My Escape: My Secret Crush

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 07:45 pm

My Escape: My Secret Crush

My Escape: My Secret Crush

My Escape: My Secret Crush is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Crazy Maple Interactive inc, My Escape: My Secret Crush is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 19th November 2021 with the latest update 20th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, or Books games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of My Escape: My Secret Crush ?

426 people have rated 1.1.3

What is the price of the My Escape: My Secret Crush ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the My Escape: My Secret Crush released ?

My Escape: My Secret Crush was released on 19th November 2021.

When was the My Escape: My Secret Crush updated ?

The latest updated date of My Escape: My Secret Crush on 20th April 2023.

Where can My Escape: My Secret Crush be downloaded ?

You can download the game My Escape: My Secret Crush from Apple Official App Store.



My Escape (ME) is the latest hit virtual dating interactive story game! Get ready to dive into your second life where you can swipe, match, date and flirt with 100s of unique characters that will take you on an unforgettable journey full of romance, drama, mystery and fantasy – where you get to decide where, when, and how you want your story to play out.

Not only will you be able to date different characters, but you can choose from any genre of interactive stories and dive right in. Playing the role of a vampire vixen, fall-in-love with a powerful mafia lord, or take over the school as the head queen bee. Whichever story you choose to play, you’ll get to make choices that’ll lead you to different paths. Will you play nice or be bad in your story, is all up to you!

My Escape (ME) brings a fresh all-in-one dating interactive story experience that lets you do it all!
Date, match and explore a different interactive story that can be played as a virtual online dating or visual novel.


  • iChat latest matchmaking to find your perfect match!
  • Offers over 100s unique characters to date
  • Match with your crushes and get to know them personally through voice messages, pictures, and more!
  • Make choices that will impact the story and outcome.
  • Dress-up and customize your character for your perfect date!
  • Get hooked into an immersive visual story of “choose your own adventure” game

…PLUS more new stories and new matches EACH WEEK!

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Updated on 20th April 2023

A new update and a few minor bugs fixed to make your experience even better!

My Escape: My Secret Crush Review

The new update is great, its so much easier to get more gems and tickets. We had 18 not long ago, and we normally have around 30 gems. The only thing is preferably less ads, and one free gem after finishing a chapter in a story with having to watch an ad. Thats it, amazing game!

So we like the game a lot and Im sure diamonds are hard to earn but we play smartly with our diamonds so overall the games is 5 stars.

We love the stories but we cant hear any of the audio messages. We have updated the app to the lasted version and deleted then redownloaded, but still audio messages still dont work. We’ve even tired our volume all the way up. It would be nice to hear them!

This app is very intriguing if you love adult fantasies, this is it might not seem like it but just wait until you start dating, or even the chat part Id crazy fun its like Im living vicariously through all of our characters in the chapters and our main character in the chats we love it!!!! We just wish they give more for free.

We love this game but it takes forever when a story stops and tells you to like so it can continue but ours never continues again.

Would be better if they had LGBT content. Honestly, stories are good, but this game is only tailored to hetero audiences, and that takes us out of it and keeps us from enjoying it fully.

You should be able to play as a male character.

We like the stories and it reminds us of love island, but gems are easy to go and hard to get AND for whatever reason, we cannot hear the voice messages. We turned up our volume and nothing.

There are only 6 characters to match with and jt seems kinda bland because of that.

We love the game but we only have 4 avatars to pick from and we think that this game is VERY idk there is a lot of discrimination because its only female avatars and im trans (ftm) and we want male characters androgynous characters and the ability to choose your pronouns and what words (handsom or pretty, person, etc.) you prefer. Also you need to add a way to choose who you are into like if your gay or omni ALSO this games only good options cost gems and there are WAY TOO MANY pop ups and we definitely need more ways to get gems. But the most important thing is more characters need to be added!!

We like the app but when we pay gems for the audios in the chat they never work.

