Number Match – Logic Puzzle

Number Match – Logic Puzzle


Number Match – Logic Puzzle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Easybrain Ltd, Number Match – Logic Puzzle is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 11th October 2021 with the latest update 11th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


45,695 people have rated 1.3.2

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Number Match is an addictive puzzle game with simple rules: match pairs and clear the board to succeed. Playing Number Match is a useful pastime for your brain. Train your logic and concentration skills, and try to beat your high score!

Try a mobile version of the pen and paper game from your childhood. Now you can take your number game with you wherever you go. Solving free Number Match puzzles on mobile is much easier than using a pencil and paper.

How to play:

  • The goal is to clear the board.
  • Find pairs of equal numbers (1 and 1, 7 and 7) or pairs that add up to 10 (6 and 4, 8 and 2) on the number grid.
  • Tap on the numbers one by one to cross out them and get points.
  • You can connect pairs in adjacent horizontal, vertical and diagonal cells, as well as at the end of one line and the beginning of the next.
  • When you run out of moves, you can add extra lines with the remaining numbers to the bottom.
  • Speed up your progress with Hints if you are stuck.
  • You win after all numbers are removed from the number puzzle grid.

There are a lot of ways to solve the puzzle. But it’s not as easy as it seems. Tease your brain and get the engaging experience!

What you get:

  • Easy to learn logic puzzle
  • Hours of gameplay for you to enjoy
  • Hints to help you reach the goal faster
  • No time limit, so no rush, just relax
  • New numbers game from a top developer!

Challenge your brain with Number Match puzzle and have fun! Play number game anywhere, anytime!

Updated on 11th April 2022

  • Performance and stability improvements

We read all your reviews and always try to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements. Challenge your brain with Number Match puzzle and have fun!

Number Match – Logic Puzzle Review

We love this game. We downloaded this game a few month ago before going on an airplane. We havent stopped since. It took over our life. We cant stop matching the numbers. Great game though.

Too many glitches. Screen goes black and we have to get out of e game and start over. The screen freezes up. We really enjoy the game but all this is getting very frustrating.

Love this game! Started playing and already love it. We would suggest adding a dark mode though, since we tend to play in the dark and the game is so bright. Other than that its great!

We love the game so much we purchased the option to remove ads! Very fun and always a bit of a challenge. We dont want it to change one bit, its the perfect level of not too difficult but not super easy! Our only suggestion: let us access more backlogged daily challenges or do more events. We prefer playing towards a goal and the game without a score to beat or anything becomes more boring. Thanks!

This game is fun and we like that it makes you think. We appreciate the need to strategize. Nothing negative to say, except that it is quite bright. We like to play this at night and in the mornings and even with having our brightness all the way down, its pretty bright. Not an uncommon thing among many apps/websites, so its not a huge deal. We think a dark mode option would be a nice addition though. Thank you, we really like the app.

Love this game! It definitely is addicting. We prefer to add all of the numbers at the beginning as it doubles whatever if any numbers are on the board. This way we end up with 48 rows (3x2x2x2x2) and more numbers for a higher score. We wish the tutorial explained how some pairings yield much higher scores, such as 28 points versus 2, 4 or 8. Our final move at the end of our high game added 348 points but there is no explanation as to why. Also, what is the highest possible score? Not knowing that makes it impossible to gauge how well Im doing versus our potential. Our high game so far is 3,743 but we have no context except as compared to our own scores. Thank you!

We love this game and want to play it a lot. However, we get very frustrated and end up leaving it because often when we tap on a number it doesnt light up, and it takes a while before it does. We need to leave the game and come back on for it to work. PLEASE fix this!

We play this several times a day. App support is terrific: They reached out after our first review when we complained the app not only froze but our other apps became non-responsive after opening Number Match. (Somehow the app fixed itself.)

We enjoy this game. We think it can really help those that struggle with fast thinking. Great work you guys. Keep it up.

Love this game, sort of becoming a pro lol. But here lately when we click on the app it wont open, or when it do and we get to playing and need more numbers , the add numbers button doesnt work and then the hint button stops working. You can press on it and it seems like itll load the numbers but it wont. We tried playing today and the app wouldnt open.

