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Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Mow and Trim! Developed by the innovative team at Freeplay LLC, this Simulation game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 24th December 2023, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 2nd February 2024.

Are you a fan of Simulation, Casual, games? Then Mow and Trim is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Mow and Trim

Over 605 players have rated Mow and Trim. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Mow and Trim Cost?

Good news! You can download Mow and Trim on your iOS device absolutely free!

Mow and Trim Release Date

Eager to know when Mow and Trim first graced the App Store? It was launched on 24th December 2023.

When Was Mow and Trim Last Updated?

The latest version of Mow and Trim was updated on 2nd February 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Mow and Trim?

To get started with Mow and Trim, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Mow and Trim

Welcome to Mow and Trim, the ultimate relaxation and lawn mowing experience! Embark on a therapeutic journey as you indulge in the art of landscaping and grass trimming in various picturesque locations such as stadiums, parks, and more.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Mow and Trim updated on 2nd February 2024:

Bug fix

User Reviews on Mow and Trim

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Mow and Trim below:

We like this game and understand the ad revenue thing, but they take it way too far on this game. You literally get 45 seconds to a minute of game play for about 40 seconds worth of ads. Its like half and half. Its fun but annoying because youll be in a groove and doing your thing then bamanother ad. Please fix this. Itd be much more enjoyable if you cut out some of the ads.

Starts out good, then the ads start – ok at first but by level 10 you get one pass and an add, and they keep coming to the point where you watch more ads than play – other than that annoyance, which will cause us to delete app – it would be a good game.

We’ve spend our own money on this game and now we cant upgrade! Fix it please of Im deleting.

Not sure why but after level 5 we cant upgrade our tractor or buggy, and we spent the money on no ads, super disappointed. And no way to get our money back.

Always start with the bad the ads. They seem to go off every 30 seconds and even a quick tap out is 15 seconds. You can build your mower up blades, rotation and number of prongs. Then you can update the cart (so you can carry a bigger load) and tires (make them bigger). It then says at level 20 it opens up the Factory and Skins. We are now at level 23 and there is no factory or skins. This is why we believe that this is still in production. It cost 4.99 for no ads which would make the game better but with nothing else to do but mow the same thing over and over (I have a maxed tractor) the money piles up we have over 750k and nothing to use it on and not sure what the gold is for and we have 85. The controls are really nice no glitches but very boring at this time with nothing to do but mow the same thing over and over and over (you get the jist) we will put this game on the back burner at this time to see if it improves. Oh and also there is only 30 levels.

This would be a great game if the factory, skins, and tractor upgrade would work it worked for first couple of levels and now Im up past level 25 and they all stopped workinthis bug needs fixed.

Be more fun if there was more levels and less ads the ads pop up way to much.

We love the setup of this game and gameplay is fun but Way Way WAY too many ads for it to be fun!!

We really want to love this game. 3 stars for now since hitting level seven, the upgrade shop stops working. Would be 5 if this werent an issue.

This is an amazing app and is very relaxing however they need to add more levels and actually have content under the group headings instead of disappointment. It makes it no different than any other mowing app.

Its a easy, relaxing game if youre OCD. However, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS GAME. You will see a factory, a farm and a skins docking station, they tell you it will be open by level 18, or whatever. But we conquered this game in less than 2hrs. There is ONLY 30 levels and NO MORE. There is no skins, no farms or factory that opens. No more other levels past 30. Waste of time and $4.99.

We are still waiting on the update. This is a very good game but we dont think it is finished.

Fun at first, even paid $10 to remove ads. After the first five levels we cant upgrade our mower anymore.

We like this game however there are 15-30 second ads that pop up every 30 seconds. Its not worth paying $4.99 to play ad free.

Im assuming theyre still working on this game on the backend because Im accumulating money with nothing to do since the updates state at level 15 & 20 skins, factory,& trolley are supposed to become available but dont. We enjoy the game but Ill be deleting the app, its boring now.

Only 30 levels. We have a maxed out mower. 90 gold(no idea what its for). Factory and Skins supposed to unlock at level 20, nothing happened. Same for the Farm that unlocks at like 18. So game is getting on hold until something else happens with it.

After level 7 we have not been able to upgrade the mower. Must be a bug in the software because we have plenty of cash and there were still half bars to fill in the upgrade sections. Very disappointing. WHY CANT we UPGRADE MY MOWER?!?!?!

Game is decent. We enjoy the aspect of clearing and selling and upgrading. However, we got suckered into paying for the $10 no add and better tractor. The tractor is just a skin and doesnt provide any upgrade. The upgrades section is bugged at level 8. We cant got in to upgrade our blades or anything anymore. Tried to go to lower levels and it is still bugged. Cant get past that level to be able to clear any further levels without moving very very slow without upgraded blades. We deleted and reinstalled; put us back at level one. We did the process all over got back to level 8 and upgrade tent became bugged again. From ready other reviews, it seems like the things that are promised at higher levels are actually not available. DO NOT WASTE ANY MONEY ON THIS GAME. Just save yourself the download and the time. DONT DOWNLOAD.

We love playing this game but we made it to level 30 and cant go any farther so all our purchases mean nothing they get the money and the game stops and no way to upgrade.

