Mystic Vale

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Mystic Vale


Mystic Vale is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nomad Games Ltd., Mystic Vale is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th June 2019 with the latest update 27th April 2020

Whether you are a fan of Board, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,173 people have rated 4.0.2

You can download the game Mystic Vale from APP STORE.


Cleanse the curse upon the land! The award-winning deck-building Mystic Vale is now available to play on the go. Use a wide range of cards to heal the world, gain powerful advancements and improve your cards as you play. Choose your advancements wisely to make your cards as powerful as possible, through a unique ‘card-crafting’ system. Play online against your friends or other druids across the world! Mystic Vale also features the ability to battle computer opponents in order to practice your abilities!

You can also expand your Mystic Vale experience with the Vale of Magic, Vale of the Wild and Mana Storm expansions. Adding new advancements, leaders, amulets and vale cards to the base game, each expansion adds extra depth and strategic choices.

Are you ready for a new deck-building adventure?

Create your own powerful cards and uncover amazing combos!

Discover a stunning world filled with fantastical creatures.

Make tactical choices and spend your resources wisely.

Explore thousands of possible card combinations, with more added via expansions!

Updated on 27th April 2020


  • Starting an online game would sometimes not show the expansions owned in the lobby
  • Combinations of advancements on one card that should bring up the same dialog multiple times are now fixed in all cases

Mystic Vale Reviews

Have the tabletop game as well. We play this so we can solo more easily (no setup or cleanup time). One or two little issues with specific cards, but a very good conversion to digital play nonetheless. Very happy.

We love the board game and highly recommend the app. Please make all the expansions!!

First of all, we love this board game – its beautiful and engaging and changes enough from game to game to keep it fresh and make you adapt your strategy. (There is an element of luck and every once in a while it seems like every turn doesnt go your way, but mostly the luck keeps it interesting.) And we love this digital adaptation of the game – its great to play with friends (with or without additional AI players, which are quite good) or alone. All of the above is still true, and being able to play digitally makes games a lot faster (no shuffling), they also keep track of your magic (I forgot what the vale symbols are really called) each turn and track everyones VP through the game. Now when our husband and we play MV, we typically go to our tablets instead of pulling out the board game. There are some small things Id like to see improvements in: 1. Undoing – a. Sometimes we tap to move into planting when we meant to push, and this cant be undone, but it should be able to be (obviously not the other direction though) b. You can only undo the one most recent purchase during planting, but we think you should be able to undo any/all planting moves while youre still in the planting phase 2. Discarding – when you get to discard (ie with Deadwood Harvester, etc), you cant see whats available to draw, how many cards are in your deck, etc. The discard pop-up should be able to be moved or/and minimized so you can see the rest of the game before you make your decision. 3. AI last turn strategy – overall the AIs are great, although even on difficult they sometimes make suspect moves (like taking if a fertile soil instead of a seedling in the early game or putting a dreadcoil cobra on a blank card instead of one with a lifebringer seed or a seedling), theyre still very competitive. The thing that bothers us is that they have no final turn strategy – whether you can tell from the VP remaining and the number of VP in everyones field for the round, or because their turn will claim all of the remaining VP, or an earlier player has triggered the final round, the AI will not buy cards to maximize VP but will continue to buy cards according to an ongoing game strategy (ie buying a lifebringer seed instead of a hawk). 4. Multiplayer time-out – there should be a way to pause a multiplayer game. 5. Multiplayer Colors/Tribes – in multiplayer, players or the room host should be able to select their color. (Fortunately theyre always assigned in the same order, so you can control the order you enter the room, as long as people are happy with blue and red.) Anyway, our room for improvement wishlist would make the game even better, but we still love it (and play it too much) as it is.

Best thing is the presentation and the price. 6 bucks for base game and 3 expansions. The A.I. On hard seems rigged. We’ve played this game a lot and it crushes us. Overall happy with the purchase.

Highly recommended! This is such an incredible table top game and the electronic verse is very well done. Thank you!

An excellent rendition of the card crafting game we have grown to love. A friend of ours introduced us to Mystic Vale, and now it is one of our favorite games, and said friend and we play it whenever we visit. Easy to play, yet lots of depth. When can we expect to see more expansions?

Amazing game for the cost, but there are moments where the server boots us for no reason.