This game is okay but cost too much, theyll give you about 20 diamonds off rip but options cost 12 or 17 diamonds. It can also be a challenge to get diamonds for chatting so youll most likely have to buy them. We would be okay with this, a little annoyed but okay with it if you didnt NEED the diamonds. You need diamonds to pick cute outfits, make good decisions, and most of all you need diamonds to be a nice person which make us mad. If you dont have diamonds you respond in rude ways. An example that was in the game would be how someone was telling us about their sad, horrible past and asked if we wanted them to continue, we didnt have diamonds but we needed the diamonds to answer yes, the free option however was no, screw you which is not fair. Just go play us chat of some other game, this game isnt worth it.

You have to have diamonds to get a good story line, if you choose the non diamond responses it kind of doesnt make any sense. Im not spending $39.99 on a handle full of diamonds. Id rather have a subscription for unlimited chapters and be able to have a good story line. If you like these kinds Id stories, Id recommend downloading Choices. They gave a subscription for unlimited chapters and dont have to watch a 5, 10 second ads for 1 diamond. Im hoping this app figures out something better, because some of the stories seem to be very interesting.

With every other story game there is a daily prize option or something for the people that honestly cant afford to spend money on gems. The options if not using gems are rude, and part of the fun is being invested in the stories. Completing chapters, daily gems, you have to add something to make it worth it to keep playing. Even if you are rude in one story to get gems for the stories you care about. We love the story line, but we stopped playing because it costs a lot of gems and there is no way but real money to replenish them. We think with options this would probably be our favorite storyline game.

We found this while we were searching for MeChat and decided to install it. The character development is stable enough and it’s good. One of our problems? DIAMONDS! The prices to get good choices such as using a pick up lines to further your relationship, picking out clothes for dates, picking scenes for dates, and even seeing pictures are insane. Although we’re not too mad about it since we can get 10 diamonds each day. We’re just more disappointed. There’s also the ability to watch an ad to get 4 or 2 more diamonds when you level up your relationships. However, your diamonds go away QUICK! Think you’re stable enough with the starting amount once you install? Don’t worry, because you’ll find yourself with your diamond amount in the single digits. Watching ads when you don’t level up, only gives you a single diamond as if THAT is going to help you Second off, we’re a bit surprised the game is only really suited to girls. There isn’t a male option which was weird to us when we started out. Third isn’t really something that bothers us too much, but it gets us confused. When you go on dates, your date almost looks nothing like how they look in their pictures through text or thier profile pictures. That’s weird but we don’t see that as a complaint because your date isn’t at least a whole different person I’d the dev team can fix these problems, us and other valued installers would surely be grateful. This game has potential, but the cons DEFINITELY outweigh the pros.

Potential players avert thy eyes. Quick leave before you think All these reviews the game cant be that bad. Right now? IT IS! Hard to level in a relationship when you need between 9-17 diamonds to pick a good option and get good points. Some you dont even level if you dont pick them. Watch ads the support team says, 40 sec ad and you get one. After a certain time you cannot see more for ages. Only way is HAVE O BUY. Now they say its more to come, wont be like that forever. Well we are not deleting, just going to take a few months off to watch videos so we can chat with the matches. Or Ill return when they have between options on getting the diamonds, prices, or choices and leveling. Byeeeeee.

While this app has potential to be fun, its impossible to progress in a fun way because of the pay to play money grab set up. Things that could improve this app: 1. Lower cost of items such as the chat special videos, images, voice messages and scenes 2. Have a less negative free dialect option. 3. Have a free or less costly outfit option for when funds are low or for when people dont want to waste their gems on the outfit that doesnt really seem to do much for the story. The one story we started is a WIP and the other we picked up in the meantime has eaten through our Gems in a matter of minutes. Ill probably delete this game.

Every premium choice is locked behind an absurd amount of gems that unless you buy them for a pricey amount, youre stuck using the option that is a complete turn off. The app developers obviously are money hungry with this game. You can get free gems by watching ads for 1 gem each which is practically nothing compared to the options that cost 8-12 gems each. Not going to sit here and waste 4+ minutes just to send one message. Uninstalled.