We agree with post from December 29. Only 30 levels. Tractor maxed out with nothing else to upgrade it. We have over million bucks and 100+gold bars with nothing to use it on. Also it says farm, skins, and trolley that we cant open or do anything with. We like the game but it needs more updates.

Im echoing another reviewers experience. The game is decent until youve maxed the mower blades, prongs, rotation speed, capacity, and wheel count (around level 13). Then its just mowing with no goal or achievements over and over again. Dont buy the no-ads experience like we did. After level 13 or so the game stops being challenging. We got to level 18 where the game says carts are available but there are no carts. Another reviewer said Factories are available at level 20 but theres no factories. It may be a better game if its updated.

None of the unlockable features do not work and every 2 minutes theres an ad we would not recommend wasting your time with this game . Its rushed and not up to par like other mobile games.

An ad pops up every minute or less, non-skip 20+ second ads. Unacceptable.

Every 25 secs theres an add in the middle of Playing are You kidding us really.

We cant stand being forced to watch ads just so you can make a buck! It seems quite a few mowing games do this and we just delete them! Piss poor business model.

Only 28 levels. Absolute waste.

You will get an ad about every 30s and if you close the app all your money gets scattered and by time you pick it all up you get another ad. Kind of a fun game but not worth the ads.

Says unlock stuff at certain levels but nothing happened. Completed all 30 levels.

Would be fun if you could get updated mower. But for some reason once you get to level 5 or 6. It wont allow you to upgrade the mower or anything else.

Kinda fun but you can only upgrade your truck once. As soon as you leave the upgrade area it wont reload. Please fix and Ill update review and stars!!!!

Game is actually kind of cathartic. But the ads ruin it. Less than a minute of gameplay and boom, an ad. Way too many ads. Completely ruins the game. UNINSTALLING!

We completely understand that there will be an ad after you finish a level but not here. You are playing the game and all of a sudden no matter what you are doing there is an ad. Its the kind of ads where yes it only makes you watch like 10 seconds but when the X pops up man if you dont hit that right on the head then it will take you to the download screen. Then you starting playing and we would say about a minute guess what happens??? Thats right another ad.

We just installed this game a few hours ago and we just started playing it so Im at level 3 or 4 maybe level 5 and Im already thinking about uninstalling it because there are way to many ads we’ve had to watch like 50 or more ads already EVERY SINGLE 15 OR 30 SECONDS and its annoying. So it would be very nice if you stop giving the game SO MSNY FRICKING ADS.

Although this game can be relaxing, having ads every minute is way too many and we deleted the game. Its not worth the free download for all the ads when other similar games dont have the large number of ads.

We liked the game at first. The ads werent horrid. But we decided to upgrade and get the cyber truck and no ads. You get one chance to upgrade the cyber truck then you are stuck at whatever power/speed/size you upgraded to.

Bought game and now cant upgrade anything and it charged us way more than advertised price. DELETING SOON IF NOT FIXED.

It is a simple time killer game with no real strategy. Thats okay, sometimes you just want mindless. But there are forced ADs EVERY 60 SECONDS! 60 seconds of game play, 15-25 seconds of ads. We get it, the developers need to make money, but COME ON MAN! 5 minutes of play and Im deleting this!

This game only has maybe 10 levels before your tractor is maxed out, even though the levels increase in difficulty.

Like these mowing games but Im at level 30, all 3 stars, have over a million dollars and our tractor is maxed out. We cant access our trolley, the skins & factory do nothing and the farm wont open.. We paid for the no ads version. Please fix this and make more levels. This game is great for anxiety reduction.

We see Im not the only one that has a problem with this game. We purchased the no more ads with the hopes that we would be able to continue to upgrade. But. No. Its not worth it and now we have to uninstall it.

Has anyone noticed there have been no response from developers? We guess they are ok with a subpar game that has a lot of potential, as long as there are enough people paying for no ad feature. We knew better, we knew better, we knew better.

They steal and sell your name, address, email, postal code, geolocation data. They will have access to your physical movements and real time location. Internet and network activities. Including your products and services purchased. This is all in the privacy policy.

Way too many ads and cost is a bit pricey. Not worth it. Deleting game now.

Adds pop up every 30 seconds. You can play the game for more then a few minutes because you spend so much time waiting for adds. Not worth the download.

We love these types of games but this one has left us very disappointed. Only 30 levels we beat all 3 stars in a couple of hours. The tractor and cart were maxed by level 18. It says the trolley unlocks at level 18 in the upgrade section but at level 18 there is nothing there and we never saw a trolley to use. The factory, farm, and skins are supposed to unlock at level 20 but it never did. It feels like this was rushed on in the middle of development and it wasnt even finished. Not sure if it will be updated or when it will. Probably delete this game now until we see some improvement as we look at these types of games a lot.

Ridiculous amount of ads that you have to pay to get rid of. They bait you with areas that supposedly open up at certain levels but they dont. What you see is all you get.. Mowing the same area over and over again with no purpose. Waste of time. Dont bother.

If you love ads, this is the game for you.

Way to many adds. You get an add every 1-2 minutes and then you only get 30 levels to play then you finished. No more advancing or upgrades.

We paid the money to see no more ads. And soon after the game stoped working. Ou go to the upgrade spot and nothing, and it tells you in the first parts go to a certain level and other areas and things will be available, nooooooo nothing!

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