My Fantasy: Choose Your Story

Last updated on June 3rd, 2023 at 04:00 pm

My Fantasy: Choose Your Story

My Fantasy: Choose Your Story

My Fantasy: Choose Your Story is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GM UNICORN CORPORATION LIMITED, My Fantasy: Choose Your Story is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 28th December 2019 with the latest update 26th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of My Fantasy: Choose Your Story ?

24,848 people have rated 2.6.0

What is the price of the My Fantasy: Choose Your Story ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the My Fantasy: Choose Your Story released ?

My Fantasy: Choose Your Story was released on 28th December 2019.

When was the My Fantasy: Choose Your Story updated ?

The latest updated date of My Fantasy: Choose Your Story on 26th May 2023.

Where can My Fantasy: Choose Your Story be downloaded ?

You can download the game My Fantasy: Choose Your Story from Apple Official App Store.



Live your own stories with love, romance, fantasy and drama. What if you could choose your fate and build relationship with a person you like? We let you do just that with hundreds of exciting stories, where your choices affect how the story ends.

● Choose one of the hundreds outfits which suits your character best
● Real life, mystery or fantasy: choose a world where you can show all your instincts
● Discover all of the different endings
● Immerse yourself in thousands of diverse worlds, the options are endless!

Choose a story from a genre you like and prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

0.99$/ First Week, then $2.99/week
3 days for free, then $14.99/month

These prices are for the United States customers only. Pricing in other countries may be different. You can see pricing before the purchase.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period

You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings, but refunds won’t be provided for any unused portion of the subscription period.

When the free trial ends it automatically converts to a paid weekly subscription unless you turned off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current trial period.

You can, also change your subscription plan in your iTunes account settings. Go to Settings of your device -> iTunes & App Store -> Apple ID -> Subscriptions -> Stories and choose new subscription plan.

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Updated on 26th May 2023

Hey there, story lovers! We update our app on a regular basis to make your experience better and better. This My Fantasy update includes:

  • UI Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Content Improvements
  • User Experience Improvements

Thank you for choosing our game!

We release new chapters each week! Check out our new hits:

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My Fantasy: Choose Your Story Review

What is the story in the intro that it shows in the download the app ?

We do really in joy this game and we just started listening 3-4 days ago and we cant seem to find were we can collect our daily rewards and we’ve only gotten 3 days so far. If anyone can help us with this problem that would be amazing. <3.

We get the writers wanting us to spend gems to buy the premium choices but do the regular choices HAVE to be THAT hideous! We feel like Im playing a grown up version of that other choices game where the only option is the lobster suit and the shaved head. At least make us want to play this game a little bit past chapter 3.

We’ve been playing for 5 days and Im in love with the unique, captivating characters and stories. We have read a lot of stories like this, mostly in Wattpad, but these are some of the best ones we’ve read in a long time. This takes us back to when we first started reading stories on Wattpad. Its new, fun, and exciting. (Plus the kiss and sex scenes are great). This and MeChat are some of the best dating games out there and we cant recommend it enough. The one thing we have an issue with is how much diamonds Im spending per chapter, at least 30, and theres not enough ways to get more. If they fix that, we feel this game will be better than almost all other dating/romance story games.

We invited our friend to the game and we didnt get our gems and we want our gems pls help sos.

We bought a 0.99 option which gives you 20 diamonds, and we received 270 diamonds we think its a glitch we have not spent any of the diamonds if we are charged more than we needed to be we will report because we bought the 0.99 option if we are charged more we want a refund and we willl report, we have not spent any of the diamonds but we think there is a glitch with the diamond buying system.

We must request man x man stories pls we beg u. This is giving homophobia and its not giving. It was supposed to give but It wasnt giving u need to step it up no more woman x Wonam we need that deeeck.

It requires too much money! It will ask you for diamonds for your choice and still wont do what you decide. How is that fair? The stories are awesome give an opportunity to win more than 2 diamonds on the free spin. Just 2 every single time but got all that other stuff on the wheel.

Hello, we are a twelve year old boy named Blake. We are being bombarded by your sexualized ads and we really want it to stop. If we were ever playing a game with our mom and this popped up, our mom might kill us! So for our sake, please STOP. We are hopeless and powerless here, so just please listen to us. If we get this ad one more time, we dont know what Ill do. BUT YOU WONT LIKE IT! -Cheers, Blake.

Love this app the stories are better.

Its really addicting and we love the different options of stories to pick. Definitely our favorite dirty little secret.

We have loved this game. However, we recently got a new phone and everything got deleted. Silly us thought we had to login for this app but realized we wasnt right. So all of our diamonds that we paid for all gone. Our book progresses are gone. The developers really need to create a login feature that allows us to save our progress and diamonds.

This game was great. Paid extra to get five premium choices a day. We notice for the last couple of days we havent been getting our premium couches so we reached out if support. They tell us this is something theyve never done so we wont be getting our premium choices. What we dont appreciate is being called a liar and being told we havent been getting something we have. The whole Soriano is frustrating and Im at our words and. We love playing this game but this mix up has caused us to have reservations about spending anymore money.

We just made it through a book and we were curious if we could read it again and make the premium choices again without having to pay for them againNOPE! We wouldve given this a 1 star rating because of that but we did like the book and graphics were cool. We deleted the app right away when we found Id have to pay again. Change that and Id give it a 5 star and redownload it.

We woke up to a $19.99 charge on our card. We never approved of any transaction, and no one else has access to our phone. We havent even played it in a couple days, so how was there even a charge?? Now we have to contact apple.

