Color: Logic Game

Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 09:40 am Color: Logic Game Color: Logic Game Color: Logic Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Easybrain Ltd, Color: Logic Game is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 27th July 2020 with the latest update 19th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Color: Logic Game ?

16,241 people have rated 2.23.0

What is the price of the Color: Logic Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Color: Logic Game released ? Color: Logic Game was released on 27th July 2020.

When was the Color: Logic Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Color: Logic Game on 19th April 2023.

Where can Color: Logic Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Color: Logic Game from Apple Official App Store.



Discover the mystery of Color! With its enhanced gameplay, it’s easy to follow the game rules and become a Nonogram master. Explore Color and discover a fresh take on this classic paper-and-pencil nonogram puzzle.

Start with the basic rules and logic behind the picture cross puzzle with a challenging multicolor style.

  • Fill the squares with colors and reveal the hidden picture
  • Numbers above the column are read from top to bottom
  • Numbers to the left of the rows are read from left to right
  • Follow the order of color groups and switch colors to mark appropriate squares
  • Different color groups may be placed next to each other
  • Groups of the same color should be separated by at least 1 empty square
  • If you figure out that a square shouldn’t be colored, mark it with an X
  • Use hints if you get stuck
  • Get extra lives if you make a mistake Color is easy to learn and quite addictive once you start playing. Challenge yourself and enjoy hours of fun with logic number puzzles!

Updated on 19th April 2023

  • Performance and stability have been improved.

We have carefully reviewed all your comments and have made the game even better. Please provide feedback as to why you love this game and what else you would like to see improved. Keep your mind active with Color! Color: Logic Game Review

We love this logic game. The color version seems easier than the black and white, so check both of them out! Our request is that an undo button, like the B&W version has, be added to the color version. This would help as in sometimes we dont touch a new color exactly right and we start tapping and have to undo it manually. Having an undo button would be much easier than having to decipher what needs to go and what needs to stay.

Im enjoying this one! Out of all of the Nonogram apps we’ve tried, we really like some of the features – you can feel it when you finish a row, the haptic feedback is great. Overall the difficulty balance skews low, and sometimes you need to finish a lot of easy puzzles to get to the harder ones. Id prefer something a bit more challenging. Also the difficulty is sometimes misleading – we’ve done quite a few hard puzzles that were just large, and not actually hard.

We love the game and the app runs fine but it seems with the last few events, Chinese New Year and Love Story, the quality of the puzzles has decreased. They used to be challenge but now they dont even resembles the final picture. They only have a few colors and we get it completed quickly. Please make them a challenge. Thats why we love this game.

The app crashes in under a minute when trying to do the daily puzzle. The 5×5 puzzles did not have this problem, so we assume it has something to do with the 15×15 grid.

Lovely app! No complaints on how it runs or the difficulty of the puzzles. Very satisfying game. Just not relaxing after the sun goes down and your screen is yelling at you.

Sometimes Ill be playing in the middle of the night and when we load it up, it hurts our eyes. Please add a dark mode. Also, if you do add a dark mode, make it so that when you load up the app, the loading screen is also black. Thats an issue with the YouTube app, where Ill load it up and its super bright at first.

Would be a five without the glitches. If your screen closes during an add, you lose your extra life because you have to restart the app.

Great concept, but the clickable areas are too small. The color selector is difficult to tap and sometimes if Im moving quickly it doesnt get selected. There is also a bug that the get more lives option sometimes freezes and we have to exit out of the game. Both of these things make this app a little unplayable for us.

Every time we finish a level, an ad gets up in our face, theres just too many.

This game is very similar to the developers other game, which was our favorite before we found the color version! Keep up the great work with these games!

We play every day and night lol. Download if you want to get obsessed with it.

We love this game! Butwould love to be able to select the difficulty level like on the black & white version. And expert level! We dont play as much because we dont like having to do easy or medium puzzles.

First we really like the game but then it got frustrating sometimes we would accidentally click on it and it would count it wrong so we dont know whats wrong with this game and also the ads we really dont care about the ads like please remove the ads and please make it to where we have more lives.

Excellent game too many advertisements.

We like it so far. We just need the chance to actually play it first.

Love this game and the BW version. But today, 1/1/22, neither will work. Says to check date and time settings or update. We did update, and our date time are fine. Still get same message.

We have really enjoyed the game but have noticed when playing and having to stop for a bit. Once we come back and resume the game, all our answers are incorrect. Even if they are correct. We click on one with the correct color, it tells us it is incorrect then fills it with the color we were trying to put in that square.

We really like this game but the new ads that try to load a playable ad freeze our phone and force us to restart the whole thing.

Back to 5 stars when the lag is fixed.

This is currently our favorite game on our phone, however our fingers are too big and on the 15×15 grid we often end up selecting the wrong box on accident. We wish there was a way to zoom in on the harder levels.

The hard levels in the Events have been way to easy and lame. Most only have 2-3 colors. How come the Event hard levels are no longer like the regular hard ones? Would also love the ability to select level difficulty. We ONLY like the hard ones but have to slog through all the easy and medium ones too.

We love this app, but it burns through our phone battery and we can feel our phone grow hotter as we continue to play. We want to continue playing, but we cant until we know it wont overheat our phone and kill the battery.

We absolutely love this game but it needs improvement. We often fail hard levels because the squares are so small we accidentally hit the wrong one! Needs a zoom feature or SOMETHING!