Love the game, hate the adds. Ill definitely pay to get rid of them.

Love this game but need a dark mode!!

Gets your mind working at a fast pace while having fun. Hope there are not many ads.

We love this game, but there are two issues. We’re a user with limited/low vision, and both of these issues affect our ability to play the game. 1. Haptic vibration: In the past we relied on this game’s haptic vibrations to tell us when we’ve run out of number matching options. In the past there was 1 buzz when a match was made, and then 3 buzzes when there are no more matches than can be made with the current number set. Since the update before the latest, the only time the haptic vibrations happen are when you make a number match. The 3 buzzes that tell you you’re out of matches are gone, making this game more complicated & frustrating. It’s one thing to know there are more matches and just not see them, but an entirely different thing entirely to flounder through the game trying to find matches when there aren’t any left. Please bring the 3-buzz haptic vibrations back so we can play this game again. Legitimately, we can’t play the game without those vibrations because of our vision. Dark mode: we understand other folks have requested a dark mode setting in the reviews. We’re also one of those folks who’d like a dark mode. There are times when the vibrant whiteness makes it harder for our eyes to focus, and having a dark mode would be really helpful/let us play the game longer without our eyes getting tired. Please read our review & consider fixing these issues. Thank you.

Love the game but itd be perfect if there was a dark mode for when we like to play at night lol.

The game itself is extremely fun but suffers from some clear setbacks The tutorial is somewhat helpful but does not distinctly describe the rules about tile elimination in terms of positioning: Occasionally you can have a tile in the middle of the board match with something you wouldnt expect, etc. Maybe add some clear rules about what makes two tiles a match (in terms of positioning!!) we feel this would help newer players learn the game. While the daily challenge should be a challenge, if there is someone who is a freak and needs to complete all of the daily challenges from the past, the point threshold can be slightly overkill on some of the levels. We know this defeats the purpose of it being a challenge but maybe for someone trying to complete the past daily challenges, lower the point threshold for completion. Possibly add an undo feature with uses similar to the hint button in order to prevent users from wasting their time in an un winnable game. Again this is a great game and has a lot of potential!

Update: please please fix the glitch. This game glitches after about 10 min and has a very long lag where the buttons freeze up. Then it freezes everything on our iPhone XR. Sometimes we have to completely restart the phone to get it going again. It ONLY happens with this game. It also happens on our partners Galaxy. Initial Review: we love this game. Two things though, 1) Id really like a back button to undo our big thumb mistakes 2) it glitches after 10 or 15 min and freezes our phone. The second makes us want to delete it everyday, but we cant stop playing LOL so excellent work yall!

Us gustara poder compara mi avance o saber como gano ms puntos.

The app makes our phone super laggy, and sometimes even freezes when its open. Its weird because In all the years we’ve had iPhones, we’ve never had an app actually affect the performance of our iPhone like this. Im sure its an easy fix. We hope the developer figures it out soon, because otherwise the game is fun and addictive.

We like this game a lot. It is challenging, but it will close out randomly and ads will freeze quite a bit. If the makers fix these issues it would be great.

Depending on the advertiser, the game stalls and has to be restarted. We’ve even tried to enter the no ad section and couldnt get in.

This app is amazing. The only thing is that the vibration isnt working anymore? We tried to turn it off and on etc we even deleted the app and it still doesnt work.

When the player competes a stage, rather than go to the next stage right away the player gets UNrewarded with another commercial being crammed down the throat. Some ads are made tricky by giving a cross to close and the ad stating its too early and then setting a timer so you have to wait even more. Some ads literally make it difficult to get out. We like the game, but the ads strategies have become a very significant hassle.

We really really like this game. But it still freezes up during the game and the ads. It was a lot worse before this recent update. Might still need a few adjustments ?? This is a great game though.

This is a great game, but it NEEDS a dark mode. Two other things that would be great additions: an undo button and an option within settings that will highlight a diagonal column when you click on a number. We have a hard time following the diagonals when the rows are more than 2 apart.

Im totally addicted to this game!!! We play a ton at night so a dark mode would be amazing!!

