER and we have REAL MONEY tied up in our other account that WAS working perfectly fine! But the most FRUSTRATING and ANNOYING part is NO ONE WILL RESPOND BACK TO ME TO GIVE ME A STATUS UPDATE AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME HOW LONG OF A PROCESS THIS ENTAILS for this game! We did the same thing for another SCIPLAY APP (Jackpot Party) and was up and running within a week! NOT ONCE did we have to contact them BECAUSE THEY WERE VERY EXPLICIT on the exact time frame upfront and they consistently kept us in the loop following up with us! Is this the SAME COMPANY or what? If so then there needs to be CONSISTENCY in support for all apps including process and procedures!

You know whats less fun than paying real money to watch rigged slots devour your coins?. Nothing. Avoid this app like the plague. Pay rates and amounts are simply insulting. Oddly, you cant seem to find those posted by the Dev anywhere. Sure, the diversity of slots is nice, but youd better be prepared to pay out the nose, real cash, to actually play them. Oh, and pretty sure the dev responses are AI generated gibberish, not an actual human.

These type of games should be deleted from all app stores. Playing years daily Level 793. Never once gotten a mega or grand jackpot, grand always shows up on most spins up. You buy fake coins bet never get a bonus. Minimum bet always bonuses with small payouts. Coins gone in minutes. At a real casino real money your odds are better.

We’ve been playing this monopoly game for the last 20 years and it just keeps getting better.

This game is so addictive. We wake up in the morning playing and before we go to bed it the last thing we do. We love the graphics, and all the different games. This game is so much fun and once you start you wont be able to stop.

Its a very fun game to play ! Download it!

Great Thanks for this Great game to play on our phone.

The game is garbage its crap, the more you bet the less you get, for example we were playing we bet 125,000 bet got a bonus and had 8 free spins then only made back 225,000 back then bet the lowest denom and got 16 free spins and made 1.9 mill now why cant we get the same type of free spins with a higher denom this game needs to change we get you want to make money but thats why you have ads please change or you lose a customer.

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