Monster Hunter Stories

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Monster Hunter Stories


Monster Hunter Stories is one of the best $19.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CAPCOM Co., Ltd, Monster Hunter Stories is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 25th September 2018 with the latest update 31st January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Entertainment, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,110 people have rated 1.00.05

You can download the game Monster Hunter Stories from APP STORE.


Please read the section "Important Notes" before purchasing or using this app. Returns or credit cannot be granted after purchase.
Also, save data from this app (paid version) cannot be imported to the Apple Arcade version.

  • The World of Monster Hunter Stories
    In a world where large monsters roam, and people everywhere make a living hunting, there’s a remote village of people who follow a different set of customs. They are the Monster Riders, a people who don’t hunt but instead form bonds with monsters.

The monsters that form kinships with Riders, known as "Monsties," possess incredible powers.
Join the adventure and "Ride On!"

  • Game Features

  • Recruit countless Monsties!
    Monsties, and the bonds you form with them, are the backbone of your adventure. Explore vast environments and dungeons to find monster dens, and bring back the eggs you find to hatch new Monsties!

  • Fight with your Monsties in Network Battles!
    Take your hero and the Monsties you’ve raised into battles with other Riders! Build a team of your favorites to challenge other players.

  • New features for the smartphone version!
    New improvements include beautiful high-resolution graphics, improved user interface, and a new auto-save feature!

  • Story
    The story begins in a forest near the village of Riders. Three young friends—the hero, Lilia, and Cheval—stumble upon a shining egg.

The trio perform a playful imitation of the Rite of Kinship, only to be shocked when it actually succeeds!

The egg hatches, revealing a baby Rathalos, a flying wyvern also known as "the King of the Skies." The trio affectionately name him "Ratha," and take him back to the village.

A year passes…

The hero receives a Kinship Stone from the Village Chief and officially becomes a Rider. Cheval and Lilia both leave the village, each on their own path. The hero, though separated now from childhood friends, partners up with the cheerful Navirou, and embarks upon a new adventure into the world of hunters.

[Important Notes]
- Compatible Devices (Models / Supported OS)
Please visit the official website for details.
- How to Access the Website
Tap “Developer Website” on this page or access the following link:
Note: We cannot guarantee the app’s performance or offer refunds if you use a device not listed as compatible.

- Notes on Multiplayer

  • Multiplayer (Network Battles, etc.) is available only after a certain amount of game progress.
  • Network Battles are only available against other players of the paid iOS version of this app.
  • Network Battles are not available against players of the Japanese version of this app.
  • Play in an area with a good connection to ensure the best online experience.
  • You must sign in to Game Center to use multiplayer features.

- Additional Notes

  • To use this app, you must agree to the "Monster Hunter Stories End User License Agreement" (link below) when booting the app for the first time.
  • This app features the same story as the handheld console version.
  • Several handheld console features, such as certain collaboration contents, amiibo features, local Network Battles, and StreetPass, are NOT available in this version.
  • Deleting this app will also erase any stored save data.
  • We recommend that you connect to a Wi-Fi network before downloading.
  • Battle Party QR codes from the Japanese version will not work in this version.

Updated on 31st January 2022

Important Announcement

Precautions When Updating

  • To update the app, you will need approximately 3 GB to 7 GB of free space on your device.
    Please make sure to create a backup of your saved data when updating.
    If the app fails to update, you may be unable to use your saved data.

  • Playing multiplayer with others who are using a different version of the app may result in network difficulties.
    Please update to the latest version of the app to ensure you have the best multiplayer experience.

  • After updating the app, you cannot revert to the previous version.

  • Please keep in mind that because of the large size of this update, it will take time to download.

  • Ver.1.0.05 Update Contents

  • Improved stability

Monster Hunter Stories Reviews

This game is the best adaptation for mobile ever!, the story was really cool and was fun spending time finding tactics to defeat bosses even the post story mode content was fabulous hopefully monster hunter stories 2 will get a mobile adaptation.

We really enjoy this game we think this game would be so much better with controller support.

Fun game. Graphics are decent. Gameplay is smooth. Very much reminds us of Pokmon.

This game is pretty good but the only thing is that we would like if their was more monsters.

We really enjoy this game we think this game would be so much better with controller support.

The game is rly good the graphics are so good the battle system is amazing.. But rly need an updates adding more monsties pls do an update :( we see pc version doing updates but mobile doesnt rly make us sad pls do an update thank u.

Just like 3ds but wheres the legend of Zelda dlc?

Monster Hunter is the best game we ever seen!

Would love it if this game had controller support.