We enjoy these games, but this is the top worst for money grabbing. Most apps give you a daily reward, this doesnt. Youll eventually need to spend money to enjoy the stories. We understand the app wants to make money, but its over the top. You get ONE Diamond per ad. And you need 15 for most good options. Rather have MeChat.

1 star because we think the amount of diamonds for everything is absurd. You have to either pay money or watch so many adds for 1 diamond each. We have to stop talking to matches when we get dates because we have to save up to get a good outfit. Another thing is that the characters do not look like their profile pictures on dates barely at all. They look like entire different people. We also would like to bring up how theres no gender inclusivity in this game at all. We were a bit thrown back at how their was only a woman option. We wish that there were storylines for men and non-binary people as well. The dialogue when matched up with certain people can be very cringe to say the least. Our first matches dialogue almost made us delete the app. Definitely worth 1 star.

This is a great game the only problem is that we dont know how long it takes to get more dates with the guys. We finished Sebastians date and we are waiting to get another date. We have been waiting for 2-3 weeks and he is still under development. That is the only problem we have other than this the game is great.

It wants us to buy diamonds and we will not buy them Im going to delete this game.. Its a rip off !!

It is a great game we love the storys.

We hate the fact that we have to watch an 30-40 sec ad just to get 1 gem??((and we dont really want to spend money)) So At this rate Im never gonna finish our story Im reading ((which we love)) and maybe even dropping it altogether. Which is sad because this game has potential to be a great dating sim game. Oh, and let us say Im OKAY watching ads but please give more gems that is worth watching a 30-40 seconds ads for, so maybe 5 gems for every ad?

Ok so this game is great very interactive and gets your mind going. The one downfall is waiting for the stories to be developed and not knowing how long it will take before the stories are back. And we dont want to waste our diamonds on other stories when we have hit the climax of all of our stories that we are currently waiting for. And also wish there were more lower diamond choices to choose from when talking or even on a date with the guys on the story so you dont have to keep buying the diamonds and spending money out of your pocket. But over all it is a great game.

There needs to be at least a bit more female characters because throughout the game we’ve only encountered one.

We would give this app 5 stars. It is very entertaining, and we love the immersion, but it has technical limitations. This game is very Gatcha in character insomuch that the Dimond purchase system is flawed. – You pay far more for access on this app rather than variety and that irritates us so much that we wanna block the creator. For that, it lost one star. – The second star lost was because this app glitches or freezes. Its content overloaded and needs more storage or memory space to maintain all those multiple choice dating stories. This is a borderline scam.

This app has great characters good conversation and good story lines but we probably wont be playing because of the choices its either pay 14 diamonds or tell the person they are ugly or nice outfit or legit dirty clothes what?! We like that choices make a difference in the convo but who would ever respond so mean and hurtful hate it .. Maybe if these choices were like 2-4 diamonds each it would be a bit better but not worth it sorry if that horrible choices were fixed this would be a 5 star game!

We really liked this game and seriously enjoyed the experience and would like to engage much more. We would be all over this app but the prices are absolutely insane. It makes better business sense to offer this game at prices people can actually afford. Taking the business model of an affordable monthly subscription with REASONABLE prices on things like diamonds would make more sense fiscally. Maybe most users will read a story or two but will inevitably look somewhere else. Eventually there will be no more people left to squeeze and the apps reputation will eventually catch up to the creators until the inevitable. Its short sided, unfair to the users and everyone loses. We are writing this as we look for other apps to replace this one. It made for a real bad user experience that makes us want to never come back after feeling like the creators tried to scam us. So Im gone and taking our money elsewhere. Take it or leave itwhatever.

Is it like your making new stuff or what Im so confused like us waiting 24 hour for them to text back like what is going on.

Stop having rude responses if we dont pick gems. Im so serious. Just have neutral responses.

Im really only leaving a review because Im one of the stories, the love interest is supposed to be wearing the most dashing suit youve ever seen but hes just wearing a towel wrapped around his waist to a fancy gala. Like its literally a towel and he has no shirt on and there are repetitive comments about how elegant and dashing he looks but he just looks mostly naked? Its kinda funny but also weird Pretty sure its a bug of some sort.

