My Hotpot Story

Last updated on May 24th, 2023 at 11:20 am

My Hotpot Story

My Hotpot Story

My Hotpot Story is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by 冲 于, My Hotpot Story is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 13th June 2022 with the latest update 4th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Casual, or Food & Drink games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of My Hotpot Story ?

28,681 people have rated 1.8.0

What is the price of the My Hotpot Story ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the My Hotpot Story released ?

My Hotpot Story was released on 13th June 2022.

When was the My Hotpot Story updated ?

The latest updated date of My Hotpot Story on 4th April 2023.

Where can My Hotpot Story be downloaded ?

You can download the game My Hotpot Story from Apple Official App Store.



《My Hotpot Story》 Restaurant is a Restaurant Management game.
In this game you will play the role of a hot pot restaurant owner, developing various hot pot dishes, making daily purchase plans, serving customers, training chefs and waiters, purchasing restaurant stuffs, opening a chain of stores, etc.
Game features
1、Multiple ways to run the business freely.
2、Feel the fun of running a hot pot restaurant and enjoy all kinds of delicious food,Especially Chinese ingredients.
3、Decorate the store to have your own hot pot restaurant

Updated on 4th April 2023

1.8.0 version update

  1. Reduce the points required for store privileges
  2. Fix other known bugs

My Hotpot Story Review

Game is fun. Ad options are helpful. This game has potential if game master can continue to invest in creating clothing options, characters options, more, food selection/items, etc. We dont mind buying to support the game to continue with more upgrades. The bundles are cheap, thank you for your effort. Maybe others might hate us for it, but we really prefer the game to be horizontal layout instead of vertical, if its ever an option later, please. Thank you again.

Great app! Love the graphics and gameplay If we could make a suggestion, when logging in it seems misleading to not offer a faster way out of claiming your offline earnings. You have to wait a few seconds in order to not use gems to get the money you make while away from the game. We know myself and we plan to save every gem we earn for the training books via the flip card game in the vending machine, and the treats for leveling up dishes. This feature was added after the update and it kinda makes us apprehensive to log in. An X on the upper right of the box when it pops up or no delay in claiming earnings would be awesome!! Otherwise love the game itself :)

We love this game so much. We wish there was a away you could look back on all your meal checks and like calculate to see which item was super popular so you can focus on upgrading those specific item.

Love this game. We need more updates tho.. Like seasonal event, more decor style, more role, restuarant features etc. Just hope to see more new updates because we love this game.

Fun game, love the growth of it.

Fun game. We like it. Lots of detail it looks cool.

Love love love this game!! It is so relaxing and it really hooks you in. We do wish however that they put the old music back. It was so relaxing and fit the mood perfectly. Other than that, we definitely recommend this game. 10/10.

We really like this game its really calm and honestly if we were you, we would download it because its honestly the best game ever.

We downloaded this because it had a lot Of Stars Its really fun and easy.

We keep coming back to play- Im excited for the update- it was a bit taxing to move up levels with the old system.

We’ve been playing this game everyday and you actually get different metal level fast if you play like that. This game will take rip your storage tho.

This game is fun and entertaining. We use to spend most of our free time playing it. The one thing we dont like it that it requires a lot of training books to upgrade your workers but barely increases your service rating. We have been stuck at the same level for a while because we have to slowly collect training books. Everything else is absolutely amazing though.

We love this game and have progressed qui to a lot, but as you move up it becomes to hard to upgrade. The furniture in the restaurant costs way to much making it unenjoyable as we run out of money way to fast.

Im thoroughly enjoying the game, but the staff rating requirement has completely blocked us from progressing past Silver. Im at 97339/79000 for facility rating and 11518/9800 for food, but at almost full 3-5 star staff, its a ridiculously slow grind to get anywhere near enough books to get past. Im currently at 1984/2400 and the star level only gives 5-10 more rating per staff level. Im not sure just how long we’ve been stuck here but we will literally bought every upgrade we can and its just not happening. We’ve easily been stuck for a month with absolutely no progress made, due to being stuck. Please consider lowering it to idk2000? That seems much more reasonable.

Im so glad they finally fixed the watching videos to get diamonds and even upgraded it so you get 20 instead of just 10 BUT please please please lower the facility rating! Even with the new update its still too high for anyone to get there without grinding for 3 months straight. Because you have to buy ingredients and furniture and upgrade your food and theyre all very expensive. Furniture is 300k for one item and it only makes your rating go up by 8 when you need another 24k to get to gold. We understand you want people to spend more time on the game but it just makes us check the game once or twice a day because its so hard to get to gold we have no desire to play more than twice a day. Please lower it and we will play it like we did when we first started and it was easier! Much love.