This is a great card game unlike any other. Its sort of a deck-building game, but instead of building your deck with new cards, youre enhancing the cards in your deck. Its a card-building game and its lots of fun to play. The tutorial is well designed to help you understand quickly. Its not complicated, but itll take you a couple of tries to get used to it. There is a physical version of the game, and this represents it well managing the scores and the rules very nicely. We highly recommend this game if you like deck-builders and are interested in trying something a little different.

This is the game we play the most on our iPhone. It is complex, you gotta think about how you open the game and what tactic you will emphasize : will you try to mitigate spoiled cards? Will you try to put as many cards on the field as possible? Or one of many other ways to strategize? Great game.

Excellent representation of the game. Very handy that your score and bonuses are all kept track for you, makes an otherwise unruly game quite simple to keep track of. Our only complaint is that when you have an opportunity to discard a card from your field, theres no opportunity to browse your field to see if it is truly worthwhile.

Absolutely love it. Great tutorials. Beautiful, clean detailed design. Elegant playing interface. Makes us want to buy the real card decks, but we know we would never have anyone to play with. Cant wait for more expansion packs.

We love the card game and now having a digital copy is great to play with friends during quarantine!

Update- we realized we were using an amulet that forces us to push every turn. When we first played this game we liked it so much we bought all expansions. But there seems to be a bug where several times per game when it gets to our turn the on-deck card automatically pushes and causes us to often automatically spoil. This is very frustrating when it happens late in a close game. Not sure if Im missing something or if its a bug in one of the expansions.

We love how this game rewards deep thinking about deck-building strategy and tactics. Its kind of like Magic: The Gathering, but non-violent and eco-conscious: instead of playing as sorcerers attacking each other, you play as clans of druids healing a cursed land. Its also very different from Magic: The Gathering. Mystic Vale is competitive solitaire. You and your opponents draw from common decks of cards and you compete to get the most points, but otherwise youre doing your own thing. Also, everyone starts each game with identical decks. Its not about owning the best cards. You build your deck up during the game, then start fresh next time. Part of the fun is adding cool cards (e.g., Peacekeeper Druid, Moon Wolf) to your deck and combining them to enhance your decks power. Part of the fun is doing that strategically: its about which cards you combine and how your deck functions as a whole, not just about taking the best cards you can afford this turn. Then theres an extra layer of depth about the tactical decision each turn of how much to push more cards into your field (i.e., hand). If all goes well, you get more mana to spend this turn. If you push too much decay into your hand, you spoil and lose your turn. Heres where it pays to keep close track of whats in your deck and your discard pile so as to calculate the risk and reward of pushing. We read a review that said the app doesnt follow the rules about decay and its opposite, growth. At first we thought so too, but then we realized that we were just confused by how the app displayed the counts of decay and growth. Once we learned to understand those displays that do some of the card-counting work for you, and to keep proper track of the amount of decay in our deck, we became expert at calculating the odds of pushing and took our game to the next level. The AI opponents have hard and easy levels, and you can learn a lot by watching the AI play at a hard level. You just have to change a setting in the app so that the current players hand is displayed at all times. Except for being sometimes confusing (those counts of decay and growth, and the timing of points scored by certain cards), the app is very well-done, with beautiful artwork, enjoyable music, and smooth gameplay. Mystic Vale is one of our favorite games ever!

Cant wait to play the real version.

We’ve updated our 3-star rating based on zarro online help for odd questions to a 5. We figured out the issue on our own – or at least dont think its as bad as we thought. And while support on this app is still really lacking (esp given the quality of what they wrote) the game is gorgeous, fun, and stable enough to deserve 5 stars compared to what else is out there. We just hope they finally get a blog, faq, or SOMETHING online for us w questions where the manual and tutorials fail.

We absolutely love this game. We own a bunch of the actual cards, and was ecstatic to see the app. Only problem is that the game crashes constantly. Im playing on an iPad Air, and it the crashes between turns a lot. Especially right before end game scoring. Nothing is more annoying than having to reload the game right at the end. We tried playing it on our phone, but the writing is too small for our old eyes. Would give it the full 5* treatment if the crashing issues were fixed. Oh, and Id love to see more expansions!

IPad is our favorite implementation of MV. We really wish theyd bring the additional 3 expansions to digital.