The art is nice and some of the stories are very captivating. What takes you out of it is the obscene amount of money youll spend just to have good choices. Thankfully, we only bought diamonds once because we noticed how quickly we blew through them. Dont expect the developers to change anything, the model is built to exploit the players interest in the story.

The game is ok for the most part but the dates arent working. And we also dont like that it takes a lot of gems for some of the replies.

We downloaded the app, foolishly thinking that it would be diverse for a Trans/Agender person such as myself and not cater to cishet women. You are forced to have an avatar and they are only fem presenting. Disappointed but not surprised.

We took a few steps to pick our avatar and profile info. Easy enough. Then it popped up with a new account free diamond offer. But it did not add any. It literally said "gift of zero". So we started off with no diamonds. Swiping goes okay, start a convo and we’re immediately inundated with notifications about "not missing chances". Okay. Self explanatory. Except it KEEPS happening. That reminder box pops every few sentences. Then it continued to interrupt us on the date to remind us to choose upgraded options. We have to pay diamonds to talk. Diamonds to choose a cute outfit. Diamonds to choose anything to move the story forward unless you want to be rude. We lost interest. Good concept, not executed well. We will say that we liked it better than Mechat because it is still female oriented. A lot of these apps made their characters bisexual, which is fine. But they also took pronouns out which is not okay. You want to include others, include them by giving the option to choose pronouns. Don’t just make everything say "they" then alienate everyone else.

Not creative enough to include LGBTQ+ content.

We downloaded this app on 01/17/23. Originally we were enjoying the stories until they abruptly ended so patiently we waited for the stories to continue for our matches. Some of the stories for the matches were better written than others. So we patiently waited well Im still waiting, for those stories to update. As of today 03/03/23 still no updates to the stories so we deleted this app. Pretty disappointed that we did in app purchases and its taken forever for stories to update.

This game is very inappropriate we dont recommend pls get rid of this game nobody cares about this game.

This game should not be for little kids it is very inappropriate for kids to text random people on this type of game And it is also strange that the characters talk about sexual stuff That 12 year olds shouldnt be talking about. This is very Odd.

This game is extremely confusing. We feel like it is a glitch or something but we wasted our money on it. We click on diamond options when we have enough but it doesnt go through. However if we just click the yellow options they go through but then after that option we see a deduction from the diamonds after submitting a NONDIAMOND OPTION so someone please make sense of this. One options it says we need more diamonds when we already had enough but then we bought it anyways because we thought of the glitch.

We previously commented that the game had some audio issues. We ended up deleting the app and reinstalling it and that seemed to fix the issue. Maybe it was just a little bug or it didnt install correctly or he first time. Anyways, we just want to say thank you to the developers for their response and concern to our original comment. Many app developers dont seem to pay much attention to their reviews and comments. It really shows that you care for your customers and their thoughts and experiences with your game! Much appreciated! We hope you continue to add to many of the stories soon!

La app est muy buena sus historias son magnficas y con un desenlace sper hermoso son demasiado interesantes lo nico que no us gusta es que no te dan suficientes diamantes y piden demasiados cuando quieres obtener un conjunto o quieres escoger algo por eso solo le doy dos estrellas.

Im having issues it wants us to continue the date but keeps telling us its having issues connecting or connection timed out and its been doing this for over a week.

We dont have any problems with the story until you get to a date. Every thine the sense changes it tells us there is a connection error (Im on a very strong Wi-Fi and that is not the problem) we then have to close and reopen the app and half the time that doesnt fix the problem. There a couple dates we cant see because there is always a connection problem. Other then that it is a good concept of a game.

This game is so fun to play we like the characters.

Im giving this game a thorough try, but so far we’ve really noticed it is mostly geared toward female players. This is one of the few games of its kind to have M/M romance stories so we really want to like it. But we dont really like that our account avatar, etc, cant look like us. Some the other story options have great ideas and sound like theyll be fun to play, but only if youre a female player.

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