My Dog:Pet Game Simulator

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 04:10 am

My Dog:Pet Game Simulator

My Dog:Pet Game Simulator

My Dog:Pet Game Simulator is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hong Kong Bao Chuan Software Technology Limited, My Dog:Pet Game Simulator is a Simulation game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 28th July 2021 with the latest update 9th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of My Dog:Pet Game Simulator ?

1,338 people have rated 2.2.6

What is the price of the My Dog:Pet Game Simulator ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the My Dog:Pet Game Simulator released ?

My Dog:Pet Game Simulator was released on 28th July 2021.

When was the My Dog:Pet Game Simulator updated ?

The latest updated date of My Dog:Pet Game Simulator on 9th January 2023.

Where can My Dog:Pet Game Simulator be downloaded ?

You can download the game My Dog:Pet Game Simulator from Apple Official App Store.



Game Features

  • Puppy raising simulation game
  • Adopt and take care of your favorite puppy
  • 64+ breeds of dogs
  • Play with your friends by visiting their homes
  • Try fun games to keep your puppy happy
  • Take great AR pictures with your puppy

My Dog is a simulation game where you can feed, train, play, and dress up your favorite puppies. After choosing among more than 70 unique dogs, you can design your home from a variety of furniture, decoration, and layouts. Then, you can invite or visit your friends to socialize with other puppies at home.

Instead of describing the main features, we want to share with you the story behind the development of this game. This story came from the creator of My Dog:

“Although I have participated in the development of several games, I have not been as excited with a new game as with My Dog because this game brings back a lot of good memories.

When I was little, my parents adopted a puppy that lived with us for longer than fifteen years. I still remember our first interaction; he could fit in my palm. As a child, I became his owner and did my best to take care of him. From an early age, I gained this sense of responsibility because of him but also developed a strong feeling of sympathy towards the dog community. I decided not to have another puppy after him because I knew it would be difficult to experience this absence again in the future.

At university, I kept thinking of ways to bring my puppy back to me by using technology. However, it was not until recently that I formed a dedicated team of engineers and artists to develop My Dog. I hope that players can raise their favorite puppy while bringing him everywhere with them, creating good memories.

If you find this story interesting, want to share your own story, or enjoy playing our game, please send us an email [email protected] We hope that My Dog help reunites dog owners with his beloved friends and help our puppies find a loving family. Follow us on social media to get the latest updates.

Updated on 9th January 2023

Fix some bugs

My Dog:Pet Game Simulator Review

So realistic and cute we would recommend to dog lovers.

If you love animals this game is for you its so fun pls play it please :)

We love this game we have a update idea maybe make the grey wolf u can get it level 50? Or somethin.

This game is really cool we like how theres so many different dogs and that theyre all puppies theres even a panda dog Claire bear.

We love puppies and taking care of them. This game has it all. We love this game.

The dogs are so cute. We love it! It is so fun!

_Has a lot of tasks to keep you busy with.

Ok so we love the game but can where u can equip however much dogs each person has or people could equip 7 dogs?

Hi! Im only 9 and this game is ver inapppertie this game should be for teen and thsi game even make us cry.

IM SO SO SAD BECAUSE MY MOM DELETED THIS APP and she said it had CHAT and what the HECK is wrong with her? We just look at it in the AppStore. We just LOVE IT. Our mom is just CRAZY!

This game is absolutely adorable! This game is perfect for a dog lover. Our dog energy goes past numbers! We love how cute every dog is. One dog looks like our neighbors dog too! We recommend this game to dog lovers, and or people that like cute things! We love petting them too! One recommendation though, we wish you could name the dogs. But other than that, this game is perfect!

We go to play our dog and it restarted our account! We thought we were hacked or it was a glitch if it was a glitch fix it. We had 3 dogs and we would won many battles please just fix this. Now we have to restart everything we cried for a whole hour because it took us a long time to get 3 dogs and a good house and cash and we were so close to getting a husky so we could have 4 dogs we dont like this game that much now its gonna take us a long time to recover from this.

The dogs are so cute. We just got this game, and you can customize your home and fight stray dogs.

Now we want a real mini golden retriever because its so cute.

So, basically people keep being mean to others and we dont feel comfortable. We still love this game but still want this to be fixed!