This game is such a pleasure to play. Although it may seem daunting at first, its easy to learn with plenty of depth. The AI seems to play at a great level and the graphics are gorgeous. We will be playing this for a long time and plan on buying all the expansions. We really hope they address the few issues listed below and release even more expansions. Pros: 1. Amazing art direction (would love to have an option to always have the cards animate instead of only when its hovered over) 2. Easy to learn, hard to master 3. Great AI (I always love a challenge and appreciate when devs take the time to program competent AIs) 4. Unique deck building gameplay 5. First expansion included for free Cons: 1. Cannot lock camera onto middle overview position while scrolling through and buying cards (I really want to play with a zoomed out camera on our iPad to utilize the bigger screen space) 2. Crashes in extended gameplay sessions (~1.5 hours with 3rd gen iPad Air. Memory leak? Game does do autosaves though) 3. Cannot view deck composition (maybe intentional? You can see the discard pile and calculate. But if thats the case, you might as well just let players see whats left in the deck… We dont particularly find digging through the discard pile to be fun) Even with these cons, this is definitely a recommended buy. Im happy to have discovered it.

Would be great if they updated for play on Apple TV as well as iPhone/ipad. Seems unfair to need a pc or Nintendo switch to play on your television but thats just because we want our cake and to eat it too when we cant play our physical copy.

Great game. Having a lot of fun with it. Four stars only because it will randomly close down. We’ve played probably twelve games and its happened twice. Saved our progress though and hopped right back in. AI so far has been a challenge which is always a perk. Highly recommend.

The audio doesnt work when Im playing. We have all settings enabling it and still nothing. We want to hear it.

On nearly all accounts, this is a great adaptation and a great app. The biggest problem we have is it does not respect the rules for the planting phase. The rules do not state that you are required to push until you have 3 decay symbols, but this is what the app will do automatically without your input and there is no way to disable it. Most of the time, this is what you want to do, but not always. If you have some cards in your deck with multiple decay symbols and you already have two visible, the app will force you to spoil. Some cards in the Vale of the Wild, namely Wolf Rider and Beastbrother Hunter, give you mana or VP tokens the fewer cards you have in your field. If this is the first card in your field, it could be a good decision to stop immediately, even if you have no decay symbols present, but the app doesnt give you that option. This happened in our last game and was very frustrating. These arent rare edge cases; some cards and strategies around them are much weaker in the app than they are in the real game.

Avoided buying this game as collection was getting too big but having the app let us get this out of our system. Game is amazing however the difficulty level of the AI just seems to rig the push your luck of the opponents. Otherwise great game.

This game is a lot of fun when it works correctly. However, as we and our wife have been adding expansion packs, it seems more and more bugs are present in the game. Had to restart several times, and sometimes vale cards do not work properly. Would love to see an update with bugs fixed. If working properly, this is easily a five star game. Lots of fun!

We just find the help component of understanding the cards and strategy to be lacking. It would be helpful to have a little clarity on the game. Can be interesting, but really unable to completely figure out how to utilize cards appropriately.

The app is slick and we enjoy the interface but we have yet to complete more than a game or 2 when playing multiplayer online. Im using a first generation iPad Air. All in all, not worth our money.

Tried of lazy programmers using a stacked deck as a means of setting difficulty levels.

Now whenever we start the app, it asks if we want to load our saved game, when we say yes the app glitches and closes. Until this is solved we refuse to play the game, poor quality coding. We do like the board game though.

Add more expansions and we will buy them. Online Multiplayer works but is a little unstable. If a player drops it gets taken over by AI. Thats good but when they come back they cant re-join. Its hard to finish a game without someone eventually dropping.

One thing we noticed when playing the base game online is that the token when evoked just plays automatically the next turn. This game is amazing. Buy the real world copy! One thing we know of.

This update changed the UI for the worst. The UI now zooms in when you look across cards, meaning you can no longer see and select cards from a single static view. This is a hassle that slows down play. You now also have to click twice on vales to buy them (once to select, once to purchase). The developer at least removed in the 03-13-2020 update the highlighting that had been added on 03-05-2020.

We own the card game and most of the expansions. Bought this due to covid-19 social distancing. Checks all the boxes and has online play. [REVISED] Bought for online play. Missing a way to invite users to games. No notifications about turns. Disconnects when we switch apps. Creating a game timed out to quickly (should not time out). Ticket to ride is a great model of what is needed.

We got this game specifically because the reviews said it had a robust multiplayer mode. That is not the case. Creating private games looks like itll work, but your friends cant join. Theres no way to make a custom ID. It kicks you out of multiplayer games.

Its spoiling constantly without us doing anything.

