Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG

Last updated on September 25th, 2022 at 03:05 am

Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG

Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG

Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Northern Forge Studios Inc, Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 16th March 2019 with the latest update 17th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Adventure, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG ?

1,009 people have rated 3.3.11

What is the price of the Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG released ?

Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG was released on 16th March 2019.

When was the Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG updated ?

The latest updated date of Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG on 17th September 2022.

Where can Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG be downloaded ?

You can download the game Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG from Apple Official App Store.



Geocaching and dungeons and dragons collide: all in a pocket sized adventure!


In this unique GPS powered multiplayer RPG, create your origin town, enjoy turn-based combat, collect and upgrade your weapons and armor to power up. The world around you will be turned into a vast open-world massively-multiplayer online game where you can claim real world landmarks as your own!


Immerse yourself in a game world for fans of classic 8-bit rpgs! 11 years ago, a great deity Mammon started a world-changing event called the Falling. This would change the lands forever and cover them in darkness. Your quest will have you discover a world shrouded in mystery and seek peace amongst chaos.


Team up with friends or tackle things alone. Fight in the arena or experience world raids. The choice is yours on how your adventure will play out! Every choice will work towards leveling up your character, unlocking new gear and classes! Experience diverse and complex character classes and customize them your way!


Join a Kingdom or start your own to conquer the world with your guildmates! Compete in PvP content in the form of Kingdom Wars or tackle PvE challenging raids together. Meet new friends and expand your kingdom to climb the leaderboards!


Enjoy a game built by a studio that believes in creating a game without any pay-walls or forced advertisements. We have one of the best communities in mobile games and we aim to always listen to feedback to make our game the best it can be. With monthly updates including features, events and raids, join us and experience for yourself what Orna has to offer – we’re excited to meet you, Traveler!

Official Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/OrnaRPG/
Official Discord: http://discord.gg/orna
Release notes: https://playorna.com/releases/
Official Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/northernforge
World data © OpenStreetMap (http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright)

Updated on 17th September 2022

  • New classline: the Summoners
    — Find Horus in the world to find out more
  • September content: Riftfall
  • Core engine rewrite: the game is snappier and more lightweight
  • New Origin Town building: the Appraiser
  • New Fishing experience
  • To lessen the chance of repeat matches in Kingdom wars, rosters are now slightly shuffled before matching
  • Orns won in Kingdom wars are now determined by total battles (opposed to battles won)
  • Current material counts now show in the Altar of Ascension
  • Bug fixes, sprite updates, and other misc improvements


Orna: Turn-based GPS RPG Review

A dream of a game build with all the complexities or simplicity you would like. We find myself playing when we are out on chores, or chilling watching TV. We have been playing casually and the past two months have been the best state of the game we have ever seen. If you are looking for something classically new, check this one out! Cheers!

Hands down our favorite GPS based game, not a single complaint. We wish there was a spin-off game that didnt include the GPS components.

We really enjoyed the game when we first started playing years ago. Joined a nice group of people and did some coordinated wars together. After we all lost interest due to life happening we had opened up the game after a year to see the whole territory that we live in completely dominated by one account. The guy who controlled the area practically owned the state already which led us to believe he gps spoofed and the new guy gps spoofed to take all the control from him. The discord for the game had a few players even telling people how to spoof so the concept of the game and owning territory is unbalanced for people who play with actual in person traveling.

Love this game buts needs a mass dismantle option.

We’ve been playing Orna for nearly a year! Itll be sometime this month, our First Ornaversary! Our friends introduced us and we had a burning passion to catch up to their level 160 characters! We played away and loved the game! We would take walks every day grind monsters and discover new interesting sides to the game. We even introduced a few of our friends to play! There are still 3-4 of us actively playing a whole year later! Lvl222, Lvl230, Lvl232, and we Lvl238. Moral of the story is: this game is great and maybe even addictive! But its also gotten us and our friends out and about through ur city and made a bunch of cool fun memories.

Im surprised this game hasnt gotten a lot of attention. We recently got myself into jrpg games and this is satisfying all our needs for one, styled like the Pokmon gps, but has so much depth to keep you invested, with multiple classes/sub-classes, bosses, elements and so much more! Theres a bit of a grind if you dont go around outside, but there has been plenty to keep us busy in the remote area we live in. We only wish the quests with enemies were slightly more consistent, but besides that we love every aspect this team has brought to the game. Amazing.

Great game to stay active physically and to pass time. Side note: gas is too expensive to be so stingy with shrines along highways though.

Its just the game we’ve been looking for. A turn based fantasy RPG, five stars for sure.

Im now a level 81 Sorcerer, and we play this with our dad. Its really fun to dismantle stuff and sell them, and the quests are never boring. An all around great walking game with super cool fantasy elements!

