Net Fishing!

Last updated on May 27th, 2023 at 10:30 pm

Net Fishing!

Net Fishing!

Net Fishing! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Net Fishing! is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 5th June 2022 with the latest update 23rd February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Sports, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Net Fishing! ?

2,607 people have rated 1.4

What is the price of the Net Fishing! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Net Fishing! released ?

Net Fishing! was released on 5th June 2022.

When was the Net Fishing! updated ?

The latest updated date of Net Fishing! on 23rd February 2023.

Where can Net Fishing! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Net Fishing! from Apple Official App Store.



Can you catch a gold fish or a shark? Play now and check it out yourself!
Enjoy a simple, oddly satisfying gameplay and let summer vibes last forever.

Updated on 23rd February 2023

  • improved performance

Net Fishing! Review

We love this game its great we for sure recommend to download this game you only get like 1 add per round this is a really good game so we encourage you to download NET FISHING.

We will catch sea creatures many seasons before we graduate hunting sea monsters and mermaids / fishing.

Its fun but it can de better.

This is a fun game for the most part. Our only complaint is how quickly we maxed out all of our upgrades and it seems like the difficulty of the levels resets so now there isnt much of a challenge anymore.

This is a cute game with a Bjillion Ads in order to play it. At level 26 we had all the fish but 1. We could not believe it when the computer refused to supply that fish. Its insulting as a player to get played. We waited over an hour just to believe our eyes. Seems petty and irresponsible to set a game up this way. We are disappointed and you are deleted.

The game is overall great, but you get to a point where there is literally no way to improve your gear without watching ads. Unfortunately the No Ads button doesnt work. Repeatedly clicking it continues to have no response. Devs need to fix the bug and complete UAT before next release.

Its a cute game but and we want to love it but we cant. The game lags or crashes quite a bit making the game almost unplayable. There are ads every two minutes which is frustrating while in the middle of gameplay and seems excessive. We would be more than happy to have an ad after every level instead. We also wish that some fish you have caught in previous levels werent repeated future levels. Granted there a quite a few varieties but would love to see different fish in every level. The most frustrating thing about this game is that there are some levels that clearly dont have enough fish to beat it. We are currently on a level without enough fish and had one level where we had to play seven times before enough fish had spawned on the board. Please take these suggestions into consideration.

We like the game its relaxing – but there are way too many ads. We get putting one after each attempt, but its disrupting the gameplay! Im getting ads in the middle of the levels! Nobody wants to keep playing like that.

We think you should make a gender option because Im a boy and we dont like being a girl or being called a girl.

Id have given it 5 stars if it werent for all the advertisements. You spend waaaay more time getting through commercials or ads than you do playing actual game. We sometimes get two throws before Im forced into another Ad. Other than that, its fun.

Cooking Madness Kitchen Frenzy pop up will not go away. In fact, theres no way to exit out of it.

Good game but youre wayyy to greedy with ADS we spent more time sitting through ads than actual gameplay.

Just bombarded by ads. We get you have to bring revenue in but we had 3 30 second adds back to back with 10 seconds of gameplay between them. Dont put ads during the middle of a level. If we have to spend more time watching ads then playing the game then no thanks.

This game is clearly an ad trap, and a basic one at that. Thousands of fake positive reviews.

They made upgrades way too expensive. Over 1k for level 2 but you only make 5 dollars for a fish, it takes forever just to make enough for a slightly larger or longer net.

Still seeing ads after buying the no ads why is this? Cant find any help with this.

Ok the game play is ok, but the poor thing is ad bombarded Way too many ads Yes we understand you have to either charge players or have ads for them to watch, but this is just totally way too many ads in the game we went to level 50 then just got tired of being and ad during play then one when you complete the fish number for that fish then you get another one for the next fish then you get one for add power then you see the battery and you get another ad to watch Got to cut the ads number in half we are ok with one being at the end when you complete the task, but 10 ads just while doing the task is way too many So will be deleting the game totally out of our account due to its no fun to play with all the ads This aint the 1st game to be bombarded by ads nor will it be the last Seems some Devs think it funny to just swamp their game with ads Well its not !!!! Thats the way to get bad rating and bad reviews If it wasnt for the game play being ok Id given it a 1 rating even a 0 if it was there.

At level 2 and we cant complete it because Id the ads. Uninstalled.

Its okay to do an add every level but not okay to do one every 2 seconds.

The ads running in your app completely block game play. These ads will hijack the game and prevent you from exiting. At least two of the ads block all further game play. Is there a way you can fix this?

Within 10 seconds of this game, we had 2 ads. Deleted it. Dont waste your time.

Started playing pass the first level on the second level we lost our earned money and cant continue playing.

You cant make it past 3 minutes without sitting through a 1-2 minute ads that you have to be very careful exiting out of.

We were playing and a add comes up and when we go back and play for 2 minutes we get another add and they interrupt the game and its hard to play like that.

Designers must have never used a cast net. We own several, lived in south Florida for 48 years and our father was a commercial fisherman. Liked the game at first, but now it is NOTHING but ads. Needs avatars and some actual thought and research on how fish actually group.

This looked like a great game for mindless playing and decompressing after work but we downloaded it and we literally cant even get through the first level. Half way through the very first level, an ad comes across for the cooking madness game. We play through the ad but theres NO option to exit out of the ad. We restarted the game repeatedly, even went so far as to download the cooking madness game. Still cant get through the first level because the same exact ad with no option to get out of it keeps popping up. HAVE to fix the ad composition and frequency until we try again. Makes us want nothing to do with this game or any advertised game within it.

This game would be fun if the first level didnt have an ad that would make you play it, you can never leave the ad. We dont know if its a glitch but its not very acceptable. Its one of those cooking games and you just cant leave it.

5 or 6 ads a level, no thank you. Made it about 4 levels in before we removed it. You spend more time watching ads than you do getting to play the game.

We really prefer the old gameplay where you didn’t have to move your character to get to upgrades or to sell, and there was no fish limit and no bucket. And upgrades saved even if you didn’t finish a level. The new style of gameplay is really awful.

To many ads in between the game.

Now this game is nearly perfect, can’t stop playing it. Thank you for making the fun game and fix the bugs quickly!

Fun game but you quickly reach a point you cant upgrade any more and you cant get through any more levels because you cant upgrade more.

Way too many apps before, in the middle and at the end of level. We understand the apps pay for the game but you may need to control a little bit less.

. This IPHONE Fishing game to us is ( Excellent ) .

Love the game but since the last update we cant play the game its glitch were you cant do anything please fix it developers.

So when we swipe out and clear all our apps then eventually go back into the game, its the beginning part where the start should be.. But its not there, we cant move, we cant press anything but all the fish are moving. We reaaaallly like the game but we want this little bug fixed because the only way we can fix it myself is to delete the app and get it again, but that starts us ALL the way over. We dont wanna keep repeating the fish catching or all the upgrades we’ve already done we gotta do again, its just tedious. Pls help fix it so we can play more!

Its a good game that will keep you busy but it wont let you upgrade the items anymore once they are maxed. Im on level 50 and we have 8000$ we cant even use because there is nothing else to pitches other then upgrading equipment.

Paid for no add still get adds get off the game n it freezes when u get back on.

We play with iphone 13pro max and bought no adds. After exiting game and try to re open, game screen appears zoomed in and nothing works in screen. Until delete and reinstall game it works but when you first exit game same thing again.

Its another ad that within the ads is a game.

Game glitches a lot have had to uninstall and reinstall to play, losing all our progress.

Voodoo is the worst developer ever.

Fun game but really annoying that you cant upgrade more. Its also annoying that you cant fish while money is collecting.

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