Multi Maze 3D

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 10:35 am

Multi Maze 3D

Multi Maze 3D

Multi Maze 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CRAZY LABS BY TABTALE , G.P., Multi Maze 3D is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th August 2021 with the latest update 4th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Multi Maze 3D ?

55,017 people have rated 1.8.0

What is the price of the Multi Maze 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Multi Maze 3D released ?

Multi Maze 3D was released on 30th August 2021.

When was the Multi Maze 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Multi Maze 3D on 4th April 2023.

Where can Multi Maze 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Multi Maze 3D from Apple Official App Store.



Multi maze is a fun and addicting puzzle game where you have to bounce and collect balls in a cup.
Spin the wheel maze, left or right, to let the ball drop in the cup.
Bounce and collect the balls in the cup, and by the way, you can multiply them and fill the cup.
Balls in all the colors that you can imagine are waiting for you to spin the wheel maze and collect them in the cup.
Amaze yourself with the ability to spin the wheel maze and collect as many balls as you can!

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Updated on 4th April 2023

Bug fixes so you can keep up your game addiction!

Multi Maze 3D Review

We honestly love the game because it is really fun and satisfying, and it is easy to play while doing other things like watching tv. The only problem for us is that after like level 60, the levels just repeat themselves so it not fun anymore. We must have repeated every level like 10 times. It is a really fun game, but there should be more levels.

We are so glad that we played this game.

We love this game but we do wish there was a purchase option to opt out of ads. Id def pay.

We love the game and the skins but there is just not enough levels. What we mean by that is we got to level 80 and now we just repeating the levels.

We love the game but its too hard to get the exact same amount they want us and it makes you get a low score some times.

We mean most of the adds are pretty much what it is and what do you expect after a while it gets a lil boring but its a pretty good game overall.

Love the game. Hate that theres an ad between EVERY level.

The maze wheel becomes boring. Try different sizes, shapes colors, pass throughput to other complimentary small mazes.

It is a really good game but when we play now it just says that we finished the round but we didnt. Another thing we feel like there arent many different mazes, like we feel like we did the same thing three times in a row.

So this game is fun But it is not the best game on the face of the earth but it could be beyter.

The game is good, we like the noises. But the problem is the ads, we understand that the game is free and its gonna have some ads but theres a lot. We hate having to wait for the ads to finish. So if there werent as many ads we would love this game!

Really fun and challenging at times. We appreciate the meter it makes us feel smart. However its irritating that we never pass 13400th place in the world it always puts us back. Fix it yeah?

The game is fun but you just get bombarded with ads.

This game is actually pretty good, but its SUPER frustrating that theres not a No Ads purchase option. EVERY Level has an ad. So annoying.

We have a question for tha maker why is it so bad.

We played a couple of rounds, but after each was a long ad. Id be willing to pay $2-4 to remove all ads, but that wasnt even an option.

Their shouldnt be a ad after every level u play.

The developers need to be aware of what kind of applications are being used in their app! Most especially and irritating is MOB CONTROL which begins with a guy screaming obnoxious and rude things at the ad game. Theres no way to silence the ad or stop the ad. Worst of all, this MOB CONTROL ad immediately caused our phone to overheat and send us warning notifications that our phone was in danger and all activities are being stopped until the situation cools down! All of this happened very fast and we initially thought it was the maze game so we kept track of what was causing the meltdown. We finally found out it was the ad! These developers need to be more responsible to the community of gamers. Dont just go for the money you know. Check all the ads you allow on your app. You might get sued when your app and ads fry peoples phones or tablets. Im deleting this game even though we were really enjoying it. No way am we going to let our phone get fried no matter if the game is fun or not. In our opinion, App Stores should have more responsibility to the customers as well and make sure that the equipment isnt being damaged by any app. What a mess.

We love this game so much we play it during school when we look lonely its so fun . Pls add more skins in the shop we unlocked them all PLZ ADD MORE b!!!!!!!!

We actually really like this game, its fun to play and we dont get bombarded with ads.

Hope one day they add more levels we’re on level 631 and our high score is 103067 and we hope the reason they add more levels is so we can beat that score.

It is an amazing super fun game designed for the most satisfying game ever and when it tells you your 99% better than others just makes your day super satisfying to each the collection of the balls multiply just so amazing recommend.

Very fun , very relaxing. Little ads , and is very entertaining. We love this game it relaxing us from a long day work . Thank the lords that the person that made thins game is alive . We have a question for the maker though. Does the manufacturer make it have ads ? Just a question because some of our other apps have like a lot of ads and this one does not . Love , person.

If you are looking for a game that is fun and doesnt need internet multi maze 3D is the game for you. We have been looking for a game that is actually fun and doesnt need internet and we finally found Multi Maze 3D. We totally recommend.

We love this game its colorful and active.

Yeet us out of here please Im begging for a ride home please Im not going anywhere Im just going home and Im gonna be in a lot more trouble and Im not going nowhere we just need a break and Im gonna go home we just want a hug from our friend we love him and Im going home now and we will talk with him tomorrow when you come back to the office and Ill be home and Ill talk with him about the car so so you know how we are and Ill be back with the rest the day we will be back to you.

Ti mb&c. Bb. No. Gnncfchv nfcfh.

This game is so fun and addictive we love these type of games and this one dont have to much adds that pop up.

This game is so fun we love it you get the x6 and stuff like that and you get a goal that you have to beat.

We love this game but PLEASE add more mazes, its so repetitive! We actually stopped playing this game for a while simply because of constantly having to play the same mazes over and over again. The only difference in the mazes is when they mirror it so that the same maze is flipped and going in the opposite direction, but thats pretty much it. Please fix!

Our dad downloaded this movie because he is suffering from breast cancer. We can tell you that our mom has never been more miserable! Our pet wife is divorcing us but she sure cant divorce the kitchen. Her sandwiches are sandy. But this game is so goofy, we started tee-hee-ing. So much that we dropped our grandmas ashes! But we rate this a solid 420/69. Happy twerk say!

Imagine a game but with some tricks and no way to spend the money. Other wise its a good game.

This game is delightfully addictive. Our one complaint is that we would like the option to pay to remove the ads.

Its a good game but there are three things that makes us mad. 1. It automatically changes to the leaderboard if you got all of the balls out of the board. The reason why this makes us mad is because: Think of this scenario; You get one star. But you want to do it again because you want to do better. But it changes you to the leaderboard instead and then changes you to the next level. 2. It doesnt give you three stars if you got how many balls is required to go to the next level. The reason why this makes us mad is because if you get the balls that are required then you should just get three stars. (simple.) 3. (last.) You cant change your name on the leaderboard. The reason this makes us mad is because you might want people to see your name as a specific name but you dont know what your name is to other people and you cant change it. Also, we dont know why but we havent gotten any adds from this game. (???)

We noticed that there are about 10 mazes the only thing is the amount of balls needed. So it gets boring after you have reached where they keep repeating.

Its an addictive game but lately its been freezing especially when it gets to the point where all the balls are falling down into the cup. We then have to close out of the game and restart the level. Is there a way to get the game ti stoo freezing? Thanks!

Fun and challenging. But too many ads in between and some of them are hard to shut down.

As we said this is a good game but there are some ads and it’s annoying plus one time our game lagged and we had no starting balls so it was weird but other than that it’s pretty good.

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