We couldnt belive how expensive this was at first, but through with that, this game is seriously addicting. Ever since we got Covid, we’ve been spending all our days playing this non-stop. We even introduced our friend to it, and she said she got bored of it. Although she never stopped playing it, because what better game is there than Monster Hunter Stories? Suggestion: make very easy way to trade monsters online and multiplayer with friends.

First of all, the global version is great, would love to see the Japanese updates come over, while we wait for Monster Hunter Stories 2 to be released. Currently have over 100 hours on the game, just recently finished unlocking all the multiplayer rewards. Story is fun, combat is engaging, tons of encouragement to explore the world. Now for the critiques. 1. Multiplayer does not function that well, other than the duramboros event, being able to play a full multiplayer match, is near impossible. Our friends and we have have been doing competitions via local connections, and the matches consistently drop 80% of the time. Yes we are all on the same version of the game, as well as devices. 2. Capcom has a habit of removing games from the App Store after a certain amount of time. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was the most recent example. So were essentially renting their games, instead of owning it. We own physical copies of most of the monster hunter games, however we enjoyed them being on a handheld device, the touch controls for Freedom Unite handles incredibly well. 3. The Japanese updates for MHST are not out for this version, so were lacking some incredibly strong monsters. Other than those things, solid port. Just be prepared to have the game be removed from your library at some point, due to capcom not wanting to keep up with the iOS updates.

Capcom needs to add controller support!

As much as we adore the gameplay, music, audio, story, etc. There is one thing missing: replayability. Sure, there’s replayability in the form of questboards found in cities and camps but its just not emersive as NPC quests and Story quests are. The New Game+ feature would also help players improve their existing equipment and monsties instead of leaving them gridlocked in a weak state. (Yes we’re mad about not being able to beat teostra or fatalis through hard work. Lol)

Hi,this game is wonderful but it runs not that well on iPhone 14 pro. The dynamic island overlaps some options and besides when we slide up to turn to homepage and the game crashes.

This game is awesome, but It would be super awesome to play this game with our backbone!!!

Great port but add controller support.

Amazing game. Even more valuable now that theres a part 2of the game. This is now the definitive way to play mhs but without controller support the game does not stand up.

Needs better auto saves or a quick save feature.

This is a good game good lore nice textures but bruh it deleted our save data and we even backed up our data and it still didnt fix it.

Nice game and all, but bring MHFU back.

Please put the japan update on the global version, we want to play with Rajang, Epona and the other monsties that we din’t have on global. The work is already done, you just need to put the update on the global version, Please we hope you read us.

Another update and still no native iPad 11 inch aspect ratio like the Apple Arcade version…

The mechanics are so stupid we hate how you have hearts like why is not like Pokmon and you dont have to die if you are one heart and you can not switch yourself in.

All these years and the home bar still pops up each time you tap the screen to do actions. Its very annoying and we wish we never paid for this game if the devs were never going to stop it from happening. Lazy.

Everything is great.. But controller support would make this a must have.

Finally brings back our backup file, thanks!

Update: we got our cloud save back- thank you! We’ve played this game for years on and off always had a cloud save for when ide delete and redownload. Now when we go to load cloud save we get an error message and app crashes. This game is amazing we love it we just want our save back.

Only problem is that there is no controller support.

Great game our literal only complaint is that it the autosave doesnt really accommodate the phones tendency to kick us out of the game all the time. Im afraid to leave the game even for a couple of seconds because we could get kicked out. Instead of saving when you leave a den, it should really autosave periodically of 3-10 minutes or so.

Be aware this game has no controller support. We cant give this game above 1 star if they cant even add controller support.


We’ve put soooo many hours and Im almost done collecting all the monsties!

This is our first time playing this game all the way through, but it is such a good game and feels right at home on mobile. It runs surprisingly well, with no frame skip or lag to be seen, it takes up a lot less space than one would expect (a little under 4 gigs) and its controls are very smooth and havent caused us any issues or annoyances. It also somehow manages not to throttle our battery like so many other games do! For the price its going for we would say this is a steal and would definitely recommend it!

First of all, Id just like to thank Capcom for porting this to mobile. Pretty cool of them to do that! Now for the review (I guess?). This game is great! Even though it doesnt have the DLC like in Japan, its still really great! We love this game to death and Im so glad we could get it cheaper on here than on Amazon (60-70 USD) for 3DS. Thank you so much for all the games you make, Capcom, and please continue producing games like this one.

We really loved this game back when we played it a couple years ago. Really hyped for the sequel that comes out soon.