The game itself is wonderful but we think daily rewards should be for everyone and double daily rewards should be for premium users. What we lines about it was that it was so easy to get gems and tickets compared to other games (episode) there story lines the gems and tickets everything is great except one your not a premium member its nearly impossible to get gems.

We wish there was an easier way to earn diamonds to complete the story the way you really want.

We will play for a while and come back and it’s a black screen and will not do anything but we love everything else about it.

Way yo many ads to even enjoy the story, the apps not worth downloading. Its one of those games where you have to spend real money to pick the choices you actually want.

Im definitely enjoying this story! But, we thought it would have to do with 2 chicks. Oh well. Like we said, Im enjoying it.

We love this game! The stories are great, much more detailed than other games like this thaaaat we’ve played. You do need you use diamonds a fair amount of time to get the best storyline so you either have to be willing to spend money to buy them or be patient enough to earn them by watching ads. Every half hour you can earn 4 diamonds by watching an ad, most diamond based choices require 12-17 diamonds. We mostly use patience and ads, but sometimes the story is just so juicy we spend money.

We really liked a story where the the main character was a billionaire daughter that got skipped over for being ceo and then gets blamed for murder while both her love interest hunter wants to betray her family and her uncle wants to kill her family. We cant find the story anymore, was it taken down or something we hearted it to be able to find it again and its gone.

You really get frustrated when you have no gems to spend . Some people just don’t like making in game purchases . And for this game you really cant do anything without those gems . That makes the entire game a terrible experience. Its frustrating. Wish the developers would actually listen to the costumers and make the choices of lesser value . Or maybe even free . Im talking 2-5 gems or none . Telling our followers about how frustrating and terrible this is !!!

It is the best romance app u can find it will leave you hanging in your seet.

We wish all the fun stuff you didnt have to pay diamonds for. It makes it boring when you dont enough.

The game is great. But, after the last update, when we launch the app, the loading bar stopped working at 96%. The game doesnt even start.

Like others have mentioned, there are too many premium choices and diamonds are hard to get. We dont mind paying for good apps but getting through a full book shouldnt be $40+! Even the membership is a really poor deal. Whats worse is you cant go back and keep your premium choices and the premium choices seem too short for how much they are. Id much prefer buying a book and having full access to all choices (maybe $20?)

The stories are awesome. We would pay for vip but its too much of it was 10 dollars or less a month not a week we would pay for it.

We have never been so angry over an app before, we just had $21.24 stolen from us. We didnt subscribe to anything, we paid for ONE thing and it was $1.99 and you guys took $21.24. How does that even happen!? This app isnt worth it to be perfectly honest. We didnt even get our money back!

But whats with listing the prices of gems as a certain price and then really charging $20?

We decided to delete the app after we were forced to sign up which we refused to because you shouldnt have to sign up for premium and spend money just enjoy your bloody app.

It completely glitched and we were stuck on the free trial screen even when we closed the app we didn’t want free trial but it seemed we needed to ,to read any of the stories. Im very bummed out on that. We read a review earlier that said their free trial ended and they couldn’t get any other choice because it was impossible to get close to the amount you need. Please fix this problem.

Can we please get more choices of customizable characters PLEASE? The characters for us to choose are always the reason we leave the storyI dont understand, the storylines are okay but, the character choices are not appealing if youre going to be money hungry ATLEAST make reasonable characters jeez.

We liked but when we have a cuestin so good we cat answer because we dont have diamonds.

It doesnt let you choose fully for the options. You have to pay for premium choices. Saw the ad and wanted to see what it was about we Paid $1.99 to choose the nudity option and was censored we took an L, guess we were desperate lol #aisimp.

We really do love this game and love all the stories but the amount of diamonds you have to spend to make premium choices is too much!!! If you only get 2 diamonds every 30 minutes with watching a video, but the premium choices are all 12 or 17 diamonds it would take 6-9 hours to get enough diamonds to continue the story without purchasing a large amount of diamonds (thats also a lot of time throughout the day without users playing). Maybe create a daily reward that continues after the first week of the game (outside of the daily spin) or make premium choices cost less diamonds!!! Id really love to keep reading but it is difficult trying to save our diamonds for the right choices. Thank you for your time!! We hope this reaches someone who can make a change in another update soon!!

Bro its talking about a girls panties getting wet.

We love this app we truly do its just sad that picking certain things cost so much we spent to much money on diamonds to complete certain task we wish the clothes,Task costed less.

We absolutely love this book we love how getting diamonds is not hard. If you love to read and you are a sexual person this app is definitely for you. The absolute torture of obsession is totally an understatement it makes us want to read all the time.

Fun game if ur looking for something naughty.

We love this app but since the last update we’ve not been able to get it to open so that we can continue. Please fix.

We agree with many of the reviews, after the first week, you basically have to buy diamonds regularly. Every spin we did of the wheel we only ever got one ticket, and no diamonds. Getting through our first story, we think we spent $40 which is pretty expensive for one story. Even if you became a member for $5.99 the app is so addicting that you would run out of diamonds in one night and based on how the stories go, 4 diamonds a day wouldnt nearly be enough. We definitely agree there should be a better promotion of daily diamonds so you could get through a story without spending so much as the app algorithm is set up to be. Unfortunately, its the system that we cant continue playing this app due to its high price. We think the makers would be more successful it there was a more fair playing field for a overall better customer experience. Not everyone is willing to continue paying so much for these stories. The creators of this app will have much more success if there were daily diamonds. As others have also pointed out.

We love the choices but we don’t have enough gems for the good ones, and j don’t wanna spend real money on more.

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