After paying thru PayPal, we are still unable to play this game without the long and annoying ads! Please allow us to utilize our purchase . Thats the only reason we gave it 3 stars.

Hi! We love this app – but it has frozen on us, beginning about 6 hours ago. We tried to send the developer, easybrain. Com, and internal communication but the Captcha kept failing ("Oops there’s been a mistake…) so it wouldn’t send. Free it up for us and we’ll turn this into 5 stars with explication. Many thanks.

We spend a few seconds on each game but to play each stage an advert comes up to watch first and then at the end of each successful game won we have to watch an advert to claim what we won (or skip it and lose our prize). So more than 90% of our time on this game is watching adverts. We had to delete it.

We absolutely loved this game, but we had to take it off our phone. One of their ads, crypto. Com, somehow stole our credit card info and charged over $3000 to our account. Thankful for our banks fraud alert system.

We’ve loved this game for a long time but the hard levels suddenly became much less detailed and way too easy. We always looked forward to the hard levels because they were actually challenging but now they are just medium or easy difficulty on a larger grid.

We dont know whats going on with this game lately, but the puzzles arent puzzles. The themed puzzles have been more like a thoughtless fill in the boxes, no thought or effort required. No challenge at all. Seriously, a small child would be bored. We’ve been enjoying this puzzle for months, so we feel pretty let down. Im hoping its just that the designer has been ill, and theyll be back soon with actual puzzles. The daily challenges seem to still be puzzles, so at least we have that. We also wish there was an option to choose difficulty level because we love the harder puzzles.

We loved Nonogram in black n white that went ahead and also downloaded this one which is the best thing we’ve done. We’ve done every single one of the months puzzles and do all the challenges. Im changing phones and sadly cant transfer the progress from either games to our new phone so we wish there would be an update to do so. But still love the game so much.

Love this game so much would recommend everyone to play we mean like we downloaded it one day and immediately fell in love with it so if you like puzzling games like this than we recommend that you play it.

We just wish there was a way you could choose the level of difficulty. We get so bored playing 10×10. We would much rather play 15×15. Thank you so much for this game it really is fun!

Its a fun game the only problem with it is that it makes our phone lag if we play it to long.

It is such a good game, but every time your done with a puzzle it makes you watch a ad. Also theres any different ads theres like four ads it so boring. We usually am fine with ads because they can be interesting but after watching them a million times it gets annoying and boring. Even thought it is a really good game it has that con.

This game use to be our favorite and we would play it daily but all of a sudden theres more ads than game. No longer able to skip them and a lot more of them, we spend more time watching stupid ads than playing the game.

We like the game in concept, but we are colorblind and often find it hard to distinguish between colors. We wish there was a colorblind mode in settings that would change the colors to be more recognizable, because then we would have much more fun with the game. As it stands, we straight up cant play some levels such as todays daily challenge.

We’ve been playing this game since almost day one of it being released. The last few days of playing, and not only this game but other games this company makes, in the middle of doing a puzzle, ad ad pops up screwing you up and possibly messing up your entire game. Seriously stupid idea.

We’ve been loving this game for a while now, and get excited every time a new event comes out. However this last one is extremely disappointing! Nearly every puzzle has had at least a few full color lines, so theres no thinking or solving that goes into it. The final pictures from the puzzle look like a few colored blobs, but then it switches to a detailed picture that wouldve been really fun to make has it been an option. Its SO boring now and we really hope this isnt a sign of things to come!

Love this game. Would love to see the tournaments feature like was added to the regular Nonogram game!!

So we were at level 3400+ – yes we were getting ones we’ve already done but we were happy. Now we cannot find any way to change level of expertise. We can only get medium and they are too easy.

We like the basics behind this game, but need to rant a bit. 1. Way too many ads! Theres an ad before you start a level and an ad when you finish a level, and an ad every time you resume a game. 2. At the hard level, our fingers are so large on our phone that it often registers a square we dont want. 3. We should be allowed to pick the difficulty level.

We like the game but the more we the more we complete the more storage this game takes. We want to be able to either delete our works or have it in an online library so it doesn’t take up so much space. Taking up this much space makes our phone and the game laggy.

Bad game make it better bad bad bad bad bad you are not smart dev.

First of all the game is really good. We have the black and white version and this and both are really fun. HOWEVER, in this game especially we like to block out areas where we know the color will have to be (like if theres only 4 segments of yellow on the top and sides we like to make a square around it with a different color so that we can concentrate better). The problem with this is we cant do it after we get 2-3 colors done because then the colors will bleed through and we wont know what is a square and what is actually meant to be there. So our suggestion! Could yall please add a separate color in every puzzle that isnt actually in the puzzle but we can use it to block out areas? We play on classic so we dont have the 3 lives to worry about but Im sure yall can figure out a way to not make it interfere.

We enjoy this game. Kills time fairly quickly. We started out with the black and white version and then tried this one. We just wish this version had an extreme level like the black and white one.

This used to be our favorite app but ever since the new update where the color you are using automatically changes on you is very frustrating. We keep making mistakes because the color changes without us knowing. Is there a way to turn it off? We liked the app so much better the old way.

We love this app, except it stops working sometimes. Ill be in the middle of a game and the sound will go out and the game pauses or stops completely. It keeps freezing up. Still having the freezing problem, nothing running in the background, we even turned off the sound. Makes our whole phone freeze at times.

When opening the app now, our router spam software gives us constant notifications of illegitimate websites that are being accessed from our device. They all end in . Xyz.

Easy to gain skills. Love the challenge.

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