So when we first started the game we were like we really want to know what happens so we started our adventure. It was really awesome. And we had beat the game a few times and then when monster hunter stories 2 wings of ruin came out on Nintendo switch we were like thisll be so awesome and something else good about this game is that it will like prepare u for the next chapter. And dont worry if ur wondering whatll happen to naviro then dont worry people that have started that recently hes in there. Man, the game wouldnt be the same without that annoying fuzball feline! So yeah u people out there try the game give it a five star review as well and tell us if u start playing number 2 if this sorta set u up for it as much as it did for us! Aaaaannnnndddd peace ou-!!!

This game is awesome the only problem is you cant get all the monsties you want like teostra, rajang and kushala daora because of the game version. So Im asking when is the next update?

Having just recently gotten into the world of Monster Hunter with, well.. World (and Iceborne); and subsequently seeing the trailers for Monster Hunter: Stories 2, we were tempted to try out the first game. From the new trailers, and looking up the first game, it almost looked like a legitimate JRPG, and not just a weird cash grab for the IP. So we looked to see where we could get it and for how much, a Switch port maybe? Nope, it was listed on the 3DS store for $39.99. We didn’t want to dust off our 3DS, and we didn’t really want to make that kind of investment into a risky bet, so we almost just said forget it. Until we read a post about it being ported to iOS. So we picked it up there for only $19.99, and… It’s great! Turns out the mobile port came with some visual upgrades, and the touch controls were actually a really solid way to experience the game. In the end it was a really polished experience, a real JRPG. While admittedly a bit lighter on the story side than your usual fair, it’s no MMO or typical lazy, mobile game non-story. What’s there is earnest, cute dialogue, an actual plot with character development, it’s really enjoyable. The gameplay loop is super satisfying, and while there aren’t as many creatures to collect, we honestly found it to satisfy the Pokmon fantasy more than any of the recent entries out of that franchise. You battle side by side with one monster of your choosing that you’ve collected, completely controlling your characters attacks and actions, while having some ability to order your partner to do certain attacks. You build up this kind of bond gauge by trusting your partners move and using something that synergizes with it. Once that’s full you can ride your monster to combine some of your stats and, when an opening presents itself, unleash an ultimate move that’s unique to each monster. It’s a flashy, quick, and surprisingly deep combat system that stayed fun for 40 hours. Not to mention the collecting itself. You find monster dens, which are basically mini dungeons, at the end of which is an egg nest. It might be guarded by a large monster, and you can do various things to ensure you’re going after specific types of monsters. Once you get to the nest itself you can choose one egg to take with you that will become one of your buddies. The eggs come in all kinds of colors and patterns that correspond to different monsters. But it’s almost like a fun surprise present (free of any microtransactions) each time you get one. And the game is gorgeous. It doesn’t have the highest poly counts or texture resolutions, but the art direction is spot on, the game will age well for sure. There’s a great use of color, an ample amount of character customization, and all the armor designs are really cool. It’ll make you want to craft tons of sets just to get the new looks. Overall it’s a great 8 ~ 8.5 out of 10 little RPG, and we’re super excited for the sequel to blow things out with what looks like a solid budget and PC release. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking to fill the void left by GameFreak lately, and anyone looking for a lighthearted adventure to go on.

Games fun and great but a game like this that isnt a simple mobile game you play for a few minutes and go on with your day (like PokemonGo) really benefits from a controller so you can sit down and have a more enjoyable experience that doesnt require holding up an iPad the whole time.

We chose not to update to the latest multiplayer update. Game plays great on our iPhone 11 and iPad Air 3. Im just happy that we were not forced to update the game to keep playing it. People do not realize that it is very difficult to either integrate multiplayer functionality into a game; to make a functional multiplayer game (server issues etc.) and to keep a game fully optimized for different devices simultaneously. Thanks for a great game.

We played this game originally for the Nintendo 3DS and this holds up very well. The game is a enjoyable spin-off from the main series, giving an alternative perspective on the world of Monster Hunter. Befriending Monsters and using the abilities they have to traverse further into the world, or to find better loot. Our only complaint is that the auto save feature doesnt help if the app is open for a long period of time, but not closed out. If this scenario happens then the game for some reason doesnt auto save and goes back to the last save before then.

This game is cool too experience, you can hatch eggs and fight monsters. It also has awesome graphics, Im a hugeeee fan of this game! It costs money but its worth it so who ever made this game your awesome! :)

The game is good and all, but where are the elder dragons and rajang that are in the 3DS version, are we just not gonna get them on the mobile version of the game?

We dont usually play Mobile game, but we love MH so much and we had to try this one. Really a great game and awesome mobile adaptation. Would recommend!

This game is awesome, and is AAA. We hope Mon Hun Stories 2 will also be ported to the phone in the future, as that game improves on the mechanics in this one.

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