Trying to understand how score more.

We have not played this game nor do we have any intention to but it pops up as an ad on another game we play and the ad has a mistake in it that drives us bonkers! Ad states the player must find pairs to equal 10 but the first pair played is two 4s!

Fun. But we dont understand the rules.

The concept of the game is so fun and we enjoy it but the app itself has some issues. One, the glitches and then bam so many ads after a few plays. Two, we cant listen to music on another app while playing the game because this app doesnt allow it for some reason. Three, consider adding a night mode or different color palettes to make the game more appealing to the eye. In all great game not 5/5 yet.

We’ve been playing this game for about a year and before you updated it worked great no problems If Im on the game for less then 20 minutes its Bugs out and freezes our whole phone to where we cant text or do nothing on our phone it dont make us wanna play this game no more on how much it freezes and crashes It also over heats our phone and over works our battery for no reason we have an iPhone 12 Pro Max there no way that our phone old.

Liked the game but it made our phone heat up and it would glitch and stop working a lot.

We actually really like this game. Super engaging. The only complaint we have is that the game starts to lag pretty bad and there are too many ads.

Like the game but keeps blacking out at random time since the latest update.

We really wish this game had an endless mode similar to Numberzilla. We want to be able to add rows and rows to try and clear the board. Sometimes its frustrating to only get a certain amount of points and then its over. Sometimes we just want to keep going and not worry about not being able to clear the board completely. If this feature is added this game would be absolutely perfect!

We really like this game. It is the only game we have paid to have ads removed. That said, please, please, please bring back the vibrations that alerted you when you had no more matches left. At the very least, please bring it back for players who have paid. Thank you!

This could be so fun. But the rules seem to change. Allowing a match between 4 over and 1 down sometimes but not always is so frustrating. Ill more than likely delete and go to a game that has consistency.

The game is fun, challenging and addicting. But the ADS ARE RIDICULOUS!!!! Spend more time trying to navigate the ads than actually playing the game!!! Makes us want to quit this game. Ads all the time. Most if the games that come up , we already play, or if you click on to install it is not the one advertised! How many people actually download these advertised games?

Love the app and gameplay but it freezes almost every time it switches to an ad, which is pretty often. Really frustrating to have to restart so often.

We enjoy the game its entertaining and addictive. Its really slow though and freezes up very frequently. It also overheats our entire phone. We know its just this app too because our phone doesnt do that with any other app. If it ran faster and stopped freezing Id change our rating to a five but it makes it very hard to play the game when it freezes every five minutes.

Needs explanation of rules!!!!

We love this game. However we are deleting it off our phone. It freezes way to often. And for long periods of time. We hope there is a fix. We will come back when its fixed.

We like the game but our phone over heats when we play it and it messes everything else up.

This is hands down our favorite game to play – we love it and have told our friends about it. The one thing we hate about it is it feels that the ad placements are too frequent. We understand them if you need the game aids but between playing a new game too? Ill be honest we’ve closed out of the app at times for it bc we just dont want to see another ad. Maybe the placement could be looked at?

Please update the game. It freezes constantly.

For the love of people, P-L-E-A-S-E give a way to get rid of them!! We enjoy the game, but we cant play it for the ADS!

This game was so so much fun!!! But we had to delete it. 1. Over heated our phone. – no other app has over heated our phone before. 2. The adds. We get doing an add for more hints. But do we really need an add before AND after going into the next stage? An add before AND after going into a new game. Random adds popping up during an active hand? Just too many adds. 3. An undo button. 4. Dark mode. This game auto adjusts the lighting and there is no need for it to be at a high level of brightness. 5. Instead of the + button to get more tiles why not automatically do it after there are no more moves – this will also cut back on seeing ANOTHER ADD. Lol Seriously the game is great but too many negatives to want to keep it. Mainly the over heating.

We enjoy puzzle games often. We dont usually mind having ads in the game. Like when opening the app, requesting more hints or at the end of a round. This game has way too many ads, it takes the joy out of playing. When a game makes our blood pressure go up, then Ill have to delete it.

Very glitchy. Long lag time and would suddenly close and reset.