This is one of our favorite games ever, we play pretty consistently throughout the past few years and take like month long breaks but we always comeback and it updates at a nice consistent rate and it never changes the game in a bad way and the music is so great and theres so many different things to do, always finding new things to do or change our character or convince our friends to play with me:)

We have never written a review before but this game deserves all the praise. We’ve been playing Orna about 8 months and we adore this game. The developers do an amazing job of updating and adding new content consistently. You can pay to get extra boosts but they are limited and you actually have to PLAY the game to get ahead. While the leveling is more challenging the higher you advance there are raid bosses you can attack to gain needed experience. Orna is our ultimate go to game . Im a housewife and we have our whole family playing its that good! Even if you dont travel a lot you can access wayvessel to defeat other enemies. We can not express how amazing this game is if youre considering downloading this game Definitely do it youll love it as much as we do.

Very grindy and perfect to kill time. We find myself playing this game for hours. Micro purchases are small and only help progression for a short amount of time. Nothing offered is game ruining.

We couldnt recommend this game enough! Try it out now! It has no pay-to-win aspect either.

Im deleting this game, because most videogames arent our thing anymore and we havent touched this game in awhile, but maybe Ill come back to it. This game was instrumental but not soley responsible for helping us lose weight over covid. We live in a small semi-rural town with very little to do. Pokemon go did not help us get outside because it only takes into account landmarks, of which our town has very few. This game helped us become comfortable with going outside and we actually got to play it since we didnt have to rely on sparce pokestops for items, and we could complete some quests just by going on daily walks through our neighborhood. We used to hate going outside, now we love it! We’ve even started eating healthy. If you are an overweight and/or generally unhealthy shut in who lives in an area with nothing to do get this game to give yourself a reason to go outside, and apps like iNaturalist or eBird so you can start enjoying the outdoors itself. (If you live in a boring city maybe try urban sketching). Thank you so much!

The cash shop is only cosmetics, item packs, dungeon keys. The latter two being obtainable in-game already. Those things alone nets this 5 stars imo. Anyway we love the idea of GPS games and this is a nice take on it. It feels like a real RPG world thats just based around where you are. There are shops and quest givers all over and they are static. Like at our job there is a quest giver nearby but we have to go back to him at our job to turn in the quest (I think, we havent completed it yet). We think the whole idea of having static stuff like that is really cool. You can build your own town which is great. Its expensive (in-game gold) so we havent really started yet. Also our home has so many shops near us already so idk if we need to build more. Im very new so Im not too sure what Im doing and the game is very grindy so far. We enjoy grinding though so its fine for us. Im just not entirely sure what else we should be doing. Overall its a fantastic little GPS RPG. You level up, get gear from monsters and bosses, upgrade your class, try out dungeons (havent done that yet we dont have enough keys) and play in the arena against other player. Definitely try it if you enjoyed something like Pokemon Go. We got burnt out on that game because there wasnt really anything engaging to do. This game is the opposite. We really feel like Im progressing.

Very fun if you like Pokmon Go, the start is kind of slow, so we recommend you join their discord for a TON of good tips to help. Our only complaint is that you have to have a summoning scroll to get a world raid boss, maybe have a 1% chance off of regular boss spawn locations? Anyway great game, love it.

This game is amazing. The graphics, the mechanics, our go-to move dealing 1.5k damage and oneshotting most enemies at and below our tier Its beautiful. But. We have not received the latest update, for whatever reason. Im on iOS 15 so we dont know why this has happened. Please help. Great game otherwise, ten stars if we could.

Im so excited to see what cool new features come next this game has literally everything you would want from a gps game the only thing missing would be the popular IP/graphics its so much fun. This game deserves all the support it can get!

Games fun honestly gets us through 16 hour shifts.

We’ve been playing orna off and on for about 2 years, and we’ve got to say its come a long way. Many negative reviews of this game come from years back, however the game has made many improvements to balancing out PvP and the grind. You can get to the second highest tier in less than a week if you play constantly. Likewise, you can take your time and enjoy each tier, its all up to you and how much time you want to invest. Game is COMPLETELY free, anything you can spend money on is optional and solely there to give the devs support. Theres no premium currency, no pay-locked classes (technically there are, however they are extremely weak and useless to most players) and the community is friendly.

Its the best mobile game ever made. By far. Its grindy, its long, and there is no pay to win. There is so much to do, and the joke is that if you get past level 200 you never leave. We’ve found this true. So many class and spec choices. So many ways to play the game. Such a great dev. This is a game we’ve played for years and look forward to the next ones. Its a hard game. Its super fun. It doesnt require you to spend money. The list can go on. Play it. If its for you youll be happy you did and youve got nothing to lose.

This game is amazing. The graphics, the mechanics, our go-to move dealing 1.5k damage and oneshotting most enemies at and below our tier Its beautiful. But. We have not received the latest update, for whatever reason. Im on iOS 15 so we dont know why this has happened. Please help. Great game otherwise, ten stars if we could UPDATE: WHAT THE HECK, DEVS. We STILL havent gotten the update! Changing our review to 4 stars.