There needs to be higher reward for how much work it takes to get training books. It takes far too long for you to only get a measly 5-7 points for employee upgrades especially cause you need at least 10 to start with. Im stuck at silver 3 and its pretty frustrating. We enjoy the game but, not providing either other mini games OR higher reward output for working to get the training books needs to be fixed. The only other way to obtain these are to pay for the micro transactions in the game, which myself and other players may not wanna do.

We play this game a lot and use it to pass time. We have saved up a lot of money but have bought everything we can in the shop. A thing that that should be added is being able to use your cash for training books. Or like a currency exchanger so you can trade, cash, gems, books and clovers around.

The game is very fun when you first start. But as you progress through the game the leveling up process begins to be very long and time consuming. Like when you hire all of the workers and have no other way to get more service ratings, you have to slowly level up each and every worker. It doesnt help that in order to upgrade them, you need a lot of training books, and training books have a very slow process of getting. Other than that, the game is pretty good.


Been a great game, havent spent a dime on it either. Only thing we hate is the faculty rating. Trying to collect enough books to go gold seems like will take longer then the time we’ve put into the game so far.

We’ve been playing this game since january and it used to be fun leveling up! But now im only silver 3 and leveling up feels more like a burden than a reward :( we have like millions of dollars that we cant do anything with either cuz we dont level up fast enough to buy us stuff, if anyone is actually at diamond level without using cheats thats insane.

If only the ads worked everytime. Why do we have to keep pressing on the button like 50 times until an ad comes on.

Vui nhng chi mt thi gian ri cng s chn.

It just takes too long. At first, the grind was enjoyable, it was fun to log on every day and watch our little restaurant grow. However, we’ve now been stuck at level Silver 3 for several months and cannot get past it due to the ridiculously high service rating requirement. It is incredibly challenging and time-consuming to get training books required to level up staff, and it has sucked the fun out of this game entirely. We’re begging the developers, please change the level requirement for this, or else make it easier to upgrade your service rating. Spending hours to get 20 training books only for our rating to increase by 8 points out of the 2400 we need is just cruel. This is unfair to the players and you will only lose more as a result.

We think that game is good but we feel like there needs to be a way to attract guest. We say that because it feels boring and like there is nothing to do but wait for guest to come in order to get money.

Very expensive game. Also takes too long to level up. Have been on Gold level 2 stars for a very long time and will be for awhile yet. We dont want to invest any more money to advance. We May or may not keep playing.

We’ve unlocked every food and upgraded them all to buffet and Im still not to gold three, we’ve done the lucky draw so we could unlock every thing and the lucky clovers, both are maxed out, on the un owned food we dont know what else to do?

This game is visually appealing and was fun up until a point. We have consistently played this game for about two months now, leveling up to Silver 3. Reaching Gold 1 requires an outrageous amount of training points to be accumulated for staff, which is unattainable within a reasonable time, even as a consistent and loyal user. We have been stuck trying to advance to Gold for over two weeks now, barely making any progress at all. Training points require obtaining training books, which casually drop when merging items and can be traded by clovers or bought in the store. However, even when obtaining the books in this way you only advance training points by 6 or 7 points per 20+ books that you use. In addition to all these things, you must also level up dishes to reach Gold, which requires fish cookies (which are almost mythical objects at this point because you hardly ever receive any). It seems like you can only advance in the game at this point by buying packs that are outrageously expensive and require real money. The cheat codes that were released last month did help, however, no new ones have been released this month. We honestly think we will delete the game unless more cheat codes are released, because we have no other reason to play the game at the moment- Im not even upgrading furniture/food. Our main goal has been forced to be logging into the game for 3 min every hour or two to try to get training books. We feel that loyal users are getting punished by unreasonable/unattainable goals set by the developers that force you to use real money to play the game.

We love this game but Im having such a hard time getting cookies and books. Its hard and expensive in game get the notebooks. Leveling up the workers requires so much without easier access to the items needed to. We have been grinding and we’ve been stuck up leveling up because of the workers.

We’ve been playing for a couple of months and now and we’ve been stuck at silver 3 the longest because we can’t upgrade our service rating. We’ve hired everyone possible and upgrading skills as much as we can but it is taking forever. Literally. Please make talent books more accessible and less rare so we can actually play the game…

This game was great. Until silver. It is so difficult to get training books and when you train your service staff, you hardly get any points and you need so many points to get to the next level. And even if we wanted to purchase any of the packs with our real money, all of them are $15 or more. It is no longer a fun game. At all. Good way to lose players.

Its fun, and we loved it at first. We played daily until we got to Silver Level II, after that its nearly impossible to reach Gold unless youre spending money. We’ve been at this stage for months and cant get the service rating up high enough to progress to Gold level. If youre someone that wants to keep progressing or a completionist in games we dont suggest this one, youll end up frustrated if you dont want to keep spending money on training books.