Fantastic game. Multiplayer is a weak spot… 1) There are few to no available multiplayer matches. Matching finding needs to be retooled. 2) Multiplayer kicks you off online games if you close the app or are idle for too long even with turn time set to off. You should be able to pick up and play an online game with a friend whenever you want… As it stands you have to keep the app open and play it until completion without doing anything else. Matches should be able to be played over days or weeks if needed and saved on a cloud server. 3) Friends list. Needs to happen to challenge friends directly to matches. 4) Multiplayer is buggy and will freeze, kick a player out or just not synch up between players. Has ruined many a game for our wife and I. Overall great game (I own the table top version as well). Online Multiplayer needs a lot more work to be viable. Thanks!

Our friend has this in table top version and invariably demolishes us when we play. We downloaded this to improve our real life game. We like the game play, the art, and the animations. Even the sound effects are cute. Dawnsingers song makes us feel accomplished every time we buy her. The online option is fun, but we wish there were a ranking system for players. We dont mind playing any skill level, but every match we play, our opponent quits, with the exception of our real life friends when we set up a match. We do appreciate that they stick an AI in the quitters place, but still annoying. Also, there are not often online games available, people just have not caught on to the fun. Thanks for a fun and reasonably priced ap. Update: recently we were having some glitches. We deleted the app and downloaded it again. We thought the expansions were lost and Imwas sad. Then we found a setting tab that said restore purchases and they are back. Seems to be working well. We still love this game. We play nearly every day. We only wish there were more people playing online.

We would give this game 5 stars, but there is one thing that kind of annoys us, its the fact that the hard mode computer seems to ALWAYS have the perfect turn. It doesnt make the game hard it just makes it annoying to play against.

This game has got to be one of the cooler deck builders in the past few years. Our friend and we love the deck building mechanic where you can craft semi-custom cards with a different top, middle, and bottom card section. Highly recommended! Our only complaint against the game is a lack of asynchronous multiplayer: both our friend and we have to be sitting down and logged in at the same time to play. Deck builders make a perfect async multiplayer game in most cases, and Im not sure why they dont have the ability to do that here though. This would be a 5-star staple in our game collection if they add some way to play our turns throughout the day instead of synchronously. If the devs read these reviews: please add this kind of multiplayer ability! Otherwise, still an amazing game. Thanks for releasing this devs!

This needs a local multipeer connectivity-based Apple TV app. Sitting right next to our wife, playing, the networking layer is unstable enough to sometimes get us into an inescapable state where its nobodys turn.

This game is gorgeous. As long as you want to play just single player. If you switch to multiplayer online player its very frustrating. Often drops a player and doesnt allow rejoining.

Running an iPad Air 2 with 8GB memory remaining. Crashes about every second turn. Since this device can run graphically heavy shooters like PUBG, we have to deduce that the app is the issue.

On our iPhone 6 it crashed 9 times before we got through the first game. Great game, unplayable with all the crashes.

Really enjoy playing the game,but we cant get through once without it crashing. Crashes several times per game. Tried un/reinstalling, hard rebooting (iPad mini 2), still crashes multiple times per game. Frustrating.

We just learned this game and then found it was available to play offline on our iPad. So happy. Loving it. Our only complaint is there is so much to see that the numbers and icons are small and we do find myself squinting often.

Asynchronous multiplayer would make it much, much better.

We are super sad to give such a low rating as this is a good port of a great game, but (as others have mentioned) this game always crashes right at the end. Also, if you close the app there appears to be no way to recover your game progress (unless this is a bug we are experiencing)Please fix and easy 5 stars For devs- 5th gen iPad, Classic game, 4 players, 2 easy AI, 2 human players (blue and yellow). Game freezes when the game hits last turn (usually 19th turn) and then calculates score Edit- Game freezes in any pass and play game we play. We have not been able to complete a single game (after 15 or so attempts)…. This is after the latest update so please be aware of this issue if you are playing pass and play on an iPad.

One of our wife’s favorite games. The iOS version is great. The only thing missing is pass-and-play multiplayer. Other than that, it’s right next to Star Realms as our go-to time-killer game. 2019-07-25 They added pass-n-play, now they have to make it work. The clan names are jumbled and duplicated, and the end-game scoring hangs. 2019-08-28 Pass-n-play end game scoring still hangs.

It faithfully recreates the experience even down to simulating cards going into sleeves which is a nice touch for something that could have taken an easier way. It also takes all the adding and mana tracking away. The only downside is the game is over way too soon.

We love this card game and this is a great app implementation!

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