Just got into the game this week and its very unique. One thing that could be improved is to see when you can move your home town, and to compare gear side by side easier. Very interesting game!

We think this is a neat game with charming graphics, but one of the things that stops us from absolutely loving it is how battles sometimes feel weighted towards the cpu, and we don’t like that at all. We know there’s supposed to be a challenge, but at the same time things get a little too convenient for the cpu especially when we watch them stack status conditions on our character.

Not much to do but fight sprites.

Completely normal to be killed from full health in a single hit by spell casters 20 levels below you, despite having vastly superior armor with high elemental resists. Every 25 levels the game puts you into a higher tier of monsters, except that youre wearing gear from the previous tier, and cant get new tier gear because the only things that drop it are enemies you cant even survive. It makes the first ten out of every 25 levels pure agony and not remotely fun. The only good thing we can say is that this games micro transactions are very reasonable and not at all predatory which is a nice surprise.

We are over lvl 100 and cant participate in the arena due to the absolutely retarded match making. Wasted our time on this game.

If you grew up playing DND or any other fantasy game, this is perfect game for you, its like Pokmon Go but catered for the older generation. Development of this game is absolutely amazing and we cant wait to see this game progress even more.

Better than P*kemon Go. You can have a slime as a pet.

We love the 8 bit graphics. We were a fan of Pokmon go for a long time and this is much more in-depth and fun especially if you love medieval type games. We love the random drops and the daily quests.

In a world of pay to win and loot boxes, Odie comes along and drops this banger of a game. If you like supporting ethical studios and one really cool dude, we cannot rec this game enough.

This game surpasses Pokmon go by loads for those dungeon turn based nerds like us this game will be endless fun. Tell your friends this game needs to be heard!

Its a interesting game not something you will come across often. So far we are enjoying it.

We personally love the game. It has so much to do and we love the idea of a Geo RPG. One thing that we would love is maybe a way to give things to fellow party members or friends. Otherwise we love the game. Ok we’ve edited our review to say that another thing to add is party members having the ability to access town halls.

This game is super fun and addicting, but after finally reaching tier 10 we are bored and the grind for orns isnt worth it anymore. Same kingdom raids, same bosses and monsters, same items. Theres so much potential with this game and so much potential to grow the community that play and stay playing.

Game is a great grind fest with lots of RNG and cool people to hang out with. 8 Bit fun with GPS elements – love it.

Edit: New updates are great!!! Very active developers, definitely not pay to win. The fun rich world, Competitive GPS game, but good game design to stop and discourage the stalking, harassing and negativity and criminality encouraged by Niantics family of games. Specifically long cool down (1 hr) before players can respond to other player actions. And there are no specific spots that are more valuable than other spots to fight over. Areas are very large so players can be in the same area without encountering each other. With good teammate and co-player activities. Playing with a friend or friends really enhances the game.

We have fallen in love with this game its exactly what we have been looking for the only thing we cant stand is the Orns earned it needs to be rebalanced IMO but we are sure the devs know what they are doing so keep up the good work Love it!!!!!

Edit: Performance issues described below have been 90% fixed by the latest update. We changed our review to 5* despite a few remaining issues because the game is excellent and the dev team responds to customer feedback. What more can you ask for. Original review: The game has significant performance issues for the last month that cause it to crash frequently on older devices like iPhone 10. Its a great game, but we cant recommend it until the performance issues are fixed. Its unplayable in areas of the map with a lot of objects (fountains, chests, raid bosses, buildings, etc). The game just wont start.

Would recommend to people who want to play a game that you can grind a few minutes here and there! Runs great and has fun pixel graphics.

The game looks fine and functions well, the menus can be a little intimidating but its not bad. Im only level 32 but Im already kinda bored, we’ve just been killing bats and slimes that dont deal any damage to us and we dont have to go anywhere because they spawn so fast. If thats what Im supposed to do to get to level 300ish to fight the world bosses thats pretty lame.

We’ve been playing this game for almost a year and have been loving the updates and enhancements that have been coming lately. Orna at first doesnt seem like much but there is definitely a lot to do and is a game youll be playing for the long haul.

Quest throughout the world slaying monsters and foes with spell and sword.

Download this game, you wont regret it. For the Devs, on the off chance you arent aware or gave permission to this company to use your character designs, there is a game on the App Store called Card Crusade that has your character designs down to a T. Check it out. Hopefully you guys arent having your hard work stolen.

Very fun game if you enjoy the grind of RPGs Pixel graphics Lots to do.

The game wont load. We made our character and now the game is like finding location but just goes no where until eventually our phone just goes to sleep. We are very frustrated and their support link goes to their professionals review page. We are very upset. Our friend recommended it to us and we wanted to game with them. This is so disappointing.

This app does not open on iOS at all since the latest update and is now unplayable. Developer refuses to take any real action to fix it.

We first downloaded orna around 2019 we think, and it has improved a lot. It seems more fun than when we last played, keep up the good work!

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