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Ms. PAC-MAN is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc., Ms. PAC-MAN is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th February 2019 with the latest update 4th October 2019

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


533 people have rated 4.1.2

You can download the game Ms. PAC-MAN from APP STORE.


What good is it to be the retro old school king of the arcades if PAC-MAN doesn’t have a QUEEN to share the arcade kingdom with? Try the queen of the arcade’s version of the world famous videogame with Ms. PAC-MAN! Earn high scores as you guide Ms. PAC-MAN through the maze to eat all the pac-dots and fruits while avoiding the pesky Ghost Gang! Or turn them blue by eating a power pellet to chomp on them!

Who can forget the retro addictive gameplay of this pop culture icon? Remember all those countless hours of free time and quarters spent at the local arcade back in the ’80s? Re-live those classic gaming moments on your mobile phone!


  • Find out how the retro arcade power couple meet!


  • Play the original coin-op icon
  • Pixel perfect – Looks, sounds, and feels just like you remember!
  • Addictive old school gameplay – Run away or chase the ghosts!


  • Unique mazes specifically for Ms. PAC-MAN
  • More maze warp tunnels
  • More unique bonus items

Rediscover the retro classic all over again! Bring the old school arcade action of Ms. PAC-MAN anywhere you go! Don’t Ms. out on this old school arcade classic and download Ms. PAC-MAN today!

Updated on 4th October 2019

Bug fixes

Ms. PAC-MAN Reviews

Good game. Just like the original.

We would like to see the faster version option. Otherwise it brings the arcade to our iPhone!

Classic pacman. No fuss like all the other versions in the app store, worth the $3 bc tokens to keep playing in the free version cost way more in the long run. Also no annoying ads.

Seems like the developer is now responsive and has fixed previous issues. Yay.

Linens N Things is a nice store that is next to Ross.

Omg we love this game. This is one of our favorite arcade games. We could spend hours playing this game. Its worth the $2.99 we paid. It definitely keeps you entertained esp waiting online at the store.

Game is great but the swipe control sometimes has a mind of its own. More pronounced when the game speeds up. Takes turns or turns back when our finger is not touching the screen. 8/18/19 updated review Latest update just destroyed the game. The swipe controls no longer swipe unless you take your finger off the screen then re-swipe. You cant just swipe in the direction you want to go. This is impossible as the game gets faster. 10/8/19 Finally fixed!!

Happy to see NAMCO bring back this game. It is quite close to original, which took many-a-quarter from us back in the day. However, the controls lack the agility of a real joystick, and while fine for cruising around munching dots, getting out of a critical situation is proving tough with Swipe and even harder with the Joystick. Good fun to be had, love the graphics and sounds. Clyde is still our favorite : )

Id suggested in review that the playing field be nudged down to avoid the notch on the iPhone, so they did it, and let us know. Changed our review after that. Still think the swipe controls are not as responsive as they should be, maybe that will be fixed, and we can update to five stars!

Looks like the game, runs like the game but the control are awful. You get stuck in corners or go ways you didnt mean to. Low key salty that we paid $3 for this.

The design here has it slumping to right or left. Other iOS joystick design going all the way back have simulated spring loaded to center as they mechanically were in original arcade cabinets, and the joystick image design looked better too. Also the stage select option gives no message that levels need to be achieved in order to function. That’s basic interface protocol.

Fun game but you sometimes lose control of Ms Pac-Man and she goes where she wishes. Also, you sometimes try to eat the fruit but it passes right through you. Very frustrating. Still, fun game but upgrades are needed.

Ms PAC Man doesnt always move in the intended direction. Please fix.

What happened to the two player option can yall please put the two player option back in the game.

We brought this game because we grew up with this game. The Pac-Man is totally out of control, causing a poor game. This game has control issues.

Its a waste of money, she moves slower than the ghosts and even the high sensitivity barely picks up what Im doing.

We purchased this game and it has been uploading on the iPad for days now, what gives? It only goes halfway then it stalls. The icon says Loading… How do we complete the purchase and install the game so our child can play Ms. Pac-Man?

This game is utterly useless since the upgrade went into effect. The brain dead imbeciles behind the alterations are apparently unaware of the concept of improvement, and have created an app that is vastly inferior to its previous iteration. The game was entertaining, now it is unplayable. Don’t bother if you don’t have it, delete if you do. Edit: The game has been fixed and is enjoyable again. Good job developers!

The swipe control for this app is terrible, unlike the swipe control for the PAC-MAN app. No point in trying to play this game.

On level 16 and up power pellets stop working and cant get fruit unless u head on.

This is a very very old program. And to pay a monthly subscription for it is absurd. One time purchase yes monthly subscription no. As well as the fact that the provider does not clearly state that if you push on us its a monthly subscription nor does it state the amount of the monthly subscription. So your hustle into buying the program.

The touch screen control is horrible. You swipe in 1 direction and it goes another. Really hard to enjoy playing this.

We want a refund for the 2.99 this game has so many bugs the controllers dont work good at all the pac man goes where it wants either fix it or refund our money.