Hello ! We just wanted to say that this is an amazing game ! Its really fun to play and we log on almost everyday. But for some reason our post function wont stay on. We tried everything but it just wont work. Every time we do try, we go into settings and turn post function on. Then we click X and we press our messages but you cant read any of them because we think our game is glitched or something. Every time we try to turn it on, it always says; The Post Function has been turned off. To enable it, tap the player avatar in the top left corner, tap settings, sMagic Message to on. But we dont know what sMagic Message is. Thank you for reading this! Keep up the good work!

So we love this game but we bought the premium pass and the next month its gone and we paid our money for that for not one for forever so if this is how the game is supposed to be the fix it because people are paying $10.00 for it FOR A MONTH.

So one day on our dog we were looking for RPs but then someone posted that if someone would be his/her boyfriend or girlfriendafter we replied No on the messages we put them in our blacklist. Can you fix it please? Your friend, Cheesecake.

This game is 99.9% recommended a few bugs but soo cutee!

We love this game it is so fun if you are reading this download the game now.

This is a cute game, but its kinda sketchy there is a chat bar where u can see all posts (just words no pics in the posts)and there is bad language in the posts along with other rude comments. Also, it needs an update like once a week, and its kinda sketchy that way. Cute but sketchy game.

Why does changing pictures the screen always freezes.

We LOVE this game so much! Its fun, exciting, and its SO realistic! One thing that could be fixed it choosing a profile picture. You cannot choose a photo from your photo library and select it as your profile picture because when you do, it freezes the screen and glitches. Other than that, we LOVE THIS GAME!

Hi Im a starter! We absolutely love the details and designs with this app! It is sooo much fun and cute. It makes you learn responsibility,I will edit updates since Im a starter! But so far is great!

Ok so we loved this game for months but one issue. The battle is just siting and watching your dog perform. Plus it cost too much money to buy another dog and outfit. But still like it.

This game is really fun and exciting but whenever we try to save our avatar it doesnt work and we have to close the app to get out of it.

We have 2 dogs and when we get a now foto it d-sent let me.

Ok so we’ve been playing this for a few years and its 9+ it used to be 4+ and but still is annoying we wish you could turn off chat bc 9 year olds might meet someone who says they are 10 but they are actually 29 we rlly think it should be 13+ or something like that.

You update this wayyyyyy to much.

Love the game. Wish the puppies could come out mixed ! It would be nice to have auto correct for posting!

Dogs are so cool and cute and the game great! So5.

This game is so amazing and very cute we totally recommend getting this game. This game is super cute and we love it so much!!!

In the game, theres a teenage mode. Its confusing when you think teenage mode is meant for teenagers. Teenage Mode disables chat. Please change the name to child mode. Secondly, there is a glitch happening on our we pad. When you place the pink sofa, the we pad freezes and the only way to fix it is to wait another day. This glitch is very frustrating, please fix it.

We like this game and play it every day.

Just like we remembered as a kid, love this game.

We actually enjoy this game, it’s really fun. Everything (clothes, dogs, screws) costs either insane amounts of coins OR gems which you need money to get. So it’s hard to progress in the game because you are always looking for ways to earn those things. We don’t know if this was a bug but at the start of the game we got a male labrador, no options to change breed, gender, or name. We like how this game reminds us of "Mydogs/MyFirstDog" though, we miss that game.

So we were trying to change our avatar photo and we took a photo and then our screen froze completely. We couldnt press cancel or save and it was so annoying we literally got so mad and it was horrible!!!!! But the thing is the game is amazing but every single time we try to change the photo it freezes and we have to exit the game. So it is great except when that happens. That is just our thoughts though so let us know if you have a solution for this!!!!!!

(Ive played this game for a few days now and hope to see change with the problems we’ve experienced.) our Dog is a very cute, fun game to play, especially for those who like some combat and competition to spice things up. You can play with digital puppies, care for them, dress them up, and so on. The game seems like its almost too good to be true! And thats because it simply is. Maybe it doesnt seem like the game is a quick cash-grab from the start, but as you get further into it, progressing gets harder and harder. Thats exactly why youre going to want to buy all of the VIP and Premium sorts of passes in-game. Not only is it stressful to have to spend money on a game, but it also defeats the purpose of entertainment for those who believe this isnt a pay to win game. It makes the experience exhausting overall. A few other things this game should improve are the level differences during battles. Every time we go to search for someone, it now takes about FIVE minutes just to find a single person that you might be able to defeat. Maybe make it so that you could only be challenged by levels close to yours. After all, not all dreams come true, and this review is just another chunk of suggestions. Thank you for reading through, and although Id add more, it seems rather painful and not worth it. Hopefully you understand our struggles; and have a nice day.

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