In the beginning, everything is fun and exciting. However, once you get into the Silver territory, thats when things start to go downhill. We are currently stuck on Silver 3 and have been for at least 2 months because of the amount of training books that are required to upgrade staff. Getting your service rating up is unnecessarily difficult and takes longer than it should. In addition, the cost to upgrade food or purchase building upgrades gets unreasonable. It would be nice if we could use some in-game currency to buy outfits and purchase training books. 500 diamonds for 1 outfit is outrageous. Now if it was $50000 in-game currency that would be much better. We are losing interest at this point. The only thing that keeps us going is getting new dishes and learning about where the dishes come from.

As the game goes on its significantly more difficult to achieve the progressions in the game. Id say we’ve been playing close to 2 months now and im not at the gold 1 level because its been taking and will take another few weeks to progress service ratings enough to make the next goal. You have to buy a certain amount of food/facility upgrades but after that you have to collect 20 training books for every staff member (which takes at least a day per 20 if you invest a lot of time in the game) and that will only get you to the low 2000s needed out of 2400 points. With each upgrade gaining you 8 service points so far and each 40-book upgrade granting 10 service points, im about to stop playing because im never going to get upgraded to gold. We’ve been stagnant in the game after daily playing for at least a week and a half and we have no hope of progressing anytime soon. The pacing/rewards need to be worked out in this way either yielding a larger reward for these heavily time consuming game interactions, or requiring less time input for basic game progression.

We havent spend a single dollar on this game playing for about 3 months now. The service rating and food rating is hard to get but with the ads coming back it had help us progress to Gold 2. We dont know how Im able to get to Gold 3 with 1200 missing service rating and 5000 missing food rating.

The concept was great and fun at first, but quickly becomes a grind around silver, maybe even bronze 3. This makes sense because most ppl that play for that long most likely will be tempted to spend money on progression. However, Im sure there are players like us that dont want to spend money, but will gladly still play the game. But the biggest issue is the levels have to be reasonable, and thats where this game falls apart. You see the requirements for the next level, and you know almost immediately its unobtainable. This kills any sort of desire to continue grinding. The latest level we grinder was level 2 silver, and it took us about 20 to 25 days to get to silver 3. Thats without spending any money and occasionally watching an ad. Now to get to gold 1, we assume itll take like 60+ days or longer. Extremely unreasonable, and we have no desire to continue playing. Goals should be reachable, not a drop off where you force people to pay to continue. Good concept, but devs got greedy.

It was so addicting at first, but nowadays we feel so hard to earn money no ads and the equipment prices too expensive for the money we earned we know the creator made it to be challenging but this is an idle game tho just make it easier pls??? Havent been playing for days because bored idle game should be an easy and continuous game but this ehhh gonna delete soon.

Another one of these games that insists on muting your background sounds. We cant both play your game and listen to a podcast? Then, we wont play.

The training for the safe takes forever to level up and we’ve been playing for months! There needs to be a better way to get more books! Also the ads are so long their almost a minute long when they use to be 20 seconds at most. Pls do something just like how yall gave us 20 diamonds instead of 10 ty!

Good game but the animal dishes are WAYYY too graphic. It makes us uncomfortable to look at.

This game is impossible to play, even if you watch ads. After inkwash decor level, we’ve been playing over a month & zero progression to next star level. You can only progress if you spend real money, otherwise youre doing the same things & no growth.

It takes way too long to upgrade levels. We’ve been stuck on Gold level 2 for months. Ads are also not working currently .. Not sure why. This game definitely has potential but there are still some flaws that should be fixed.

We found this game via an AD on TikTok. At first there is a lot to do since you are barely starting off your store. You dont have staff so you have to take orders, clean, and serve the food. But once you start hiring people the game becomes self sufficient. So then its about unlocking the next room and then the next room think of them as levels. But this too has an end (there are 5 rooms max). Once you are done with unlocking rooms it becomes about unlocking a to go feature, this is where Im stuck. Its impossible to get the last feature as the way to unlock food is collecting 3 elements via various ways in game. The problem begins when you realize getting these food items are completely randomized. Ill give you an example: we just accumulated 100 each of these elements and unlocked 100 food items, ALL OF THEM WERE REPEATS! So now Im stuck where we are with no hope for the next level. Mind you Im the type of person that doesnt mind paying for game extras to which we dumped about $70 in this one, yea we know stupid but it was fun while it lasted. Pro tip, there is no real cooking being made in this game, its NOT cooking mama. A message to the developers, think of a way the last few foods items needed to unlock gold level 3 can be more easily obtained cuz this method is not working.

The game math doesnt add up. The requirements for dishes is higher than any actual way to get them. We maxed everything out and still short by several hundred points to get to the next level. Now there is nothing left to do in the game. Poor planning on the developers part.

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