Controls make this game virtually impossible to play. Waste of money, do not buy.

Swipe control is terrible. We’ve tried all sensitivities but it just does not work properly. Save your money to play this in the arcade… Or when they fix the swipe control.

We have had this game from the beginning and we unfortunately updated. The swipe ability no longer works. We so wish we wouldnt have upgraded. Sad.

Regardless of sensitivity the controls respond poorly and character gets stuck against walls and when making turns. Character also has a tendency to be programmed to turn into the ghosts when in close proximity. Really kills the fun. Fix it!

We’ve had this app since it was released about a decade ago…. It really seems like it just gets worse and worse with each update. A little more glitchy, a little less responsive, a little harder to control and a little more frustrating…. Gradually…. Little by little… With each. And. Every. Update. It’s disappointing that whoever is developing this game believes they can just slack off and never really fix anything or make any aspect of the game better because it’s Ms. Pac-Man. So well known and so loved that people will keep buying it no matter what. No matter how low their iTunes rating gets… Ms. Pac-Man will always be one of the first games that new iPhone users reach for. It’s even more upsetting knowing how much money they’ve raked in over the years…. And STILL couldn’t care less. Not that it matters, or they care, but we definitely will not be tossing any more money in Namco’s direction ever again. EVER.

One of the most simplest of games and you guys managed to mess that up …. The ghosts go straight to you , one has no chance to advance after a few levels…. Ill never play any mobile games ever and its because of this app.

In spite of the updates, this game still does not work. We cant control Ms PacMan. She goes off in directions that dont follow our swipes and gets killed. We dont have this problem with the original PacMan. Why, oh why cant this game be up to par with the original PacMan?

Every time we swipe down the iPhone thinks we are swiping down our screen. It doesnt matter if you stay in the designated box or not. 50% of the time you swipe down its going to lower your whole screen and then you will die from the ghosts. Just awful.

Love Ms pac man. Doesn’t seem like it should be hard to make responsive controls. Sorry, if youre not going to fix the glitches Im deleting. Bye.

Not happy! We paid $2.99 for the game. Version history says version 4.0.0 from 6 years ago brought landscape mode, but we can find no way in the game to play in landscape mode!?! We use a Nimbus+ controller with our iPhone, and with its built-in phone holder, landscape is the only mode the controller will work with. Feel like we wasted our $2.99 – If you need to play in landscape mode, do not waste your money!

Love Mrs Pac-Man and it plays and looks flawless! Thank you.

The latest update made the game unusable. It was difficult to maneuver through the maze using the control as it was. Now with this update; to change direction, you have to take your finger totally off the screen, then place it back on the screen in the appropriate direction.

We have been playing Ms Pac-Man for a very long time and when the upgrade came and messed it up. The swipe option does not work good at all Im disappointed.

We loved this app up until the last upgrade. The swipe controls are now horrible. What happened!!

The swipe controls are slow to respond with this update. We enjoy the game, but am frustrated playing it now. We hope they fix the issue!!!

This current update has made this game no longer fun to play. The swipe control is horrible and very unresponsive. A new update is needed ASAP!!!! Sometimes just leave a good thing alone.

With the new update Ms. Pac-Man is not responding to our directions.

Since the update the swipe control doesnt work at all!!!

The control just does not work properly. PacMan will just drop and not move… We’ve tried changing the options. We love the game, but the controls poor performance is too irritating to play. It appears from the version history, that the update 4 days ago was for the new version of the Apple X. There appears to have been no other updates in several years. Please fix the control…

Upgrades are supposed to make things better not worse. The swipe control is delayed by at least 10 seconds. Fix this ASAP!!!

The new update makes the game unusable Have to lift your finger every time you change direction.

We’ve been playing this game since the app initially came out, however, after the recent update the control of us Pac-Man doesnt work well. We cant go up or down, we cant get us Pac-Man to move on a dime, (like she used to), both the swipe and the other mode of control are not very responsive and Im frustrated. This was our go to fame for distraction and mindless fun. …,and now-its gone. Please do something!!!

After the latest update the swiping controls dont work well and she will not go in the direction that we are pressing her to go in. Please fix this!

What happened to the PAC Man game we purchased? The swiping does not respond to our commands. Very frustrating.

First of all we started out with the lite version then we bought the game then the owner change the the game no warning or anything and now your not in control of the direction you want ms Pac-Man to go it kinda goes straight or whatever the owner wants it to go ( to continue getting out) and you now have to buy more tokens to keep playing we feel if we already paid for the game we should not have to now buy tokens to continue to play Im mad because we Use to Love playin this game, Thanks but No Thanks for messing things up with your unwanted update!!

El control de juego en pantalla funciona con mucha dificultad En cambio el juego de Ms. PAC-MAN lite yo lo descargue y el control de pantalla funciona muy bien Necesito saber si us pueden corregir este problema o poder descargar otro juego igual que ese pero con el problema corregido Gracias Atentamente Samuel Velazquez 7872093889.

No happy with game at all. Never no updating on other end to make game better. Doesnt turn when it should -EVER! Thumbs down.

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